Love For You Part 79

Part 79

Both the men sat there for hours. None said a word; Maan’s eyes roamed above every corner of the place where his 3 most important persons had spend a life of 6 yrs. His eyes caught a wall; the paint was different from all other. It doesn’t have expert touch, but then his eyes roamed above the pictures of a happy family. Its look like a perfect family, the only thing missing was Geet’s lively eyes. She is smiling but not happy. Maan inadvertently walked towards the photo. He saw the other collage; it had tamanna mannat and Rudra. It was huge and geet wasn’t in that picture, clearly it’s made by the kids.

Rudra: it was a present on father’s day from tammy and mann. Maan felt something cracked in his heart. His children weren’t with their real father but that didn’t stop them to celebrate because they have Rudra. And no matter how much he is envious from Rudra Maan can’t avoid the gratefulness he felt behalf of his children to this man. Still somewhere it pained him the most that till this day he was oblivious of the fact he has 2 beautiful angels to call his own. His blood and flesh and he was there spending the time grieving his lost.

Maan touched the single frame which has tammy and mann together. They were fighting for some bunny and tamanna was naturally cheating because she had the mischievous glint. There was a photo of geet tammy and mann. Maybe Rudra had taken that while 3 of his angel where indulge in a pillow fight. It occur then it was tammy and mann’s bday maybe because in next pic they were cutting the cake and next smudging the cake on geet first and then another has Rudra, kids had smudged his face with chocolate. He felt his breath was choking thinking he doesn’t even know about his children’s birth date. He has lost so many things in his foolish rage and insecurity. He traced the smiling face of tamanna alone and felt the tear he was suppressing till now slowly rolling on his cheek. His eyes again drifted towards huge collage which was in center. It had Rudra’s winning some award and he can see how fondly his kids made that collage collecting every paper and pic they can arrange. It only shows their love for Rudra. He was nowhere in there live. He was invisible till date in their life, couldn’t take a little part and there so thousands miles away he was there sitting remembering geet and their days together.

His eyes fell on a pic Rudra of geet, geet was serious he can guess and wasn’t happy in that picture but Rudra was smiling mischievously, and in next picture Geet’s shocked expression and she was wet from head to toe in red water color which maybe Rudra had thrown as in next he was running and get was chasing. Next it was geet grabbing rudra’s neck. He looked closely and he can see it was old, very old. A young geet maybe 19 or 20 yr. she was happy in her life till maan came yet she was craving for maan all her life and when he got her he couldn’t take care of his angel.

Next picture was Tammy and Mann’s school function where they won some prize and they were showing it to the audience while the picture was taken. One of the picture was Rudra making funny faces and mann punching him on his stomach and tammy giggling. Maan touched one photo that made him crave to weep right now. It was of Geet and the 2 cute little bundle of joy. Geet was in hospital gown and she has a beautiful smile with her both children. Maan felt the pull towards the pic and caresses three of them, he didn’t knew when his eyes were moist but he crave to sit beside her, he wanted to be with her in that picture but he had missed that. And he can never live the moment again.

He didn’t realize when someone was standing right beside him and when he realized Rudra was standing rigid but the rude expression has soften a little.

Rudra: it was on their birthday. I saw her smiling whole heartedly for the first time after so many months. The date is 9th February. Maan remember that day he got out from his coma. His angels saved him he believes. Rudra sighed and took out something from a drawer and then gave it to him. Maan looked at him confuse and Rudra looked elsewhere but him. Like every time I had taken some moments in a video, u can see them. Though I know geet won’t like it but, I know, as a father how it feel. Maan took the CD eagerly and Rudra saw the desperation in his eyes. It was desperation, pain, loneliness.  Maan closed his eyes for a moment then looked at Rudra.

Maan: Thanks Raizada. Never thought I will say that, but, Thanks. His voice was hoarse and Rudra just nodded nothing saying in sarcasm. But then he again looked at him.

Rudra: but that doesn’t mean I m letting my kids go. Maan I am not letting them go to India. If u want them u have to earn them.

Maan: u know they will be safe.

Rudra: I know but still I don’t trust u and neither with geet. He sighed dramatically and maan couldn’t suppress the smile because Rudra was trying to be tough which he was failing. He felt sympathy for the first time with Rudra.

Rudra scrapped his face with his hand and then ran his hand in his hair for umpteenth time. He was nervous and hell irritated. He can’t let maan take the kids now. He knew he is being selfish but to hell with everything he doesn’t want to lose them.

Rudra: you know u can’t win the battle of custody.

Maan raise his one eye brow arrogantly: can’t I? Rudra felt strangling his neck right the moment because damn, he is right. He can.

Rudra: Geet won’t let you.

Maan: who is saying I m letting her go? I want everything Rudra. You got them for 7 yrs but I didn’t had anything.

Rudra shouted instantly: that’s not an excuse. Whatever u did, u deserves it.

Maan: don’t I deserve another chance with my children. When I m accepting everything then what is the problem Rudra? Maan was oddly calm taking with Rudra and it was making Rudra irritated further because naturally it was always Rudra who stayed calm and maan who shout and swore. Maybe because maan doesn’t have anything to lose anymore and he has everything to lose now.

Rudra groaned: u shouldn’t.


Maan: because u don’t want to lose the family. Is it that Rudra? Is it your fear? That kids and geet will be with me and you,

Rudra: don’t utter a word a*****, I m not FEARING.

Maan: ahh I got that.

Rudra groaned again and left the place to take the whiskey. Maan sat opposite to him.

Maan: so tell me Rudra, what will u do once u live here alone?

Rudra slammed the glass on the wooden counter: I m not letting them go, not so easily got that damn straight khurana.

Maan: is it because u can’t see angel going or u can’t suppress the love for geet anymore?

Rudra: what the hell maan do u think urself, don’t cross the path again.

Maan: don’t tell me u never felt anything.

Rudra: I did, I do, always I will. But I love her as friend now. Its, its complicated. You won’t understand.

Maan: then make me understand. Do u love geet or not.

Rudra looked straight in his eyes: Yes I do. Yes I thought many time to ask her to marry me.

Maan was momentarily stilled while Rudra smirked. Maan was silent for a moment and then he looked blank.

Maan: but u couldn’t because u still love maahi. Now it was time for Rudra to look at him with shock. Maan smiles at him not his usually cruel smirk. You love them both Rudra. U wanted to marry Geet because you wanted ur family to be intact. U wanted Tamanna and Mannat to be with u always. You don’t desire geet but want her children to call u dad, u love them as father and can do anything for them but not for Love, you still feel for Maahi and that’s why u never got engage with any other girl.

Rudra murmured: that’s not true, I,


Maan: isn’t it?

Rudra: No.


Maan just nodded but his eyes said he got him. Rudra groaned and rubbed his face with his palm.

Maan: I don’t want to break your family Rudra. Maan’s voice was low but full of strains. I want them with me in India so that they got their mother and father and their full family which uncles and aunts and great grandmother. U can see they already know me and as I assume u or geet never told them about me. Rudra shook his head. That mean they got to know from somewhere. Now tell me when they will grow up what u or geet will say about their father when they will ask why I m not with them? Will u lie or say the truth their father was a b****** who accused their mother, so that they will break fully.


Rudra: no, I can’t do that. He was murmuring more to himself then saying to maan.

Maan: Rudra my first priority is Geet. I want her to be back more to herself than to us but for that I have to take kids with me, only then I will be able to show her we could have been a family. We could have been good if I was not insecure.

Rudra scanned his face for few moments: She is happy u know. His voice seems so shallow.

Maan snorts and looked at the picture where geet was standing on the balcony alone with a mug of coffee and staring into space. She was looking angelic in her white kurta and hair knotted above her head with a clip. Rudra had taken the pic because she was looking beautiful but he had never missed the emptiness in those eyes. That face once was lively with a smile seems like hollow without an ounce of life.

Maan: I can see that.

Rudra sighed: I get that, I know I m been selfish. But, I, just. He felt short of word because inside he was losing everything. It’s seems like so far to reach geet and now his kids that made him fear. But that doesn’t mean he is a selfish mean b******. He told maan he had loved geet which means giving not caging his love. He should let her free so that she can have the wings which once were her life. Knowing maan was true he should leave a chance for maan.

Rudra: Okay. I think u deserves a chance, I don’t know why I m doing the stupidity of trusting u again after whatever u did and said to her but.

Maan: u love her and want to see her happy, be that love a friendship or a fatherly for her children.

Rudra: yeah it’s seems so. But let me remind u maan, if ur stupidity again make her cry or humiliate then trust me I will come right the next moment and break ur face into too many tiny pieces and take back my family.

Maan smiles at him: You won’t. and Rudra,, u won’t be loosing ur family but one more person will include in your family.

Rudra frowned: If geet will let you.

Maan nodded: okay I need their passport, we will leave in the morning. Rudra nodded but he felt sad. It was hard to let go. The house will feel empty without them. Maan saw that look. He felt guilty doing that to Rudra. No matter how jealous he was with Rudra but he can’t forget that he is the only person who was with his geet and kids. Rudra, you can come with us. I will terminate the contract, but u can’t say that to geet.

Rudra’s face literally lit up like 100 bulbs and maan felt like laughing. For the first time in the entire years he felt light and happy for another person. He isn’t the same insecure maan neither he is the same Rudra. Both are matured enough to think what they are doing and how will it influenced in tamanna and mannat’s life. Rudra nodded.

Rudra: I should pack their stuff it’s huge.

Maan: I will help u.

They were going towards the kids room when Rudra heard the beep sound, it was the fax and maan looked at him confusingly. Who can send a fax at this hour? Rudra went to take the fax and momentarily stilled. Maan saw that expression. It was shocked and surprised mixed and then Rudra rolled his eyes.

Rudra: you can’t take kids.

Maan: what? But u said.

Rudra: Geet ka fax hain. She had sent the legal papers. No other person than her can take the kids out of town. Maybe she had a talk with our lawyer.

Maan: but she can’t do that at this hour, and she is in India. How can she make legal papers here at this hour?

Rudra looked embarrassed: well she has Connection.  Maan gritted his teeth and looked at Rudra with anger. What? I didn’t do anything. It’s her. she will fight for custody and knowing her connections u will fail badly I think.

Maan: what connection?

Rudra murmured: well she owe some favor to the cop and some, ummm, underworld.


Rudra sighed: it’s not like that, she like to help ppl and once she helped a lady who apparently was fiancé of a Don so she made connection and good friend with julliane and her don fiancé and once she took the cop’s wife for delivery amidst of the red alert and fighting with everyone, so got connection there and last not the least she is friend with the daughter of the judge who will affectionately handle the custody case.

Maan was gaping at Rudra for few min: then why didn’t she use all these to rescue you and sue me?

Rudra: she would never take anyone advantage or any favor if she is on the verge of breaking also. She thought apparently whoever the MD is of that company must have some sense and she can talk to him before taking any action and she went to India.

Maan smiles a little: still she didn’t took their help.

Rudra sighed: apparently she can’t hurt you. Though she hates u but I guess she loves u.

Maan can’t help but the stupid smile came back on his lips thinking finally he got a reason to fight. He will win his mithi soon, he will do anything to win her back and for that he need to play according to his smart mithi.

Maan: okay, so if Kids can’t go India, I can live with them.

Rudra: yeah seems so. Wait a min. u and here? U mean, that mean.

Maan: yeah raizada I will stay here with my kids, know them better and to show them what their father is and how much he loves them. If geet want to play she knows I don’t play fair and never will.

Rudra groaned in frustration: I don’t doubt that. Mishtyyy.


Precap: nahi dungi….

That teaser was for future update, kab ayega pata nahi but not in near in 6 7 update I guess.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. Thnx for adding me! Loved the Convo between Maan and rudra! Feel very sorry for Maan that he wasn’t their when their angels were born! Continue soon


  2. My god u know I’m running out of praises your imagination is fantastic what a great story twist pe twist don’t make us wait to long for update loved how u showed a slight link between maan and rudra their common link kids and geet can’t wait for next so hurry enough said or u want more thanks


  3. This update showed d maturity of both Maan and Rudra.If they wanted they cud’ve made d scenario much ugly but they didnt.Its painful to see Maan trying to capture the lost moments of his life through photographs.And its sad to see how Rudra is scared to lose his family.

    But amidst both the boys trying to saught out their problems,Geet made a blast by sending d fax.But Maan is still cool and decided to stay wid d kids.

    Great part.



  4. awsem update rudra maan confrontation maan seeing pics of his family geet favours maan decided to stay with kids and rudra


  5. Superbbbbb update di…
    Maan & Rudra understanding each other’s situations..tht was really shocking…
    Maan decided to take kids to India & Rudra alos going with them…
    After reading this upate the respect fr Rudra in my eyes has increased by million folds
    But our Geet is not less…she sent the fax so now Maan cant take kids to India…


  6. Wonderful rudra helping maan but geet’s connections were wow!!!!!!


  7. Awesome update
    Maan seeing g photo is very touching scene
    Maan state is very vulnerable
    Poor rudra I feel sad for him
    Geet is very smart
    maan face is worth watching when rudra told him about geet sources haha I felt like laughing


  8. Awesome update
    Maan seeing g photo is very touching scene
    Maan state is very vulnerable
    Poor rudra I feel sad for him
    Geet is very smart


  9. tich it was amazing. maan is admiring geet and his children’s pictures. he is feeling bad. he wanted to spend his all time with geet and his babies. i felt bad for rudra too. he will again lose her family. i am shocked with the news of underworld connection with geet. i must say maan ke geet bhi kam nahi hai. very exited for next


  10. Posted by khwaishfan on September 5, 2013 at 9:54 am

    awesum update! Feeling 4 Rudra! Bt Maan explains! Maan emotional n admiring pics! Geet! So Maan cannot take kids nw! update soon! 🙂


  11. Posted by life19 on September 5, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Somewhere now geet is doing to much

    i know sh is hurt and fears to get hurt again but maan deserves a chance

    she is sent legal papers but i liked the way maan never told geet about his sufferings

    he wants to win her with love not with pity but wat will geet do when she will know through wat maan went

    atleast geet had rudra whom did maan have

    wasnt he all alone tat still he is dying each second to get his love back

    m not favoring maan as he was wrong and is wrong but she to knows somewhere tat he is trying


  12. Posted by fou on September 5, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    geet is being silly!!!!!!!!!!!poor maan


  13. its my most fav maaneet ff,written by u.awaitng for maaneet reunion,till then give us lots of kids moment with maaneet


  14. awesome update
    Maan seeing hs angels pics
    Rudra is scared that maan will take them away
    He save some moments of hs angels for maan
    Geet and hr contacts. . . Bichara maan was so shocked
    Waiting for next


  15. Posted by mmradhu97 on September 6, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Fabulous update… loved it…
    Loved the way maan and rudras conversation… loved the way maan is admiring geet and his angels pictures… loved the way rudra helping maan… eagerly waiting for next part… continue soon


  16. Very good part.Plz update soon tc


  17. Posted by ushankitvc on September 7, 2013 at 3:28 am

    awesum updt…so geet dont want the kids to cum to india…then maan stays with the kids here itself….continue sooon


  18. Posted by angelickushi on September 7, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    loved it
    i knew geet wud fight her life for her angels
    wow all living in same place
    cant wait for that


  19. so painful for maan to have lost those precious years. but you can tell that he is remorseful and geet doesnt know the whole story that he had an accident while trying to go after her and that he was in a coma.


  20. Awesome update..loved it..maan seeing all the photos and rudra giving him the videos..maan asks rudra also to come to india..geet sent the legal papers and maan also going to stay with kids only..continue soon..


  21. awsum update
    luvd it


  22. Posted by nikita0109 on September 20, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    finally i read all missd update tichu……all updates was awesome yaar…….finally maan ko kids k baare me pata chal gaya……love maan n kids part…rudra was feeling insecure…..i love rudra n maan’s part also……hmmmm tho maan kids ko nai le ja skta kahi…..dekthe h aage kya hoga…….i think aise kaise ho skta h k koi MSK ko rok sake…..maan jarur kuch tho karega hi…..
    n about teaser aaahhhh i m still thinking k kaun hoga wo


  23. very emotional … superb update
    maan n rudra both r right in their place n they understand eachother very well…. which u wrote amazingly
    ohhh … geet’s connection is JORDAR… hahaha
    so now game begins…..
    love it


  24. Posted by Deepali on September 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    I am new to this story but I should say I am hooked, I have read the whole 79 chapters in one night and want to read more.

    Awesome update. Really liked your other work also. keep up the good work going
    thanks for writing a wonderful story


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