Love For You Part 74





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Part 74








The next day Karan was ready to get the discharge and Geet was ordering him what to do and what not. It just like their old days. Karan only looked at her with hand under his chin while geet packed his stuff and instructed what he should avoid. She was strict but under the façade the same mishty was again peeking out the veil. On the other side was standing Neha, who was looking at them with a small smile. Neha witnessed the love in karan’s eyes for geet. It is definitely adoration, friendly and family love but still somewhere she felt sad knowing he was never so much happy around her, in fact in the 6 n half yrs he was never so happy. No one can say he went through a bad accident. His face was serene and lively, eyes shimmering with mischievousness and warmth.




Geet: Karan did u get what I said.




Karan saluted her with his good hand: yes mam. Geet glared him and he showed his dimple smile, geet shook her head, but then stopped at her work. Karan saw the color draining from her eyes as she looked at her phn. Kya huya geet? she looked at him, and then at neha and again at phn.




Geet: it’s rudra. Maine kal se baat nahi ikiya, and he had left 5 voice mail and 25 miss calls 20 msg. I forgot to charge my cell and now only I saw this. He will be so mad. Geet said while rubbing her temple with her fingers. She missed her kids and seeing so many calls now worried her about them, what if rudra wanted to talk about kids. What will she tell him why she couldn’t take the call? Of course rudra need to know about karan. Karan read her face like open book. But again she masked her face with coldness as the person entered the room. 3 pair of eyes went towards the door as maan entered it.




Maan: Your discharge paper is ready karan and u r staying at KM.




Karan: what no but.




Neha: please karan, u are alone in that apartment so u have to be with us. KM will perfect and I can monitor ur health.




Karan: but I m fine and I have maids.




Geet: karan where r u staying?




Karan looked at her puzzle and she looked guilty not knowing it, he smiles at her assuring he is fine with it.




Karan: Naina and your apartment of course. That penthouse is far more comfortable and lavish for one person.




Maan: not in this state. No argument karan u will stay at KM. reluctantly karan nodded and looked at geet who didn’t said anything.




Karan: but geet can stay with me in that apartment, geet suddenly looked at him hopefully but then maan interrupt.




Maan: I m sure she had things to handle and neha will be happy if she can take care of you. Sometime we should give lovers a chance to show their love which can be overshadowed by frndship. Friendship is good and for lifetime but partners are eternal so better to give a place to ur love to show their care and right karan.




Karan looked at neha and saw her dim face; he knew the moment geet had entered the life he had given his everything to her and same with geet. She looked at neha’s pale face. She was here 24*7. Not for once she went out of her place still waiting for her lover’s one look of appreciation and love. She looked at maan who was clearly giving double meaning. Things that he always wanted to say but never did, though she didn’t liked his thinking still looking at neha’s dull face she can relate her insecurity and somewhere it knotted a place in the stomach thinking about old days. She kept mum and karan agreed. Just then geet’s cell ran.




Geet breathed a sigh: It’s rudra.




Karan: pls don’t say about the accident.




Geet: u know I won’t do that. She snapped and took the call going out of the room giving a last glance to maan who clearly avoided her.












Rudra: India jaake hume bhul gayi mommy.




Geet: Rudra.




Mannat+Tamanna: Hii mommyyyyyyyyyyy




Geet sighed in relief and a small smile comes on her face: hii angels. Sorry my cell wasn’t charged, and I missed ur calls.  Her voice was a mere whisper. She sat on a bench in a corner feeling exhausted. Physically and mentally the 2 days were exhausting for her.




Tamanna: mommy we missed u, how r u? and how is India?




Mannat: Mommy did u met Karan uncle and Naina Maasi?




Geet: Rudraaa!!!! She knew only rudra had filled stories about India and their frnds and family.




Rudra: Don’t shout my name, well they wanted to know about India and I told them about our friends. And they already knew about Karan and naina as they have seen out school photograph.




Mannat: Mommy did u found any boyfriend in India. My friend Ashley said her uncle is from India and he is very Hot.




Tamanna: Indian men are hot. Ashley’s mom said that day.




Geet rolled her eyes while Rudra coughed to hide his chuckle.




Rudra murmured: that lady must have molest that man.




Geet chuckle: Shut up rudra, u said she is herself very hot.




Rudra: yeah! She seems so.




Geet almost laughed hearing her mad family. That’s what she had missed in these 3 days. She can hear her children giggling while Rudra commented on something on TV, must be fashion tv, she rolled her eyes.




Geet: u r spoiling them.




Rudra: Geet we are enjoying the little time of freedom, hush don’t destroy it. Ok now tell me why u didn’t called yesterday. Kids were waiting till midnight.




Geet closed her eyes feeling guilty; she was worried for Karan and forgot to call them. But Rudra understood her silence. He excused himself from kids and went to the balcony. Chilly night waved his skin giving a lonely atmosphere. He looked at the open sky and remembers the time when she was this quite. He knew his mishty too well.




Rudra: Kya huya mishty?




Geet sighed and tried to control her voice still it shook: Karan! Karan met with an accident.




 There was silent from other side, Geet can hear the thundering heartbeat of rudra. She can understand the painful breath he took.




Geet: he is fine now, some injuries are there but not much damage, he went in to it to save a bus. And I am here in hospital. They are getting him discharge.




Rudra whispered: they?




Geet gulped hard: Khuranas.




Rudra: Maan Singh Khurana. Geet didn’t said anything but knew rudra understood everything.










Rest of their talk was a pain for both of them. Geet told him she will take care of karan and he don’t need to worry, and rudra also agreed that he can’t leave kids to go India neither can take them. But both of them avoided about Maan.




When Maan entered the lobby he only saw geet sitting clutching the phn towards her ear and mouthing something. Nearing her he only heard the line that stopped his heartbeat.




Geet: miss u too…. And Love you too.




Geet was feeling relax and happy to talk to her best friend and kids. She felt half of her tension removing from her shoulder. A smile tease her lips remembering how her angels shouted saying they miss her and love her, come back fast. So she only answered she miss them too and cut the call only to witness a pair of fuming eyes.




Maan: if your chit chat is finished and oozing affection is under control can we go down and meet karan neha as they need to go home fast but if u permit us from ur busy phn call of course. His sardonically remark makes her angrier. She was already frustrated and now his comment was making her impatient to smack his face to stop his never ending assumption.




Geet: something can never change u know that. Not affection and neither dirty mind. She was crossing his side when maan clutched her hand then dragged her in a alone corner under the emergency staircase. Then pinned her to the wall with his body while his wild eyes bored in her similar wild eyes.




Geet struggled to get out of his clutch, but he pinned her both wrist with his one hand above her head, then took out his ringing cell informing neha to carry on their journey to KM, he will take Geet as he has some work. Geet looked at him bewilder.




Geet: leave me maan, what the hell do u think u r doing huh? Leave me before I shout and fill a case against u for molesting me, she couldn’t say much of words later as his rough lips fell on her; she was still for some moment, astonished, shocked, and numb to react. He slammed his lips on her forcefully then sucked her bottom lips hungrily. Soon she realized what he was doing and in rage she started trembling and pushing him from her. He was powerful more than her, more than before and he kissed her like his life depends on it.




He nibbled her lips and his other hand roamed on her back greedily. She closed her lips together not opening her mouth and he groaned with it. He pressed her lips more while stared caressing her stomach them waist then side of her breast which was last straw and she gasp as his knuckled touched her peak which was unknowingly hard. He slipped his tongue exploring her mouth. Sometime later geet felt light headed. She had seen the more she protested the more he kissed her with force and she felt dizzy, she had stopped protesting so that he felt her coldness and leave her but the way he was processing like he was making her body remember his touch and she cursed her body as it actually remember him.




He left her mouth feeling her breathless and came on her neck kissing it harshly, passionately. She felt vulnerable, not knowing what to do her tear spilled but she can’t say it because of humiliation, her heart refused her mind. It only wants the warmth she had left years before but her mind said other things. Her suit has deep neck which helped maan to shower his feather kissed mixed with carnal kisses. He kissed her throat,, neck moving from one to another while she was plastered on the wall with head rubbing the top. She hated herself for not stopping but seems like her blood circulation has stopped. He plants a big wet kiss to her one shoulder when she clutched his shoulder digging her nails in response and a tiny moan escaped when he stopped.




He looked at her tear mixed face which shows accusation but he didn’t felt guilty, he just marked her again and she at last responded. She felt angry on herself for giving to this man, she tried to go but he placed his hand either side of her head.




Maan: yes something can never change. Not my feeling not your taste.




Geet: u r selfish bastard.




Maan smiles: u r late to realize it, but I can show I m much more than that geet.




Geet: I can’t believe u still has the guts to do that.




Maan: do what geet? do what?




Geet: u,




Maan: yes I have the gut to possess u, yes I have the gut to Love you. He whispered the last word and she stared at his face unblinkingly. For a moment maan stood stopping his heartbeat realizing what he had said, but then Geet burst in to laughter. She laughed so hard that tears spilled out. She giggle looking at him then again laughed, finally put her palm on her mouth but her eyes were mocking him.




Geet: u r saying about Love. Really mr khurana, u made me laugh so hard, after years someone made me laugh u know.




Her smiles vanished when Maan held her chin then rubbed her face with his knuckle.




Maan: I m glad finally I made u laugh geet. I thought I can only make u cry but,




Geet: c’mon Mr Khurana hearing century’s biggest joke anyone will laugh, joke that U love someone, someone ME. It’s the biggest joke of century.




Maan; u hate me so much geet that u can’t believe my any word. U hate me that much?




Geet: Hate is a very small word in front of what I feel. U know what maan, now I doesn’t feel hate for u because to hate u I have to feel for u which I deny to have. U are nothing to me.




Maan’s hand fell limply; he stared at her eyes for a few moments.




Maan; I deserve much more geet, hate me all u want but u can’t deny u still love me.




Geet: don’t make me laugh more, stock something for tom maan.




Maan: whatever I did was worse than anyone can do to his lover but no one can love u more than I did and do.




Geet: pardon me. If what u did was ur love then I m glad I don’t need it more. Neither have I wished anyone get a lover like u.




Maan: I wish I could tell u my love but I can do anything to prove my love again. I just need a chance; if I need to beg u for that I will do that also.




Geet looked at him for a moment: u can do one thing maan. Maan looked at hopeful, he was no less than a beggar who deprived shelter or food but in his case he is poor than a beggar for love from his mithi, his geet. Geet took a breath then released. Let me leave Maan. Let me go.




Maan’s face become hard instant: not in a hell geet. If u want to see my heart cut it in to pieces but u will see urself there. If u want to see prove of my love and if that mean my destruction I m ready for that but I can’t leave u again. I can’t.




Geet: u can never make me believe and suppose u made it but still I m not coming back in ur life maan, not in lifetime.




Maan: U never left my life geet, you were always in it then there is no question about coming back. I did a sin, and I m ready to take any wrath for that but to hold u in my life if I have to leave my breath and life, I will take the chance but not in a hell I m going to lose my love, not for my stupidity not for ur stubbornness and anger.




She just stared at the person who seems like aged suddenly in few hours, his face showing the distress but more than that the eyes show trouble. She closed her eyes not wanted to blv him again and risk her life because right now she is not alone. If this man tore and break her again she could never sew the pieces back and this time she need to be firm in her place as now he is not dealing with a love but a mother who will do anything to protect her kids. Because she can’t afford to see the only man she loved someday breaking her angel’s heart by any means. Breaking her will break her kids more than that broke her.








Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.







© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.




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  1. it was superb dear. i loved geet’s bonding with her friends. all love her so much. but some where maan is also right. their should some limits between friends and lovers. i loved maneet part. it was superb. geet is not able to believe on him. i am very very exited for next


  2. Nice part dear. pls do something so tht maan can know abt kids. and both (maaneet) of them can understood their love. update soon. i m waiting eagerly. tc.


  3. Posted by life19 on July 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    superb update

    chalo maan ne kuch tho kaha though in pain she laughed at his words.. and i wish she sees the pain tat he is going through


  4. even after knowing what geet had suffered all those yrs still mujhe uss par gussa aa rha hai. its true ki aadha sach bahut dangerous hota hai. geet is still unknown to what happen after she left INDIA. m wondering how will she react when she will got to know how maan had live those 6 yrs..???


  5. awsem update karan totally lost in geet neha jealous maan jealous of rudra geet talking with kids rudra cute maan trying to make geet understand his love geet denying to be hurt


  6. Superbbbbb update di…
    Hmm…Geet’s friendship with Rudra & Karan…this was the thing abt which i was very much confused from the starting of this ff…bcoz their friendship definitely doesn’t hv any limit..aur aaj Maan ne wohi baat kahi..obviously koi bhi lover itni gehri frnfship dekh kar insecure hoga..
    Awww..Geet’s talk with Angels & Rudra was too cccuuttteee..
    Maan is ready to even beg fr Geet’s forgiveness…but he is not at all ready to leave Geet…
    Let’s see wht happens nxt..


  7. just one word marvellous….


  8. nice update par neha ko geet se jealous nhi hona chahiye


  9. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 15, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Mind blowing update dear….
    Loved it sooo muchhh…
    I really like Geet & her friends bonding…
    But sometime feel really angry on her…
    I’m agree with Maan….
    I understand her pain but she at least try know how Maan survive this 6yrs….
    She know & suffered that half truth always create MU & problem….
    & again she doing the same mistake not knowing Maan’s full truth & not saying abt their kids….
    I wish soon Maan come to know abt his daughters….
    And Maaneet will understood each-others pain & love….
    Hmm finally Maan make Geet laugh… Not coz of love or happiness but coz of his pain….
    Really it’s very very touchy update….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Continue soon dear….


  10. Posted by neha74 on July 16, 2013 at 6:57 am

    simply mind blowing part…i just loved the passionate, jealous maan back with a bang and the way he said ” yes something can never change. Not my feeling not your taste ” was just wow!!…now i think maan should know about his daughters,pleaseeeeee make such a sequence soon when maan knows about the twins…eagerly waiting for more….continue soon..


  11. Awesome parts
    Eagerly waiting for maan’s reaction
    After knowing about his daughters


  12. i can’t wait for read maan’s reaction about his daughters.pls update soon


  13. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 18, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Wonderful update… loved it lots…
    Geet didn’t leave karan from hospital entire day… neha admire their friendship adorably… maan ask karan to stay at km… rudra came to know karan’s accident and also maan is there… geet missing her angels… geet rudra and kids conversation was beautiful… maan angry with geet since geet saying i love you in phone… but he don’t know she saying kids… he lost his temper and he kissed geet aggressively… something is never changed… 1st maan’s temper… 2nd maan’s possessive about geet… he trying to make her understand his love to her… but she denying his love and also hating him… geet never able to trust maan… he has to prove more powerfully his love… when maan knows about kids??? when kids get their father??? when geet forgive maan’s sin… when we get happy maaneet??? when we get happy khurana family??? continue soon… waiting for happy maaneet…


  14. love it geet and her friendship too good amazing very less people got friends like this…..maan its hard to make her believe you love her care for her lage raho


  15. awesome part
    loved it
    plz make everything alright btw maaneet
    continue soon


  16. awesum updates..
    jus read the both parts..
    karna had d accident..thank god he is ok..
    reunion of two best frnds..I literally cried at dat Tym .
    finally arohi n others understanding maan sumwhere..
    hope geet also understand maan..
    maan is suffering like its time for happiness in his life..
    continue soon..
    jus love dis ff so much..


  17. Posted by khwaishfan on July 22, 2013 at 10:58 am

    intense update! Karan n Geet r good friends.MAan is suffering! update soon 🙂


  18. awesome ages since i read it but last time i read maan found out about his kids and geet was ruining him i seem to have missed loads or lost touch


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