Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 101

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WARNING: Strictly 18+,, Read at Your own Risk. If u can’t Handle intensity and Raw passion then please stay away from this ENTIRE part. I will not tolerate any kind of bashing on my thread or wall so just stay away if u find it not readable…

To here the song please read from IF.. IF link Of Part 101

Part 101

Maan adored her neck with soft butterfly kisses and geet can only arch her chest into his for more. He was extremely gentle and patient toni8, and he want to make love ever so slowly. He tugs away the hair pin which was holding her dupatta then threw it away from her body. Geet almost shivered feeling his urgency to get rid of her dress but when he touches her skin it was so smooth. Maan held her chin and force her to open the eyes.

Maan: I want u to look at my eyes when I make love to you geet.

His voice was husky and sensual which increased the twisting in her belly. It’s ridiculous to blush and feel butterfly so many in her stomach when she had already made love numerous time with him but still every time he managed to make her blush because every time his love showed her how special she is and in true sense today is her SR. she looked deep in his eyes while he worked on the flower from her hair, slowly one by one taking his own sweet time. It fell on the wooden floor. Maan took out all pin from her hair making her feel light and comfortable while his hand itched to do everything fast and buried himself deep inside, but he restrain himself from even thinking that. He wanted her to remember this night all her life and for that he has to stay calm and slow.

Geet’s hair flew open and lightly brushed her back, maan took out her mangtika and nath(nosering) which she was so grateful. Geet shuddered feeling maan’s finger tracing a line from her left cheek to her arm ever so slowly that her breath become heavier in anticipation of his next move. He slipped his hand in her bare waist and geet let out a small moan. His touch was fire to her body; Maan dipped his face in her neck and hair where his hands were doing magic. They sat on the edge of the bed, when maan dropped a small kiss on her shoulder, her blouse rolled away from the place or rather say maan pulled it down while kissing her neck, his index finger again woke upward along the line of her spine to her nape. Geet’s hand clutched maan’s shoulder and closed her eyes to feel the ecstasy.

He unhooked her necklaces one by one and helps her to come out from the heavy jewelry. Maan saw the scrapes on her skin and instantly got worried. Geet read that in his eyes and smiles.

Geet: it’s nothing that gives me pain maan. This day has so many beautiful memories now that I hardly feel any pain; I feel I belong to your family when dadima gave those jewelry. Please don’t feel bad about those marks.

Geet knew those heavy jewelry will leave it mark on her soft skin, saanjh had told her it already started and her skin was extra sensitive still she wanted to feel that she belongs to him, she is Mrs Geet MSK.

Maan laid her on the soft mattress and the pillow while lying above her but not putting pressure, his body was on her side. Geet knew he is still worried, and then held his face in her palm sealing his lips sweetly. It was the last thing maan had in his mind and when she sealed their fate he couldn’t controlled his emotions and he poured that in one single kiss. He nibbled her bottom, then suck her lower lips in his mouth. Geet felt the warm liquid rushing out between her thighs, she moaned in his mouth but maan was so lost in the world of sweetness, she is sweeter than honey he concluded. The kiss last long than they planned, one kiss to convert so many smooch and then open mouth kiss, both devouring each other mercilessly. When they broke the kiss both left panted. Maan slides his mouth on her neck where the red angry patches took place. He soothed her skin with hot wet kiss. Geet didn’t know what to feel, his kisses were soothing on her burning skin or its setting her on fire more.

Maan bite her ear then taking out the earring and then sucking the earlobe in his mouth. His tongue rolled over the sensitive spot behind her ear then he again sucked her lobe biting down it, she moaned and giggle feeling ticklish and maan was enjoying her like feast. Soon her giggles stopped as he stepped between her legs, they are still well dress but geet can feel the hard erection pressing on her lower abdomen. She felt his rough stubble scratching her soft skin of her breast, then she moans louder feeling maan’s lips rolling above her breast, the flimsy material, her blouse didn’t hide much now as he was tugging it lower. Geet was dying with need and he was going ever so torturously slow. He kissed the valley between her breast going on her stomach, he trailed a line of wet kisses there. He bite her naval making her scream in pleasure and then rolled his tongue in the small hole of her belly button sucking it hard.

She sighed when he kissed her waist band, and then unhooked it almost tearing the beautiful band, she let out a giggle seeing him so impatient and maan gave her a murderous look for that. She laughed feeling him rubbing the stubble on her ticking spot and he did it so hard she had tears in her eyes, then he can above her face.

Maan whispered: Your turn to undress me first geet, if I go first with u then god knows I won’t be able to get rid my dress before I take u hard.

Geet gasp hearing his blunt words and knew he is holding his control just for her, with shivering hand she held the hem of his sherwani, maan held her hand firmly.

Maan: Jaan it’s not our first time, we did it a lot more time and u did it as well. I m Yours, do whatever u fancy. She looked at his assuring eyes feeling confident, biting her lips she helped him to get rid of that dress; her breath hitched seeing his bare body. Every time geet see his bare bronze body, that has eight pack now and as hard as a girl need to satisfy there fanatics. Just looking at his hard abs and chiseled body made her wet with need.

Geet placed her lips on her collarbone, slowly placing wet kisses along his jaw where her fingers were busy tracing his abs, the perfect hard muscle clenched against her soft warm skin. She heard him taking sharp breath and felt good and confident about her moves. She sucked his torso then rolled her tongue in the hollow of his collarbone as he suck a deep breath. Her fingers nails were scratching lightly making it impossible to hold himself. She licked his harden nipples and he hiss cursing under his breath.

Maan: Stop, enough for you now. He almost growled and she let out a whimper of protest but next second maan almost tore the thread of her blouse, geet become still for a moment. Maan cursed himself for reminding her about their previous wedding night and looked at geet cautiously. Geet took deep breath and relax as he kissed her arms, then her neck.

Maan: sorry mishty…. She shook her head denying to do that and maan knew she is fine now, he turned her back to him, she was jelly in his hand and did whatever he said then gasp feeling the warmth of his mouth on her back. At first maan was kissing slightly but as the warm texture of her skin touched his tongue he couldn’t help but biting small portion and then sucking her back curves. Maahika’s birth had given geet beautiful curves and all in right area making her all the more attractive. He opened her bra and groaned when his hand took those beautiful mounds in his hand. Geet arched her back giving his more access to her back as well as her breast in his hand. He squeezed them lightly and she whimpers in pleasure.

His tongue tasted her back while his hands were teasing the hard bud which begging for his mouth. He groaned and moaned with every moan she made. Geet couldn’t take it anymore and begged for more.

Maan pushed her on the bed and she sighed feeling his hand on her breast squeezing and teasing it to make it all the more hard. Another hand went to her Lahenga and in no time he took it out, now she was only in her pink lace panty. She was turning the deeper shade of pink which enchanted her beauty all the more and maan felt his harden going more erect if that possible. His mouth crashed on her hard nipple and she cried out in ecstasy, he was sucking it so hard she was sure it will be sore but least she care for it now, all she need him and his mouth. Her nails dug in his shoulder but he doesn’t care, all he want to relish every inch of her right now, he left the one he was sucking and took another in his mouth. His tongue swirl around the hard peak and torturing her further, all she could do was whimper. And then she felt him lifting himself away, she cried in protest.

Maan: I m here baby. It was husky; she had never heard him calling baby and that too so hoarse. Then she opened her eyes little wide to see he was all glorious naked. Her breath caught in her lungs as she saw the magnificent length and the beautiful creation in front of her eyes. Greek God will not stand in front of this man’s beauty and he is all her. She was overjoyed with the fact that he is all her and here with her. She heard something snapping and tearing and saw he was ripping her panty. It made him look all the more sexy. Next she found his magical finger dipping in her wet channel. Geet cried out in pleasure as he rubbed her clit while his mouth crashed down on her abandon breast.

She moaned and whimpered feeling his teeth nipping her sensitive bud, then his hot tongue swirling again n again around her. He sucked and licked the soft mound then took the screaming lips in a scorching kiss. She felt her inner walls clenching, and he dig his 2 finger deep in her opening, and his thumb rubbed her nub, making her scream and moaned at the same time. Her nail scratches his back and teeth bite his lips making it almost blood come. But that only increased his pace as he drove his fingers in the wet cunt more vigorously drawling her climax making her body go limb. He swallowed her all cries in the kiss and kissed her deeply assuring her he is there. Her heart leaped up and down when he murmured soothing words and kissing her damp cheek, trailing kisses all over her jaw. He came down on her nipples kissing softly and going down. She can’t believe how much she had craved and still not satisfied. She wanted him all of him now.

Geet: maan I want u now.

That all she did opening her eyes and looking deep in his eyes and her command was all he needed. She felt him parting her thighs still not leaving her eyes. He was serious when he said he want her with him when they make love and now she couldn’t tore her gaze, she spread her arm and he came in her hug not before positioning himself at her entrance. Geet bite her lips feeling his pushing his huge member inside her. no matter how many time they made love she still feel amazed to find him so hard and huge, like every time he become a few inches thicker and longer and she can’t complain either. Before she can think he was all way deep inside her. She felt her inside clenching against just a few push.

Maan: tell me you are fine.

His concern for her after all these month’s togetherness and making only increased the respect and love for him in her eyes.. But maan was extra careful not to hurt her and that what made this love making all the more glorious and emotional for her, her tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes and she looked at his eyes nodding. He kissed her tears away and kissed her lips. He rocked back and forth, coming out entire then pushing back in her hot and wet channel. No matter how many times he drove himself inside her he just felt posses by his love for the first time.  He loved the feeling her around him, he love the feeling about possessing her body mind and soul and he knew right in this moment she is only his….

Geet arched her chest holding the pillow and biting her lips to suppress the moan that building inside her. maan kissed her lips still not stopping in his pace. He was slow, sometime fast but didn’t let them come yet. He wanted it to last forever and that why he was driving her insane. She felt like coming but yet didn’t let her. she whimpered but he just sealed her with a kiss and she hugged him so tight it felt like parting with him now will be her death.

Geet: I love you maan, I love u so much.   She moans feeling the clenching around him and he withdraw, she let out a cry of protest and he drove himself again and this time deeper hitting her G spot, he let her float and free her from coming and she came hard.

Maan: let yourself free jaan.

And she did, as he commanded, screaming her release and holding him tight to her,, she came again and again as maan groaned in her neck. His climax came with a force bringing her 2nd orgasm and making her head spin. Maan still couldn’t leave her and he plumped the last ounce of his semen in her before planting a wet kiss on her lips.

Maan: I love u too Misthy.

He rolled on his side taking her on him hugging her as tight as possible. Both laid there panting and taking the scent of their love. It was the most intense orgasm of their life and maan was glad geet will remember this beautiful night without any trace of sadness or fear.  Maan felt something wetting his chest and bringing geet to look at him he saw the tears which always pricked him… he instantly made her lay on her back an came above her.

Maan: did I hurt u jaan? Tell me are you hurting?

Geet shook her head then cupped his face: You made me feel your heart today, Maan I love u, thank u for everything maan, thank u.

He sealed her lips stopping her from saying any word and she reciprocated his love.

Maan: I don’t need thank u geet, I just need your love which I have. Geet smiles and kissed her temple. Maan smiles mischievously at her and she looked suspiciously. Well I have another idea of saying thank u to each other. Before geet can say a word he took her harden nipple again in his mouth and geet only left to moan louder.

Their night wasn’t stop yet, after a year of journey they still found the night as fresh as like they had met yesterday and the sizzling chemistry was something none could deny and then both need each other like they are starving for ages. Maan again drove inside her hot and hard and this wild and passionate which geet reciprocate with her mouth on her neck and shoulder and biting his flesh marking him as her.

Precap: More romance and Going to HM.

This part was really reallyyyy difficult for me, but I can’t deny that I enjoyed it. I would bluntly say that I will cherish this update and SR the most than any other ff’s sr of mine and I feel great to bring every emotion of a love making where other tried to skip it because they think its vulgar. But if 2 person loves each other then this is the most beautiful day of their life and I feel bless to write this and yes I m satisfied with the outcome.

I m not sure about the feedback after this part, some will avoid some will say too much, some will feel great to read this, but yes I want to feel ur thought through word. Please give some word more that good awesome hot. I had taken a lot time writing this part and I loved it writing hope u too feel it reading. If anyone found it offending or too much to handle then I will say I feel sorry for u and u r not normal, LOL

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.

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  1. love this part every emotion i dont think its valgur dont say like this


  2. awsem update maneet passion and their love erasing all the bad memories of their 1st sr and only love and passion is there


  3. An infinitely divine & hhhaaawwwttt update di..
    Loved the way u hv expressed every emotion of Maaneet..
    & i agree with u tht this part is the most beautiful moment in every true loving couple’s life.
    How can it be vulgar di when it is about our beloved Maaneet who r epitome of purity themselves..
    Loved the update to the core..
    Love u di:-*:-*


  4. this was a most difficult part to write i must say
    But you did it beautifully
    Every emotion and feeling was so beautifully embaded in ur words
    Their love making was hot passionate and so devine
    I love it so much
    Waiting for more romance and HM


  5. Its true,one of d most beautiful Sr, i kno its hot&passionate also,bt it also was conveying d depth of deir love,a relation which started wit bitterness bt now full of love& happiness is showed through dis Sr,really u done a fabulous job Di, d horror or ltl bit of fear of geet also removed by maan’s selfless love d updt was awesome,waiting for nxt part


  6. great hot passion if u love like maaneet love eachother u want to express it in the most physical way u can loved it keep it up


  7. maneet passion and their love erasing all the bad memories of their 1st sr


  8. Posted by lynnkaur94 on August 19, 2013 at 1:15 am

    Awesome start


  9. Very emotional and passionate update
    I m feeling very blushy blushy


  10. Posted by Julie on August 19, 2013 at 4:54 am

    Honestly, that was amazing writing! In my opinion there was NOTHING vulgar about it. In fact you wrote it beautifully. It was all about love.


  11. Posted by sowjialla on August 19, 2013 at 6:47 am

    its not vulgar but hot&passionate


  12. Posted by impoojaverma on August 19, 2013 at 8:26 am

    i m in love with this one
    n song was cherry on icing
    beautiful update


  13. i lost my words to praise u for this update.really awesome update.like maaneet is in front of us.


  14. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 20, 2013 at 12:08 am

    Awesome update


  15. Posted by purnimajyotika on August 20, 2013 at 5:38 am

    Awesome yar and it’s not vulgar . And sorry I cnt commet regularly here.and cnt reply on IF becoz I used iPad in that you cnt reply


  16. Posted by chahhat4eva on August 20, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Outstanding update dear….
    Loved it sooooo muchhhh…..
    Too Hottttttt & Passionate Love….
    Too much emotional also….
    Like Maaneet r loving each other 1st time…..
    U r a magnificent writer dear….
    Thanxxxxxx a lotttttt for this Divine chapter….
    Desperately waiting for next update….😊😍😘🌺💐🌹


  17. Posted by priyadarshini64 on August 21, 2013 at 4:55 am

    fabulous part……..
    loved it


  18. fabulous update
    loved it
    maan took geet to treehouse
    maaneet making new memories
    continue soon


  19. Posted by angelickushi on August 22, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    loved the update
    he took her to his fav place
    hasnt she visited that place b4 when they were being chased by some fighters r it was some other place


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