Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 35



Part 35

Next day Geet came out of her room only to witness her mother hurrying here to there. Clearly showing something is amiss. She looked at her other aunts who were clearly grumpy and not happy at all, but what made her amazed that her father is helping her mother in all work and seems like he is happy too. She had never seen him happy in any work associated with rano but then it must be very big accession.

‘mumma, what r u doing? And why u r in so much hurry?’

Rano smiles ‘Geet tu vul gayi kya, aaj tera chudni chadhane ka rasam hain, savitri jee is coming and maan beta said he will also come with her.’

Earth shattered for geet remembering the date. She thought Maan will decline the marriage, what big fool she is. He had clearly said he will never let her go from him and he will definitely do everything to reach her. But why he is so stubborn to marry her when she had clearly said she won’t sell the land, and he had already her body but maybe that’s not enough. Maybe he wants something else. Something to make her regret whole life. She shivered thinking what will maan do, she was so lost that she forgot she was standing there for quite a time and now someone was breathing on her neck. Gulgule and Monalisa ran long back, she couldn’t help but hold the pillar beside her, as the intensity increased by his touch on her waist.

She turned immediately only to witnessed the dark mischievous eyes looking at her with amusement. Immediately her heart shuddered feeling his face mere an inch away from her, her lips tremble feeling his breath on her supple lips. She forgot what she wanted to say and maan chuckle seeing her condition. He lowered his lips towards her ears.

‘you were so lost about me that u forget the ceremony and to change according to it. Don’t worry I can help u with cloths geet.’

She somewhat shivered before composing herself then pushed him looking for others in conscious. She saw her whole family was busy greeting savitri devi and her few relative. Geet gave a menacing glance to him.

‘why the hell they are here, I told u to decline the marriage maan, I won’t maary u, I can’t.’

Just then she felt a painful grip on her elbow, she tried to shove his hand but he tighten almost to give her pain. She looked at his eyes. Playfulness gone and replacement by a cold dangerous angry look. He tugged her closer then looked beside to confirm that no one was looking a them, he tugged her along with him when he took the stairs to go to her room.

Once they entered the room maan pushed her on the door before coming on her. She was frightened. For the first time in these days he looked so angry and dangerous. It’s like she had almost forgot the rage he carry, it’s more than the day before she left him in delhi. Today he is looking like lave ready to burst.

He pinned her small body with his huge structure which was hard but oddly she became jelly in his arm. He greeted his teeth before forcing her look at him holding her neck cupping her one side.

‘Didn’t I make it clear that I won’t let u go geet? Then why the heck doo you talk like that? Huh?’

‘maan, I, I,’ she fumble with words seeing his eyes boring into her soul. He couldn’t let her talk and snatched her lips in an angry passionate kiss. She groans reliving his punishment, the more she tried to push him the more he held her close and some to a point she gave up fighting. The firework was too pleasurable to protest. He nibbled her bottom lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth taking her tongue for a rollercoaster ride. She didn’t know was she pushing him or clenching his shoulder close to her, seems like second option because every time she dug her nail in his flesh he increased the pressure. She felt dizzy but was that because of the kiss made her light headed or the passion left her breathless. But still she couldn’t help to have more.

He left her lips but came on her neck with fierce kisses. His hands cupped her breast and squeezed lightly. His lips were on her shoulder giving sweet torture with passion. Warmth spreads between her thighs. She felt her dress zipper going down, he almost tore her zipper. There she stood half naked in her black lacy bra and salwar pant. But not long as he snapped the thread it open.  The pressure of his kiss become more forceful, she cried feeling him squeezing her thighs. She couldn’t help but whimper for him.


‘Did u know how I felt when I couldn’t find u in that house, I searched like a mad man in the entire house for u and u just left me. How could u geet?’

His voice was filled with agony and anger. She can feel he is angry but still his treat to her body wasn’t forceful or painful. He nibbles her neck, her earlobe ‘I was scared. MSK was scared for the first time in his life when I couldn’t found u. I thought I lost u. how could u leave me geet, how dare u.’

‘I, I, le-ft n-note.’ She stammered mercilessly as his teeth teased her skin, he licked the swell of her cleavage; she gripped his hair pulling him close. He kissed her lips again before releasing her. She stared at him in confusion but he didn’t touch her more. Instead he took the packet from the floor and tore the paper; he took the blouse and slipped through her hand. Her eyes widen as realization struck her, He is leaving her high and dry as a punishment for leaving him in delhi. She looked at him with dangerous eyes but he simply smirked at her.


‘That what I felt when I couldn’t find u in that whole house.’


‘I left a note’ she couldn’t recognize her voice as it came a cry.

‘but note wasn’t enough’ he snapped equally angry. ‘u came here without telling me, u took all ur luggage didn’t left any single thing, I thought I lost u.’


‘I was never yours’ she said bitterly. He completed the dressing.

He held her hand squeezing harshly ‘The hell u r not. Take one thing straight Miss Geet Handa. You have to be mine forever, by marrying me or by staying as a mistress but u will be with me.’

She opened her mouth to say something but he stopped her by kissing her forcefully. She bite his lips harshly but he rejoiced it by stroking her teeth with his tongue. She snapped shut her mouth and he glowered.

‘come down like a good girl, fix ur hair and dress and come fast. Or else I have to drag u out from this room in front of everyone, which I think will be embarrassing for your family.’

She hated how he could blackmail her smoothly. She has to go there or else he wouldn’t take a sec to follow his instruction. So she went down and the ceremony started. Dadima was widow she said her one family member to do everything but maan interfered and said only she has the right to do the ceremony, dadima helplessly looked at geet who shrugged saying she has no objection. Well she never believed in this rituals and she least care about pathetic custom. Though the gesture touched dadima’s heart and she looked at geet with hopeful eyes. After years she has the heart to dream again for her grandson. Only Geet can make him a human again. She had seen the affection in his eyes, he cares for her like the way he had never cared for anyone, not even his own grandmother.

After chudni chadana it was groom’s Tika ceremony where bride’s father has to perform. Geet looked at her father’s happy face, he was little apprehensive still did all the things with a smile; she doesn’t know what to feel about it. She was never so close to her father and spent all her time to see her weeping mother. But today he was happy that made her relax and happy somewhere.

Maan was looking at geet throughout the ceremony performed; she was uncomfortable and giving fake smiles. On the other hand she didn’t miss to give dagger on his way. He smiles looking at her cute anger and found its very turn on for him. After the ceremony Dadima sat beside geet, geet gave a small smile to her and dadima kissed her forehead.

‘finally this old woman will be at peace after her death.’


‘dadima..’ geet squeaked and dadima smiled at her.


‘Geet bête I always thought after I am gone what will my grandson will do alone in this world. Today he is here because I came to that wedding; he wasn’t ready to leave me here alone. Some time I thought he doesn’t care for me after what I have done but then he proves he still has a heart that cares for his old woman.’

Geet looked at her curiously ‘what do u mean he didn’t wanted to come here?’

Dadima looked at her with somewhat pained expression ‘His father died in this place geet, he doesn’t like to come here, I was amazed when he said he like u and want to marry u, because I never thought he will do the same his father had done, maan hated this place and,, leave it. He said u were studying at Pune, do u both met at pune?’

Geet looked here and there for maan, she want to ask so many questions but knew he won’t give her any answer. Anyway he was busy with his phn to do some mails. She looked away for some sec then fumbles with the answer.

‘ha wo, hum, actually.’

‘we met at her collage dadi, I was chief guest and she was representing her team in inter collage fest.’

Geet looked at the blank eyes, did he heard their talking. Geet can feel dadima was also feeling same, she wasn’t at ease. She gave weak smile before leaving from the place, geet looked at maan confuse but he ignored her confuse gaze. Just then rano came towards them.

‘maan beta, why u want to pre-pone the marriage, we are going for after 15 days then why do u want the marriage in a week. How can the arrangements be possible in this short time?’

Geet looked at maan horrified, here she wants an way out from this sham and he is hell bent on marrying her as fast as she can.

‘but mumma’ geet tried to say something when maan interment.

‘I need to leave India soon, and I m afraid the work is important and want me after 10 days from now, so I thought to pre-pone rather than post pone the marriage.’

Geet looked at him confuse, but maan avoided her gaze. Geet father came forward saying it will be better not to post pone the wedding and her mother also agreed. Maan promised to take care of arrangements and guest. Geet couldn’t say a word after the buzz, all she wanted to cuddle up in her bed and take a long nap again. Her brain was becoming fuzzy with all these and specially maan who is driving her crazy. His mood swing is worst than a pregnant lady and she is hating the fact that he has so many secrets. Like why he want the wine vineyard so much, why he want a girl to marry him who doesn’t want to, why he hates dev so much that he didn’t feel sorry for saying all that to her. Why will he hate the place like HP, and specially what his dadima had done to make him angry and hate her?

She sighed as she looked at the open sky in her room, she hated to admit but she missed maan’s arms to fill her. Only 3 days in his arms she had spent and she is craving that again. What had gotten in to her, maybe hormones?  Something touched her neck making her shiver and smile both, she thought she is dreaming those days again. She loved the tender Maan. She froze in her track. She felt him kissing her neck and weirdly she couldn’t move. Then the realization struck her hard, how can she love a person who taught her to hate things. She hated him once, hated his every sight, his touch but now she craved for him. She felt a lump forming in her throat thinking where she came; she is loving a person who doesn’t even know the meaning. How can she? she shook her head and tried walk then when she realized she wasn’t dreaming but maan was there. He was really there holding her close to him and kissing her neck.

‘maan.’ She whispered.

He groaned in her neck ‘I hate to see u sad.’


She smiles mockingly, ironically only he is the person who made her like this. He kissed her tenderly behind the earlobe; she closed her eyes but stood limping there. But then she recalled his every word, today it struck her that why that time it had pierced her so much, why she was so mad and hurt. And today the hurt was much stronger. Realizing he thinks so low about her made her weep and she wants to cuddle in a corner and cry her heart out. Suddenly she feels so vulnerable. Was love supposed to make a person weak so much? Or its the fact that her love can never be reciprocated by her love. It’s only the infatuation and challenge that tied him with her. The moment she gave up her fight he will no longer be with her. Her only memory flashed back and she surrenders herself to the misery.

Precap: none.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  2. Posted by spicyartist10 on August 4, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    wao fab i wedding is soon there must b something dark in maan past


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  4. Posted by Shalina on August 4, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Loved it… I have no words to say… You wrote it so well… But mujhe aab ye arrogant devil maan aacha nahi lagta…. 😦 plzz usse good boy bana do jaldi …plzzzz


  5. Posted by chahhat4eva on August 4, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Mind blowing update ❤❤❤❤


  6. Posted by impoojaverma on August 4, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    superb update
    this MAAN SINGH KHURANA has so many secrets in him
    geet is in a fix. at one point she is missing him n at other she wants to hate him


  7. wonderful update ….both maan and geet are passionately in love with each other but one is confused about her feelings and the others ego comes in between ….how could maan use the mistress word for geet ..he loves her madly and will marry her at any cost, yet in his anger says all this hurting geet more … i think there is a big link with geet’s vineyard land and maan’s father or his death….am i right? eagerly waiting for the mystery to unfold…continue soon 🙂


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  10. Posted by khwaishfan on August 5, 2013 at 6:49 am

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    Awesome update… loved it so much…
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  16. Posted by ushankitvc on August 5, 2013 at 5:17 pm

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  20. Posted by Julie on August 7, 2013 at 5:02 am

    So some clues to Maan’s past!!! Loved this chapter. Very well written!!!!!!


  21. The updt was nice one,He is such a devil.geet trying to findout about maan.hope she wil. Maan’s unique punishment for geet.waiting for nxt part


  22. Feelings sorry for Geet…trying to please everyone, whereas she is sinking in the boat. She has realized her feelings towards him, he knows he can’t live without her, but still holding his feelings towards her. Does he know he is in love with her? Has he realize his feelings for her? Nice update.


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