Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 37


Part 37



Geet couldn’t believe it’s only 1 day left for her marriage. She looked around her, everyone is so happy, specially her mother. Geet couldn’t talk to her mother properly in these 7 days, probably that what maan wanted, distracting her mother’s sharp eyes from her. He knew if Rano Handa got a chance to sit and talk to geet she would guess geet isn’t happy with all these. And geet can’t complain because she is thankful about the matter. It’s already hard to lie to her mother, her loving mother who had supported throughout her life, and she had only dreamt of this day where geet will marry the guy of her dream. Knowing it’s a love marriage was bliss for rano which geet didn’t wanted to break. Geet had seen the dreamy eyes and happiness in her mother knowing she loves maan and maan didn’t left a loop hole to show he loves her dearly. Well Geet can’t say she doesn’t, well she realized hard and fast that her feeling for maan is huge and she also knew if he got the chance to know her love he will fully use it on his benefit. She wanted to hate the devil but can’t, not anymore. Her body, soul mind all belongs to him. Someone said right when you fall in love you can hold yourself. Now she can’t even hate him, all he did was giving her everything girl can ask but she didn’t want it. She wants freedom but she knew once she felt something for maan she is forever in his prison.


Here she is sitting in front of everyone who were teasing her and applying the turmeric paste, Haldi… That what the ritual it is but all she can remember is maan’s touch, his smell all over her body and his mouth touching her wickedly. She shudder thinking about last night. He was exceptionally gentle; loving caring maybe because he didn’t wanted anyone to see the marks and questioning her about it. He also left in the early morning but made sure no one had seen him. She was asleep and when she woke up, he was gone. He didn’t even left a note which irritated her. Is she expecting too much? Too fast? She knew Maan isn’t a man of answering everything or going anywhere before telling or informing her. He is the owner of everything and everyone. But what she is too him? Will he behave with her like he owned her? would she ever feel loved with him being a relationship. Will he ever care for her feeling, will he trust her ever?


She was too lost to even concentrate on her Chura ceremony. She doesn’t have a uncle(Mama) so geet’s father came forward. He was wearing a soft smile that touched geet’s heart. They have differences but geet knew her father loves her dearly. Well he is different and thinks all sort of negative about her and her mother but she can’t deny he care for her and today seeing him genuinely happy made her heart twist. She never thought the sham of a marriage can bring them close… She always craved for a happy family and when her friends got their happy family close to them she always felt a surge of jealousy deep inside her. she tried to say she doesn’t care where her father loved her or not but she always wished to have a father like a friend and a loving happy family who will go picnic or vacation, a family that share happiness and sadness together but she got only arguments and disappointment, as result she never believed in love and family, relationship all are just left hole in her heart. And on top of that her experience about love, the incident which changed her full conception about love, the person who made her hate love, correction, the person’s condition.


Geet was so lost in her thought that someone shook her from her revere.


‘Kaha khoyi hain, sayad apne hone wale pati ke bare me soch rahi hain’


‘sacchi geet abhi se ye haal.’


‘issi liye to hamari awaz sunai nahi de rahi isse, not even that phn ring. See someone want to talk to u.’


‘Is it maan jiju leela?’


‘nope, some MEERA’


Geet literally snatched the phn and went away from them, she didn’t thought THE PERSON will call herself, whom she is kidding meera would have called earlier if she knew it, much be Pari who told her. geet cursed pari.


‘hello Meera Didu.’


Meera is Pari’s elder sister, 26 yrs old now living in NY. Meera is everything a sister that geet always wished to have in Nandini but never got, but then Meera loved her like a true sister, pampered her and they were inseparable. Meera often said she love Geet more than Pari and pari never felt offended because she also loves her as a sister. Meera studied in Pune when geet was doing her school, and they were a very happy family, Geet stayed with them in their house in Pune and got a new family that she loved the most but then the incident happen. It changed everyone’s life, mostly geet and meera’s. Meera who was lively, bubbly, happy, sweet in nature suddenly become numb, sad, and living dead person and it changed geet overnight. She got to see new phase of life and it changed her thinking about love. She started hating love because her meera didu lost herself in that love. Later geet moved to hostel again because meera and pari’s family were shifting NY but pari didn’t left geet and meera took promise from her never to leave geet alone. From then they only met through video chat, meera refused to come India and now she is working in a reputed company as CEO. She completed her degree as she was very bright student, it took her a yr to back to normal life from that isolated place of her consciousness but she eventually did for her family. Whatever happen in past everyone tried to forgot but none could do as meera was always in front of them a living reminder and meera just tried to live not necessarily to be happy.


‘kaisi hain kiddo? You didn’t tell me about your marriage. Finally you proved I m not your family huh?’


Geet couldn’t suppress the tear she had hide till day and it worried meera.


‘Didu?’ She sobbed hard.


‘what happen to you geet? roh kyun rahi hain? Bata mujhe?’


Geet suddenly realized what she was doing, she always becomes an emotional mess in front of meera and today also she needs someone to pour her insecurity.


‘didu I missed u.’


Meera sighed in relief ‘Ufff dara diya tha mujhe pagal, I missed you too kiddo. But why didn’t you tell me about your marriage?’


‘If I did, would you have come here didu?’


There was a long silence before meera sighed ‘I m sorry geet, I know why you did that, and no I couldn’t come there, not after whatever happen. But geet tell me you are happy with all this.’


Geet slipped in her room quietly and pondered over meera’s word, is she happy? Can she live like this? But the thought her life without maan and it creep inside her. Its sure life without maan will be freedom but strangely she didn’t like the freedom without him, his possessiveness. Yes she love him and hate his possessiveness but still she can’t think life without maan, suddenly image of his passion stirred inside her and she blushed furiously.


‘I guess my geet again got lost in her would be hubby.’


‘n-nahi di, i-it’s n-not like that.’


‘tujhe bachpan se janti hu, I can see your dreamy face staying so apart darling. I m happy for you geet, you should be happy.’


Suddenly geet remembered something and it bothered her, that meera could also understand so well.


‘didu, I still don’t know what to expect, I don’t know him much. Sometime it scared me; I just can’t believe it’s happening with me.’ She doesn’t know how to express but then meera never needed any explanation.  


‘whatever happened with me, it will not happen with you geet? I don’t know who is the man you are going to marry but I know you love him or else you wouldn’t have agreed for the marriage.’ Geet didn’t say anything too lost in the past. How maan forced her to agree for the marriage. Is that mean she always felt something for the devil? She shrugged thinking it. ‘Geet I know you are scared, not because of him but because of my past, but I want to tell you one thing today. Not every man is like HIM, Whatever he did to me you will not face the same. Your husband will cherish you and love you not like that leech who suck the blood.’


‘didu can you move on in life? It’s being 4 yrs now.’


‘I hope geet, I hope I will, not only for myself but for you. I know seeing me that day made you like this, you started hating love and relations. I know I had showed you so many dreams because I felt myself living in that and when it crumpled it was you who suffered much. That bastard snatched my dreams, life and everything and It snatched your believe also. I wish I had never said anything to you about him. It’s the luck you didn’t met him or else I don’t know what would have happened. But yes I left everything in past and I m trying to move on.’


‘I will be happy if you find someone didu.’


‘geet,, I met someone, I don’t know where things will go but he is good, he accepted everything, my past, my wounds and helped me to overcome them, I m sure your husband will love you and help you to overcome them.’


‘it’s wonderful, I will meet you soon. I am so happy for you meera didu.’


‘me too kiddo.’




After taking to meera geet felt fresh, happy and vibrant. Her didu met someone, now she wish only happiness for them and she know meera will want to see her happy. If she get to know she still is unhappy in life then she will curse herself for whatever happen. that wasn’t her fault that some as***** molested her, her own boyfriend abused her, and geet though didn’t witnessed anything neither met her boyfriend but had seen meera’s state after she came home with the brushes and haunted eyes. It made geet hate the word Love because it snatched her didu from her.


Just then someone shrieked, and called her on top of her lungs. Geet hurriedly went downstairs to meet her over excited cousins and then got to see a wrapped box with a card.


‘Geet di someone sent a present for u.’


‘arre someone nahi, yeh to Jiju hain.’


Geet’s eyes went wide hearing its maan, but she looked at her cousin questioningly, she fumbles and hesitated.


‘we didn’t read the card but the name, sacchi.’


Get narrowed her eyes knowing their drama, and she is least bother for them now, she is excited to see what maan had sent for her, she snatched the card giving a deathly glare to her naughty cousins who giggles. But then no one let her go with the gift wrapped, so she sat there tearing the gift wrapper and praying he didn’t send anything that will make her embarrass. Her eyes went wide and breath caught in her throat seeing the shining shoes, she adores shoes and this particular piece is spectacular she conclude. How did maan know her obsession with shoes? Did his bag ground check also follow the taste and obsession? But on this occasion she can’t even be angry on him. She loves shoes, especially high heel sparkly elegant shoes which this piece absolutely carry an aura. She heard ohhhs and aahhhs from her cousins, they teased about how generous Maan is, and how much in love he is that he want to please her by her favorite shoes.



Geet silently slipped in her room holding the pair of shoe and the note. Suddenly she felt like a teenager first time receiving a love letter. She slapped her head then set the shoes carefully in her closet. Then turned her attention on the piece of paper, she never thought only few words for him can excited her so much.


‘Obsession is a passion dwell deeply in heart. Some makes it’s a dark pleasure and some think it’s as Dark Possession.’


I Hope this small present will bring a smile on my Possession…




(Quote is by Me, please don’t use it for another ff)




There weren’t much words to feel the warmth still geet felt happy, she got to see maan’s another nature. He doesn’t love her true but at least he cares for her, her happiness and choices. For rest of the day geet got many surprises. Mostly what surprised was how well maan know her choices, he had sent some more different shoes, then a Gucci Purse which made other girls faints some time, geet had laughed seeing the reaction. And lastly she received a dress. It was short yet elegant. Geet always believed herself immune to presents, but guess none actually cared for her any day to send her present. She had never received many gifts so now she knows she isn’t immune to Girl dream possessions. Like other girl she also likes to be pampered and maan knew exactly the way. But then she never craved for expensive gift. Though today she was on moon but still somewhere deep in corner she didn’t wanted these expensive gift. She always loved pinks roses or white lilies, a box of Chocolate is enough to show her enough love. She didn’t fell the warmth in those expensive gifts. And then on impulse she decided to return the gifts. She had seen the love and warmth in her mother’s eyes seeing the gifts but she also saw the worry at the last when all the gifts were expensive and materialistic, Rano knew if anyone want to make geet happy it would be always a bouquet, chocolate or maximum Soft teddy. The display of affection only made her worried. And when she explained geet not to make their relation only base on money, geet knew what her mother was worried.


Rano thinks money as a barrier between two ppl, and with so much money from maan he would have given anything to geet but will that make her happy? Or she will be only a wife at home with expensive gift while her husband’s heart sways anywhere else. Geet was frighten with the image she played, she doesn’t need those gifts and whatever she want she knew she wouldn’t get in any life time. Maan had already said he doesn’t believe in Love and doesn’t expect her to be in love with him. He want to be free from foundation which in one time geet mocked saying she too doesn’t like him around her, but now she knew what is foundation means, foundation of love which she is craving now. It only pushed her in dilemma about her future. What future holds for her? Will maan be like this, hurt her and then send expensive gifts but not a word of warmth from the person? It suffocated her to think he think her a money accepting doll. She is not a gold digger who wants only expensive gift. Agreed seeing those beautiful things made her crave for girly things, things that she never got. She was too independent all her life and couldn’t afford all fancy materials and seeing maan had send them made her happy but the other side it made herself conscious. She want him to know her, understand her need and for that she should face him, tell him what she want or she will always face this dilemma and pain. And least she doesn’t want to be sad on her wedding day, a day that till now didn’t hold any fantasies but today after knowing meera is happy in her life she also crave to be happy in her life with a  person she unknowingly fell in love. Just then Geet made the decision to meet maan, that too right now. And that could be happen if she went to his haveli which will be risky knowing there is so many guest but she needed to go and sort out things with maan.


Precap: same



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Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

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