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Warning: very huge part. Read at ur own risk

Part 100

The moment Maan stepped his foot in geet’s room through the balcony, his eyes went on Geet who was sitting on the bed holding maahika on her lap while lost in another world. His eyes scanned the Dress and jewelry which was untouched. Saanjh had informed him that she refused to take help from any beautician and said she will ask if she need anything but he know why she said that. She is still feeling repulsive after the night’s incident. He sighed and closed the balcony door and spread the curtains before going towards her. Maahi was long sound sleep but geet was so lost in her world that she realized that maahi is sleeping already and maan is now sitting beside her. Right then Maan placed his hand upon her over maahi’s tummy, then only geet noticed maan was sitting beside her and maahi was fast asleep. She shrugged out her revere and looked at maan with confusion.

Geet: Maan.

Maan smiles and took maahika in his arms: Our princess is so soundly sleepy that she couldn’t realize I was right beside her or neither her mumma.

Geet looked down in self consciousness: sorry, umm, main bas.

Maan: shhhh, I know what you were thinking and what are u feeling geet. Maan placed maahi in her crib while geet looked at them with adoration. A small smile tugged her lips after so long hour but then something she remember and the smile faltered. Maan saw that and sighed, then went towards geet who was standing in front of the mirror without make up, jewelry, dressing nothing. She was staring at the person in the mirror. Looking Pale, lifeless; she is trying, but couldn’t forget the night. She was feeling creepy, her body was feeling creepy and she was afraid… afraid to touch the body and how in hell she will present this body to her husband. Yes she is still feeling worthless and Maan felt the anguish. The difference is that he felt himself responsible. Like she is reliving 1yr back which she suffered because of him. He made her doubt herself and loath herself 1yr back and now also she is feeling self consciousness because he failed to provide the security. But not anymore he couldn’t see his geet self loathing.

Maan stood behind geet who was looking at her reflection with soulless eyes. He slipped his hand through her waist and placed his chin over her shoulder. Unexpectedly she stiffened. Maan was hurt with her withdrawn, and geet felt that in his indifferent loose grip. A large fat tear made its way through her lashes to her rosy cheek while she bite her lips to suppress the urge to sob loudly. Maan sighed heavily and it made her sob a little more. He left her waist ignoring her protest and brought her in his arm to face her demons. Without a word maan pulled her lips in a sensual kiss. Much to his luck she didn’t protest before melting in his arms. Though he felt her hesitation at first but then she coaxed his moves urgently. He nibbles her upper lips before entering her mouth and tasting every corner of her hidden treasure and then left her baffled.

Geet left out a protest and glared at him when maan smiles at her cutely. She tried to push him from her path but maan grabbed her wrist and brought her closer to him. She tried to question him but he put his finger on her lips shushing her.

Maan:  I m saving u for toni8 Geet. Hearing those words again made her stiffen. Maan sensed her hesitation; his finger touched her chin forcing her to meet his eyes. Geet.

Geet sobbed again: I m sorry. Pata nahi mujhe kya hogaya hain.

Maan: kuch nahi, bas yeh din tumhare liye accha nahi tha geet. Geet can feel the pain in his voice, the way he said it showed his regret about a year back whatever he had done to her is still fresh in his mind. But she cursed herself for it, because he doubted his love and she had forced him to do that.

Geet: maan.

Maan: Geet, I know what u want to say, but it’s difficult for me as much as for you. This day has happy and sad feeling together. I should have worship this day because this day made u mine but I can’t. Knowing what I snatched from u I can’t enjoy this day. Geet’s eyes were full of tears and so was his. He truly regrets and maybe his whole life he will. No matter how much he tries but the scare is too deep for a girl. She accepted him, her rapist like the way no one can accept him. She had made him human again and showed what is love and what it feels to be loved like the way none had ever loved him. He was a hollow person and she made him full but today he realized he failed the one thing she needed, Security and love. He had regretted every moment of his sin and tried to devoid his life to her and to love her he did everything but today her fear is pushing him away. Geet didn’t felt what she was doing with him by punishing herself but she can see that now. She just hugged him tight, like everything her depend on him. Maan too hugged her as tight as possible without hurting her.

Geet: make me forget everything Maan, I want to forget his touch. I want to relive your touch please. They say it’s not right to see your husband before marriage but I want u to see and make me forget his disgusting touch. He kissed her neck appreciating her effort.

Soon he discarded her dupatta from her neck and she shivered feeling his touch on her naked skin. He placed his wet lips on her neck then keeps the journey of kisses from her neck to her joint of shoulder. His fingered touched her spine then traveled from her nape to her zipper.

She took a deep breath turning her back to him. He placed his lips between her shoulder blades then followed the path of his finger and unzipped her dress.. he dropped small kisses on her arms then slipped out her churidar. Suddenly 2 spot of blush appeared on geet’s cheek like he is watching her for the first time. Maan saw the crimson hue and kissed her cheek while she closed her eyes. But the repulsion had left her long back. She felt loved, and the touch of the night disappeared replaced by a new feeling and new memory that she will cherish her every wedding anniversary.

Maan saw her blushing like a true new bride and never in hell he can think that dressing her will be such an turn on. But he held his every ounce of self control to give her this memory of love. He slowly unhooked her bra and her breathing stopped. She wanted to look at him but don’t know why she felt unreasonably shy. Maan read her confusion like open book and he held the new lacy bra and panty set. She bite her plump lips harder to control the blush but the inner’s color matched her cheek. PINK.

Maan slipped the straps from her wrist to arm and touched her hand with his finger tip and felt the shudder. He kissed her arms from wrist to inner elbow, sucking a little. Geet never knew that was a sensitive spot until he licked the skin and she almost moan his name. He positioned her bra and clasped the hook. For the first time geet looked at her tense face, jaw clenched and cold fingertips showed his desire and how controllable he is but she knew it is holding by a thread and maan will die before breaking the thread. The determination was clearly in his eyes. Maan felt her stares at his face and then both their lips met in a hot passionate kiss before he turned towards his next work. He took the Choli(Blouse) and slipped through her arms. The cool material did nothing on her hot skin, but increased the sense of awareness of her arousal.

He tied the straps of her back while facing her front so that she hugged him closely. He traces her curves with his hand and rubbed a little. His lips occasionally met her to quench the thirst but every time it made them well aware of their arousal. But none tried to break the moment. It was too special. Maan sat on his knees before her and kissed her bare stomach sensually. Every stroke of his tongue on her creamy flesh made her moan and clenched his hair harder. He kissed her naval last time and snapped the thread so that her salwar fall making a pool around her ankle. He held her calf delicately so that she can step out from the material. The long creamy skin made him bent down and placed his lips on her thighs. She almost cried in pleasure and her knees felt jelly but he held her in his strong arms.

He traces her anklet then held his finger up tracing a path to the hollow of her knee’s back. She shivered again feeling the exoteric touch, he kissed her legs one by one smoothly. He took the heavy lahenga from his lap and urges her to step in.

Maan: open your eyes. He commanded.

She did as he said while looking at his eyes. And he stood up still holding her waist. His hand travled frm her waist to her shoulder and he press her to sit on the tool in front of the mirror. Then he took the jewelry and slowly made his way towards geet. Geet saw the jewelry that dadima gifted her. she had given a large plate and she was embarrassed to see so much jewelry but dadima had dismissed saying she had promised she will wear her jewelry on the wedding day.


Before he can do anything they heard a light tap on the balcony door. Maaneet saw saanjh and shiv standing there, maan looked at geet who nodded her head and then he headed towards the door to open it.

Saanjh: I hope we didn’t disturbed the love birds. She gave teasing smile to maan who returned the smile sighing heavily and saanjh laughed. Then they looked at geet who was smiling shyly. Saanjh thanked maan through her eyes while he accepted. Saanjh ran towards her and hugged her. geet engulfed her in a sisterly reunion. Saanjh was looking amazing in her pink lahenga and choli, a beautiful large waist band adorned on her waist above the material, and simple elegant diamond jewelry, geet doubted it was a present from shiv which saanjh confirmed by a shy smile.

 sanjh's dress


 Geet looked at shiv who was looking utterly handsome but not yet dressed for the occasion. He winked at geet and she again quivered like a tortoise ducking her head in the shell. Shiv laughed but geet glared at him cutely, then her eyes went on maan who was still in his white shirt and pajama. She looked at shiv sadly.

Shiv: don’t worry, ur dulha will look good after he dressed up in that sherwani, umm maybe better than me. Wo kya hain na, Dulha sabse accha apne shaadi ke din hi lagta hain baaki din to joru ka gulam bas joru ko hi dekhta rehta hain.

Maan glared shiv like a molten lava while geet laughed at the command. Maan shook his head seeing the 2 team up.

Saanjh: urrggghh,,, m-mazak b-baad me, p-pehle isse r-ready karo. Everyone looked at saanjh in concern.

Shiv: saanjh don’t take tension, we are here and nothing will go wrong.

Saanjh took deep breath calming her rising pulse: Ok, first let me do her makeup and hair, u both go to KM and,

Maan: I m not leaving her. other 3 pair of eyes glared him but he was adamant. The work I have started I will finish it first. Main apni dulhan ko taiyar karna chahta hoon. Geet looked at him in admiration while saanjh and shiv teased them by oohh n uhh.

Finally Saanjh did her make as soon as possible. And anyway geet was glowing so much that’s she hardy need any make up, saanjh doubted that only because of maan’s love. Geet was looking at maan every sec and saanjh had scolded for her destroying her eyes make up but she was happy to see her shy sister living her dream without any fear or repulsion. And she credited maan for that. At last she pinned geet’s hair with all short of pins and it made her hair beautifully decorated with white and pink roses. Some curls teased her cheeks and her pink glossy lips were looking tempting to maan. Shiv nudged him from his dream land and he smiled slyly at geet pointing his intention with that lips, natural color spread on geet’s cheek.

Saanjh: issi rate se ye blush karti rahi to artificial blush ki zarurat hi nahi.

Maan; meri geet ko kuch bhi artificial zarurat nahi. She is beautiful in natural way. And truly geet was looking beautiful with her natural blush even without any jewelry.

Shiv held the plate of maan’s family’s royal jewelry and he made her wear those. He slipped the 3 necklace slowly without smudging her makeup, then took the earring slowly dipping in the small hole of her earlobe then tying it behind her ear with the hook. He kissed her earring without giving a glance at saanjh and shiv. They also pretended not to see while geet looked down smiling. Her smile was everything to them.

He held her hand and placed the ring in her index finger and then clasped the bracelet to her wrist, then kissed her under wrist of both hand. She looked at him with love and adoration. He made her wear the ‘nath’ (nose ring) and kissed the nose tips slightly biting it. She giggles. And then he took the large mangtika and placed it between her hair, then clasps the hook through her hair in 3 direction. He kissed her forehead after that. Saanjh gave him the odhni which he placed on her head. Geet looked at him with 2 drop of tear in her eyes while lips were smiling.

Maan: and this is my geet, I want to see smiling like this every morning I open my eyes. He kissed her forehead again and she hugged him.

Geet: I love you. She whispered.

Maan: I love you too mishty.

Shiv: aaj sayad pehli baar koi dulha apni dulhan ko taiyar kar raha hain, Wobhi itni pyari dulhan.

They heard a faint noise, and al turned to see Maahi was throwing her hands and legs while gurgling and glaring them with her big doe size eyes. Shiv chuckled seeing her impatience and took her in his arm. She wanted to go to her mother but as geet was wearing heavy things, its might hurt her soft skin so instead of geet, maan took her.

Maan: angel, be a good girl and mumma ko pareshan mat karna, and see she is wearing such things which will hurt u. abhi ke liye aap saanjh maasi k sath reh lo. Saanjh who was wearing none to little jewelry and a soft material dress because of maahi only as she have to take maahi all the function. Maahi giggle and went to saanjh, everyone was dumbstruck seeing her so happy yet not cribbing to go for geet as she do always. Dad’s angel got what he said. Saanjh took her aside to make her ready in her red small frock and shiv told maan to go to KM. he bid his bye to geet. but as shiv was going geet held his hand.

Geet: thank u.

Shiv sat in frnt of her kneeling down: kis liye.

Geet looked at retreating maan’s figure: Caring for him, making him my maan again.

Shiv kissed her forehead lightly: he was bound to be, because he loves u a lot. I never thought Maan can be someday like this. Yes he loves us but never in wildest time he was like this. So in love, thank u for making my brother so happy and lively. Get lowered her head.

Geet: thanks for,

Shiv: sshhh geet, sab guzar gaya, this is your new life and new memory, try to enjoy this wedding for u and him.

Geet: I will. He caresses her head and bid his bye. He literally ran and geet and maahi laughed. He met maan who glared him for being late while shiv just shrugged.



They came back to KM only to heard panic. Nikita was shouting on abhinash, great scene to watch, maan and shiv smirked but it swept off when abhinash spotted them and threw his all pent up frustration on them for being not being ready yet. Finally they went to maan’s room. Maan took his sherwani, clearly knowing it’s geet’c choice. His and Shiv’s sherwani are in same color and style just some work different according to their respective choice.

After spending good amount on self Maan came out of his room, looking exceptionally handsome. Shiv was waiting for him with the family and looking for other arrangements. While shiv was looking gorgeous in his White sherwani which had a little heavy work on the front,

And other side Maan came out wearing a different style of white, golden work was done on the full dress, hugging his broad body and giving a hint to girl’s imagination about underneath of the material. Beat works were done as a bow, and gold button up.

Shiv smirked and gave a thumb up, maan gave arrogant smile nodding head in silent thank u. Men Talk!!!!!

Aniee: chalo chalo bhai abb aap baith jao aur hume hamara rasam karne do.

Maan; abb aur kya bacha hain?

Naintara: uffo Veer ji,, we have some more ritual to do but u took ur own sweet time to get ready, now be quite and let us do our work.

Maan accepted defeat and sat opposite to aniee on a couch. She gave an evil laugh and took the turban to tie on his head. She did little mischief to irritate to maan like tightening a little too tight or pulling his hair with it. Maan glared her and she smiled sweetly. Sehrabandi was complete but not before she added the kalgi(broach) in that turban.

Picture has changed because of religious point of view….


After that, Naintara came for next ritual. Here groom’s bhabi(sister-in-law) lines his eyes with surma (kohl). Then the both girls demanded cash as a ritual from Maan who stood there dumb stuck.

Shiv: oye, u can ask cash when we will return to the house.

Aniee: nahhi jee, cash to abhi dena parega aur hum barat nikalne nahi denge.

Maan: what kind of blackmail is this?

Abhinash: hum sab ko bhugatni padhi thi, Beta now it’s ur turn.

Naintara: veer ji, we know how much desperate u r to meet Geet, so now don’t waste our time.

Nikita: aniee nt, ye kya hain, u will get ur cash when he will enter his room anyway, then why now?

Maan: what??? How many times I have to give this cash as a shagun?

Dadima: bête ye rasm hain.

Shiv: nanima hum sab jante hain. Shaadi sach me ladko k liye barbadi hoti hain. Maan glared shiv which he shrugged. What? Don’t tell me u r going give up to them.

Dev: dedijiye bhai, warna ye dono shaadi nahi hone denge aapki. Prem came wearing his little sherwani and clutched maan’s hand. He looked impatient so did maan.

Maan: how much do u want nt and aniee? Both did a high five.

Aniee; abhi k liye 1 lack only.


Shiv: what ONE LACK ONLY?

Nt; kam manga na? we should demand more, I know. But kya hain, he is coming back anyway and when he will enter his room he has to give shagun. Then we will ask more.

Shiv gave a meaning look to maan who sighed. And handed a check but aniee refused.

Aniee; hume cash chahiye, kya pata ye bounce hojaye. Maan cursed something under his breath and gave a bundle of thousands. Aniee squeaked in delight and hugged him. Then she completed her rituals of masking his face with flower pleats.

Lastly they fed the mare who will carry maan and Prem who sat in front of him. His father Abhinash used cash for the varna, a ceremony that is supposed to ward off the evil eye where cash is given away to the poor. Finally the barat started their journey.


It took 1 n half hour to reach Geet’s house, though the distance wasn’t much but with some dance and so many security they took 1 n half hour to reach the place. Hearing the noise saanjh urge geet to come to balcony, her room balcony gave a look of the ground. Geet’s eyes searched for maan and instant her breath stopped. He was looking at her, marvelous and breathtaking. His eyes were on her like captivating the moment. She noticed the smile, full of promise and mischievousness.

As they reached the doorstep they were welcomed by geet’s family, they garland Maan and his close relatives. Then they present sweets as shagun to all the groom’s relatives. Maan’s other family member entered the room and maan shiv was last to enter with their friends, when Saanjh, Meera, Hrishita came rushing and blocking their entrance. Maan raise his brow to saanjh who mouthed ‘sorry’ but wasn’t looking a bit of sorry.

Meera extended her hand: entry fees.

Shiv: yaha bhi shuru hogaye.

Meera: oye hello, geet se shaadi karni hain na to chupchap shagun dijiye.

Shiv: shagun ke naam pe tum ladkiya loot macha rahi ho.

Aniee stood beside hrishita: bhai abb kanjoosi chodiye, aur de dijiye, shaadi bar baar thodi na hoti hain.

Shiv: for your kind information it’s 2nd maariage of them.

Hrishita: Maan bhai aap har saal anniversary k wajah shaadi hi karlo.

Maan: hrishu u r suppose to be on my side.

Hrishita: sorry bhai, apke side pe ye kanjoos shiv bhai hain na, aur aap ruk jao, shiv bhai ke shaadi ke waqt double lungi. She winked at saanjh who turned crimson, while shiv gave big smile mockingly.

Shiv: dekhta hoon kaise leti hain.

Maan was fed u of that tut u main main, so he handed a thick bundle of cash on meera’s hand who’s eyes were wide and moth open. There was 3 lack for each one of them, meera looked at maan hesitant who closed her hand with his.

Maan: shagun hain, aur tumhara haq bhi.


Geet: Saanjh where is maahi?

Saanjh: mumma ke pass hain, maahi was being cranky so mumma took her to feed.

Geet: u should have given to me, pata nahi kyun man accha nahi lag raha.

Saanjh: Geet ur dress would have hurt her, it’s just a little time, I will ask shiv to carry her when the phera will proceed so u and maan will see her from close. Gee nodded.


Maan: Shiv where is maahi.

Shiv: I m searching for maahi only. Saanjh said she is with her mom, but rituka aunty said she was with abir and abir is nowhere.  They spotted abir when he came to give refreshment to maan’s friends.

Shiv: Abir where’s maahi?

Abir: she went with ajay uncle, he took her outside, she was being cranky.

Shiv saw maan was restless. He assured him he will find maahi, but no one knew where maahi is. When shiv finally notice ajay, maahi wasn’t with him, which made shiv nervous. And maan’s temper were rising. Just then shiv’s eyes went on a girl in white dress and a red thing. Then he heard a gurgle. He was away from maan so he couldn’t see but the news maahi’s missing spread like fire and geet heard. She wanted to down but none permitted at last she started crying and saanjh came up to console her.

It was 30 min and no one knew where is maahi, shiv was mysteriously invisible, Maan was so worried for maahi that he didn’t noticed. He called his security and informed them to close the main door which they did.

Shiv saw someone holding something and it’s wailing. It didn’t take him much time to notice what is it. He can’t forget the sound, it’s too familiar to him. Without wasting his time he ran towards it and grabbed the person. Soon his eyes were spitting fire to see a smiling sam holding maahika who wailing loudly. Seeing shiv sam’s smile went too broad. But he didn’t wait to hear, he just snatched maahi from her hand who was extending her hand to him. Shiv burp her soothingly and maahi hide her face in his neck, her crying stopped the moment she came to safe hands.

Shiv: I told u to stay away from her. shiv was so angry that his voice barely came as whisper but sam didn’t missed the rage in his voice.

Sam: Shiv I saw her in that crib alone, everyone was busy and she was staring at everyone. None had time for the little life, that’s why I took her and came here. We were going towards terrace to fine a little space from crowd and u,

Shiv: how could u sam? She is just a baby, how can u think

Sam: don’t u dare shiv. Don’t u dare to say I wanted to harm her. I know she is a kid.

Shiv: then why u took her? u could have called anyone or give her to her family, everyone was there and I refuse to blv u. none can leave her alone.

Sam: think whatever u want shiv but I just came with her because I was worried

Shiv: worried and u, must be some joke.

Sam left a exhausted sigh: think whatever u want shiv, good bye. And she left the place and shiv alone to ponder on her words.

Maan caught maahi in his arms and hugged her with fierce. Everyone shower their love when maahi came to view and shiv inform one of their frnds were holding maahi, maan knew something has gone different but shiv refuse to tarnish their happiness and decided to tell maan later. Geet also got to hold her life maahika, she draped a soft towel above her and then took maahi who snuggle like her life depending on geet. geet kissed her numerously while murmuring soothing words. The small incident had graved a huge stone in everyone’s heart. After an hour or so everyone calmed down and geet finally agreed to walk down, but not before talking to maan on phn. He assured her maahi is fine now so they can walk ahead. Finally maahi settle in shiv’s arms and Geet walked down for jaymala.

Precap: Shaadi, bidai and SR?

All pic credit goes to Google and Maahika’s pic was from Sahar, Kalgi pic was gift frm my tanu(Tanvi Nangia). Thanks to my other frnds who have tried to help me in al those pic, trust me I m really grateful to ur effort so much. Love u muahhh gals…

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

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    WHAT THE!!!!!! What is the witch Sam doing wid Maahi…..
    Loved the way Shiv protecting Maahi….

    Finally wedding rituals proceeding….
    Hope everything will go smoothly…

    Precap is soooo interesting that can’t wait much dear….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Update soon dear….


  19. Very nice part. Plz continue soon.Tc.


  20. dat was awesome

    loved it


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