Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 4)

Part 4

The Moment Maan entered the palace a wave of nostalgia hit him with force. He looked around the full packed haveli which is because of the festival. But the thing catch his eyes was the person standing in center of everyone with her head bowed in front her lord Krishna. Everyone was happy playing color on each other but he couldn’t miss the sadness in her close eyes, seems like she is fighting something inside her, of course she should repulse this day when he had torn her heart. How would she react knowing he is somewhere close to her in this day? Maybe she should have curl in to her shell and be miles away from his presence.

He took a hesitant step towards the haveli, Sonam and Aadi was either side of Maan gaping at the house with open mouth. They knew Maan is rich but this much that they get to know now. The maan they knew was soft sober yet angry young man who loves perfection and his job but hates to show his power. He had never showed or said or flaunt his wealth in front anyone, never mentioned about it in front of lousy senior who had always showed off their father’s money. But one thing was great about maan is his good looks. When he was young 18 yr boy then also he was striking beautiful. Senior girls were flat on his looks and senior guys were intimidated by his strong physic. He was powerful not only in strength of physical but in academic as his brilliancy had won every professor.

And everyone get to know about his true identity that he is the prince of Jaiselmer on the day of Geet’s arrival in Delhi and their med collage. Her striking beauty and the 10 bodyguard had made a quite large view. Some of students had made fun of her princess type dress least they knew from where she was. She was true princess and one look of her gorgeous face had shut everyone’s mouth. Her graceful posture and large smile had won everyone. She could be spoil princess with the recommendation of maan’s pampering but she was so lively and down to earth. She was happy in small small things which made her apple of everyone’s eyes and then how could anyone forget the day maan had scold her in front of everyone as she had slapped his GIRL FRIEND. The way geet had run away was a scene which tore everyone’s heart.

(this is a small demonstration of how sonam and aadi knew geet,,, will give brief scenario later as the story will process)

As Maan took few step towards the place where maha arti was going through, his eyes wondered on everyone. He saw few of the trust worthy guards had recognized him and bowed their head. Maan persona was such strong that other felt the urge to surrender them against him. He has the potential to be a great king but he had turned down everything in front of his career as a doc. A successful doctor which world praise.

Dadisa felt some tug at her heart and she turned without warning only to come face to face with Maan. Her eyes were blank, and then unblinkingly she drank her grandson’s demeanor. Strong personality, deep graceful eyes which shows possession and strong myth, anyone will feel secure to see in those deep dark eyes. Square cut face with light stubble giving a hint of his rough yet sensible thinking. Muscular body clad in simple white kurta giving the strength of a future potential King. Only he can make a simple not so richy material look expensive and standard to be worn by a Prince. Yes he is Yuvraaj/Prince Maan Singh Khurana.

Dadisa felt her tears against her wrinkled cheeks. No matter how much she is angry with him but still the heart is soft to her grandson. How can she tell how much she had missed him, how much she dreaded thinking one day she will die without seeing him. Maan looked at her with a small smile but his eyes were blank, like it had lost the dream and life from it. He touched her feet before she withdraws herself but how can she missed the 2 drop that fell on her feet.



She blessed him and he rise up with a smile that never reached his eyes still she can notice the pain to be loved by his last family member. How can she refuse to embrace the little life she had taken in her arm so proudly on his birth?

‘maan aap agaye. Itni der kyun kar diya bête. Hum to intezar hi karte reh gaye. Socha marne se pehle ek baar bhi aapko,’


‘dadisa’ he stopped her word hugging her tight and dadisa cried whole heartedly.

Their interaction didn’t stop the one person from her prayer. Geet was too lost in her prayer but still Maan can see her stiff position. He know that she knows he is here but she refuse to acknowledging and letting that affect her. She only stopped when the arti was complete and she spread the warmth from the ‘diya’ to her family and gave that to pandit ji. She took the color and sprinkled on the feet of the huge idol of Krishna then turned slowly with the plate. She just stopped in front of dadisa who was smiling so broadly. Geet’s eyes never left maan’s. Maan tried to tear the gaze but couldn’t. once the eyes were so full of life, mischievous, bubbly and had the color of world in it but today it’s empty. She is living because she has to, she is smiling because she has to, she is breathing because she has to and maybe she will move because she has to. He couldn’t believe he did this to her, yes he made this thinking once in life she will forgive him but he forgot he took the heart from the fragile body and now she forget what it’s feel to have a heart with forgiveness.

Geet touched dadisa’s feet with color, and dadisa blessed her and then blessed her with touching a little amount of yellow color on her face. Maan flinched seeing her unaffected, she never liked yellow color, why? maybe because he didn’t liked it. But now she has no reason to be upset with any color. She gracefully accepted everything like the way she accepted his decision over her life every time without saying without protesting, just with a smile like right now.

Dadisa showed her maan with so much enthusiasm, geet suppress the arched in her chest which was taking painful twist and gave a warm smile to maan.

‘how r u maan?’

How could he answer her question? How could he say he is barely living because he has to, how could he say to her to look at his eyes and search her answer.

‘Fine. I hope u too geet.’

Geet smiles but that never reached her eyes, it was painful which could be only seen by him but he was surprised of her measure words which coated with grace and warmth less sarcastic but still it is.

‘you can never leave your assumption maan, you always did. Anyway glad u made it to here. Finally Dadisa is able to see her only grandson and she is happy.’


‘u r her granddaughter, she was happy with u.’

‘once again I will say don’t assume anything because u want to. She is a mother and grandmother, maybe u couldn’t see but she still craves for her last family member which is u. she loves her grand child and wish to have him with her on this special occasion, and I m happy to see my dadisa happy and I mean truly happy Maan. Thank u for it.’

Her last words were a whisper, suddenly dadisa realized what she was doing and what she was thinking. No matter how much she get to see the coldness in their relation now but she can never leave the hope of getting them together and her guilt went double when her eyes went to geet’s ring finger. What she was thinking. How can she be so selfish? Once again she remembers the moment geet returned to Jaiselmer with a blank eyes and white face defeated and crying.  And the pain in her heart went fresh; she gave an accusing painful look to maan before looking at geet.


‘Happy Holi maan.’ He had expected her to apply her color but she didn’t, it was always her to apply color on him first and unconsciously he hoped that today also but how could he ask that and his heart felt numb when someone else touched his geet in front of his eyes and he could do anything.

A cold finger touched her cheek whispering the words close to her ‘Happy Holi Princess’


Geet turned to see a smiling veer holding a plate and behind him his family was standing. She gave him an annoyed look. She is still angry as he had scolded her; he looked at dadi then maan hesitantly before sighing and holding his ear in front of geet who looked here and there consciously. She heard a giggle which undoubtedly came from his behind and she glared but it broke in to laughter. Veer pouted but still kneeled down and geet couldn’t suppress her laugh. She touched his cheek with handful color wishing ‘Happy Holi Veer.’


Maan became stiff seeing the exchange, though he didn’t see the cheerful geet anymore but warmth her eyes carried for veer was a punch on his face. She had still not applied color and maybe will never apply again. He had lost the right years ago.

Geet met the laughing person Unnati, Udayveer’s sister and his family whom she fondly call Maa and Baba. Maan felt out of place in that warmth and retreated to his room in the huge palace. Behind him Aadi and Sonam stood like statue feeling pain for him but still couldn’t deny the happiness that geet deserved. Geet noticed sonam after hugging the family. She smiled at her broadly while geet returned the same. Both became good frnd in spite of geet’s short visit to delhi. Aadi patted geet’s shoulder while she was hugging sonam. Her eyes widen to find her fav brother that what she call him.

‘aadi bhai’ she hugged him effortlessly and aadi too embraced her in a brotherly hug then peeked her forehead.

‘how r u?’

Geet sighed ‘Jaise thi’

None understand the meaning of 2 words but aadi knew it too well, he had noticed the madness in her eyes for Maan.

Geet introduced them to Dadisa and Udayveer’s family who welcomed them warmly. Geet noticed Veer’s stiff position but he shrugged it. Geet felt a tug in her arm, looking her right side she saw sonam looking at her intently. She knew she must want to talk to her. geet excused from the family in a pretence of showing sonam and aadi to their room. None asked question on that and it amazed sonam and aadi the grace geet carried. She is only 22 but only 4 yrs back she was so lively. It’s like in 4 yr of time span she had grow 40 yrs older. Mature, sensible and not to forget the persona she carried that force anyone to bow their head in front of her but in humbleness.


‘Geet don’t get me wrong but none had asked question about our arrival, not even why we are with maan, and now we are staying in this palace. Actually I m feeling awkward.’ Aadi’s nervousness was reflecting in his face, sonam chuckled and geet smiles at him warmly.

‘aadi bhai u r not only guest of maan but Yuvraj Maan Singh Khurana. None has the right to ask anything from him or his guest. Yes he had refused to take his responsibility but still he is the prince of this state and then u r my guest too. Of course no one has object when their princess has accepted u.’ Geet smiles at him mischievously but he couldn’t miss the smile never reached geet’s eyes. Geet understood that too but she simply ignored the fact. She showed aadi his room and he went inside saying he want to take a nap. Both girl giggles knowing how much aadi love sleep which he count very little because of his busy schedule.

Once sonam settled in her room she turned her whole concentration on geet, and then the way she is dressed up. No wonder royalty oozed out from her every posture. But she wasn’t flattered with the wealth. She miss the bubbly geet, she had met when she had joined the same collage maan was studying. Sonam was newly arrival. She wasn’t best of frnds with maan but instead she become geet’s frnd first. In fact only geet is the reason sonam tried to know maan, or she would have killed him for breaking an innocent’s heart. They were frnds for only a month and still became so close.


‘Why didn’t u applied color on maan geet?’ sonam couldn’t stop herself from asking the question and saw the change of expression on her face.

Geet sighed ‘Aap kuch nahi vulti na sonam’

‘cut this aap wap, remember I taught u to call me by name and not this heavy words. Seems like u have changed from then. So Much.’

‘we need to change in order to walk with the surroundings sonam.’


‘tumne mere question ka jawab hi nahi diya geet? why didn’t u applied color on maan. I heard only u has the right to apply color on him first. Maybe this is the reason he doesn’t play holi now.’

Geet become stiff, her eyes were blank ‘Kuch sawal ke jawab nahi hote sonam. Wo adhure rahe to hi accha hain. Jaise hume hamare sawal ke jawab kabhi nahi mile.’


‘lekin kya tum khush ho geet, unn adhoore jawabo se.’

Geet smiles sadly ‘Ek rajkumari ko khush hone adhikar nahi hain, sonam. I never had the right, I just get that a little late. Maybe then I would have accepted it. But I m not sad at least. I have a life and many lives to lead.’


‘mujhe nahi pata galat kya huya, kyun huya bas itna pata hain, U both are made for each other. Aur’

Geet looked at sonam with cold eyes ‘Aaj aapne keh diya, dobara mat kahiyega. It’s a request sonam don’t repeat it. My destiny is with veer, least I want to hurt him. Kuch chahiye hoga to bata dijiyega.’

With that geet strolled out. Sonam only stared at her unblinkingly. ‘what the hell he had done to her!’ she muttered under her breath cursing maan loudly. She can’t believe it’s the same girl who was full of life. Now she is a glass doll who knows what to do for others but she is barely living.


Geet entered her room, the first thing her eyes caught the painting of maan’s that she had made. Her finger traces the texture of his lower cheek where she had applied the red color, his favorite. Red was his fav and white was her. she felt a smile remembering the childhood she had made a scene for white color. She was angry why can’t anyone give her white color and everyone just felt miserable for it. At last it was maan who came with white color.

‘hume safed color chahiye Maan.’


‘mishty agar white color lagana hain to holi kyun khelenge. Holi is a festival of colors, we should apply every color which spreads happiness and color in life.’

She puffed her lips ‘Hume white color chhaiye,’ she sniffed loudly ‘aap hamare liye itna nahi karenge maan?’

Maan shook his head looking at 7 yr old geet giving cute puppy look and large fat tear in the corner of her eyes.

‘rukiye, hum abhi aate hain.’

He only took 10 min and came with white color, which made everyone’s head spin but geet was jumping in joy. soon Maan took a pinch of it then touched her soft cheek, some on her nose then kissed her forehead. Geet sniffed the scent then took the color from her nose then again sniff. Her hazel eyes went big then looked at maan accusingly.

‘This is powder. It’s not color.’ And she started crying loudly. Maan slapped his forehead with his hand. Then tugged geet’s chin with his hand.


‘Mishty if those harmful color will touch ur face, it can spoil ur soft skin. And then ur cheeks would have been red with rashes. And u know they made white color with harmful chemical that’s why dadisa said not to bring white color.’

Geet looked at him innocently ‘powder doesn’t make rash?’ maan shook his head vigorously in denial. Then he was awarded with a large grin of geet’s face.

‘but I can apply your fav color on u na?’

‘yeah u can’

She took a full plate of red color and then throws on him, she giggled and ran from there while he groaned and ran behind her.

Geet felt a giggled crept out from her throat, then she laughed remembering how he landed on the water tub full of mix color and she laughed at him. Soon her laughter echoed the room and then mixed with the sob. She sobbed hard until she felt herself collapsing in the ground. None heard her cry and she cried after 4 yrs, cried bitterly. Thank god her room was soundproof which she made by renovating it or else he would have known he still effects her so much. So much that she had made the painting just to touch him with her color and then touched her cheek with his in that painting.

She didn’t came out from the room and informed not to disturb her, her order was strict and dadisa, veer both knew she need time. Only they are the person know her heart too well. But she was oblivious to the face someone was hearing her cry standing just outside from their join balcony, Maan touched the wall and sat in the chilly night just to hear her voice but each sob tore his heart and he sat there to torture his soul with the heart wrenching cry. He doesn’t know should he thank her for not making the glass wall soundproof or making the other wall so that he couldn’t hear her voice and feel the urge to swift her feet then hug her fiercely and ask forgiveness. He couldn’t afford that. So instead of confronting he just sat there to feel her.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. awsem update maan in haveli maan jealous of geet veer bonding geet remembering past maan feeling her pain


  2. superb update

    don’t know what makes them to part away in past but geet’s heart is completely broken by him


  3. Really touching story


  4. it was amazing and very emotional update. maan is in palace. geet is trying to hide her emotion. but it seems very difficult for her. maan can sense her pain. i also want to know maan ne aisa kya kiya tha jo geet itni badal gayi


  5. Very emotional update di…
    I just love Geet & Veer’s bonding…the way understands her…
    Hmm…Adi & Sonam r good frnds of Geet..
    Wht the hell…Man had a girlfrnd..
    Ma poor Geet is in so much pain..
    The scene wgere Geet applied the colour on Maan’s cheeks in the painting & then on herself tht was brilliantly written di..very emotional..
    Waiting to see why Maan broke her heart ..


  6. im confused ki kisk sise lu???? one side maneet are
    made for each other, cnt see them juda juda nd other side geet is also right maan ne jo vi kia that was soo wrong…bt a nice part…lvd that emo part where maan was sitting in the balcony nd listening to her sobs…


  7. such an emotional update…i really liked it a lot….!!!!…..dis reminds me of season one….!dat was a beautiful ff…dat s one of my favourites among your works…
    and as the story is progressing m really excited and hope dat dis fiction will also turn out to be a beautiful one…..
    updated soon…:-):-):-):-)


  8. its very emotional update. plz continue soon. tc.


  9. Posted by rdhanya83 on July 17, 2013 at 5:31 am


    I cried after reading this .please yaar i don’t want geet to cry. .I read all the updates . I was waiting for this ff to update . you know now this one is my fav . please update soon


  10. lovely update but a very emotional story…waiting for more 🙂


  11. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 17, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Awesome update… loved it so much…
    Finely maan in haveli with sonam and adi… geet is truly princess… she hides all her pain smiles to everyone… dadisa was so happy to see maan… geet didn’t applied colour to maan… but she applied maan’s painting… she broke down in front maan’s printing… its too emotional… i felt very sad for her… loved the way veer holding his ears and asking sorry to geet… maan jealous of geet and veer bonding… loved maaneet moments in past… geet controlling in front of everyone then breaking down alone was heart wrenching… maan crying in guilty was painful… what really happened in the past?? continue soon…


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    wow!!!maan cums to the haveli…geet is so changed…maan J of veer…poor geet breaking down…maan is too guilty…continue sooon….
    my WP username is ushankitvc…


  14. Awesome one.its really hurting as both r in pain,geet applying color on maan’s portrait was really touching.hope maan will be able to erase all pain.hurt from geet’s life.waiting for nxt part


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    emotional update! Poor Maaneet! update soon


  16. Posted by angelickushi on August 1, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    even the the first season every single update was emotional and made me cry this too makes the same impact


  17. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Very emotional & Loved It ❤


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