Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 99

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Today I wasn’t updating actually if it wasn’t a special day. It’s my Tanu(Tanvi Nangia’s) Birthday and I want to say U r really special jaana nd yes I can do anything for her, so it’s her demand to give her fav FF today. And I m giving it..

Last night a special made helpled us to make a VM for my Jaan’s birthday. And it took really great effort her to make this.

Please look at for once at least. It’s a VM with all out wishes together for tanu…



Invitation Card made by Tanvi 😀

Part 99

After the haldi rasam, Geet called maan to her room through saanjh who was dead scared about it. Their mothers had strictly ordered that maan can’t go in geet’s room but still seeing geet’s serious face saanjh agreed to do what she told.

Saanjh: tum dono mujhe ek din marwaoge.

Maan smiles hearing her words as she looked here and there to confirm no one had seen them.

Maan: abb main kya karoon agar tumhari bahen ka mood swing har aadhe ghante me badalta hain to.

Saanjh: shut up maan, be serious, careful. If mom and maasi see u here they will surely know u came here because of me. Wo geet ko to kuch nahi karenge but meri shamat aani hain. So please be careful and come out soon.

Maan: ok saali sahiba. Saanjh was pushing him inside the room while looking back when maan held her hand. Saanjh looked at him confused. He smiles and kissed her forehead. Thank u for everything.

Saanjh shook her head and slapped his arm: abb frnd ko thanks bologe? I can do anything for u and my sister’s happiness maan. And I know u will do the same for me and shiv. It’s just the Love not gratitude.


Maan slowly entered the room only to catch his breath in his lungs. He looked at geet who was looking at the open window. Maahi was still sleeping in her crib. His eyes went on her sleeveless churidar, it was holding by 2 thin straps. He curses himself for feeling so hard just seeing her like this. When he should have careful with her his desire is doing no good.


That time only geet turned to face him, her hair was pinning above her head with some clip, maybe for making her hair a little curly so that the soft curls rest on her cheek and tease him to death. A shy smile played geet’s lips looking at maan’s desiring eyes clearly saying she is not uncomfortable with his stares. He sigh a breath of relief which didn’t go unnoticed by geet. She understood his dilemma but how could she say it felts so good to see her love admiring and desire her instead of loathing for the previous night. But dare she tell that to maan, he will blame himself for god knows what not. So she simple stood there admiring his handsome beauty.

They stood there mere inches away from each other, he felt the whole world is a barrier between them now, but just this day and she will be his AGAIN. And this time he wants her to cherish the fact she will belong to him, and he as hers. Just then they heard a sound, and both turned towards the source. Smiles played on both their faces seeing maahika talking in her own language and giggling holding her stuff toy. Maan went towards the crib and took her in his arms. She flashed her best gummy smile making his day more beautiful. He nuzzles his nose in her tummy tickling her and she laughed more.

Geet was admiring the pure love from far when he extended his arm towards her and she happily accepted coming in his warm embrace.

Maan: kya huya? He asked looking at geet who was resting her head on his chest and playing with maahi’s frock, maahi was happy to get her parent’s attention but still sleepy, she rest her head on maan’s neck and was looking at her mother’s finger playing on her dress.

Geet: nothing.


Maan tighten his grip on her waist forcing her to look at his eyes.

Maan: tell me what happen jaan?

Geet sighed: maan, u wanted a dream marriage for me, but didn’t u wanted that for u?

Maan snorts: Men doesn’t dream much, not at least these fancy thing, they thinks about umm, hmmm the night where their bride will surprise them.


Geet hit his chest: maannnn….


Maan laughed: sorry, but u asked.


Geet: accha thik hain, this is my dream marriage maan but I couldn’t see it’s fulfilling entirely.

Maan frowns hearing her: matlab?

Geet sighed and freed herself from him: Maan I didn’t dreamt something like this, You are in so much fear and anxious. I wanted a marriage where I can feel like a bride who is marrying 1st time of course. Those rituals, the shyness, the apprehension to meet her groom without notching to anyone and most important where her groom is happy and carefree. I want to see u happy and enjoy our wedding not like this maan.

Maan held her waist from back and buried his head in her neck: I m trying.

Geet turns instantly: no u r not. not enough.

Maan: geet jo bhi huya.

Geet: It was not ur fault maan. u want me to forget but u have to forget that first. I know last night was a horrible night but it was beautiful too, because that was my mahendi and sangeet. And back to 1 yr, Maan u had erased my all bad memories. Yes I reacted badly but I am trying to forget that, I need ur help maan. I need that night to be erase with ur love which I thought I will get toni8.

Suddenly her face flushed realizing what she said. She is talking about their marriage night, strangely it didn’t remember sad or horrible thoughts of last yr but a new hope, and shyness covers her thinking about this night when maan will mark her as his. Maybe Maan also understood that. Suddenly he cupped her face.

Maan: ohh jaan. I want that too.

Geet: then pls give me my maan back.

Maan:  u have him.

Geet: go back to KM maan and come with barat. Mujhe har wo cheese chahiye jo kunwari ladkiya karti hain, wo chup chup ke barat ko dekhna, sabka cheedhana aur phn pe baat karna. Mujhe wo ehsaash chahiye jaha main pichle saal ki iss din ki dukh vul ke nahi suruyat kar saku, ek nayi yadien chahiye jo main taumro(life time) yaad karke jee saku.

Maan wanted to say no but he can’t, not after seeing the hopeful eyes, he agreed sighing heavily but it was worth it. Because he was rewarded with her beautiful smile. Maahi went to her mumma and maan bid bye to go to KM where nikita and daadi was waiting for him with a smile. Shiv too went with him as per geet’s wish.


Maan and shiv took a little nap as they needed to look fresh again as per geet’s wish. Daadi saw the 2 frnd and brother crashing on the bed together. It was ages seeing them together like this. When they were teenagers they used to sleep like this, none bothered to go in different room, sometime maan would have kicked shiv down so sometime reverse. When Exam would come the boys would have stayed together and helped each other, and after exam they would party together. It was like mirror with different face. They loved each other and when they fought it was the same intensity like their love. Both never talked about each other. Maan had burned everything related to shiv and some things that he couldn’t, was dumped in the store room. He had strictly ordered everyone not to mention about shiv and he doesn’t want anyone associate with shiv close to him, but dadima was the one who had visited shiv and knowing the fact still maan couldn’t do anything as she was as stubborn as him. And dadima knew same was with shiv.

Today seeing the old buddies tangled like this anyone will have a shock of life. Dadima caresses their face one by one and kissed their forehead, silently thanking Geet. she went out and both took their beauty sleep. Saanjh heaved a sigh of relief hearing that from dadima and informed geet who looked happy. Here in Handa House Geet came out of her room for chuda ceremony.


The chuda ceremony is supposed to be conducted by the maternal uncle, but Geet doesn’t has one and brij’s father who was rano’s cousin brother dies few yrs before so it was not possible, then Brij came out saying as a brother he want to do it. And everyone agreed on it. Then he helps the geet put on the set of a red and cream ivory bangles known as Chuda.

K3 1

A havan is performed by a priest to mark this occasion. The priest also places an iron bangle with shells and beads along with a mauli between the chuda. Flower petals are showered on the girl after the ceremony and prasad is distributed among all.

Geet saw hrishita was doing all work as her own family, she was happy to see the girl with her motu, who deserves happiness. His childhood wasn’t much good. Because of his overbearing weight he was a bully project for everyone. It’s because of saanjh he was with them and really they are frnds of frnds which shows love affection and today abir is a part of her family. She saw Abir arguing with sanajh for some matter and hrishita coming between them then solving the problem making abir smile and saanjh glaring him. But at last she agreed but not before handling maahi to abir who took her as a challenge maybe.

Geet signaled hrishita to come towards her and she came gladly.

Hrishita: kya huya geet bhabhi? Jaldi bolo, bohot kaam hain.

Geet: why u r working here, don’t u have to go KM? they must need u.

Hrishita: nah, maan bhai and shiv bhai is hell protective, main waha gayi to glass tak nahi uthane denge and I will become bore. Well she is right they doesn’t like their girls working and appointed brigade of servants.

Geet: accha thik hain but what was the matter with saanjh and abir?

Hrishita: poochiye mat bhabhi, wo dono na bilkul bacche hain. They were fighting over the flower and curtain of mandap. Then I told them flower will be saanjh’s decision and curtain abir can order so lastly they agreed.

Geet giggled knowing they can do that, they fight on small small thing and specially sanajh who need a little string to fight.

Geet: yeah saanjh always need a reason to fight.

Hrishita: nahi bhabhi, it was not her fault actually, abir hi aisa hain. U know he always fights with me knowing that will hurt me and then he will come with dozen of flowers to pacify me. And when I ask him why he do that he said in India he always did that with saanjh and in South-Africa he missed that, he also said that after the fight pacifying me his fav thing. Can u believe it?

She laughed and so was get but geet stopped abruptly making a serious face: Hrishita don’t u feel insecure?

Hrishita’s eyes widen hearing it but she composed her face knowing she is not entirely wrong…

Hrishita: pehle hota tha, but when I saw ur and saanjh’s photo on his computer and then he told me about his childhood and how sanajh protected him like a sister from then I used to like her a lot and deeply I wanted to meet her, to thank her for making my abir like this, confident and loving.

Geet: I m glad u like her hrishita, and honestly Shiv loves saanjh a lot that he can break anyone who will try to come close to her.


Hrishita: ha wo to maine dekh hi liya. Both woman laughed whole heartedly when they heard a shriek..

Running towards abir who was shrieking frantically, gave a sight to watch. They tried to hold the smile but failed miserably and then another laughed echoed. Geet turned to see saanjh laughing like a maniac and abir was glaring her. Then her eyes went on Maahi who was looking at everyone innocently. Geet shook her head knowing her innocent devil had made abir’s life hell in short time.

Abir looked at his wet laptop and made a cribbing face, saanjh took maahi and patted her diaper confirming her wetting abir’s laptop. Actually when sanajh gave maahi to abir he took her to a sofa and started working on his laptop placing maahi beside him with lots of cushion. But maahi wanted to roam here and there so she started protesting which he ignored royally. Abir was looking for curtain that will match the flower and decoration when maahi started pulling his shirt and he took her in his arms and said he can’t take her to roam freely. Don’t know how she understands that but she started crying on that moment.

Just to stop her crying abir started showing her his laptop and the picture and in that process maahi landed on the keyboard, her diapers opened and she peed on the keyboard and the lappy crashed down instantly.

Saanjh; wah meri sherni, maasi ki izzat rakhli.

Maahi showed her gummy smile: bbbbboooooo,, ggggmmmmmmm, mmmmumm.

Nobody understand her language and she carried her explanation. And saanjh smirked on abir.

On that geet and abir glared her but hrishita laughed with saanjh. So finally saanjh took the decoration charge and meera helped her while sujal and brij looked at catering.

How the morning went out none can say, geet was in awe seeing so many ppl working together without clashing. And then the long line of beautician for her. It was time for her to get ready, Saanjh took maahi with her and hrishita helped her to take maahi while she got ready. Both cracked jokes and laughed, in very small time they becomes good friends. Abir was looking at guest with refreshments and brij helped them with foods and other things. Rano was grateful to her family and maan who arranged a lot servant to look for every need. It was really short notice wedding which could have been disaster if shiv hadn’t looked at every small arrangement by himself.

On the other hand in Km also rushing was going on, guest and arrangement was going smooth. Abhinash dev both looked at arrangements for the barat while nikita was looking for all after wedding arrangements. Naintara was on phn with rano about the wedding arrangement and aniee was helping her mother. Shiv and Maan only looked at them from far. Look like without them also they managed which made them happy and carefree. They joked and laughed.

Then the point came when maan placed his demand.

Maan: I want to meet geet.

The water shiv was gulping so quickly came out in rush: WHAT? NOW?


Maan: yeah, I want to see her, want to know she is fine.

Shiv: I had talked with sanajh, they are fine and geet is getting ready. Hume nikal na hain 2hour me.

Maan: ha to yaha se jaane aane me 1 hr jayega and main 30 min usse mil lunga.

Shiv: maan u have gone mad. U can’t meet her, nanima will kill me.

Maan: shiv, tu araha hain ke main akela jaayun?

Shiv: no,

Maan: good then I will see if saanjh can find another,

Shiv couldn’t let him complete: Shut Up.

Maan laughed: call saanjh then, we will go right now.


Shiv: tu kisi din mujhe marwayage.

Precap: Wedding. Oops dulha kaha gaya?

Next part will be a long one… and ahem ahem not SR but something…


Love u Samy for making It

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.


© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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