Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Part 102

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Part 102

Morning ray woke Geet from her beautiful husband’s arm. As soon as she tried to turn a steel grip stopped her to do that. Her face came to face the bronze skin; the hard muscle rippled something in her. Her mouth watered and on impulse she felt the need to taste the skin. She jerks and looked above to see Maan’s peaceful sleeping face. He is still sleeping that mean she has full access to drool over her fantasy. God knows why she is feeling like a hormonal teenager. And the sudden surge of tasting every inch of this beautiful man is so strong that she couldn’t stop herself planting an open mouth hot kiss on the shield, his torso was inviting and she again licked his skin. She felt him tensing under her touch but he didn’t stirred yet. She felt extremely naughty, like she had suddenly travelled the teen days, and after last night she felt more confident, bold, happy and an ownership of his body. She knew he loves her to be soft and dependent on him, but last night proved he actually like her to be bold and in control, then why not to give her a chance to her fantastic? True maan had seen her initial sometime but she can be wild and demanding that what she want to show him now. Its true after the SR something has changed, maybe for the better because now they have ownership on each other and without fearing the result she can do anything that she want. Last night was epitome of that proving while maan himself said that.

She licked the brown small nipple and immediately felt maan’s erected on her abdomen, she felt giggling but then she was planning something else. Today is her chance to do anything when he was asleep, usually its maan who get up before her and stare at her till she open her eyes. But today she felt lively and naughty,, like she got some power, so why not use the fact that she can pleasure her man even in his sleep. She licked her lips as the erection grew more rigid.

Her hand slipped inside the sheet, her fingers traced a line from his chest to his abs then his erection. Her soft touch quivered maan, she placed her mouth on his chest kissing her way down. As her fingers grip the length she felt him swelling,, her fingers went up and down the shaft, then circling the head. The pink skin peeped up showing the arousal, and she felt her mouth going dry. She sucked a deep breath then plopped him in her mouth. She heard a sharp withdrawn of breath. Momentarily it made her froze knowing maan was awoke.

Maan: goshh mishty, His voice was strained and she knew it took him every ounce of control not to frighten her but she didn’t miss the breathiness in his voice. Getting bolder she worked on him. Her tongue twirled around the mushroom head slowly then she took him deep. His hand went in her hair messaging it. His grip grew tighter on her scalp but not hurting her an ounce. He was groaning her name in a dark whisper. She cupped his balls and gave a light squeeze making him mad in pleasure. She sucked him, then swirl around her tongue, going up and down. In no time his length swelled more. But before he can explode he hurried her mouth pulling to meet his. She protested but he sealed her with a forceful intense kiss. Then whispering in her mouth I want to come inside u.


He flipped her on her back and in one take went inside her making her gasp. He didn’t even stopped for any kiss or oral play, he was desperate to be inside her and he went but surprised to found her so arouse and wet. It made him groaned in ecstasy. Geet moaned and gripped his hair bringing him close while he place ferocious kisses on her jaw and collarbone, neck marking her red with his stubble. His hand went on her breast palming it and making the hard bud in to tight peak then took one in his mouth. He wouldn’t last long he knew she had strained him but he can’t complain he enjoyed it. His hand rubbed and squeezed her every part, her hip came above and he slammed in her repeatedly. His finger went between them and met her wet clit. She screamed in pleasure as he rubbed it in circular motion building her release more strongly. She felt the tension building in her and his hard slamming made it impossible to hold. His mouth was on her collarbone then neck kissing it feverously. Her fingers clutched his hair to bring him closer to her skin and legs locked around his hip forcing him to take her hard. She felt him swelling and hardening inside her, she couldn’t suppress the cry that was escaping her mouth as the climax came near and the explosive nearly toppled her. She cried his name biting his shoulder and the he shoot his cum inside her groaning and sucking her skin with a force. He fell on her with a thud, he didn’t have the energy to rise on his hand but he has to. He was huge for the petite body of geet.

Geet panted heavily when maan brought her above him, her damp cheek met his wet skin chest. Both were sweaty and that was hot. It was erotic, opposite to last night but exceptionally comforting. His hand swept above her back then her hip, tugging her close to him, her head was resting on his chest and she felt the content in that gesture. She kissed his chest and met his eyes which were full of love and passion. After one year of marriage geet still feel weak on her knees when he smiles like that. Maan kissed her forehead.

Maan: that was awesome. I can never get tired of that wicked mouth of yours.

Geet was red with his blunt words but she was happy because he was satisfied. It’s very rare that she do anything for him, it’s always him satisfying her every need but today she felt she is really his better half pleasuring her man to the extent. Maan fingers were slightly touching her spine and her hip in a gesture of soothing her. When it rested slightly above her hipbone geet suddenly looked at him.

Geet: Maan, I want a Tattoo there.

Maan looked at her surprised, it was so gentle he almost thought maybe he heard something else but then he saw the red embarrassing face and knew she meant that. He held her chin and forces her to see him.

Maan: I never knew that geet. you didn’t said it.

Geet: I had this fantasy of having a design on there but never get the opportunity.

Maan: Does u have any particular design in mind?

Geet nodded: yeah I have. It will be colorful, all color specially blue and aqua green, I want a mermaid maan. She got shy looking at his surprised eyes and looked down but maan again force her to see his eyes.

Maan: though I love u being shy but it isn’t anything of being embarrass geet, I would love to see that mermaid on my angel. It will be beautiful and I can have some more fantasy there. Geet gave a sweet smile to him. But then suddenly he becomes serious. But geet it will pain a lot, if u want colorful then it will pain u. And I can’t see u in pain.

Geet: I can take that, if u will be with me. Maan kissed her forehead.

Maan: I will be always beside u mishty.

They lay there tangle with other and a thin white sheet above geet’s hip so that her breast were touching maan’s chest.

Geet: Maan I m missing Maahi, Wo thik hogi na?

Maan: ha jaan, I called shiv little early in the morning around 5, he told me she is with saanjh and they are fine. But if u miss her so much then we can go to meet her and our family now.

Geet: maan gharwale kya sochenge hum ghar nahi gaye.

Maan placed her on her back then kissed her lips sweetly: Yehi sochenge hum Mini HM pe chale gaye unke attyachar se. Geet wacked his arm playfully. He nuzzles his face in her neck. I don’t want to go from here, but I can’t stay away from another angel of mine.

Geet: So do I.

Maan: that’s why I have plans.

Geet: what plan.

Maan: Geet last time I couldn’t give u a honeymoon but this time when we repeated every vow then I want to do that also. A month holiday with you that we needed then but we couldn’t have that, so now I thought to take you to your fav places, to spend some time with u and do everything that u ever dreamt of doing in Your HM. so tell me will u go with me?

Geet nodded with teary eyes: I would love to maan but One month, wouldn’t your business suffer and I can’t stay away from maahi, so we have to take her.

Maan: neither I can stay away from my angel jaan. We will take her and don’t worry about work, jay, dev and dad will take care of that, and anyway sujal meera is doing great job with KT. But I have another plan which need your help.

Geet: what?

Maan carefully put his words together: Geet as u guess we will do everything in that vacation so maybe sometime we have to be apart with maahi which means we have to surrender her to someone for some time which u and I can never do that. Knowing how it burn me to see maahi with anyone, I would end up trashing the person who will held her wrongly that mean we have to take another person with us and I don’t want my or your family as they will make it a picnic.

Geet: hmm then? Maan we won’t do anything that didn’t indulge Maahi.

Maan: still geet either maahi will need our full attention or she will get bored, and I can’t neglect her or u, I want u to live in that dream which as a mother u will never enjoy.

Geet: maan then what we will do?

Maan took a deep breath: I talked with shiv and he said he can go with us but with saanjh.

There was a complete silence first then geet shouted: Whatttt? U mean to say I will take my sister and her BF for our honeymoon so that they will also do a mini HM, no way maan. U know maasi will kill me if I think so, that strictly no way, and without wed-lock I m not going give them permission to do anything.

Maan stared at her for a few moment then chuckle: don’t you think you are thinking little too much of your sister sex life?

Geet: chiiii maan, shoo, shut up, no means no.

Maan: geet be practical, they love each other and be here or in our HM they can always get involve physically it’s not that you can stop them, Logically Saanjh is not a minor and she is your elder. Seeing geet maan can say geet is pissed off, so he pulled her closer kissing her mouth urgently and fiercely.  Jaan I m not saying they will get same room, they can decide what they want we need them for maahi, so that when we go out we can leave maahi in safe hand u and I both know we don’t trust any other than them. If we took only shiv or saanjh then it will be mean to them, and it will be boring so better they will get a chance to understand each other. As per as yo family concern no one will get to know about it. Abir and Hrishita knows it and they are ready to help us, Abir will say sanjh is going with hrishita and he is to Cape Town for her treatment and Shiv will say he was going on business tour.

Geet: and what will we say about saanjh’s treatment once we come back?

Maan; well we will go Cape Town after the HM and Hrishita said Saanjh just need to be happy and continue her speech practice. She doesn’t need any treatment or therapy. As she is willing to help herself she will talk fluently in a matter of a few weeks. She just need to accept herself and be confident. And to gain that confident she need to be free, Shiv can help her by spending time with her and their relationship will go stronger.

Geet: You are right maan, but what help you want from me?


Maan: you have to convince saanjh.

Geet: she will freak out.

Maan: no, only u can convince her, she had said a straight no to Shiv and he was furious about it, I don’t want a divorce before their marriage. Geet rolled her eyes and agreed finally. Maan just crushed her mouth in happiness.


It took them 2 hour to reach KM, not because of the distance, it was close to KM by 15 min, but for the love making maan indulge geet after words to shift her concentration on him, and now when they are on the way to KM geet fiddle with her dupatta. Maan had brought an overnight bag for them before they had entered the place. Geet was wearing a red Saree with deep cut blouse and maan was wearing a tight fit White shirt and black pant casual attire for both of them as the dress were heavy and geet was feeling tired.  They didn’t get much sleep and those cousins of his not will not permit them to go to their room before all the playing things.

Geet was nervous because she couldn’t apply any makeup on marks that maan left her. Which is now irritating her; he didn’t bring any makeup except a foundation, kajal, lipgloss which was in geet’s clutch that she carrier. So geet couldn’t hide those marks much and to her dismay maan loved that she will wore his mark in front of everyone. She gave threatening glare but he just sweetly blow air kisses. Maan pulled the car in front of their mansion and geet saw Maahika was jumping on Shiv’s arm feeling excited. She was glad saanjh was there for her or else she would have died in worry. It’s true if anyone after mother can take a place to a child for protection and warmth is Maasi, Maa Jaisi. And yes in true sense Saanjh is her Maa jaisi, like her mother in every way.

Precap: teasing welcome and ready to go HM, but guess where?



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. awesome update
    maaneet passionate moments always make me feel goosebumps
    maan decided to go on HM along with maahi as they can’t stay away from her
    so for taking care of her they decided to take shiv n saanjh too with them but it will be difficult to make understand saanjh to come with shiv so that they can also make progress in their relation


  2. Posted by lynnkaur94 on August 24, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Beautiful update


  3. awsem update geet tatto fantasy maan agree and maan asking for 1 month honemoon and asking geet to take sanjh shiv with them fab good shiv sanjh ka bhi romance milega want them to go switzerland i love that city


  4. wow loved the update maaneet being passionate its too hot loved the nervousness of geet


  5. Posted by Farzanaqazi on August 24, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Wow you know what dear i just findout this ff of yours may be some 2months back & read it in one go & now always waiting for more n more updates. Just love it. Counti soon. Lol, take care. Stay bless.


  6. Posted by ushankitvc on August 24, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    awesum updt…loved it….loved the maneet passionate moments…continue sooon


  7. Posted by saragul11 on August 24, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Amazing part thanks


  8. awesome update
    Geet and maan are lost in their world of passion
    Maaneet planing to go on HM with sanjh and shiv. .
    They are the 1st couple going on HM with extra peaple. . Loll
    Waiting for next


  9. Mmmmm
    Awesomely luvly part buddy.Loved d morning of a passionate night to be equally passionate or more.Geet’s being more confident with Maan and taking initiative while having physical relationship with her hubby is like going one step ahead in their relationship.And Maan love Geet’s treat ,right!!!![;)]

    And Now Maaneet are planning to take Shiv and Saanjh to their honeymoon[:D]wow aisa toh sirf Maaneet hi kar sakte hain.

    Eagerly waiting for next part



  10. awesome update


  11. Posted by neha74 on August 25, 2013 at 7:02 am

    Hi!! Tich first of all a big sorry for not commenting on an amazing last part of this story as I was unwell…so I am commenting on both parts here…omg!! what an update,too hot to handle… it left me breathless and speechless too 🙂 it was just awesome and very well written just like the last part,when two people are in love and they make love,its very natural to be hot and passionate 😛 😛 and you have portrayed their emotions through your writing very beautifully and those who find it vulgar or bad are not normal but are hypocrites,who might do the same thing behind closed doors but will never agree with others emotions,so don’t pay any attention to such people,just block them and never change your style of writing for anyone…maaneet moments were just outstanding 😉 and now i am looking forward to their honeymoon with maahi,shiv and saanjh 😉 only you could come up with such ideas , their own child,cousin and sister-inlaw on their honeymoon 🙂 but i am loving it and looking forward for lots more of such updates…continue soon 🙂


  12. Mind blastingggg update di..
    Geet peasuring Maan by being more bomd & confident…tht was irrisistibly passionate .
    As always dont hv words fr their passion..
    Hmm…Maaneet on honeymooon..
    Maan wants Saanjh to accompany Shiv with them so tht they will take care of Maahi..
    But Saanjh totally against it..
    Waiting to see how will Geet manaofy Saanjh..


  13. It was fantabulous… no maahi me sad..but I enjoyed maaneet romance..still maahi ll make part complete.update soon can’t wait..


  14. mindblowing update
    loved it
    maaneet love making
    geet wants a tattoo
    maan decided to go on HM and taking shiv and saanjh to take care of maahi wen they go out
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    Wow that’s sooo beautiful update dear…. Loved it…❤🌺💐🌹


  16. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 26, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Awesome update… loved it so much…
    Maaneet passionate moments are amazing…
    Waiting for the next part…
    Continue soon


  17. Posted by khwaishfan on August 26, 2013 at 10:20 am

    lovely update! Geet being bold ! she confesses abt tattoo n Maan does nt want to c her in pain! Maan tells her abt his plans! update soon 🙂


  18. Posted by angelickushi on August 26, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    wow loved it
    geet is becoming his better half in all sense
    hm plan looks gud
    eager to know where geet wants to go


  19. Awsome update dear.loved it
    Maaneet moments are awsome
    they going to hm along with shiv n shanj
    geet wants tatto
    maan can’t see his angel pain.
    Pls cont sooon……


  20. awsm ud…wah what an idea sirji…1 hm k sath 1 hm free…yeh idea toh sirf shiv babaji k dimag se hi nikal sakta hai…


  21. Dhasooo Updateee..

    Hawt Hawt as well..
    Till today we have seen Maan’s dominance and fantasies and now we got to see GMSK’s dominance as well..

    Hehehe Maan was totally under his Mishty’s torture n teasing..

    Oyeee hoyee Geet’s tattoo fantasy part was awesome..
    Hope will get too see that soon 😉

    Honeymoon for one month :O
    Waiting waiting and Maaneet will tag Shivaanjh along for babysitting hehe bechare babysitting k chakkar mei romance hi nahi kar payenge 😛
    Awww Mee too missing my Maahii..
    And Maan enjoying Geet’s tensed plight for marks hehe dont knw how much Geet will be teased cozz of her dusht hubby who is hppy tht everyone will see Geet wearing his marks..

    Hope will get some Maaneet n maahi moments in nrxt part as Maahi will nt leave maaneet seeing dm aftr so many hrs..

    Waiting for next update soon kamini jyada wait matt karaiyooo 😀 
    Lub u muahhhzzz


  22. owsome loved it


  23. Lovely update. Waiting for next update. Continue soon. Tc.


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