Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 98

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Part 98

They sat there in silent for long, but none budge an inch, hesitantly geet rested her head on his neck, his hold became tighter on her and she didn’t remember the touch of raj or the horrific night of her past. She looked at maan’s strained face and something broke in her. He was looking so disastrous. Look like day of repents stood facing the mirror.

Maan whispered: I m Sorry. He doesn’t know why he is saying sorry; again for the crime or the fact he couldn’t protect her when he had promised for it. She could read the pain in his voice and suddenly broke down hugging him. She cried for hours and he let her, he sat there taking her on his lap sitting for hours. He caresses her face softly; then saw bed sheet that was sliding off from her shoulder slightly and the expression on geet’s face caught him off-guard. She was uncomfortable, she tried to hold the sheet and when maan tried to touch it she snapped her shoulder. His eyes were blank for a moment, she wasn’t looking at him but her eyes were looking at something or rather say maybe someone. It pained him but he couldn’t say a word. The more her struggle came to vision the more he felt helpless. He forces himself to hold her again and this time he cupped her face. I will not hurt u…. Again. It take everything in him whisper that and geet tried to came over the fog of her fear and darkness.

He saw the mark on her cheek, his eyes waters which wasn’t the last thing he cares right that moment, his existence was shaking as he touched her cheek which made her flinch in pain and memory. He slowly lowered his face and kissed the mark.

Maan: I m sorry. I was no good than him. His voice broke in a sob, She came out the fuzz, her eyes were burning but she kept them open just to see her love’s broken face. How can he hurt her, whatever happened was in fate and he had repented a life of fortune then why he will be force to spend another life of punishment. She let the sheet fall and slowly came on his lap again, this time hugging him from torso placing her cheek on his chest. He closed his eyes and fearfully placed his hand on her partially bare back. He was relieved feeling her relax in his embrace.


It was late night when Maan sat outside Handa house looking somewhere lost, Geet was fast asleep and the medicine Hrishita gave her with milk and turmeric made her sleep soundly but he had lost his sleep, his dream everything. It’s like the 1yr is back with haunted scariness. But the repent is much worse now. He can’t think his life without his geet and this certain detach behavior of her was making him shiver. His reckoning came to halt when someone sat beside him; he saw shiv’s heavy features. He was looking so messed up. Sleep ditched him also maybe like the others in the house. He need to go KM but he don’t want to.

Shiv: I will be here with her, u can go, tomorrow is your day maan and her, she won’t remember that incident tom. She is just shocked. She will be fine tom.

Maan: she will not forget shiv, she can’t, and she had never.

Shiv sighed: It’s not easy.

Maan: it had taken a yr for me but guess something can be hidden not forgotten.


Shiv: she loves u maan. She will eventually.

Maan; I wish so. His words were hoarse like he can break down any moment. Shiv looked at him and suddenly became really serious.

Shiv: It’s good I wasn’t there with her one yr back or else I would have killed u with my bare hand.

Maan smiles sadly: I wish u were there. Shiv hugged him fiercely patting his nape like a brother.

Shiv: everything will be fine bhai, Past is gone and u has the future. Make it up to her. Love her like never before and erase her all pain.


Maan: I promise.


Geet opened her eyes in the morning with a sharp cry of her daughter but as soon as she adjusted her vision the only thing came in front of her was saanjh cradling maahi and trying tofeed her but as a child she only want her mother.

Geet: Maahi. Geet’s whisper drew everyone’s attention.

Saanjh: Geet thank god u woke up, abb apni beti ko sambhal, humse nahi hota. She is crying and making everyone mad with her. she gave maahi to geet who took her with little confusion. Maahi found her shirt button and started chewing it to get rid of the barrier she thought. Geet became more confuse seeing herself in a white shirt not in her last night dress.. Thinking of it her face became pale but other didn’t seem see it.

Hrishita: Geet u took so long to wake up, pls after feeding maahi get ready fast, ye tumhari haldi naaki padosi ki. Come fast now.

Saanjh: yeah come up, I will take care of maahi. Geet opened her shirt buttons to feed mahi while her brain was workings somewhere else. She was confuse seeing everyone so relax and composed, she thought after yesterday everyone will cry or hug her but why they are behaving weird or is it her who is weird and dreamt all that. No she can’t dream that nightmare. Suddenly she remembers Maan saying sorry, his strained face, pain and fear was completely visible. Her heart twisted thinking how she reacted, her brain wasn’t working and maybe she had hurt his feeling. She knew it was sensitive and she made him recollect 1yr again. She cursed herself and got ready fast. She was so confuse seeing saanjh reacting so normally when she thought she will be the person who will react badly and protectively least she knew what had happen a few hour back.

Saanjh saw the struggle on geet’s face but she can’t forget the word exchanged with maan and her family.

Maan: I want u all to behave normally, no mention of previous night or ur emotion about it.

Mohindar came in front of him boiling in rage: how can u say like that maan. How can u think we won’t console her after whatever happen?

Maan: If u love ur daughter u will do it papa.

Ajay(Saanjh’s father): Maan but she needs us.


Maan: she needs to be normal again and remembering last night she can never be normal. Just think about her mental condition and try to behave like she is perfectly fine so she won’t pity herself. Please it’s my request don’t do anything that I will lose my geet.

The pain, helplessness, anger and self deprivation weren’t something to miss. Saanjh couldn’t argue with him not in this torn out state. Finally everyone agreed. Then shiv told him to go back to Mansion and he stayed in Handa House. He went to KM the morning to meet maan. The day which should be the happiest moment for everyone was started tearing apart but Maan Shiv was firm to make it special for geet no matter what happen.

Geet was burping Maahi lost in her thought and pacing in the room, just then she bumped to something hard. She looked above and the same time Maahika looked at the force, she was ready burst in to laugh but seeing the person she threw her hands. Maan smiles and took her from geet.

Maahika: uuubbbbbbb,, bhhhhooooooooooooo,

She talked with him in her language for a few min, maybe complaining where he was. And he was silently listening to her every complaint, soon maahi drifted to sleep on his arm only. Geet saw their cute interaction and without knowledge a small smile tug her lips mesmerizing maan.

Geet: Maan, but he placed his finger on her lips stopping her words.

Maan: whatever happen happened, we can’t change but we can make new memory.

Her eyes became moist as she remembers her words from his mouth, she can see he didn’t slept well, his eyes were red. She came close to him.

Geet whispered: ye kya Mr Khurana, Shaadi ke din aap aise lagenge, ankhe sunjhi hui.

Maan smiles a little: kya kare, Maan ko Mishty ke bina neend hi nahi aati. His voice has the same pain, it was hoarse but he manages not to crack it.

Geet: but if u will look like this everyone will taunt me that I torment u and that’s why my husband couldn’t sleep.

Maan smiles: wo to tum karti ho.

Geet glared him in mock anger: kya main apko tang karti hu ke apko neend nahi aayi.

She gave her back to wipe the tear that she had suppressed till now, but maan hugged her from back.

Maan: u torments me with ur tears, with ur depressive mood, and ur pain geet.

His whisper made her cry a little but she wiped it again.

geet: if anyone see u here what will they think maan? Pata hain na, shadi se pehle nahi milte.

Maan: that was for 1st marriage, its our second marriage. Yaha hum jo chahenge wohi karenge. And I missed my bride and daughter. And by the way tumhe haldi lagane ka pehla haq mera hain.

Geet turned to face him: but maan.


Maan: shhhh.. no one will object. We are revising our vows geet then why can’t we write our own ceremony huh?

He took a little pinch of mix of turmeric and sandal paste and touched her cheek then her nose. Geet smiles and did the same.

Maan: can I take u downstairs?

Geet: from when u needed permission maan. He smiles half heartedly but before he can tug her she stopped him and force to look in her eyes. aapne sabko normal behave karne ke liye bola hain na? so that I won’t feel uncomfortable.


Maan: geet. no one want to make u uncomfortable and they want to see u happy in this special day.

Geet: Maan I don’t hold grudges again u about the incident 1yr back.

Geet blurt what was eating her from morning, and she can say maan was thinking the same from last night. Something had changed in him, but before it can devastate him she hugged him, maahi was snuggling in other neck so it was easy for geet to hold his waist and buried her face in another neck. He closed his eyes and tightens his grip on her waist.

Geet: please maan, don’t hold urself responsible for what happened last night nor 1yr back. We had buried last yr in our heart and trust me your love had replaced the scare long time back. I, I don’t feel repulsive; it was fear of last night. I m sorry I behaved like that.

Maan: shhh, I know, stop tormenting yourself. We will erase this with our love together.


Maaneet’s haldi was scheduled to hold on their respective place but maan changed the plan and now their haldi is together.

When they walked from the stairs to the front, everyone was gaping at them. Geet was holding maan’s hand tightly and maan was holding maahi with other hand. Soon shiv took maahi who happily obliged and maaneet took their seat.

One by one family member came and applied the turmeric paste on them, geet was finally smiling and maan was watching. Somewhere his heart was also feeling less burdened. And Shiv, Saanjh, Abir and Hrishita didn’t left any chance to make them happy. Maan saw everyone trying to please maahi to wear their given dress but she was refusing by shoving her face away. Abir held a beautiful woolen frock which maahi almost chewed and wetted with her saliva. Abir cribbed like a child and maahi giggled. Shiv kissed her cheek and tied a kitty locket chain.


At last she held one dress tightly in her palm and everyone understood she liked it very much, she got her matching shoes from abir.


Maahi was really happy with her dress and accessories which was made her laugh in delight.

Finally it was time for Naintara and and Saanjh to go  Ghara Ghardoli… In this ritual early on the morning of the wedding day,  groom’s sister-in-law and Bride’s sister-in-law or sister along with other female relatives going to a nearby well or Gurudwara to fill up a earthen pitcher with water that the groom and bride will use during his bath respectively.

Hrishita was with Geet while shiv stayed with Maan though he wanted to go but can’t leave maahi alone. She was with him like glue. Sometime she will cry to go to geet but smelling the turmeric she refuse to leave shiv which made geet giggle. Shiv sat beside geet cracking jokes and sharing about his town back in Cape-town which made maan irritated but both refuse to give him any look. Silently maan thanked shiv for indulging geet in talks that made her excited.

Ladies came back in 2 hour, and they draw a partition of cloths between maaneet. Silently they took the bath and went to room for changing. Maan tried to peak to see geet but all ladies were surrounding her preventing him to see one inch of her flesh. Geet had laughed on his cute cribbing face then went to her room.

Precap: Chura ceremony, Sehrabandi, Ghodi, vag goodti and duppata varna, Milni

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. Lovelyyyy update di..
    Maan was in so much pain seeing his Geet repulsing his touch..
    But Geet cleared to Maan tht it was just her fear abt tht raj & not bcoz of theor past…
    Finally everything is normal…
    Now waiting fr Maaneet’s marriage..


  2. Can feel maan and his pain he is feeling so much low bec of seeing geet in pain awesome part great haldi ceremony waiting for next


  3. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 15, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Outstanding update dear….
    Loved it a lotttttt….
    Shiv is trying to make Geet happy & successful also….
    Awwww Maahi is soooo cuteee…..
    Hahaha she wetted which cloth Abir choose for her…..
    Aaj tho Shiv lucky coz Maahi didn’t leave him….
    Hayyeee Maan peck to see Geet…
    Hope everything will be back soon….
    Really very excited for Maaneet Marriage….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Update soon dear…. Plsssssss


  4. love the lengths maan goes to make sure everything is all right with his precious geet


  5. their relation is so serene….maneet got the best family…lvd it…


  6. nice update


  7. Owsome maan make geet forget every thing


  8. [Click to get more.] update maan trying to console geet and geet scared maan asking everyone to behave normal geet feeling maan guilt and consoling him shiv maan bond fab and haldi ceremony compleate maahi shiv enjoying


  9. Nice update. its good to see everything is gng normal. waiting for next update. continue soon. tc.


  10. Posted by impoojaverma on July 16, 2013 at 6:33 am

    awesome update

    this incident had bring back those memory which maan n geet had long forgotten.

    but maan n shiv handle everything


  11. Posted by neha74 on July 16, 2013 at 7:08 am

    wonderful update…


  12. Sorry for not able to give comments on previous
    Parts due to some reason
    But seriously all parts are fab specially that one where
    Shiv got confuse regarding saanjh marriage
    Seriously shiv reaction is very funny
    Poor maaneet have to bear so much emotional stress
    Due to that bastard raj
    maahi is so cute
    Nice conversation btw shiv & maan


  13. Nice update


  14. Sweet update


  15. The starting scared me a lil,what if this unwanted incident ruins Maaneet’s most important day.But thank God things didnt get that much out of hand.
    The lil convo of Maan-Shiv at night was heart warming.Love their frndshp.

    The haldi ceremony was also superb,reminded me of GHSP[miss my maaneet].

    The dress selection of Maahi was as cute as herself.

    Loved d part.



  16. i adored the maaneet scene.u portrayed their scene so naturally .loved it from the core of heart.awesome update


  17. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 17, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Fabulous update…
    Maan is in guilty and deep pain seeing geet’s this condition… raj’s incident bring back their past memories… loved maan and shiv’s conversation… loved the way shiv protecting geet… geet is better when she sees maahi… loved the way maan tells everyone not to mention lost night incident… erasing bitter memories is so difficult but i hope maan’s unconditional love make geet forget all her past… loved the way geet tried to remove maan’s guilt… she has no grudge against maan whatever happened in past… haldi ceremony to be held together… maahi is so cute… she wants everything matching her dress… finely maaneet are happy… i hope now no more problem in their marriage… looking forward to next part… continue soon..


  18. Posted by khwaishfan on July 22, 2013 at 10:59 am

    terrific update….well written. MAan feels guilty bt Geet assures him.Maahi is so adorable.


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