Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 14


Part 14




Following day only brought restlessness for maan while for other only tension. After returning from the picnic all event went fuzzy for everyone. Maan looked at his family, everyone was worried, everyone only looked tensed and the one person is the reason is He Himself. And the person who is their center of attention is in her house unconscious. Maan clenched his wounded hand more in a strong grip. No one had noticed the blooded hand and he preferred that only. He deserves the pain, all of it. Because he had hurt their princess. Geet has become their center of world and yesterday he had hurt her so much that today she is unconscious. He had tried to meet her but none let him enter her room. And when he forced entry yash had said him flatly that he can’t meet her. Maan had seen the rage in yash’s eyes, he was furious, so much in rage that for the first time he took his hand on him to punch him, but he couldn’t. Maan narrowed his eyes thinking sweet softy Yash can never hit him if he takes his life also. But for now his concern is Geet.


He still remember the panic in his and her family, he just heard a buzz and when he went to the place geet’s unconscious figure pricked his eyes, he didn’t saw others and straightly went towards her, rubbing her face and taking her head in his lap from her mother. They informed She fainted because of her blood phobia. Her mother had seen the blood which was spread on her back like a red curtain and when she shrieked seeing it, geet got to see her back, just a touch of the blood and she fainted on the spot. Maan didn’t realized when he carried her against everyone’s protest. Brij wanted to take her from his arm but maan barely glared him and took her hospital nearly breaking all traffic and speed rule. They discovered she got fever maybe something had really frightened her and Brij confirmed that she fear blood, the mere name is enough to make her shiver. And she was upset from morning…


Maan remember the day he got the cut and geet cleaned his wund, he had seen her winching, she was pale and weak like any moment she can pass out still she had overcome of her phobia just to aid him. So that he won’t leave with open wound. She controlled herself just to make sure he would be fine after the dressing and now what he did, again hurt her so brutally.


From the morning maan had only hurt her which afford him a lot, They informed she is unconscious and will be awake in few moment, but then she just gained conscious for few min and then again slipped into deep slumber. Maan got to know geet is sensitive but this much, he had never thought. She was really a princess of three men, her darji, Papaji and Brij Veer ji. They had never raised their hand on her, leave hitting they didn’t even talk to her in high voice, she got so scared when Veer ji and papaji argue on business that she got fever with it. Her family always avoided any kind of argument or high voicing in front of her. But the moment maan entered her life she was forced to see all of this. Though geet’s mother sometime raised her voice saying what is right and wrong but she had never hurt her feeling, partly because the 3 men in her life never let anything touch her. Rano could never scold her in front of them and they had their own way to teach her right and wrong, even pamper her with it. Maan doesn’t know that. He barely understands his own heart, then how will he understand geet? But the moment geet had entered his life he got a reason to smile, to live this life and when he saw her going away or making other friends who will get her importance more than him, it made him insecure. He didn’t wanted to scare her but well he didn’t knew it will scare her, hurt her so much that will push her to darkness. He can never do that to his geet.


When yash got to know everything he ran to the hospital with dadima, mohindar, darji and yash’s father who were discussing something important, away from others. Seeing maan standing numb and looking at the door something shook in yash. He knew geet was happy till she was with him but the moment she went away which he doubt searching for maan, something snapped in him and he lunged towards maan. He nearly smacked his face but something caught him. He had seen the expression on maan. He wasn’t himself. Maan was just staring at the hospital door where doctors took geet. Maan didn’t even defend him or answer anyone. Yash had already blamed him and then other lounged on him demanding answer how it is maan’s fault, maan didn’t said a thing, how can he say he has doubt about geet and maan’s relationship. It will strain everything, every relation. One side maan will be responsible for geet’s state and everyone will hate him for advancing towards geet and some maybe blame geet that she was playing with 2 brother. Not everyone understands her innocence. So he preferred to walk away. And maan just stood there at a corner, not leaving the place, in a hope to see her. But that never came. Brij didn’t let him see her neither maan’s father. Aman Singh Khurana again blocked him blaming his son but this maan didn’t showed his anger, he just stayed till geet was there, when brij took her to Handa Mansion Aman straightly declared he can’t come.


Maan tried to see her not hearing anyone but then dadima had shouted on him and rano pleaded to leave her daughter alone. It took everything in Maan to stop his feet and move back. He knew he can only bring sadness for her and least he want that now. He will see her some time later and he did. He waited for everyone to retired to their room. Last one to leave geet’s room was Brij at 2 o’clock and maan was in the garden sitting under the tree geet was hiding once. Then he took the back stair and jumped from the balcony. He had stayed there till 5.30 only staring at her, when she gain conscious and asked for water he was there to feed her with spoon. He had seen her winching in pain and then he slipped her hand behind her back, her back was rubbing on the mattress causing pain, so he laid there taking on her him completely and she slept peacefully. Her fever was reduced till the morning but he couldn’t risk her by staying there. Peaking her forehead softly he went out but didn’t go till he saw Rano making her way to geet’s room and then a shriek of joy announcing geet had gain conscious. He sighed in relief then went to Khurana Villa.


When he entered the place he was much light headed and happy. She is fine that’s all he wanted and he got, he got to spend the beautiful 3 hour with her, she was lying in his arm which was enough to make him feel content for a life time but then his happiness has little peace when Aman lunged on him.


‘Where were you maan?’ Maan didn’t answer his question and carry on walking to his room. Then again Aman raised his voice ‘what you did to her maan? How could u?’ that definitely caught his attention.


‘what are you talking about?’


‘Don’t act so nave, you know I m taking about geet and her fear, her state, is it because of maan?’


Maan narrowed his eyes ‘bolke kya faida, you will belive what you want then be happy Dad’ he said rather mockingly.


‘so it was true, you hurt her. why maan? Wo ek bacchi hain and why you are hurting her. she is so nave.’


‘oohhoo wooo wait a min,, Mr Aman Singh Khurana is worried for a innocent girl? Breaking News ASK has Heart to love and care for someone huh. Well I forgot he has his attention for any child than his own, and that will MSK only right dad?’


‘Maan we were talking about geet.’


‘yeah Geet,, well She is not a kid, if she was then you guys would never had thought about her marriage to ur precious son Yash’


‘Maan are you hurting geet because she is marrying Yash’


‘she isn’t’


And it made everyone gasp in shock, they saw Yash coming and yash saw the argument before he can say anything Aman said.


‘maan you had never care for anyone at least now don’t ruin someone’s life. Geet is special to everyone and you are ruing her innocence, by frightening her, Stay away from geet maan, she will only fear you if you don’t stop hurting her.’


And that was something that made maan stop dead in his track. Aman may not know what he said or what he implied to say but it took maan another place. How can he frightened her, how can they think she will fear him. But then she always feared him, feared his temper. Previous day also she said she hates him and he deserves it. He had only hurt her then she said right, Dad said right. He should be away from her or else he will drown her in the same darkness he always lived. He thought after so many years he finally got someone who will see him and cherish him beyond everyone, was it too much to ask? Was he dreamt too much? But now he got a reality check. He can never give her happiness. But possessing her, making her frighten what will he gain? Her love? Well it will never happen. she is far limit and she is happy with her fairy tale life. A life which will have yash as her partner and he will fulfill her all wishes with smile. He won’t be intense or frightening like him. Angel like Geet doesn’t deserves monster like maan, devil like him only got fire of hell. And he will get that all his life seeing her with someone else and not having her to himself.


But he wants her happiness, just the thought of her tears now made him shudder. He had come a long way. There was once he lived for himself. Even when he left sanjana and yash to blossom their love, he only hoped and tried to destroy their relation so that they can see his pain but this time he can’t even think of hurting geet anymore than this, she is too precious to him and all he want her happiness. Taking the cue he left the place and went to his room. He packed his suitcase and then in less than 20 min he was ready to leave the place. Everyone was shocked and anisha tried to stop him. He couldn’t stay here and hurt geet anymore. He looked at yash who was dumbfounded, confuse, tired and worried. But before he can say a word again He left them. He took his bag and left the villa for airport. He need to get out of shimla, out of geet life so that she can be happy, away from him and trouble. He didn’t knew when sitting on the back seat of his car, alone tear made its way, he had never cried, not even when his dad had punished him worse. He just took everything with anger and later burst that on others but today he felt something has just left him, His Soul?





It’s being 3 days maan had left and Geet had gained conscious but the moment she woke up she only searched for one person. Maan. But he was nowhere. Is he angry with her? Was her taking chocolate frm yash offended him? He said he wanted to give her everything; she shied thinking about his manofy. Why it felt butterfly in her stomach. What is this feeling that erupts in her tummy and chest whenever she thinks of maan. But today it had something else also. Fear? But why is that? Where is maan? She saw her family then at Khuranas making their entry all in her tidy cute room making it crowdie but in all the faces she just searched for maan.


When maan had snatched the chocolate and threw it in the gutter her heart broke, she is crazy about chocolate and it was frm yash that mean he gave her with feeling. She will never return a chocolate even it frm an enemy or it is poisonous. She believe it has feelings in it and if you refuse they will feel hurt.  Well she was hungry for chocolate and it was yummy and maan threw it which made her angry and she blabber what she didn’t mean at all ‘I Hate You’.


The 3 word had never place in geet’s dictionary, she had never hated a living, dead or stone. She loved everything and anything. Frm her rabbits to her doll, frm her trees to her grass, she has a huge heart which has place for everything. She is innocent and innocence couldn’t find true meaning because she is way from any other cruelty in her life. Only fear she has is for blood. It just frightens her. Maybe because in her childhood she had witnessed a huge accident and which included huge amount of blood. She hadn’t forgotten it. And then her mother had shrieked saying ‘Khoon’ which stopped her dead in her step. She saw the frightening look in everyone’s eyes then felt a sharp pain, like something is burning on her back. She instantly placed her palm and looked at it to only see Blood covered her hand. She panicked and let out a shriek then passed out.


Doctor said the cut was deep and they need to stitch it, party her unconsciousness due to loosing blood, but maan brought her on right time, alas Geet didn’t knew anything. She didn’t even remember how she got the cut. Maybe when maan had pulled her to him, thinking of it bring that pink hue on her face. All pain went in air just thinking about him. And why she felt that only god knows, she cutely looked at her babaji and complained about it.


She told everyone she didn’t remember anything how she got the cut, it just the horrific red thing that made her frighten and she blank out. Khurana felt guilty specially Aman Khurana for doubting maan. But yash didn’t think it’s true. Something has happened and yes maan had hurt her, he knew it when everyone ask geet did maan said anything to her and she said ‘no, nothing’ but her eyes said it all. She is upset.


Geet didn’t remember maan coming in her room at 2 am, she just waited for him to show once. She felt hurt that maan didn’t even come to see her. he didn’t care for her maybe that why he didn’t came but then another part said maybe he is angry with her and didn’t knew about her accident. Her all question died when Dia said Maan left Shimla at the day of her gaining consciousness and now here after 3 days of gloominess she sat in the middle of the gossiping women thinking about maan, where is he and why didn’t come to see her or once call her. She didn’t even realized she was getting blank call from a privet num for 3 days nearly when maan left, but she just take it say hello not finding answer and the irritation about maan not calling her finally snapped something in her and she would start blabbering and cursing the person giving her blank cal but never once she had the thought that could be Maan whom she is missing like hell.



Precap: Maan’s Life without Geet and Geet in Amritsar. Visiting Golden Temple. The building relationship with yash.





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


20 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 24, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Fabulous update… loved it so much…
    Continue soon


  2. i don’t know y every time maan’s parents talk to him so rudely
    do they guys even care for him or not???
    maan never intended to harm geet
    it’s just that he never met such an innocent person like geet in his hardcore business life
    i loved d way he come to meet geet hiding from everyone
    all d while reading this update i was listening BHULA DENA from my fav movie aashiqui-2 n somehow d song was depicting maan’s state when he was leaving shimla


  3. Posted by sohni111 on August 24, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    awesome part…. i really feel 2 cry thinking of maan!!! y cant any1 understamd him… im confused about yash as well, does he really understand maan or annie understands him!!! hopefully sanjana comes back in yash’s life or at leats bring aarti n ansh…


  4. hating maan parents they don’t want to understand his view his reasons maan worried for geet and he left waiting for them to meet soon


  5. Posted by Farzanaqazi on August 24, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    No no please dear don’t make them apart from eachother bring them closer. I can’t see my maaneet stayway from eachother.


  6. Posted by saragul11 on August 24, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Nice update thanks.feel sad for geet and maan


  7. awesome update
    Geet pass out of fear
    Maan guilty
    Everyone blaming maan
    Maan spent time with geet
    Aman’s talk upset maan
    And he left shimla
    Geet missing maan
    Maan giving blank calls to geet
    Waiting for next


  8. Painful, is the word,whenever I think of this Maan.Whenever he comes close to lil happiness,smthng or the other sntches it away.

    And now too how easily the whole khuranas blame him for Geet’s fainting.Though I agree that maybe that cut on Geet’s back was because of Maan but he didnt do it intentionally,moreover her for blood made her faint not her cut.

    It seems like Khuranas love to put Maan at a spot and vent out their anger on him,publicly.
    They didnt even let him see for once.He had to wait till 2 am so that he cud make sure that she is fine.

    And one sentence from Aman Khurana,that Maan will only hurt her idn he stays near him,made Maan leave Simla immediately.And no wonder,nobody tried to stop him except his mother’s weak resistance.

    Here Geet is missing Maan like hell but she doesnt know,why.If she stays oblivious to her true feelings towards Maan,she’ll get close to Yash [as u’ve mentioned in precap] and may be end up marrying him.

    I am loving this story most amongst all of yours.

    Eagerly waiting for next part.


  9. Wht the hell…i am feeling like Yash & Aman Singh Khurana…how could they even think like that???…
    I was crying while reading tht Maan left Shimla only bcoz everyone thinks tht he will ruin Geet’s innocence if he stays with her..
    Kyu hamesha Maan ko hi hlame karte rehte hai yeh sab?..mujhe toh Maan ke parents pe shaq ho raha hai ke woh sach me Maan ke maa baap hai bhi ya nahi..the way Maan’s father had beaten Maan mercilessly in his childhood..i still feel goose bumps while reminding it..how can a father do this with a son…they all are responsible fr making Maan so much ruthless..
    Geet missing Maan..she doesn’t even know tht Maan was there with her in her room..
    Awww…Maan made Geet sleep kn him so tht she doen’t feel pain in her back…just loved it di…
    & Precap…painful..& Geet going with yash???..yaar i just hate this yash..hamesha mere Maaneet ke bich me aa jaata hai..
    Kaise toh mujhe yash pe thoda believe ho raha tha but iss update se woh bhi khatam ho gaya..
    Now waiting to see when will ma Maaneet meet each other…


  10. Posted by neha74 on August 25, 2013 at 7:15 am

    I am so touchy and sensitive for this maan ,as even though i have read numerous maaneet stories but maan’s character in this story just takes my heart away 😉 and i fall in love with him all over again ❤ ❤ but this update made me very emotional and i cried for maan a lot 😥 😥 how can his parents be so insensitive towards their own child 😦 i am hating his father now for not understanding maan 😥 :S poor soul had to leave just causerie no one understands him :-S hope geet soon realizes her feelings for him and brings him out of this loneliness 😦 and darkness soon before they loose him completely 😥 :S eagerly waiting for more and specially maaneet moments 🙂 continue soooooooooooooooooon 🙂


  11. Posted by neha74 on August 25, 2013 at 7:17 am

    I am so touchy and sensitive for this maan ,as even though i have read numerous maaneet stories but maan’s character in this story just takes my heart away 😉 and i fall in love with him all over again ❤ ❤ but this update made me very emotional and i cried for maan a lot 😥 😥 how can his parents be so insensitive towards their own child 😦 i am hating his father now for not understanding maan 😥 :S poor soul had to leave just causerie no one understands him :-S hope geet soon realizes her feelings for him and brings him out of this loneliness 😦 and darkness soon before they loose him completely 😥 :S eagerly waiting for more and specially maaneet moments 🙂 continue soooooooooooooooooon 🙂


  12. Posted by ushankitvc on August 25, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    awesum updt…feeling sad fr maneet….continue sooon


  13. Posted by chahhat4eva on August 25, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Mind blowing update dear…. 😊🌺❤


  14. Posted by khwaishfan on August 26, 2013 at 10:15 am

    terrific update! Poor Maan! Geet missing him! He left! His parents r so rude! Maan needs love n understanding! Precap is interestin! upddate soon! Well written


  15. Posted by angelickushi on August 26, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    loved the update
    ih no maan left
    will he able to live without her and seeing her with yash


  16. Nice update
    feel sad for maan nd hate maan father
    why he is not understand maan.
    Geet miss maan.
    Wating for next dear.


  17. hay maan lvs hr alot..awsm sweet emotional part…


  18. Awesome update. I didnt like everyone behavior with maan. Plz let them meet soon . waiting for next update.Tc


  19. love the story so much……..love this maan so much…..poor geet so confused.


  20. read it after ages missed a lot of parts is this one where yash and maan are twins and i only want maan to be with geet hope yash realises that geet has feelings for maan also


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