Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 70

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This FF will be finish in few parts, Hope to see my reader to that point with me. Maybe 10 part more or less than that.


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Part 70



The dinner was as usual a little silent from Maan and Raghav but geet and sia talked anything and everything. Maan often caught Raghav looking at Geet unblinkingly. His grip on the glass increased when raghav helped her to serve him some dish with smile. Geet as usual nave, smiled at him then his eyes went on Sia who was looking at him and had noticed everything. He can say a smirk was plaster on her face and he tore his gaze from her when he felt geet squeezing his thigh. She questioned him through eyes but he shook his head giving a small smile.


Geet: Maan why aren’t you eating? Khana accha nahi hain kya?


Ragav: if he say it’s bad I m gonna kill him. Geet the food is amazing as usual. Raghav dipped his head in food almost and then looked at maan with a cold look, but I guess he might have forgotten the taste living in his work forgetting about a wife who always makes food and waits for him then bin it in the next morning.


The dining table was silent for few moments, geet looked at raghav with pleading eyes while maan greeted his teeth. Sia shook her head knowing how much protective raghav is for geet. He hated maan staying away from geet when she needed him.


Maan: well I know the taste of my Wife’s hand made food raghav. And I don’t need reminder how it taste because it had craved in my heart which is hard to forget, don’t you agree no one can forget her food.


Raghav gave a meaning look then smiles at geet noting. Geet sighed a relief breath, and then sia broke the silence.


Sia: guys tomorrow we are placing a get together, some sort of picnic so it will be great if maan and you can come, but knowing his busy schedule I m inviting geet at least and you have to come. Raghav’s mom is coming and you know she somewhere doesn’t like my life style much so I need geet’s help.


Geet smiles while raghav groans holding her close to him: it’s nothing like that; she only liked you for me.


Sia: yeah but that was years before she saw the real me, and 3 month back her surprise visit gave her a shock and same with me I guess when she caught me dancing in a bikini top with a tiny shorts. Maan coughed and geet immediately passed the glass rubbing his back. Sia laughed looking at his face while he glared her.


Raghav: you better wear something good sia.


Sia: yeah…


Maan: sorry but geet can’t help u.


Sia: what?


Maan gave a cold look to sia then raghav: she is coming with me to visit some place in London. We didn’t spend much time together and I wanted to give her time before going back to India.


Geet looked puzzled but she was happy, truly happy after so many months.


There was a little silence again when raghav broke it.


Raghav: finally MSK got some time from his busy schedule to visit some beautiful place with his beautiful wife to give her life time memory. We should toast for that.


Geet: Raghav enough.


Raghav: what?


Geet: we are trying to be happy and if you are concern for me then be happy with it. Raghav sighed and nodded.


Raghav: I m happy for u. if you are happy believe me none will be more happy than me. I just hope not to see you like that, not to fear to see your tumor come back with worse force.


There was some knocking and disaster on the table when maan stared at raghav with wide eyes.


Maan: what do you mean? Tumor back?


Raghav: don’t pretend like you didn’t know maan, I have written it on her report that if she takes stress her tumor can come back, if she is fortunate then we can sigh a relief breath to see her healthy again but the way she was stressing and living in depress I was afraid of that.


Maan closed his eyes feeling the fear again, when geet held his hand under the table. He looked at her immediately with so much pain and apologizing. She shook her head but he just whispered ‘I m sorry.’


Geet hugged him feeling the pain: shhh it’s fine, I m fine we are ok.


Sia: jeezzz get a room.


Geet smiles and raghav chuckled but maan was still frightening and hugged her fiercely. Raghav saw the fear in him, he left the grudge he was holding against him.


Raghav: she is fine maan, I had checked her case and that’s why I was always with her to monitor her, she is doing exceptionally good especially in these weeks. She needs your love care and affection. Don’t deprive her that.  Maan nodded guiltily.


Sia: So you guys are going back to India. Hume bataya tak nahi.


She tried to sound casual but maan didn’t miss the sad tone in her voice, he closed his eyes feeling guilty again. She gave a smile to him to make him realized but it did little. Just then rehan cried in a sharp tone. Geet tried to rose but maan stopped her then went towards the crib.


Geet: actually sia, it’s because of me. I was so depressed staying away from everyone so maan is wrapping up his all work for me and we will head back home at the end of this week. Raghav gave a smile while sia looked at maan who was burping rehan, her eyes stayed on them with longing and something that geet didn’t catch but raghav shook her from the dreamland. She shrugged and concentrated on her dessert.






Sia followed maan to the open patio which leads them to the terrace garden. She was carrying her wine in one hand and other had a large chocolate pastry. Maan was holding rehan who was draped in a fluffy blanket. He learnt from geet that rehan love the mild breeze while sleeping so he carried him to him there. Hearing noise maan turned and immediately become stiff, while sia muttered a sorry for kicking the pot.


Sia: Sorry.


Maan: you shouldn’t have come here sia. It’s cold here.


Sia: not much cold, or else you would have never brought rehan. Naughty boy is sleeping. you know he doesn’t like me at all.


Maan: no, it’s not like that.


Sia: c’mon you don’t know that, do u? Once I hold him when he was crying and you know what he did? He peed on me, my dress was wet but still he didn’t stopped, he pulled my hair till I cried and raghav and geet helped me. Maan couldn’t helped but smiling.. sia smiled, that’s what like about u, your smile. Tere smile pe collage ke sab ladkiya fida thi but you never smiled this much when you were with me.


Maan noticed her tone had taken a sad twitch. He saw her eating the pastry in a large bite, she ate like a kid but didn’t offered him, actually she hide it and gave him murderous glare if he look at her chocolate.


Maan chuckled: you never liked sharing ur cake and chocolate.


Sia smiles: yeah maybe that’s why I couldn’t save you for myself.


Maan shook his head: you are drunk sia, go home.


Sia: tujhe kya, main jitna chahun drunk hojayu, mera BF hain mere pass mujhe dekhne ke liye. She was tipsy and swirl with a childish grin.


Maan sighed: I m glad he is there for u.


Sia shook her head as she came close to him. Then she smiles…


Sia: you are glad because you couldn’t feel guilty more over me. You are happy with her and want to forget me, as I have raghav, ur responsibility towards me finish on the end of this weekend when you will return India. And then I will never see you or Rehan, Rihana. you know how much I love them?


Maan whispered: I know.


Sia: you don’t know. You don’t know how much I love them. I love them because they are your children. I loved you maan, and I hate geet.


Maan eyes become horrified: sia.


Sia giggled: don’t worry not that hate; actually I feel jealous, she has you, your children. Why couldn’t I have you maan? Why couldn’t I become mother of your child? Why couldn’t I,,,


Maan: you are drunk sia, and it’s over between us.


Sia looked at him with hazy eyes; she is clearly drunk but didn’t want to lose her focus. Her eyes were moist and kohlk were smudge with liner.


Sia: It’s over, you are over with me. Your guilt is over. That’s why you taking her to see London. But you never took so care of me, why? Why you did that to me maan?


Maan dipped his head: I m sorry sia, I m really sorry. But forget that please. Raghav loves u.


Sia shook her head: nah, he also loves geet, everyone loves geet, his family loves geet. you love geet, your family loves geet. why no one loves me maan?


Maan didn’t know what to say her, how to make her feel good and not so much low. Where is raghav he wonder, is he with geet? He cursed himself for leaving geet alone with him. But he can’t leave sia alone here; she is out of her mind right now.


Just then like God heard his prayer and raghav geet both rushed towards them, raghav took sia’s fumbling body in his embrace.


Geet: she is drunken raghav, can you drive with her to your apartment or you want to stay here?


Raghav: no geet we need to leave, I will take care of her. Our apartment is closer to hospital and we have shifts in morning. (They are in living relationship)


They bid their goodnight, raghav lifted a laughing and singing sia in his arms then exited the pent house.






Geet: do you think sia was upset? Maan didn’t say anything but dipped his face in his file. But geet couldn’t stop herself feeling worried which was irritating maan a lot. Sia never had so much drink, she is a sensible girl. Don’t know why she took so many shots. I think she was upset about something.


Maan: Maybe Raghav will handle the problem geet, he is her fiancé.


Geet: ha maan, but mujhe lagta hain she needs her friends now. We are her friend, hum nahi madad karenge to aur kon karega. We should help her to cope up the situation.


Maan: but how? He said disinterested. Geet hesitated a moment before speaking and then maan met her gaze.


Geet; I think we should go to meet raghav’s family tomorrow, London to hum baad me bhi ghum sakte hain.


In that that maan couldn’t suppress the anger in him, he is trying to save her, trying to spend his moment with her so that they will cherish it life time but she is worried for a person who hates her.


Maan: you can’t do anything when it’s her who needs to help herself. If raghav’s mother didn’t like her dress then it’s her problem not yours.  


Geet: maan why are you talking like this? She was your good friend then,,


Maan: because this time I don’t want to lose our time geet, I don’t want to waste any more sec on other than u. I had wasted a lot time but I don’t want more. I know they had helped you a lot when I was not with you and trust me I am grateful to them but now I just want to be with you and our children before we go India. But I guess your frnds are more important to you than me. And I deserved that. After whatever I did maybe that what I deserve right?


Geet looked at him with teary gaze: I m sorry.  Maan closed his eyes to hold his temper, he again lost it. But it’s not her fault. Why he has to make her cry again n again.


Maan: ohh, no no, geet please I m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all that. It’s just. I m frustrated over everything. I am sorry jaan, please. I want to spent the left over time with u, but if you want.


Geet: no, I want to be with u, jaha bhi bologe I will go with u.


Maan whispered against her mouth: thank u. and he sealed her lips in a hungry urgent kiss. Geet felt the urgency in his kiss, the way he held her neck firmly in place to devour her mouth gave her the impression of his insecurity. But why? Why he will be insecure with her? It’s her who felt he is slipping away from her. Today his every gesture shows his waiting for her.


Maan slipped on the mattress taking her on top and kissing her wildly. Soon she forgot everything in his passion. Their hand roamed all over on other. Tongue twisted, played showed the lead with each other. He urgently undressed her and himself, she felt suddenly shy in his heated gaze. She tried to urge him to come on top but he firmly said he wanted her in control. They made love more carnally; it was the first time in month geet saw helplessness and insecurity in maan. He didn’t leave her for a moment, always snuggled close to her. They spent the night making love and finally slept in early morning.


It’s like a dream for maan to see geet blushing in her sleep at morning; maybe she knew he is watching her. Sleep was far from his eyes as he takes the serene beauty of her petite body. He had marked her as his last night over and over and she gave in happily. He wanted their life to be like this. Away from all tension and sadness and for that he needs to take her away from London. They need to be back to the place where their loved bloomed. She curled and snuggled close to him and he took her almost above his strong body then sighed before drifting to a peaceful sleep again.





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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    Aghhhh…i hate tht sia…
    Why am i feeling there is something fishy abt her..
    OMG..thank god Raghav warned Maan abt Geet’s condition..
    Kam se kam abt toh Maan Geet ke saath rahega pehli ki tarah..


  6. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 15, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Fabulous update dear….
    Loved it a lottttt…..
    Maaneet & Raghav-Sia r tougher in lunch….
    Awww Raghav is so protective toward Geet… & warning Maan abt Geet’s Health…
    Hmmmmm sooo Maan-Sia was in relationship in college & she still loves Maan…
    Maan is sooo uncomfortable in Sia’s presence…
    Sia hates Geet….
    I’m sure Maan’s aloofness toward Geet coz of Sia….
    Waiting for to unfold Sia’s full story….
    Awwww Maan want to spend time with Geet….
    Omg!!! Maan is soooo helpless & insecure….
    Hayyeee Maaneet’s moment as always too passionate…
    Desperately waiting for next chapter…
    Update soon dear…. plsssss


  7. bohot complicated hain…maan loves geet..sia loves maan ….raghav loves geet…..sia nd raghav loves each other….fewwww
    whats that maan is insecure for??? anyways lvd it …….


  8. nice update but geet always worried about her friends and i hate that sia


  9. nice update. plz dont create problems betn maaneet bcoz of tht sia. Continue soon.


  10. Posted by neha74 on July 16, 2013 at 7:05 am

    lovely update…its wonderful to see maaneet back together and spending time with each other but what is the mystery about sia? why is maan so uncomfortable around her? its scaring me…please don’t let anything separate maaneet now…waiting for more…


  11. it was really nice update. write now my first question is what is relation between maan and sia and why maan is feeling guilty. had he done some thing wrong with sia. waiting for next


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  14. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 18, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Amazing update… loved it…
    Raghav very much protective towards geet… why is maan so uncomfortable around sia… raghav taunts maan… maan felt guilty… geet’s tumour came back if she stress or took tension about something… maaneet going back to India… sia loves maan and also she hates geet… maan wants to keep geet away from sia…i think maan helping sia , those 5 months… he was angry with geet and she crying… he saying sorry to her for making her cry… loved maaneet passionate moments… maan is insecure to lose geet which was shows in his behavior… continue soon…


  15. fab part
    loved it
    continue soon


  16. Posted by khwaishfan on July 22, 2013 at 11:00 am

    wonderful update……Sia loved Maan? Oh! Wt is Maan hiding somethin! Well written


  17. Posted by angelickushi on August 1, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    wats bothering maan
    y hee feels insecure
    is it bcoz he loved sia once and it was not his fling but love


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