Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life part 103

Part 103



As they pulled in front of the huge KM geet’s heart leapt seeing maahika who was looking so happy in shiv’s arm. Sanjh was right beside him with a smile and Dadima with Nikita standing beside her. Naintara was in middle with aniee and nt was holding a puja thal to welcome the married couple. As soon as they come out from the car, maan held geet’s hand and walked towards the entrance. Maahi jumped from shiv to maan who caught her in time. As soon as maahika went to her dada she started blabbering in her hibru language.

Maahi: uuuuhhhh,,, mmmmmmm, She talked animatedly with her hand in air and then her head. She put her both palm on her face and then hide in maan’s neck. Everyone laughed looking at her antics while maan’s heart swell understanding she missed them. Geet caresses her head and maahi came to geet eagerly. Geet showered her with kisses and maahi shook her head indicating not more. she rubbed her cheek.

Maahi: woooobbbb, uuummmm.

Everyone laughed but maan lowered on geet and maahi, it look like he wanted to take her but maan bend on geet’s ear..

Maan: see Maahi doesn’t like wet kisses which you are showering on her but maahi’s dada like them a lot, if u want u can shower it on him in the bedroom. Geet fiercely turned red and aniee saw the naughtiness exchanging between her brother and SIL. She smiled mischievously and elbowed nt to see them. Nt noticed the redness on geet’s face. She smiled evilly.

 Nt: Lagta hain, kal ki trip short padh gayi, inka romance to khatam hone se raha, Grihaprabesh ko aur thoda wait karna parega. Maan veer ji aap kahe to aur ek mini HM arrange karwa de kya? Maybe then geet’s blush will reduce. Maan glared her and aniee giggled loudly.

Aniee: arre nahi bhabhi, tab to geet bhabi aur bhi sharmaa ke chup jayegi. See na her face is so red.

Nt: aur mat Sharma geet warna veerji room me jane tak ka time waste nahi karenge.

Geet hide behind maan feeling too much conscious, Maan glared Nt and Aniee. Shiv understood geet’s shyness and awkwardness.

Shiv: abb yehi khare rehna hain, let get inside. Do your rituals fast. We need to get inside and I have work with maan. Aniee showed her tongue to him but he gave a serious look. Nt made faces but then dadima and nikita also said to do the rituals fast. NT took arti of maaneet with maahika. Maan took maahi in his arms and they entered the house. Geet pushed the Kalash which was filled with Rice and then placed her feet in a plate full of Kumkum and Aalta. They entered the room leaving the mark in a white sheet. Nikita held a plate with turmeric paste, and said her to dip her palm and leave mark on a wall, she did that. Maahika tried to touch the haldi thal but maan stopped her. It made her extremely angry as her mother was doing and none stopped her.

Maahi showed her hand towards the plate and bend crying on top of her lung: Uuuuuaaaaaa.. wooohhhhhhh.

Shiv shook his head and murmured: Nautanki.


Maan let her touch the haldi which made geet worried. She looked at maan worriedly.

Nikita: Geet nothing will happen to maahi, its safe. Geet relaxed under nikita’s assurance. Maahi urge to mark the place geet did. Shaking his head maan took her closer and she left her cute small palm mark beside geet. saanjh help her to do that properly which earn a very big and cute smile from maahi showing her gum. But then she didn’t stop. She again dipped her hand in the haldi.

Shiv: now she will play with it all the day, mom just take the plate out. His all word died in his throat as maahi turned and marked his white shirt with her palm. Everyone was shocked and so was Shiv. He looked at his shirt then at maahi, who was grinning ear to ear. They heard a gasp followed by a giggle of another person. He looked at geet who was standing stiffly and with mouth open then his eyes went towards saanjh who couldn’t stop her giggle. Then they heard loud laughter and turn to see hrishita was laughing holding her stomach. It broke other’s shock and everyone started laughing and lastly Maahi who was finding it amusing and she giggles in her angelic voice.

Maan: very good maahi, your target is perfect next time face pe try karna. He said in a loud whisper which made Shiv look at him angrily. Shiv looked at maahi with scary eyes trying to frighten her but it made maahi giggle more than first time. She hide her face in maan’s neck and keep giggling. She was naughty they knew but now she is shying still naughtiness didn’t leave her. She peek behind her lashes to see shiv and smiles at him with the sweetest face anyone can ever see. No one could be angry with an angel like maahi, Shiv too. He made baby faces at maahi then at geet who was just gasping.

Geet: I m so sorry shiv. Ye baap beti ek jaise hain, and maan u should have stopped maahi from doing that.

Maan: geet she is a kid, how can I stop her. u know na kid need lesson to learn in every phase of life. It was a good lesson.

Humor was hiding in that statement and geet shiv both knew that. They glared him but he was too busy with patting maahi.

They did the puja and did some custom play. After all of that NT Saanjh, aniee and Hrishita sat beside geet while shiv took maan out. Maahika settle on abinash’s lap and Dev went to Office. Prem ran towards geet and sat on her lap. He gave her kiss on the cheek before bombarding her with question.

Prem: Badi maa, everyone said it was your and badhe papa’s marriage yesterday but u r already married to bade papa na. Then how come u marrying him now?

Geet gave him a sweet smile before hugging him: actually prem, last time we married in so much hurry that u couldn’t enjoy it at all. And you were so small. So we thought to give a larger wedding so that u can enjoy and remember everything, u r big boy now. So did u enjoyed it?

Prem: yes badi maa, I have your and bade papa’s picture in my camera. Papa took that for me. Geet only smiles but her smile falter with next question. But where were u last night? I didn’t see u and bade papa. Maahi was with saanjh maasi.


NT looked at geet crookedly: ha let us know geet where were u? We didn’t know about the plan, maan veerji told us at last moment that he was taking you but where did u took u?.

Aniee: ha bhabi tell us fast.

Hrihsita: Bhabhi, last night maan bhai ditched our shagun so itna to banta hain. At least give us details of last night.

Nt: yup start from the place.

Saanjh: Did u like the place geet? The arrangements, ha bed kaisa tha? I mean Decoration?

All girls burst out laughing seeing geet’s wide eyes and flushed face. She immediately looked at maan with puppy eyes who apparently heard everything. He gave a sweet smirk and said with eyes that ‘tell them about it.’ It was a challenge and it made geet angry. She was spitting venom but then the sweet cute cuddly prem poked.

Prem: where were u last night? Bade papa aapko chori se legaye na. issi liye mujhe aap dikhi nahi.

Saanjh giggled which received a glare from geet. At last dadima came to geet’s rescue.

Dadima: kyun sata rahe hain hamari bacchi ko?

Nt: dadima, its exclusive u know she have to tell us.

Dadima: unko tang mat kijiye NT, nt made a grumpy face then dadima smiled. If u want to know it then take her in room upstairs where she will be comfortable. Kyun geet bête.

Geet widen her eyes: dadimaaaa…

Nikita: usse tang karna chodiye aap log, and geet beta go to ur room and take some rest. Ur eyes are swollen lagta puri raat jagi rahi.

It earned redder face than anything; geet just dipped her face behind prem’s back while everyone smiled.

Nikita innocently looked at everyone: ello abb maine kya keh diya? She was genuinely concern for geet and didn’t understand her own word’s meaning. Geet just ran upstairs.

Dadima: Nikita beta aap bhi na. Kal unka SR tha. Nikita bite her tongue and looked at abhinash who was silently shaking his head in amusement.


Maan was discussing some business matter with shiv but his all concentration was on geet’s red face. He was smiling and somewhere blushing too. It made him happy to see his family seeing this day. He had never imagined his family to be so happy and just be a true family. It was never like that, well GEET CHANGED EVERYHTING. She made this house a home, a loving family. Shiv snapped his finger in front of maan who jerked from his dream land.

Shiv: common yaar, I think u won’t concentrate on work and issues before your long Honeymoon. I mean shaadi ko 1 saal hogaye, u guys are behaving like truly kal huyi hain.

Maan sighed: in all meaning sach me kal huyi hain. I had never seen her so much happy, so blushing like a true bride. And I don’t feel shame to say I want my geet like this. Finally the past scare had erased it’s place from our life and I want to see her like this only. Blushing sweetly, shying and happy.

Shiv: She deserves it. Don’t messed up it maan, or next time I will come banging your head.

Maan laughed: yeah I count on u.

Shiv: did u talked her about the travel plan and saanjh?

Maan: yeah, she will help us. Like me she doesn’t want a divorce before marriage.  Shiv rolled his eyes on him but then he remembered something.

Shiv: maan we need to talk

Maan: I saw u tensed in marriage, what happen shiv?

Shiv sighed: I saw Sam in the function, when Maahi was missing. I saw her with maahi. It nearly made maan jump. He winched thinking about the seen as shiv told him everything. How did he found her and what sam said. Somehow maan found it suspicious and so did shiv.

Maan rubbed his temple: if geet got to know about it, she will worry.

Shiv: There is more maan. Maan looked at him worriedly. Shiv continued like he didn’t see that. Maan when u and geet faced that misunderstanding about sam. When she was in ur office and geet saw that. After that I and saanjh went to meet sam. Sasha and sam was talking how sasha seeded the doubt about u and sam in geet’s head. They had played a big game to separate u and geet. sam thought it that way geet will doubt u and u will get angry. In anger u can do anything which she knew very well and took the opportunity. But after that when saanjh confronted sam, she said something like taking the most prized possession that mean maahika. She was threatening about maahi. That she can take away maahika.

It took full 1 min to process every word of shiv by maan’s brain. He was seething like a volcano and next shiv saw the red eyes of maan. But before he can stop him maan left the place. Shiv couldn’t leave him, he knew where maan was going and he hurried to get him but not before informing everyone they need to go KC for some work but they will come soon.

Precap: confrontation.

I have next art ready but I won’t post so soon. C’mon make me give u. so give lots of likes and only 12 pages of comment.

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Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. awsem] update evryone teasing geet maahi target shiv and shiv told about sam shasha fab


  2. Lovelyyyyy update di….
    Everyone teasing Geet…poor Geet..sharam se uska chehra poora laal ho gaya tha…
    Hehehe…Maahi ka target hamesha bechara Shiv ban jaata hai…
    Finally Maan came to know the truth abt sam from Shiv…
    Maan is seething in anger now…
    Waiting to see wht is Maan going to do..


  3. Awesome update
    Geet is so shy shy with everyone teasing
    Maahi’s complain is so sweet
    She is such a sweetheart
    I love the maahi n haldi combination Poor shiv
    maan n shiv bonding is so nice
    Finally, maan knows sameera’s past deed
    Now sameera n shasha ka band Baja
    Waiting for confrontation


  4. Finally, maan knows sameera’s past deed
    Now sameera n shasha ka band Baja
    Waiting for confrontation


  5. Posted by khwaishfan on September 5, 2013 at 10:00 am

    fab update! Maan being naughty n all tease Geet! Poor Geet! Mahi is too cute! Poor shiv! Shiv tells Maan abt Sam n Sasha! MAan livid! update soon! Well written 🙂


  6. lovely update


  7. my wordpress is not working nowadays so giving comment from fb.awesome update.pls don;t show this bloody sam for next some updates


  8. Posted by chahhat4eva on September 6, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Mind blowing update dear❤❤


  9. awsm….maan is really great bt geet toh maha great…don k sath connection!!!!wooha!! bt our maan also nt any less….maan wnt his fmly bck bt he also dnt want to separete rudra frm his fmly..he understnds rudra so well…maan nd rudra both r right in their points…now lets see who will win this duel..lvd it..


  10. hey sorry that cmnt was for love for u..
    ok now fr this part….too sweet part bt ended wid a bomb blast…lvd it…the teasing….geet blushing like tomato..mahi ki haldi lagao game was really nice..nikita kitni buddhu hain..:P….mahii is in danger!!! wat the hell!!! abb maan se sam bach nehi payegi.. plss update soon..


  11. Posted by rdhanya83 on September 6, 2013 at 5:39 am

    yaar nice update.please i like maahi and her naughtiness , so sweet, please update fast .


  12. Posted by impoojaverma on September 6, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    superb update
    geet was way too much shying even after 1 year of their marriage
    & maahi she was all d while copying whatever geet was doing
    poor shiv, har baar maahi ka new prey ban jaata
    after knowing everything from shiv, sam ki toh bajne waali hai


  13. Posted by mmradhu97 on September 6, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Fabulous update… loved it so much…
    Curiously waiting for next part…
    Continue soon


  14. Awesome Part. waiting for conforntation . continue soon. Tc


  15. Beautiful update……….loved it…………..Maahi and Prem are very cute…………….Loved the talks between Maan and Geet………….Confrontation……….Waiting eagerly……….


  16. Posted by ushankitvc on September 7, 2013 at 2:38 am

    awesum part…eagerly waiting fr the confrontation…continue sooon


  17. Posted by angelickushi on September 7, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    loved the update
    geet having her share of happiness and others getting their share to tease
    finally shiv said abt sam
    eagerly waiting for next


  18. Superb update..loved it..everyone teasing geetand prem asking where were maaneet last night and making geet more reddermaahi put haldi on shiv’s shirt was awesome..shiv told everything to maan about sam..continue soon..


  19. awesome update dear
    thank god sam understand she needs to move on in her life..ohh noo saajh know maan raped geet ab kya hoga hope she wont drag this to create more problems for them now


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