Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 36


Part 36


Time doesn’t stop for anyone, neither for Geet. She couldn’t even remember how the days went in a haze; all she remembered was Maan’s passion and the unknown fear in her heart. Only 2 days left for her marriage with him and the uncertainty still lingered in her soul. She couldn’t believe it’s her marriage, and in 2 days her life will change 360 degree. She knew once she becomes Maan’s wife she will force to be in a gold prison which will tarnish her life and dreams. She hadn’t dream of her life like this. She doesn’t want a life like this, loveless marriage will only make her die in installment. She closed her eyes and shallows the girl’s teasing and the sangeet going on around her but nothing can erase the uneasiness from her and the thought that maan is watching all added to her misery, he will again blast on her for being gloomy. Yes in the 4 days he had blasted on her for many occasions. He want her to show how happy she is while all she want to runaway. Yes it’s true she had accepted the fact that she Love him, love his possessiveness, love his wildness and love his tender love making but above all she isn’t happy with the convenient marriage. She doesn’t want only his surname, but the person to love her. When she never believed in love, she was happy to be like this, convenient marriage which she can turn upside down any moment but now when she realized her feeling this marriage has become a nightmare. On top of that maan’s aggressive nature had threatened her for a prison life. He doesn’t like her talking to any male, doing any work, he even said she doesn’t need to study more if she want as he has all money that she can spend her lifelong. He is a billionaire and he can afford all her tantrums that what he had said and she knew he can make sure she will glorify only in his bed not in any office or business which she is hating and panic is a natural thing to come in that situation.

Pari and Yash had come to see her and express their sadness on this marriage, while jay wanted to help her, there pari had doubted her feelings for maan and strictly warned she shouldn’t feel that way for a monster devil. He will ruin her life and heart. Well love concur heart without realizing and she can feel that burn where she want to be happy with him but knew very well if she marry him her world will only surround around him and soon she will leave her will to live. But she can’t face maan with it, she tried once. 4 days back when he came to express his distaste in her sadness she had pointed her disapproval in the marriage like this. But all he did was making love in aggressiveness. She still feels the day as fresh as today.

‘What is it geet? Why you are so distraught? What is that matter?’ He had asked her while moving her to make her face him, she tried not to speak but he forced her. she cuddle in his lap while dipping his face in her neck. Unknowing to her doing, she wrapped her legs eight side of him and her hand went to his neck to pull him closer. He sighed in her scent and kissed her chest above the heart. ‘tell me’ he whispered.

‘I, I don’t want the marriage like this.’

She blurted out her grief but couldn’t hide the sadness from the voice. She felt his grip going tighter.

‘you don’t want to marry me?’ his tone was flat. But she felt the shiver in her body. It was full of blank emotions she didn’t know what he was feeling but at least he is listening.

‘maan, whatever happened, I, I don’t know. I am not ready for this marriage. We don’t know each other, I kind of feel u don’t trust me, and neither I.’

There was a moment of silence; she didn’t dare to say a word more while he didn’t showed any show of emotion. After a very long silence maan finally spoke.

‘you don’t know me, or u got to know more men?’

‘maan?’ she sounded pained but he didn’t gave in to her pain. He held her hair in a fist and pulled her back.

‘Tell me geet do u want another man? U don’t like me? But at least tell me what do u not like in me? I am successful billionaire and I can afford your all desire, just tell me what do u want.’ 

She couldn’t suppress the pain but didn’t know which pain is more, physical or emotional, his words are like slashing her heart in 2.

Lastly she cried in pain because of his force on her hair ‘Leave me maan. You are hurting me’


‘And you are hurting me geet, with your sadness, with your indifference. I just want u and u want to push me.. I won’t let that happen. I will do anything to make u stay with me, Every second of your life.’

He left her hair and pulled her a aggressive kiss, she was shaking in unknown fear. Once he ended the kiss she couldn’t suppress the words to escape. ‘I want to complete my study, do work in office, I want to be successful. It’s my dream.’ She sobbed in his chest but nothing changed him from claiming her again.


‘your dream should start and end with me geet. you are destined to be with me. You are just mine. If u want u can stop your study, I will take care of you.’

She tried to push him, all she need is alone corner to cry bucket. She is tired of pretending to be strong when all his words are making her weep. She didn’t know when she had started fearing him so much, maybe it’s his possessiveness. Dark Possessiveness. Her weeping made him agitated, and then he pinned her to the mattress kissing her mouth with aggressiveness. Next was fuzzy, she just remember how he claimed her with fierce kisses and the hard slamming inside her. She had come with that wildness also, he had made sure she reached the peak before him and come together but she was so exhausted with his love making that she fell asleep soon. Next morning carried his smell on her body and the marks that he left her to hide with difficulty. No one knew his visit in her room and when he left. Some time she think that night as a dream maybe but those marks proved otherwise. From then he had only seen her gloominess and sometime had blasted on her for that. Thankfully he didn’t made love from that day or his marks would have stirred so many question that she is afraid to answer. But never in a light he had asked a sorry, in fact she didn’t saw him much, he was busy preparing his meetings. They will leave India after the day or their marriage, just to think the day she shuddered.


The event was tiring, all she wanted a bed and sleep for hours, next will be hectic as well. But before she can crash her bed one strong hand came on her waist and pulled her in the hard frame. She knew the smell too well to know who was it, her Devil. Meeting his heated gaze did funny things to her body. Though her mind wanted to jerk him but her body has its own dance, it molded against him like second skin. Yes her body missed him. Yes after all his assault it still missed it, maybe love and lust is strong enough to hide any other concern but not for life time, her mind concluded.

She stared at his eyes which was following her for so long, but didn’t say a word. She protested weekly which he didn’t even notice. And when he said the words, all her guard dropped to her knees.

‘I missed u. I craved to be with u every moment I saw u from far.’

She closed her eyes absorbing his feeling against her skin. How much dilemma her heart contain she knew from deep inside it need him. But the question is, will it be satisfied to have him as his body only, will be be satisfied not touching his heart and soul ever? How can she survive knowing she will have his body but faith will be far away? Could she believe him not to hurt her any way? And then she becomes stiff in his arm. Maan felt the change and looked down to see her. Her face was full of pain and discomfort. He sighed and pulled her closer holding her waist.

‘I know I hurt you but, you shouldn’t have said those. I can’t go away from u anymore. I just want you to be close to me. And u can know as much as u want while staying close to me.’

As simple as that he said. Is it so simple? Then why heart feels it so complicated? Should she gave up her guard and accept what is happening, maybe then she can hope for the best.

‘Do u trust me maan?’ she heard herself speaking what her mind was bothering so much, but then she felt his stiffen instantly and don’t know why it pained her.

‘I am trying, but I need time’

She wanted to ask him why? Why is it so hard for him to trust her, till now she knew he has reason for his mistrust but why he couldn’t share that? But for now she needed to be calm and accepting. If he is ready to trust her then maybe she can change him. Love and Life is full of amazedness. One month before she was thinking how she will maintain her scholarship missing her collage for days and what will come in her exam but now all she want to be trusted by the devil she hated most and who can bend her like none had the strength in the life.  But that is love, full of unexpectedness.

‘you should go home, we shouldn’t meet before marriage.’ She said softly and trying to break his iron grip but he pulled her closer again.

‘I don’t want to parted from you geet.’

His tone was strong but not aggressive and she felt melting in his arms, love is name of giving, and forgiving that geet learnt in that split second. She recognized the pain in his voice so much that she forgets all his deed and words. She can give anything to know this man and his heart. What had happened to him that made him like this? No man can be so bitter and distraught then how he had become like this? Is that his childhood? Is anyone betrayed him in his youth? Or anyone snatched the loving thing from him? Whatever it is, she knows she have to learn to earn his trust fast if she want her life with him peacefully.

Next thing she knew he had carried her to her bed and spend the night beside her with tender love but they didn’t had sex. She was amazed again by his softness but how can she deny the thing she crave most, soon she was asleep in his arms dreaming again like a teenager, like she had dreamt at her age of 14, Happily ever after.

Precap: ‘seeing the love of your life in another girl’s arm must be hurting miss geet handa?’ She turned to see a girl standing beside her barely clad in a material that showed her cleavage so much that nothing left to imagine for anyone.

I know it’s short but i will update soon. and thank u sooooo much for al the comment though it has descended in response but i have left hope for much.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. Ab maan fir se devil ban jaiga kya?zv I thought he loves geet but awesome update


  2. Nice update…another twist???!!!;


  3. he loves geet and is obsessed by geet he will not cheat on her so it must be some one else trying to ruin their relationship waiting


  4. I love nowadays track…n who the hell is that kameeni now….god


  5. More Dan d updt always d precap attracts as will somany ways of happening things,d updt was awesome,new definition for love. Hope geet wil earn his trust soon. waiting for nxt part


  6. awesome update
    Only 2 days to go for marriage
    Geet glomy and maan angry
    Waiting for next


  7. awsm part…..


  8. nicely written… now please give updates faster… i know u r running many stories parallely but its a polite request… please update sooner


  9. Superbbb update di…
    Geet is ready to do anything to know why Maan has become like this…
    Poor soul..she is trying hard to save her love..
    But precap is really scaring??
    Who is tht b**** & why is Maan behaving like this???
    Can’t he trust Geet???


  10. Posted by impoojaverma on August 12, 2013 at 10:04 am

    awesome udpate
    their relation is lack of trust due to which they both r not able to understand each-other


  11. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 12, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Awesome update


  12. Posted by angelickushi on August 12, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    loved the update
    she is in dilemma but the precap seems to hurt her even more


  13. whatever maan is,but i love this possessive maan


  14. awesum updt…maan is obssessed with geet…he is trying to trust hr….hr dreams ??? poor geet….who is this girl in precap???continue sooon


  15. Wen will they realise the word love.
    Maan is highly madly Possessive on Geet.


  16. Nice part continue soon. Will be waiting.Tc


  17. Posted by khwaishfan on August 14, 2013 at 6:10 am

    lovely update! Feeling for Geet! Maan possessive! update soon


  18. Posted by neha74 on August 14, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Wonderful update….waiting for more 🙂


  19. superb update
    loved it
    geet realizing her feelings for maan
    who is the girl in the precap
    hope it doesn break geets heart
    continue soon


  20. Wow…Maan is asking what she wants…which is you, but also wants you to declare or show or tell your feelings towards her. why you want to marry her? In spite she told you she betrayed him. Her sadness is he, the reason behind. Trust and faith is the issue here…how much they have on one another…leaving India after marriage, meaning she has to leave her family behind, she doesn’t like it at all. Cuddles, cuddles with each other…nice update.


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