Love For You Part 77


Part 77

This is the worst hangover anyone can have that what geet thought when she opened her eyes in the morning, looking around for the clock she spotted the time. it says 1pm. Her peeping one eye opens wide thinking she had slept a lot after last night drinking. The headache was worst than any other day. She will be kidding if she say this was the first time she had taken drink, nope she had taken far more drinks, sometime she would have drank until she passes out and rudra had to drag her out from the bar. Yes the geet who hated drinks, and advised everyone not to drink, now she has started falling for the drinks. She doesn’t drink like a drunk, but after having few shot she would have left the place, it’s the only friend in those boring party which she had to attend for her company and rudra’s career back in Boston and other countries around the world. But she doesn’t know why she felt the worst hangover now only, she can handle drinks, she had learnt it in these years then why she felt the throbbing is worst than any other day in her life. Well maybe because she isn’t realizing it wasn’t only due to drink but her crying and telling all the pain of her heart.

She took the phn and saw its switched off, maybe battery died and power went off, while keeping the cell on charge she search for some pills to make her headache go, before she can have them someone burst in her room. She was ready to give a peace of mind to the person but seeing the old lady maid she bit back her word. The lady placed her breakfast on the table in front of the huge sofa set, and told her to take some juice before taking the medicine. Geet was amazed to find her coming in her room on correct time but dismissed her with a wave of her hand. She needs to freshen up fast but before that she took the pill with one huge gulp of orange juice.

In the entire time she never felt as happy as now washing her hair and body, she was feeling stinging the moment she woke up and now as the sweet lavender and sandal fragrance of her bodywash and shampoo took over her senses she felt better. Once she entered her room she felt her tummy grumbling so she took the scramble egg and toast with butter, then sipped her remaining orange juice. She felt a whole lot of better. She blow dried her hair and brushes it, then slipped into a pair of faded jeans and sleeveless tank top. Suddenly she felt something is amiss. Remembering last night she can only remember talking to Vikram in that party and next exiting the party with maan. She got some flashes of their talk but no voice, she instantly felt tensed, what she had blabbered? She knew she will remember soon what she had said to maan like every time; just need a little concentration but the thought maan isn’t around her is giving a weird feeling. Mrs Dasgupta, the maid had said maan isn’t home, he had gone for some work but she didn’t know when he went and when he will come as she hadn’t met him.

Geet looked at the clock which says 2.30pm. she had not only slept over hour, she had taken an hour to freshen up and pampering her body but she couldn’t care less, she is feeling fresh and the hangover had gone a lot. So now she needs to know where is maan and what she had said to him. She took out her phn from the charge and switched it on. Instantly she regretted as the unease feelings lowly took a hold in her heart and she felt something has gone terribly wrong. Just then he heard the loud beep of her phn, eyes it she spotted 60 missed calls and 45 messages, and 30 voice message.

Ignoring the voicemail and missed calls she opened the messages. Instantly her eyes popped open Finding Rudra’s message.



She gulp hard seeing the angry capital letters, she opened next few message only saying ‘TAKE THE CALL DAMIT GEET’

Then again once message pop up

‘What u said about angels to him Mishty? Just pick up the call please.’

Her heart shuddered feeling the fear slowly creeping inside her, she took a deep breath then closed the phn and sat there remembering what she said that made rudra so angry? And why he called her so many times, she vaguely remember the ringing and message, she had just turn the phn on silent and slept off. She remembered talking to Rudra the night earlier and signal went off because of bad weather, and then what made him cal so many times after that. She checked the time, 8 am in the morning means 9.30 pm in Boston. She opened the next message and all air left her lungs immediately.



How can he went Boston, what made him go there. Till now she hasn’t tried once to remember anything much but now she needed it. She is panicking knowing Maan had visited Rudra, means he came to know about angel, or not? Was rudra successful to hide them? Whom she is kidding, knowing maan’s anger he would have burn him alive, and if maan get to know about tamanna and mannat then God only know what he will do to rudra or her. Geet sat there holding her head remembering last night which came as fuzzy but soon felt the numbness, as she recalled every single event.

Her talking to Vikram then maan taking her toward the car, her fighting with him, then at the panipuri stall her looking over there so affectionately and maan’s painful voice. Then their talk, his laugh which overwhelmed her and then Rudra’s call. She was shivering by then remembering the look in Maan’s eyes when tammy and mann had called her ‘mommy’ and then she had passed out and maybe maan had carried her in her room. How could she let out it slip from her mind that maan might have do same thing that she had feared all these 6 n half yrs.

But now the only thing played in her mind, what he is doing there? Did he met her children, will he hurt them thinking she had cheated him or taken them to a paternity test to confirm she said the truth and they are his children. What would have her kids went through if he did that. She swears she would have kill maan if he dared to do that but thinking about his accusation, will he just agree that they are his kids. Gosh what she is thinking. Taking out the cell she tried to call rudra but his phn was busy.. she instantly regret sleeping so much.. She heard few voice calls which only proved Maan was there and talking with kids and rudra was trying her to call him, he had tried to call lawyers and now they are in a bitter argument. Geet can only think about the argument and hope it doesn’t affect her kids.

She thought for some mins more before dialing the last person she wanted to talk right now but she have to do that, taking a deep breath she pushed the call button and after few ring the person took the call with a crisp voice.

‘Rathode speaking.’


‘bhai sa.’

Geet couldn’t stopped the sob leaving her voice, she hadn’t talked to Kunal in 6 and half years, she knew he would have left everything and come to get her back in state, but that mean other ppl would have known about her kids. Kunal wouldn’t have agreed to let her stay without family, and least she wanted to trouble them, knowing the place so old fashion she knew her pregnancy without wed-lock would have driven their family name in garbage which she can never think of in her dream. So she chooses not to talk to Kunal at all which had hurt him so much. He nearly had a heart attack in the worry which she got to know after a long yr and she had cursed herself so much and her decision not to come in their life and ruin their reputation become stronger, her brother would have beg maan to marry her knowing how much she loved him, it would have break her to million pieces.

‘Bhai sa.’



She sobbed hearing her name from the one person who was a rock in the family, he as stronger than Brij and loved her like a daughter. Staying apart for so many years didn’t wipe the love for her from his heart.


‘Geetakshi is that you?’


‘I m sorry bhai sa.’

That was all she can muster and Kunal nearly groaned in distraught…. And it didn’t take much time for geet to blabber everything…..


Few hours before in Boston…..


Rudra was sipping his coffee while working on a new music, he just tug angels in their bed and going to call geet once more in umpteenth time, last time they talked geet was blabbering anything and everything. He had tried to call her a lot fearing what she said to maan in her drunken state,, he knew she had consumed a lot of drinks, naturally geet doesn’t become a drunken bull but if she become no one can tackle her. it’s quite full months that she had taken any drink that sort, knowing the kids make fun of her state geet had stayed away from drinks. At first when their music company took a high fly, geet used to drink little bit in the party which was a way to communicate in glamour world but soon geet got used to the heavy drinks and then the bitterness of her poured in those drinks. At first rudra used to blast on her, he had warned her so many time but she had never hear him instead she took drinks without showing him, and lastly Rudra had warned her not to drink when he wasn’t around and she always accepted that but maybe staying close to maan forced her to open the wound. He seriously felt like punching maan. The 7 yrs old rage was still bubbling in him and if maan dare to come in front maybe he will do that. Just then rudra heard a chaos. He knew his security team is best in this work but still when the chaos didn’t stopped rudra came out only to witness an angry maan fuming looking at him.

Before anyone understand anything there was a loud THUD,, and followed by another. Maan had punched rudra straight in the face while Rudra come to action in sec and blocked his new blow, then landed his punch on his face. They both held each other’s collar while others were trying to calm them. But both their developed bitterness and rage took place as they indulged in full blown street fight…. Maan was strong and Rudra wasn’t behind but the rage in Maan was exceptional, he blown rudra’s stomach and then his fist touched rudra’s face. Rudra took his hand to punch him but just the moment they heard a small gasp. Both the men’s attention caught the sound and they turned towards it.

Both their hand instantly fell apart as Tammy blinked at them and then mann peeked from her behind.

Mann: I forgot to bring my handy-cam, kya fight thi tammy, if mom was here she would have shouted on them.

Maan couldn’t stop but smiling at the cuteness of them, leaving Rudra he went towards them in small strides. Rudra wanted to stop him, he called him also but maan was so lost in his 2 angels. Just like the painting he thought. He knelt in front of them looking tammy to mann and vice versa. He didn’t know when tears took place in those angry eyes. He blinked rapidly to clear his vision to see them but the downpour doesn’t seem to stop. He had found his angels after so many hardships. He thought God is angry with him that’s why he would never find peace and happiness, love and solace… but in this moment he found all,, but he couldn’t form a word. Just then he felt a soft palm wiping the tears and the words were just beyond shocking rather say surprising.

Tammy: Mommy said only weak people cry, are u weak?

Maan: maybe. Yes.

Mann: you don’t look like weak,, she said poking his muscle. Maan almost laughed hearing them. He couldn’t believe they talks so intelligent and so sweet. He wanted to hold them but he was fighting the thought what will they think of him? Did geet told them about him? Did she said their father had left them or said he is dead, but all his thought came to halt when they spoke.

Tammy: How can u be weak? That’s not possible. Tammy and Mann’s dad can never be weak. Right DAD?

Mann crunched her nose: yes papa. See I m so strong then how can u be weak. I even had the milk buddy gave us, yuck that sucks.

Tammy rolled her eyes while maan just laughed and hugged both of them, all his fear, all his anxiety left the moment he hugged his 2 angels. Whatever he had thought left his body with the warmth of his daughter and after so long he cried, cried a lot while kissing tammy mann all over the face. Seeing their father crying mannat and tamanna also cried hugging him and consoling him.

Where rudra was shocked to hear them calling him dad and papa, how did they knew who is maan to them? But then seeing the 3 he couldn’t conceal the sorrow himself, maybe he had dreaded this moment only, now he will lose his only possession whom he cherished the most in his life. He had only them and now maan will snatch them, unwanted tear came and he jerks roughly not showing his weakness. And then maan broke the last thread.

Maan; I am taking them to India. He said not looking at rudra, he was still lost in his kids whose eyes were so big like they can pop out. They are excited clearly shows that but Rudra felt his heart sinking….

Rudra: u can’t.


Maan roared: the hell I can’t. Stop me if u can rudra.

Rudra: I will call the cop maan and this is not India where Cop will listen to u.

Maan smirks: Bring it on Raizada,

Rudra was shocked to hear the phase where maan used to challenge him in their childhood. That mean he remembered that 1 yr childhood but he doesn’t has time to relish that fact when he only want to kill maan who’s appearance had brought a storm in their life again.

Precap: Sochte raho. Nahi dungi

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  2. Awesome update 🙂 ab aage kia hoga :/ bataya b nhi 😥 jaldi se next part doooooooooooooooooo…………………


  3. Posted by sowjialla on August 18, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    loved it…

    maan in bostan!!!!

    what now…?????? update next part soonnnnnnnn


  4. Posted by life19 on August 18, 2013 at 2:40 pm


    cant believe he went to boston and met his angels

    that means geet did tell them about their dad

    wat will happen now


  5. OMG…Maan in Boston..
    He met with angels..
    Awww…loved the way angels consoled Maan…
    Maan taking angels to India…
    Geet waha soti hi reh gayi..
    Eaiting eagerly to see wht will happen nxt..


  6. thank you for finally letting maan meet his angels can’t wait for their little family to be altogether again sad for rudra but he must have known that one day this would happen hope he meets his own lady soon can’t wait for next


  7. Posted by saragul11 on August 18, 2013 at 4:25 pm



  8. oMg . . .
    It was a dhamaka update
    I thought after knowing about angels he will sit in hs room and think what to do next
    But he is so fast. . He reached boston to bring hs angels
    Geet in shock . . Also talked with kunal. .
    Maan and rudra fight . .
    He met hs angels
    What will happen ?
    Waiting for next


  9. Posted by neha74 on August 18, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Omg!!! What an update… left me speechless, excited,emotional 😥 and very happy at the same time 😉 fantastic update dear….i have been waiting for this moment for so long when maan meets his angels 🙂 finally it came….i am very eagerly waiting for the next part…what will happen next? please do continue soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon….i am anxiously waiting for next part 🙂


  10. awesome update
    loved it
    finally maan got to know about the kids
    hope he is able to bring dem to India
    continue soon


  11. omg

    cant believe he went to boston and met his angels


  12. Posted by druhi on August 18, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    They know their dad…what did geet say to him over phone…can’t wait to know


  13. So finally angels meet her dad
    Emotional meeting
    bechara rudra feeling sad for him
    Always maa eet ki fight Mai phas tha hai
    No eagerly waiting for full family of maaneet together


  14. Posted by Julie on August 19, 2013 at 5:03 am

    Oh My GOD!!! Maan went to Boston! Talk about not wasting time. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Posted by rdhanya83 on August 19, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Yaar nice update. . i have cried [happy tears] enough in this update seeing the attachment between mann and his daughters. please some good moments between them in the next update.update faster .


  16. Awesome update. Plz continue


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  18. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 20, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Marvelous update


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    Speechless ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  21. Posted by Farzanaqazi on August 22, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Superb part fainaly maan come to know about babys.


  22. Posted by angelickushi on August 22, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    omg maan know abt the kids
    i thought he will be taking geet as well with him and she will wake up in her home the next day but seems reunion is far away
    wat next very eager to know pl update soon dear


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