Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 100 B

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Part 100 B

Maan saw his bride coming from the stairs and 4 people holding a veil upon her. He tried to see who were they but al his eyes hold was only Geet’s angel like face, their eyes met and unknown to world they dream of their world, their new story, their new journey of love with their baby. Geet felt her hand to be tugged by her brother, she turned to see Brij holding her hand and waking ahead, she smiled at him and he returned the gesture. And then Arjun took her other hand from him.

Arjun: main bhi to tumhara bhai hoon.

Next Sujal and Jay came to side and took from brij and arjun. They walked with her without word and she knew her friends are giving her to her love and in this gesture they only showed it. She smiled through tears and meera blew her an air kiss. Before she reached the mandap jay and sujal left her hand and surprising her Shiv came forward with maahi and held her palm with his right hand while holding maahi in left arm. He smiled and tugged her forward. She couldn’t suppress the one tear made it way from her hazel.

Maan bend his head from the mandap and extended his hand to take her and she accepted, shiv gave her hand to his and he engulfed her in a tight grip. Jaymala started with teasing and laughing. Maan’s cousin shove him higher to ditch geet’s try, she pouted and looked at maan annoying but he winked her. Maahi giggled seeing the play. But soon her laughter grew loud.

Geet felt a strong grip on her knee and next she was in air, looking down she saw shiv holding her on his shoulder and brij arjun holding her leg to support her, she smiled and dumped the garland on maan who glared at shiv.

Maan: traitor.

Shiv: I m supporting my frnd and soon to be saali. He said and winked to saanjh.

Next when maan tried to make her wear the garland sujal and jay took the part and lifted geet so high maan couldn’t reach. Maan looked at shiv for help.

Shiv: what? No way I m carrying u, she was too light and u r too heavy like a baby elephant.

Maan: u did it anyway in past. Shiv glared him but denied. Geet giggle so was maahi. Maan tried 2 more time and brij arjun jay sujal made it impossible for him, just then shiv lifted him and it was so sudden maan put garland on geet’s neck making everyone dumbstruck. Shiv mouthed a sorry to geet who was just smiling for the childish game.

Shiv took maahi and settle on the nearest place but away from the fire because of maahi, saanjh sat beside him admiring him while maaneet sat to take their oath to be together in the new yet old journey. Pandit chanted wedding mantras, and they were there to witness the holy fire witnessing the unit. Geet stares at Maan who was looking at her with a smile. The mandap was full of light and flower illuminating the place with warmth.

Pandit called geet’s parents for ‘Kanyadan’ in which the parents give away their daughter to her husband for her better care for life. Mohindar placed geet’s hand on maan, he touched the hand with his forehead in a gesture to show his gratitude to have her as his wife. Geet looked at him with teary eyes. Pandit said groom’s siter to come for ‘gut-bandhan’ but maan said he want saanjh want to do that as bride’s sister because aniee had done that before but saanjh couldn’t. Saanjh did what is said to do, then both sister become little emotional and saanjh touched her cheek with geet in a silent thank u. Soon time came for Mangalsutra and maan tied the black beats around her neck Again…. He took a pinch of Sindoor (vermillion) and then placed it on her parted forehead. Saanjh helped him but removing the ornament, then placed it correctly. Geet closed her eyes feeling the scarlet color filling her life. She couldn’t say she would be happy with these rituals a year before but today it gave her immense happiness that she will cherish her lifelong.


this creation is made by Tanu, specially for this part.

They stood up and one by one completed 7 rounds, Maan was ahead in 4 rounds and rest 3 geet was ahead. They completed the phera holding hands and giving vows to each other. She keep looking at him while waking ahead and he urged her to complete it. They took elder’s blessings and then shiv came to hand maahi and maan held her close to him. Maahi bend over geet to go to her but she couldn’t so instead geet bend over maan and gave a kiss to her cheek, but maahi held her hand and the grip was really tight. Geet couldn’t lose the grip and others laughed at maahi’s mischief.


They sat on the comfortable sofa instead of chair on stage, with maahika on maan’s lap and geet holding her hand. They did a few ritual including ‘Juta chupayi’. In this bride’s sister and friends steals groom’s shoes and demand a ransom for it.

Dev: 50 thousand??? We can afford hundred shoes in that amount.

Meera: to le lo, but u have to go bare feet and without geet.

Shiv: chal beta tera to aaj sach mein diwali ban gayi.

Hrishita: ghar chalo tab aur banega, main ladke walo ke taraf se rahungi and he have to give another some bunch from his huge pocket. Girls laughed while maan handed the bundle looking at geet with accusing eyes who just giggled and high fived.

Saanjh came with the shoe and another custom took place while she cleaned maan’s feet with milk and rose then wiped the feet with a soft cloth. There also maan has to give some cash or gift as shagun. While boys made fun of maan but saanjh didn’t ask anything.

Saanjh: I don’t want anything except a promise maan. U will keep geet happy all her life. Maan placed his hand on her head then cupped her cheek.

Maan: it’s my honor to do that, but for now I have a present for you. All gave questing look while maan took out an envelop. Saanjh looked at shiv who was also smiling and giving guilty look for hiding it. Opening the paper her eyes went wide. Tear fell freely seeing the university later to have her back for her incomplete education. Now u will complete your MBA saanjh. Geet looked at maan in sheer admiration and respect while, both the girl hugged each other and maahi jumped in maan’s arm.


Time came for Bidai, Geet and Maan took blessing from everyone, Maahika was settle with Sujal and Kashish as she will go with shiv and he was busy in arranging the car for maaneet. When they did the last ritual and geet threw rice back and her mother took them all in her extended saree pallu, unusual tear came back to geet’s eyes. Like She was taking her leave from this house,  for the 1st time. Last time when her bidai was done, it was from the temple, she didn’t even had the rituals. They just ran hospital to meet dadima. But today all the rasam took place appropriately so the feeling came back. She cried hugging her family, lastly her father whom she adored the most and he had loved her the most, he was her mentor her guidance. He had taught her that she is his son, a daughter isn’t less than a son and he had treated her like a princess and she was his princess.

Maan held her hand in his grasp to consol her, then held her shoulder to guide towards the car, Maan took place at the back seat. Geet turned one last time and hugged saanjh, both the girl cried hugging each other, then saanjh pushed her inside the car. Maan took her hand in silent gesture to support her. They bid the bye and maahi too waved them. She giggled and throws her hand and leg in excitement and all the sadness converted in happiness. The car pulled towards the exit and geet looked at maan with confusion as he didn’t took maahi in their car.

Maan: she will be with shiv. Geet didn’t asked any question knowing Shiv is like a 2nd father to maahi who will be comfortable with him and saanjh will be with them.

Shiv took Maahi who was yawning and her cute mouth was straining.

Shiv: today u have to manage with me angel, ur mumma dada need their time.


Abir: Shiv u should take her to KM.

Shiv: faida kya hain, they are not going to come KM, so we need to take care of Maahi for a night and in absent of geet only saanjh can see her and make her sleep.

Aniee: what do u mean by maan bhai isn’t coming to home? Humne to,

Shiv: issi liye, issi liye we planned the night elsewhere, and it’s a secret so don’t waste ur time to investigate, and sanjh will come to KM and I will also stay at KM incase Maahika demand her parents then only we will go.

Saanjh: I m afraid do u think Geet will stay calm with the news and our plans?

Shiv: so I pray.

Nikita: lekin baki ke rasm?

Dadima: koi baat nahi nikita, anyway we all are tired so we need rest and let them come home tm, u can do your all rituals later in morning.


Geet opened her eyes only find the car slowing in an alone dark path. She become asleep on the journey and now she couldn’t gather the amount of time she is asleep. She felt the hard grip on her waist, and then looked up to see she was sleeping on her husband’s strong chest.

Geet: Maan hum KM pouch gaye. But ye to,, geet looked outside through the window and only darkness was visible. Then she heard the car door snapping open, she tried to open her eyes.

Maan: shhh mishty, go back to sleep for now.

Geet: no, tell me where we are? And where is maahika. Maan maahi can’t stay away from us.

Maan to driver: u can leave now and leave the car here. He left the place and maan turned to face geet’s concern face. Geet angel is fine, toni8 she will stay with saanjh, we trust her and so do our daughter. She loves her maasi, she will be fine.

Geet: lekin maan, agar usse meri zarurat padhi?

Maan: u already fed her before bidai geet and she is sound sleepy baby, beside saanjh can take care of her for one night and we will be early tom morning. But still if u don’t believe my word, u can talk to saanjh. He started taking out his phn when geet placed her hand on his.

Geet: I trust u, and I know u love her more than anything, she is ur princess and u can’t risk with her. she is in safe hand? 

maan smiles come out from the car. Geet sat there feeling confuse, then he opened the door, instant light illuminated the place giving a beautiful view. Geet sat there with breath in throat, she couldn’t even breath in delight. Maan saw her sitting there feeling awestruck.

this amazing place and idea gave my samy jaan

this amazing place and idea gave my samy jaan

She was mesmerized seeing the Tree house that for a moment she couldn’t realize she was floating in the air, when geet composed her gaping, her thought came back to maan who was holding her tightly close to him. She didn’t realized when maan lifted her from the car seat and started walking towards the tree house. Soon they reached the entrance.

Geet: Maan hum yaha?


Maan: hmm, ye raha aajka surprise, actually I knew that once we r each KM, no one will leave us soon. All their ritual and all bullshit will take all the time which I want to spent with u. I wanted this night to be ours, I wanted to love u all night without those interference. So I thought to make our sr here. All the away from memories.

Geet was touched with his thoughtfulness. He wanted to erase the last yr and for that he had come down to this, taking her all the away from home which carried those moments. She knew if he could he would have erased those haunted memories from history but never imagined he will do that one day. Today is the day.

Geet: this is the hide place of your and shiv’s.

Maan: u remembered it?

Geet: I saw this place in those CDs.

Maan: Shiv gave me the idea, though he had his own reason, he doesn’t want me to become bankrupt.

Maan chuckle thinking shiv’s face when he had suggested it. They reached the doorstep and maan opened it with his shoulder, it was open, geet widen her eyes seeing the decoration, from light to curtains. It was beautiful. Her eyes scanned the full room then stayed at the bed. It was beautifully decorated.

Curtain was mix of white and red color while the path was decorated with carpet of feather and rose-petals. Full place was embellish with different flower and in the middle there was a round bed with white silky sheet on top decorated a heart with roses petals and 2 roses were placed. Maan placed geet on the feather carpet and she felt those soft petal under her feet.

Geet: Maan yeh sab Shiv ne?

Maan chuckle lightly: the curtain only, and saanjh did other stuff with the help of aadi’s wife pinky and her other frnds.

Geet: yeh sab kab, kaise?

Maan: shhh,, they wanted to help me, and I wanted to give u this night as a gift to cherish all our life. Geet stared at the person standing beside her. 1yr before if anyone had said Maan Singh Khurana will do this, she would have laughed at the person but today not only he had gone to the extent of changing a nightmare to a dream but also the fact that he asked help from friends just to please her. This maan had begun to blv in friendship and love all over again.

Geet just hugged him surrendering all her guards in front of her Maan’s love.

Geet: Maan u made my dream comes true, u had showed me every color I wanted u see. U gave me new reason to cherish. I want to cherish this night also. Make me cherish this night maan, make love to me maan.

She breathed the last word and that’s all he wanted to hear, his hand went around her waist pulling her closer to him while his other hand went to cup her cheek. He kissed her forehead lightly and then brow.

Maan murmur: I want u to remember this night’s every moment geet.

Precap: ahem ahem, after a long time in this ff. moi blushing.

Mandap, SR bed and maahika holding geet’s hand pics are given by Tanu(Tanvi Nangia) pata nahi kaha kaha se dhund ke laati hain. and specialy for thsi part she made a creation which i loved the most, hope u all will appriciate her effort it was made in 30 min, well i m in love with it.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  16. Shive doing masti
    Maan getting bankrupt
    Maan apni dulhan ko bhaga kar le gaya . . Loll


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