Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 5)




Part 5




I n Next few days Maan couldn’t see geet in the palace, He was pondering on the thought who might have attacked geet, he still didn’t knew in what way the attacked came and how serious geet was. He wanted to talk to geet but she was nowhere and the worse thing is he didn’t know where she is. The girl whose world seemed to started on him and who couldn’t do a thing without asking him today is so far that he couldn’t even see her place now. Though his empty heart arched every moment seeing her so detached but he knew he deserves it. But apart from that he still has the right to know about the problem she is facing alone and if her life is in danger along with him then why she went away alone without telling him, now as he is there time to take some responsibility. He left everything because he knew she is capable of handling everything but now when he got to know some family enemy or this power is becoming dangerous for her life, he couldn’t sit idle.


Maan: Dadisa what happen last yr on holi? Dadisa chocked her food and looked at him with fear stricken face. Maan stood in front of her without a flick of emotion. Dadisa had tried to avoid the topic for a few days but now she knew she can’t avoid MSK. Maan took the head seat right in front of dadisa who was on the other end. I want to know the truth dadisa.


Dadisa dipped her head for a while then look straight in his eyes: why now maan? Why after all this?


Maan was silent for a moment but then he also look straight in her eyes: I left everything because I knew she will be fine with u and veer but when I see whatever happening, I think I should take the leftover responsibility, it’s not about the feelings dadima. I had promised her parents I will look after her.


Dadisa: Itne saal kyun nahi aaye maan.


Maan can understand the pain in those words but he wasn’t sure what to tell her, how to tell her.


Maan: It was for her dadisa. She needed the gap.


Dadisa: Are u kidding maan. She was mad for you and u r saying she needed differences from u. for god sake she loved u.


Maan felt something pricking in his chest, later he understood it is the crack in his heart in his chest. He didn’t meet her gaze just finished his dinner.


Maan: Can we leave the past dadisa?


Dadisa: u can but not geet.


Maan: she already left by engaging with veer.


Dadisa raised her one eye brow: Are you accusing her for not waiting for you?


Maan sighed loudly: No dadisa. I, I just want to say, for now leave the past and who did what, just tell me what happened? Veer said her life is in danger but for what and by whom?


Dadisa: hume pata hota tab bataye na maan. I m also worried for her, From last year this is the 10th attack she had endured, I m so worried for her. Maan rubbed his temple feeling the worst headache and nothing is there to cure it. He desperately wanted to talk to geet but she wasn’t there.


Maan: where is geet now?


Dadima chuckled humorlessly: Kamal hain na maan, kabhi ye sawal hum aapse puchte the kyun ki wo kabhi aapko bina bataye nahi jaati thi abhi to lagta hain aap dono ajnabee hogaye hain. Khair jaane dijiye, wo Veer ke saath Jodhpur gayi hain unke babasa se milne.


Dadisa left the place but maan stayed there lost in his thought. The thought geet with veer still prick him like a throne. A huge throne. But what can he do now, he himself asked her this. But why now the mere thought of her with someone cut him to pieces. She is veer’s fiancé now and after few month she will bid bye to this state, he wanted this only then why now he felt the burning sensation in his eyes? Why? Deep in his heart he knew the answer but he also knew, he is late, late to recognize his mistake, late to call her to be back to him.




‘maan aap ja rahe ho? Abb to aap hume bhul jayenge na?’


‘mishty please stop crying, I m just going for few years, and u will also join me there after few years.’


‘Mujhe doctor nahi banna’


‘thik hain fir to tum yaha rahogi aur hum waha.’


A 14yr geet started whimpering, mercilessly slitting the heart of a young handsome 18yrs Maan who was preparing to leave Jaiselmer.  He is going Delhi for his MBBS. How can he leave his crying mishty like this knowing she only has him as hers.


He cupped her face ‘Mishty look at me’ she refused but he forced to do so. Once she looked at him she was so lost. It was some new feeling that every time she looked at his eyes, she felt jitter in her belly. Maan also felt the change in her. Does she understand what he is feeling since so long? He is an adult; he can understand his feeling and hormones. Mostly because of which he is distancing himself fearing he might snatch her innocence in his growing feelings for her. But she is still a kid who is innocence like a new born. She is still away from all harshness of this world and he knew his feeling will ruin her. Only her looking at him made him crush her soft body to him, snatch the lips that he cherish so easily and without a word he slammed his lips.


Geet was new to this sensation but for a quite few days she is feeling this butterflies dancing in her tummy whenever maan touch her. Even a sight touch was enough to set her on fire. She clutched his waist digging her nails in his hard muscle and moans in his mouth. Till now maan was lost in the sweetness of her mouth, relishing the soft lips and sucking all honey from it but the moan brought him back and he again cursed himself for doing that. She looked so confuse the moment he broke the kiss. He almost chuckled seeing the angry cute nose. He peak her lips softly.


 ‘humne babasa se promise kiya hain geet, hum dadasa ka sapna pura karenge, I will built the best hospital in this state and for that I want to be the best. Please don’t stop me with your tears.’


That was enough for his mishty to stop her crying and give a sweet smile. Maan kissed her forehead.


‘wadah karo geet u will take care of yourself and this state. U have to fulfill babasa’s ‘ dream to make this state a beautiful place.’


‘I promise maan, but u will come na?’


‘I promise mishty I will come back to get you.’


At last when he return one last time on the gate of the palace he saw the smiling face of his mishty bidding bye as he turned the lone tear escaped. It’s not like that mishty’s maan didn’t knew this. One tear slits his heart and it did. Geet wiped her cheek vigorously but nothings stopped the precious pearly to reflect knowing maybe she will not see him again, it was a sudden fear but she never knew that fear will come true.




Panting geet woke up from her bed. The Past she tried to forget every night comes taunting her. She knew it’s not a nightmare at least but it isn’t a dream also..  She wanted to forget the dream she once lived but no amount of trying erase those beautiful days. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep again, so she took her robe and went out. She was successful to push those thoughts from her mind for a long time but as maan has returned in the haveli she knew it’s impossible for her not to react. It’s being 3 nights and she can’t sleep properly. She didn’t wanted to disturb anyone, veer’s father isn’t keeping well with his health, and veer is worried for him, he couldn’t sleep himself much then why to make him worry about her.


She was walking in the garden thinking of some past wound when someone tapped her shoulder. Looking back she only met a pair of concern eyes. She gave a weak smile which didn’t folled him and she knew it. She sighed and sat on the swing. Veer took the next seat.


Veer: neend nahi arahi?


Geet: hmm, bas kuch yaad agaya tha.


Veer: kuch ya koi yaad agaya tha? Geet looked down at her lap then at veer who was looking at her only. A small smile was playing on his handsome face which always soothed her. she isn’t unknown with the fact veer knows her too well. Maybe after maan only veer had seen her trully. He can read her like a open book, though she can seal herself for some time which time to time annoyed veer. But today she didn’t felt the need to pretend. She need him, his friendship and silent support.


Veer: u shouldn’t have come here alone, kisiko bula liya hota.


Geet: hume pata hain aap hume akela nahi chodenge veer. That’s why u had those hidden camera in every corner.


Veer’s eyes popped out and then looked at the pillar geet was looking.


Veer: aapko kaise pata chala?


Geet: 1st because I know u won’t risk my life and nowadays u r extra careful because of the attack and 2nd. Mr Udayveer Singh Rathode I am Yuvrani Geetanjali, aur ek Yuvrani(Princess) knows this security problem very well.


Veer: well than I don’t have to justified my spying. But r u sure I m not worried about someone coming here and snatching u from me, maybe that’s why I put them to know and come on right time to have my princess to me. Geet didn’t missed the mischievousness but sudden seriousness engulfed her, and veer saw that. Relax geet hum to bas mazak kar rahe the.


Geet: Veer I know that but ek baat kahen?


Veer: hmm?


Geet: Hume kabhi unke pass mat jaane dena. Veer looked at her astonished. Geet looked away frm his eyes to continue. I don’t know till when I will be able to survive this but I don’t want to go to him again, for any reason. Ek baar unhone hume thukraya tha sayad kuch vale ke liye, lekin hum wo waqt aane hi nahi dena chahte jab hum kisika dil tode, kuch aise ke wo kabhi judh hi na paaye. Hume pata hain dil tootne ka dard kaisa hota. And least I want to hurt u.


Veer: u know my happiness lays with you geet, wherever u will be,,,


Geet stood up suddenly: ohh please veer, don’t talk about this sacrifices and all, ye sirf dard deta hain. Dusro ke liye aap sacrifice kar denge lekin apne dil ke samne chote padh jayenge and I don’t want to hurt my heart for hurting my friend who always supported me. Hume bas apne pass rakhna, don’t let me go to him again. Agar iss baar unhone kuch kiya to sayad jee nahi payenge hum.


Veer: Princess…. Geet didn’t turned to look at him, he held her shoulder and forced her to turn. He cupped her face.  Hum wadah karte hain, Iss baar aapko hume kisika aur ka nahi hone denge. This time U will be mine.


Veer kissed her forehead and geet let him do, at first it was so awkward whenever veer tried to touch her or kiss her cheek or forehead but as time went she accepted him. And after THAT DAY she just let herself drown in veer because he was the person he had engulfed her all sorrow and converted it in smile. She had left the reason to live but it was veer who joint her all broken pieces and taught her how to live. Maybe his selfless love will taught her to love him once. Just once. She want to live for him now.





Maan sat up on his bed all sweating and panting, again the same nightmare. Losing geet in the darkness and her shouting his name, but he was nowhere, nowhere to rescue her. Her shriek died in the darkness and he saw only blood. What kind of nightmare is this? Something he feared maybe had taken a permanent place that is showing his fear in his dream, that what the psychologist had said. But coming here had proved that his nightmares are joint with geet’s safety. He need to find the person who want to hurt geet or else he couldn’t live in peace. Maybe geet will be never his but he can assure she is alive and her happiness. It will come eventually. Though he misjudged the power of her love but he just pray she live a life of happiness. But what if she isn’t happy? What if she couldn’t be happy? What will he do then? Will he let her be like that or…. Or fight for her happiness?


Some time we should leave our destiny on time, it will show what is destined to be but some time we need to fight to change the bad destiny, at least we can try!!!!





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



10 responses to this post.

  1. awsem update maan left geet and geet with veer geet veer bonding fab


  2. Posted by rdhanya83 on August 17, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Thank you so much. I am a great fan of this ff . I know being a manneet fan i should not tell this but i like veer and geet friendship and also want them to get marry in this ff .


  3. it was amazing. i loved geet and veer’s bonding. but i can’t see maneet separate. both are in love with each other but what is the problem with their relationship. waiting for next


  4. update was superb
    Maan trying to know what happened with geet
    Geet said to veer to not to let hr go to maan
    Waiting for next


  5. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 18, 2013 at 4:10 am

    Awesome update… loved it lots…
    Loved the way veer’s concern for geet…
    Maan loved geet from childhood and then why did he break her heart…
    Continue soon


  6. Superbbbbb update di…
    I just love the way Veer always supports Geet…
    He always stands by her side..
    Loved the way he comferted Geet..
    Hmm..Maan having night mare tht Geet is in danger…
    Eagerly waiting to know wht happened in Geet’s past…


  7. Posted by impoojaverma on August 18, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    awesome update
    after maan left geet, veer was d one jisne geet ko sambhala
    now geet don”t want to go back to maan as she cant face one more heart break


  8. it was amazing. i loved geet and veer’s bonding


  9. Posted by angelickushi on August 22, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    loved the update
    seems maan has done irreparable damage to her heart that she doesnt want her friend veer to go thro the same pain
    i dont know y this ff, love for u, kaisi kashish makes me cry after reading them


  10. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Loving it loads 😀


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