Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 13

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Part 13



Geet was smiling ridiculously from the moment Maan came to manofy her. she nibbled her burger and wiped her mouth from the back of her palm. She had ignored her mother and hidden the burger maan had given. When aniee asked her who gave her the burger she just smiled sweetly and took mouthful of food mumbling his name which didn’t entered aniee or anyone’s brain because of her mumble word which maan was thankful but then yash glared aniee to keep shut and asked sorry to geet which she gladly accepted with a smile.


Maan saw the smile exchanged between his brother and geet, he nearly groaned and draw a lot of attention but quickly straighten himself saying he remember something about work and need to do some mail and excused himself. On the other hand yash was observing his brother from the moment he got ready to accompany his family to the picnic. It was unusual so it’s natural for yash to observe maan.


He had seen the wary look on him, the way maan was looking for a chance to talk to geet but he couldn’t let him come close to her to break her. So he occupied the seat beside her in the bus and thankfully geet did enjoy his company. It’s not that he had started loving geet or liking her in that way but he did care for her. Somewhere geet’s innocence had made a place in yash’s heart, not as a lover but as an innocent friend. For him Geet is still a kid who need protection not only outer but inside also. He knew she is soft and her heart is extra soft which fear him that maan can break her. He had witnessed the look on geet when maan behaved badly with her.


Yash had seen maan’s behavior quite different around geet, and he fear for his brother and his friend. It’s not his jealousy, well hardly as he never thought geet as his better half or fiancé yet but the urge to protect her was always strong. He knew maan as a self destructive person who can destroy others around him but he doesn’t want that for geet. When his family had shown geet’s picture, marriage was the last thing on his list then but something caught his attention. Her eyes and smile which remembrance him of his lover. Yes she possess the same innocence which pushed him in love once. He did hope one day geet will be able to open the door but till then he will be her partner and friend who will respect her and her freedom and in that duty he couldn’t let anyone break her. But thing started falling when he had witnessed maan becoming jealous seeing him with geet. 1st he thought it’s maybe his thinking of pay back. Once maan had said he will take the possession from him and now when someone for the first time took a place of his heart as a concern, as a friend maybe now he got an opportunity to take it. Yes he doubts all threat maan gave wasn’t true but he can’t risk it with geet knowing how soft hearted and vulnerable she is. So he wanted to be on safe guard. Till he is satisfied maan won’t hurt her he couldn’t let him come close to him.


Beside all this he couldn’t neglect the fact that in recent time maan had shown something different in his persona. He tried to stay calm more often now, he tried to be with family also; he had witnessed it’s all after coming in shimla, and close to geet. he had noticed the way maan look at geet and somewhere deep in his heart he know maan doesn’t want to hurt her but the more geet stays close to him the more she cry which irritated yash. So that’s why he thought about the way maan said he will marry his bride, maybe it’s only a challenge for him not love or care. He fears for his friend the innocent doll but somewhere he knew if his brother truly fell for her then he would have given up this marriage for the sake of them but he know if ever maan tell he love her it would be because he doesn’t want her to marry him.. He hates him and maybe that’s why wanted to snatch geet.


Least yash knew maan can give up anything for his brother, in fact some time yash thought to give up geet for maan but when he had seen tears in her eyes and maan running behind her like a love sick puppy he knew it’s not width to think so. Apparently he was selfish being in love with his brother, if he let geet stay close to maan he might break her to the point she won’t be able to join her heart’s torn pieces ever. So it’s better to keep all relation in line forgetting about his love Sanjana whom he love more than life but maybe not more than his family.




Yash was worrying hell for geet, after so many months he had found a true friend in Geet with whom he can forget his worry and least want to see her hurt but today maybe his words had hurt her. How can he be so insensitive? Whom he is kidding, he would have adored her if she becomes baby elephant. Thinking that only made him chuckle.  Just then his eyes fell on Geet who was walking looking lost, instantly his eyes roamed to find maan but he was nowhere near to them. So he ran towards her.


‘geet’ yash’s voice caught her attention and she looked at him, She gave an annoyed look clearly saying she is still mad at him. He sighed, before he can say something geet gave her back to him.


‘jo kehna hain jaldi bolo. I am getting late.’


Yash raise his one eye brow ‘accha? But late kis liye horahi ho? hum to picnic ke liye aaye hain na?’


Geet stomped her foot then looked at him ‘But I am angry with u and I don’t want to stay with u’


‘too bad, u have to stay with me because I have something for you.’


Geet’s eyes shot up in expectation, but suspicion was strong in her, she frown and stood placing her hands on her hip.


‘kya hain?’


Yash just showed the blue packet ‘ye sayad main kisi ke liye laaya tha, but now when she is so angry that she doesn’t have time for me, then I think I can give it to,,’


‘Cadbury?’ She gulped her saliva clearly lavishing the sight of the big chocolate.. then shouted,, ‘nahiiii,,, ye mera hain?’


‘tumhe kaise pata yeh tumhara hain, aur u don’t have time for me, so why will I give it to u.’


Geet murmured something and gave him a fake broad smile ‘Maine kab kaha main naraz hu, see I m so happy and talking to u na yash’ her cheek was arching with the big smile she wore. Yash almost burst laughing seeing her effort. And geet saw that and made a pouty angry face.


‘sorry baba elo tumhara Cadbury’ She smiles genuinely at him and took the wrapper. She didn’t miss a second and tore the paper, then dipped the chocolate in her mouth, chewing the chocolate and moaning in ecstasy. Yash smiles and adored her innocence. ‘ohh listen we are playing volleyball, are u interested coming there?’ geet made a face and nodded in no. ‘soch lo geet, sab khel rahe hain, Brij bhai, aniee, roshni, Nikhil’


‘aur maan?’ Only one name burst out from her without knowledge, she didn’t even care who thinks what but she want to know if maan is playing or not, She was looking so cutely at yash and with those expected doe shape eyes. Yash didn’t know what to say? how to tell he doesn’t even know maan will come or not, and if he like to play with them. But the question in her eyes stayed tangled in his mind. Why she worry so much for maan? He knew he won’t get his answer so he forced himself to think something fast.


‘Maan isn’t around so we couldn’t ask him, now tell me are u in or not?’


Geet stopped munching her chocolate and stared at him ‘How could u left him, he is your brother na, u should have look for him then ask him.’


Yash was amused with her every word, so he pushed further ‘Actually Maan doesn’t like volleyball much, and we thought to play that as everyone liked it. And,,’


‘then u should have played whatever he liked’ she said rather irritated.


‘but geet it’s his problem he doesn’t like it, how can we left other’s choice because of one person.’


Yash was clearly forcing her to say something that will help him to know her feeling but she herself was so confuse why she is feeling angry and irritated, that she just left the place saying she will not play and she doesn’t like volley at all. Yash left there wandering what is happening with his innocent friend. But then aniee pulled him in their game.






Geet was looking here and there for maan but he was nowhere to be seen. She was nibbling her chocolate smudging it on her cheek without knowledge and cursing yash and others for playing it without maan and her. Then her mind shifted where is maan and she started looking for him. He was nowhere to be found and she was almost in a panic not to find him. But why her heart fear the mere thought about maan not around her? for now she is least a bit interested knowing her heart, she just want to search maan and ask him why can’t he enjoy games like other, why he disappears from the sight making her heart twist? Well does she has the gut to ask him anything? And it made her dread stop in her step. She knew it’s waste of time to search him if she couldn’t say a proper line to him, and knowing her tongue it will jam in the mid sentence only and she will blabber god knows what. She turn to leave the place but suddenly she felt a pull and next min she was in a dark alley.


Her heart shuddered and she closed her eyes in fear. From childhood geet has the concept that if u feel fear u should close your eyes, u won’t see the thing that frightens u and u won’t feel fear. So every time she feel fear she just close her eyes. Her eyes were shut but her heart hammering like a volcano, she felt the goose bumps rising on her nape and knew this feeling only crept when Maan touch her. Suddenly she opened her eyes wide to see maan standing mere inches away from her and holding her waist firmly. He was looking at her amusedly.  She can feel he is laughing at her inwardly and he confirmed it.


‘I didn’t knew that Miss Geet Handa the sherni can be a cat in disguise who fears anything and everything?’ he chuckled making her fume in anger, she jerks him and protest his hold by slapping his hand but her weak hand can never hurt his strong grip.


‘chodo mujhe, leave me, mujhe baat nahi karni aapse. Mera mazak udhate hain hamesha. I won’t talk to u. chodo chodo.’


She shouted and slapped his hand frantically. She was oblivious to the fact that she was smudging her chocolate on his tee shirt. Her hand was full of melting chocolate and all went on maan’s hand and his shirt. Maan saw her fighting to get free; he doesn’t like her going away from him.


‘Chup bilkul Chup’


Her eyes widen with the husky firm tone from him, then her eyes met the chocolate marks all over his tee shirt, she instantly looked at him with widen fearing eyes, she gulp hard and made a baby face. Maan was feeling so hard to keep his hands off from her and top of that her baby faces which made him think of eating her raw. Then he followed her gaze and saw the chocolate emerge, instant smirk played on his lips but he concealed it and gave a fake angry look. Geet forgot her all her protest and meekly made baby faces to convey she doesn’t know how it happen. but seeing the angry eyes she started blabbering.


‘maine nahi kiya, I don’t know how it came, sacchi.’


‘accha? So it came by itself? Chocolate ko legs hain kya jo wo mere shirt pe ajayenge?’


‘mujhe kya pata?’




‘don’t shout like that’


‘so tell me u did this?’


‘I didn’t knew when it happen, wo main, to bas’


Maan gripped her waist and pulled her closer to him, her bosom collided with him and instant she forgot all her words. Maan saw her looking at him so lost; her look always makes him weak in his decision of staying away from her. He caresses her face and pushed away the locks from her face.


‘Did u come to search me geet?’ he asked in a husky tone that melt something inside geet and she nodded still looking at his eyes?




‘wo, sab games, khel rahe hain to, maine socha’


‘Do you want me to play games with them?’ she nodded her head again. He came a little closer to her face ‘But I want to play another game geet,’ he said while licking the chocolate from her cheek. Her grip on his shoulder instantly increased and she closed her eyes savoring his warm lips on her cheek. Geet doesn’t know why whenever maan come close to her like that, something starts melting inside her, like she is floating in air, and magical butterfly roam in her stomach making her feel ticklish.


‘I want to be with u geet, only u.’


His voice and the words only warmed her; she felt hotness spreading her cheek as the words sink in her brain that maan wants to be with her only. It felt,,,, GOOD,, HEAVEN… He licked her other cheek. ‘ummm, I don’t know which is more delicious, chocolate or your cheek.’ Geet again turned red by his husky voice, she tried to get her hand free from his grip but instead he dipped her fingers in his warm hot mouth making her gasp in pleasure. He licked every ounce of chocolate that was smeared on her fingers and groans slightly. It was making geet weak on her knees, thankfully his weight was pressing her to the wall or she would have fall apart on the ground. He eyed the last ounce of chocolate on the corner of her lips, he so wanted to whip the last trace from the lips, but he steal the corner licking slightly and making her moan. It would not take him to steal the kiss from the delicious plump lips but he doesn’t wanted that in this haste, he wanted her to feel the pleasure with knowledge not taking advantage of her weak sense. So he left her dry feeling something amiss and irritated. She looked at him feeling angry but why she is feeling this she is oblivious, on the other side maan enjoyed the cranky geet who was desperate for his lips, he felt a beat missing and sighed. He had never felt something like this for anyone, not even for sanjana, now he doubts does he ever loved her? Because around geet love has some different definition. He feels like Living the life.


‘well Geet who gave u the chocolate, last I saw u had a burger’ He changed the subject to distract her and himself. But geet again felt irritated as he was eying her up and down and she felt he is making fun of her figure that will spoil eating so many things.


‘My FRIEND Yash gave me this,, he cares for me so much u know, and he know I love Cadbury so,’


Before she can complete the sentence she saw maan throwing the chocolate away, she looked at him in a shock, his face was held with so much anger it frightened her. She looked at her half eaten chocolate bar in the dust and tears filled those hazels immediately. She looked at him angrily but tears didn’t stop by then.


‘Why u did that? Yash ne kitne pyar se diya tha, I didn’t even completed half and u just,,’


She couldn’t even complete the sentence as maan suddenly squeezed her cheek slamming her at the wall.


‘if u wanted anything u should have asked me, and why this yash yash yash geet? why your lips doesn’t seems to stop taking his name, yash ne ye kiya, yash ne wo diya. If u need anything u tell me, I will give u the world I told u na, then why?’


He was angry because again someone he love so dearly is falling for yash’s charm, he hated it, and when his most prized possession is taking yash’s name he is feeling the burning sensation coming back, yash will again take the last love from his life. He had seen geet’s eyes twinkling while saying yash gave her the chocolate, he doesn’t want her to be please with anyone other than him, he want to pamper her and make her depend on him only then why this yash she is thinking about so much?


In his anger he didn’t even realized he was hurting her, it was then when he feel her sobbing and gasping, he left her arm which had turned red and blue by now. She is so soft and as she had never face violence she is complete stranger to pain but the moment maan had entered her life he had made her a crying mess. She looked at the chocolate again and then at him, she absent mindedly rubbed her hand and looked at maan with agonizing pain.


‘I Hate You’


She blurted out and ran away leaving maan in a shock and mess. He looked at the drowning chocolate then at the wall; fear engulfs him as he looked at the blood dipping on the wall. He looked back to see geet’s whole back was covered with blood and she didn’t even realized it. He saw the small hook which might have dug in geet’s soft skin making it bleed, then he punched his hand on the same sharp hook breaking it into tiny pieces, scattering on the ground and slitting the skin of his knuckle. His blood touched hers, mixing and giving a fresh tail of blood dancing on the wall together.



Precap: Going Amritsar.





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.




16 responses to this post.

  1. This is the best story of Urs according to me.
    It was really nice to see the feelings of yash toward maaneet and Geet specially.
    Maan couldn’t control his possessive character that leads in hurting Geet which he couldn’t tolerate himself.
    Amazing update.


  2. oMG. . Geet is hurt and maan is the reason again
    Ab kese manai ga maan
    Yash manofy hr so cutely
    It was superb
    Waiting for next


  3. wow love her innocence and maan trying to get close to her and how he broke the hook that hurt her great update waiting for maan to get passed yash’s protection to get to his geet


  4. awsem update good yasha doesn’t love geet hope jaldi maneet apna love realise karke confess kar de


  5. Posted by sleeping beauty on August 18, 2013 at 4:15 am

    nice update..geet is such a fragile doll.
    Oh maan should be careful nxt time.
    Ahh i jst hate yash.mere maan ko kitna galat samjta hai..nxt update jaldi dena plz.


  6. Lovely lovely update:-):-):-) loved both maan and geet characters…how they portray their love for each other….pls update soon


  7. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 18, 2013 at 5:04 am

    Fabulous update… loved it so much…
    So yash doesn’t love geet… but he want to protect her…
    Mean is very possessive about geet but his possessiveness hurts her unknowingly…
    But i love this side maan…
    Continue soon


  8. Awww…Yash cares fr Geet sssooo much…& tht too as a frnd..me so happy..thank god he doesn’t feel anything like love fr Geet..
    Hmm..Maan angry after listening Yash’s mname frm Geet’s mouth..
    Poor Geet…she was searching Maan so tht he can enjoy with others lekin Maan ne phir se usse hurt kiya..


  9. Awsm update….cadbury scene se mujhe wo song yaad agaya- kiss me close ur eyes…….on ur fingertips and happiness in ur eyes..superb…..


  10. Posted by neha74 on August 18, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    what should i say about this one….i love all your work a lot but in this story maan’s character just makes me fall for maan all over again…..i just love him even more in this story….even though he has been shown as an insensitive ,egoistic,rude man but i love this passionate,intense,obsessive maan ,who is insanely in love with geet but still needs to realize his feelings….god knows what will he do when will realize that he loves geet madly 🙂 wonderful update…maaneet moments were awesome….loved it….looking for another update very soon…please update sooooooooooooooooon 🙂


  11. Posted by impoojaverma on August 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    awesome update
    yash didn’t have that lover feelings for geet but he feels protective towards her as he doesn’t want to history repeat itself
    yaar ye maan har baar geet ko kyun rula deta hai???


  12. It was superb
    Waiting for next


  13. hope jaldi maneet apna love realise karke confess kar de


  14. Very nice update . this story is osum. I love it very much. Maan possessive ness will make it hard for geetgeet to understand. Update next soon.Tc


  15. innocent geet and possessive maan making this ff so differrent and awesome.pls update soon


  16. Posted by angelickushi on August 22, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    loved the update
    maan has hurt her again with his over bearing possessiveness


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