Love For You Part 76


Part 76

Maan was holding a swinging geet from her waist and she was blabbering rubbish about Ranawat but in her own sloppy language that he couldn’t make much. Maan had heard whatever geet had said to vikram, he wanted to punch him for touching his geet but next when he heard geet saying those words to him, something had stirred in his heart. This geet has changed so much in 6 n half yrs. She has become stronger while her trust has been broken so soundly that now she didn’t trust anyone. That Sweet Geet has lost herself bringing her maan back and now he is left with a broken geet trying to be join and live her life and again he had run a hurricane on her life after so many year’s grief. How will do rectify his all mistakes? How will he repent all his mishaps? How will he bring his mithi? and how will he earn her trust and love again? It was geet who couldn’t handle one drink, but now she had gulp 10 strong drink and still didn’t lost her conscious. Not only she didn’t let vikram touch a hair of hair but now when she is stumbling she didn’t let him help her. Her gesture says her independence and bitterness against him but in a small corner of his heart he felt happy to find she still feels for him. Hatred is strong but amidst of hatred if she can feel jealousy that mean she feels for him even if it unconsciously.

Maan watched her trying to tug the seat belt from past 10 min but she couldn’t do it, every time the clip went away from the hole. He had tried to help her but she slapped his hand away and said ‘Don’t touch me’ in her sloppy language which didn’t make much sense to him. He was sitting in his driving seat patiently waiting for her to finish the work but she is becoming frustrated not finding the right way to do the seat belt and at last she started sobbing. Maan cursed himself and turned to see geet’s moist eyes and running rose. He looked at her helplessly and so did she.

Geet cried: Nahi horaha.

Maan: mujhe do, main kar deta hu.

Geet angrily slapped his hand which he extended: Don’t touch me. Maan cursed again and this time loudly. Geet made a face and pouted her lips. Gandi baat, correct your language.


Maan: accha, u can see my language and can scold me but I can’t help u?

Geet: wooo, u will do something something.

Maan wrinkle his nose: what?

Geet groaned: u will touch me and do stuff and I feel something something, ticklishhhhhhh. She again giggled; maan couldn’t help the smile forming in his face. She bend over and signaled his smile with her index finger. Smiling. Now u will do something something.

Maan: do u feel something something geet with my touch, after what I have done to u. u still feel for me? He asked in a tone of full of hope and anguish. He wanted to hear his mithi talking her heart but in this mess also she knew how to control her feeling.

Geet: Hmmm, I use to feel, years, many years before. There was a pause for few min, neither said a word. Maan lost n his own grief while geet looking somewhere else. Then she broke the silence. I thought, I, will not feel that way again. But again when I look at you… she looked at maan and so did he,, I can still feel those fishing swimming in my tummy, ticklishhhh… her head touched the seat and she rolled her head one side to another trying to say something but couldn’t formulate. Maan stared at her with a half smile. He bends over her and did the seat belt so fast she couldn’t recognize what happen. But then she saw him taking the car out from the parking lot. She looked at her seat belt which was done and then turned her accusation filled gaze towards maan who didn’t said a word just drove his car.

They drove in silent where geet was humming something that maan couldn’t guess. She was making a new song. The music was soothing but sad. he wanted to ask her does she write songs anymore? Does she like songs? Maybe she like it, that’s why she is in this business. All his question died in his throat when geet looked outside the car with mouth gaping at something.

Geet: stooooppppp.. He stopped the car immediately. She looked at the outside, then traces it through the window glass, he saw her admiring something and then bend to see one Panipuri stall was there. He saw her gulping her saliva. He shook his head in amusement.

Maan: u want to eat panipuri geet? he expected all answer, tantrums, running that way as it’s her favorite food, but all she did shaking her head in denial.

Geet: nah, I don’t like them anymore.

Maan: but

Geet: I had them month, no, years before once. She started counting something on her fingers. 6 years and 3 month before. Maan mentally calculated, she left him exactly 6 yrs 7 month means when she was in Boston, she had panipuri. Geet again counted something but then left it. One night I felt crave. She swirl her tongue around her lips, I was mad, I wanted that so badly. She giggle again. And then I sneak in to kitchen to prepare panipuri. But u know what? Maan wanted to listen more and more about the absent days. But he couldn’t missed the sadness in her tone. Rudra caught me messing in his kitchen. And then when I was hoping for scolding he help me in making those puri and prepare khatta pani. Lekin maine uske sath share hi nahi kiya? I ate all those panipuri aur wo sirf dekhta hi reh gaya. Maan became stiff. He wanted to be with her back then, wanted to fulfill her wishes, do work with her, grow old with her but all he did to push her away from him. And strangely today hearing about rudra didn’t make him angry but flinch in sadness. He got his opportunity and he took it happily. But geet’s next word made him still. I wanted to share those with my maan. When I was waken that night with the crave, I had searched for my maan, lekin, wo nahi tha. Maine bohot dhunda usse, fir yaad aaya, wo to mere pass tha hi nahi. He didn’t wanted us. Main pagal bas uski raah dekhti rahi, har mor pe socha abhi ayega mera maan aur meri har khawish puri karega. Dekho mujhe kya mila, tanhai, ruswayi aur intezar. Kehne ko to sab the pass lekin maine bas usse manga tha. Wo hi nahi mila.

Geet was lost in her own world, didn’t saw the moist eyes of maan who was looking above the ceiling while resting his head on the seat and cursing his fate. He was so lost in her words that he forgot to notice she was saying about her craving during the pregnancy. Geet shook her head in a gesture to erase all thought and closed her eyes.

Maan: will u share ur craving with me again geet? tumhare maan ke sath share karogi?

Geet: he is not mine, he was not mine and he will never be mine. Wo sabka hain bas mera nahi. Ek haseen khwab tha. Ankhe khuli sapna toot gaya, aur main akeli reh gayi. Kehne ko to dost the sath me lekin mujhe uski chaa thi. Sapna toot gaya aur main akeli reh gayi.

She laughed on her dismay and then started weeping. Maan wanted to hug her console her but didn’t had the courage to stop her, to touch her world anymore. He started the car without a word losing himself in her pain.

Maan: did u missed him?

Geet: yaad tab karti jab wo yaado se jata, mere sath to hamesha tha rooh aur dil banke. Mere 2 angels. She stopped then and looked at him, then tried to see something, he didn’t turn towards her and she again blabbered. Sometime I thought I saw him in the crowd, I started to run towards him and next I was lost in those crowds and so did he. Rudra used to be so mad, lekin sayad usse bhi pata tha main kahi kho gayi hu issi liye to jo bhi kehta tha, gussa karta tha, fir khud hi rone lagta tha.. main chahti thi usse roku, bolu I m fine but,, I couldn’t feel the pain of him anymore. She laughed hysterically, main to hamesha thi khudgarz, I was so selfish, I didn’t cared for my friends, neither for my own sister. Nor I become a good girlfriend or love partner. Pata nahi main sabko itna dukh deke zinda kaise reh gayi. Kitni rate taro dekhke manga, mumma papa mujhe apne pass hi lejate kam se kam sabko itni taqleef to nahi hoti. Pata nahi kyun unhone kabhi suna hi nahi, sayad wo bhi gussa the..

Maan halt the car then open his seat belt, he pulled her close to him after opening her belt. She was crushing against his broad chest, he hugged her fiercely like assuring himself she is there. He broke the hug only to cup her face.

Maan: tum zinda ho to sirf mere liye geet, u r alive because I m taking the breath. I need u geet and that’s why u r here. I need u so much mithi. His face was mere inch away from her, she looked deep in his eyes, trying to search something and he did give everything in that moment. She held his shoulder while his hand went in her waist pulling her close to him. I m still here waiting for u mithi, ur maan is here. Just see him once. She stared at him with open eyes. Her fingers touched his chin, then his lower lips. Maan closed his eyes feeling her touch while she continues her journey through her fingers. It touched his upper lips outline. He kissed her finger showing he is still there. She traces his hard jaw then his cheek.

Geet whispered: Maan. He opened his eyes when he felt her moist face in his neck, she was weeping silently and he held her for some min. he kissed her hair.

Maan: everything will be fine, your maan will make everything right, I promise.

Geet: u will not leave me na?

Maan: tum chahogi fir bhi nahi.

She broke the hug and stared at his face then shook her head.

Geet: yeh sapna hain, subah hogi, sapna khatam. Maan felt helpless in front of her. she smiled and rested her head on the seat, next he found himself driving in the farmhouse while geet was blabbering to herself. He had heard her confusions and her blabbering. Sometime it made his heart torn sometime she manages to make him smile, especially when she shared her thought about killing Vikram Ranawat. Maan stopped the car and took out geet’s seat belt, just then her mobile rang. Hearing rudra’s voice in the ringtone maan know it must be rudra. He wanted to leave from the place so that geet can talk to him but when she tried to come out from the car by all herself she stripped badly and going to fall on the ground when maan held her tightly. In one pull she was in his arms. He shook his head seeing her pouting angrily.. she even tried to kick the ground which was last straw for him to laugh. Finally he grabbed her hand and made her sit on a rock seat.

Geet accidently put the call on speaker so now maan can also hear their talk, geet was so sleepy that she put her head on maan’s shoulder without knowledge and maan let her do it. He heard Rudra’s voice and he can hear the concern in that voice.

Rudra: Geet.

Geet: Rudraaaa, itne raat k kyun phn kiya?

Rudra looked at his phn then again spoke feeling weird but didn’t catch her slipping language: Geet are u ok? It will be only 10 pm there I guess.

Geet did a loud yawn and snuggle closer to maan without thinking what it was doing to him…

Geet: hmm, but I m sleepy.

Rudra: we didn’t talk last day so I was worried.

Geet bite her nails: ha, wo main busy thi, I m sorry. She really made a sorry face. U know I was sooooooooooooo angry with that Creepy Ran-Ranawat right, ranawat that I forgot to call u. and that bastard was hitting on me today, I felt, I felt like, urrghhh, I wish I had Jimmy here. Maan’s curious ears shot up.

Rudra chuckle: Jimmy will love to do that job, he wanted to accompany u as ur bodyguard there but u only said no to him.

Geet: yeah I know. I missed u. there was a pause for few second before rudra spoke.

Rudra: I miss u too kiddo. And angels also miss u a lot.

Geet: I want angels, I want to come back. Maan become stiff as his heart was slashing. He thought he can hear them talk but when her every word will reflect how much she miss to be with her family and distraught to be close to him, it only make him sad and anguished. He knew he is nowhere in her family but once he was.

Rudra: geet r u ok? He was feeling uneasy for unknown reason and angels were also giving him naughty look that mean they know something amiss in their mother’s voice. tamanna and mannat high fived each other while rudra glared them.

Geet: yup I m fine, absuuuulately.. erm, hmmm I, I don’t know why I m feeling this, but ruda, I,, I m feeling like some bubble is flying around my head. realization drawn on rudra and tamy mann laughed seeing his face. Rudra stood up and paced like a wounded lion.

Rudra: u r drunk? he shouts over the phn

Geet: nope I am Geet She giggle like 6 yrs kid enjoying some cartoon. Apparently her kids were enjoying the conversation while laughing hard and it definitely caught someone’s ear. Maan was smiling hearing her words but his ears drifted when he heard giggling of someone, no 2 maybe. Then he heard rudra’s stern voice.

Rudra: tamy mann go to ur room, she is not in a state to talk to u.

Mann: but it’s fun.

Tamy: yeah she isn’t in Hitler mode please na buddy.

Rudra ran his hand through his hair and cursed in low tune: why on earth I let her go there alone, gosh what she is doing.

Geet shouted suddenly: I m not a child and I m not alone.

Rudra whispered: Geet. He knew maan was there before maan or rudra can say a word they heard a sob, next maan saw geet was sobbing clutching the cell.

Geet: I missed him rudra, u know he said he is mine, just mine.

Rudra: kiddo.

Geet: he said, he is sorry but I don’t know, I, I just couldn’t do it. Rudra I couldn’t tell him. Geet was looking at the phn forgetting she was sitting beside maan who was very still now. Rudra I m loosing myself, I m falling again. She sobbed again, main kya karon, mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha. I want to hate him, but I can’t. I want to say so many thing, but I can’t. maine to usse angels ke bare me bhi nahi kaha. Maine to socha tha, he doesn’t love me, fir kyun wo mera itna kheyal rakhta hain, kyun mujhe uske ankho me kuch dikhta hain. Why I feel like this rudra? Maan and rudra both closed their eyes in anguish when a soft sound broke their revere.

Tamy: mommy.

Mann: mommy come back, we miss u.

And that was the last word when the rain come rushing down on them and the line disconnected due to bad signal. Maan looked at geet with wide eyes while geet saw him with an emotion that want to say so many thing but couldn’t, next she tried to reach him but blank space covered her and she drifted to a deep slumber.

Precap: nahi dungi, sochte raho.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. wow tich what an update please say maan will meet his angels soon and maaneet will grow close again god can’t wait absaloutly fantastic update don’t keep us waiting to long loving it


  2. Finally maan knows about tammy n mannat ab di next update jaldi do na pls pls:)


  3. Posted by life19 on August 11, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    i cried reading it…

    she was drunk but she said everything tat she had.. the pain the feelings tat she had when she was alone…

    maan wat did you do.. you lost every inch of her…

    and now… he did come to know abt the baby.. but wat willl he do.. will she tell him about their twins.. will she ever let him know the truth tat she gave birth twins.. their love..

    i wonder how will he react knowing wat she went throgh


  4. awesome update
    Ek dialogue me rudra ki jaga shiv ho gaya. . .
    Wrong timing
    I think maan ne sun hi liye hoga
    What will be hs reaction now
    Waiting for next


  5. Awesome one.Hope u wil not make d Last part as a dream sequence,so much of pain is Der, waiting for nxt part


  6. Posted by rdhanya83 on August 12, 2013 at 5:58 am

    yaar nice update . please update fast.


  7. Woah…woah…woahhhhhh…wht a mind blastingggggg update di…
    Finallyyyy Maan came to know abt angels..
    The way u expressed Geet’s feelings tht was superbbbbb di…
    Loved the updatr to the core di..
    Desperatelyyy waiting fr the nxt part…
    Di jaldi se update de do…


  8. superb part
    loved it
    hope dey unite soon
    and maan get his angels back
    continue soon


  9. awsem update maan knowing about kids geet talli and confessing to rudra about maan


  10. wowwwww ……geet tallii.. …talking her hearts to her maan…..haye kitna kuch dabake rakhithi bechari apne andhar……yaar maan ki koi akal do ieh samajhne k liye ki he hv 2 sweet angels….yaar ab age aur kya hoga…i hope geet maan ko maaf kar de as she is giving punishment to herself only like this….lvd it….


  11. Posted by bajue shams on August 12, 2013 at 9:12 am

    itna khubsurat update hai Tich. i love uuuuuuuuuu


  12. Posted by impoojaverma on August 12, 2013 at 9:42 am

    that was so emotional
    chalo in her drunk state she open her heart to him
    n finally maan got to know about d kids


  13. finally maan knows whole truth. geet has said every thing in her drunken state. now maan know about his children. very exited for next


  14. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 12, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Beautiful update… loved it so much…
    Finally maan knows his angels…
    Hope everything will be fine soon…
    Continue soon


  15. Posted by angelickushi on August 12, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    loved the update
    now talli geet gave some hope to maan
    oh yaar did maan know abt the babies or not


  16. finally maan knew about his children.eagerly waiiting for next update.pls update this one soon with KKK


  17. Posted by gayatrisahu on August 12, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    such an beautiful update
    loved it


  18. awesum…maan know abt the children…what will happen now???continue sooon


  19. Posted by hash1002012 on August 12, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    pls……make geet to know that he did follwe her


  20. Posted by sleeping beauty on August 12, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    amazing.superb update of LFY.
    I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TIME I SMILED N CRIED READING THIS today i feel so light n contended ..i jst can’t describe.
    I jst hope next morning ko geet n maan apni angels k bare mein baat kare..
    Geet n maan both r suffering.
    Please give us some happy n lovely upiis too..
    Truly love ths part.


  21. So finally he came to know . plz update soon . eagerly waiting. tc.


  22. Posted by khwaishfan on August 14, 2013 at 6:09 am

    fab update! Taali Geet! Oh nw Maan knows! update soon, well written


  23. Posted by neha74 on August 14, 2013 at 9:51 am

    awesome update 🙂 i just loved geet in this update and finally maan has come to know about his babies ….eagerly waiting for his reaction and what will geet do now?….continue soon 🙂


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