Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 15

Part 15


Ja raha hu  , dur main,

Tujhse magar tu  mujhse dur jaana nahi  ,

 Jeena mera  ,  ab jeena nahi  ,  

Jab saamne tera haseen chera nahi ,    

Tu woh sapna hai mera ,

Jo maine band  hi nahi khuli aankho se bhi hai dekh ,

Par kya hoga yeh pura,  aur ho jaaye yeh poora ,

Ab mera dil ka hai yeh khwab adhura ,

Main apne dil ko tham luga,  

Badega jo mera har kadam teri aur, usse rok duga ,

Par tu aawaz na dena ,phir main ruk na sakuba,

Tujhe milne se  khud ko mod na sakuga,  

Tu woh khushi hai meri ,jo mujhe meri jaan se bhi hai pyaari ,

 Tu khush rahe,  

Chahe teri khushi kissi aur main rahe ,

Mai khush rahuga tere liye,

Ke ek pal hi sahi tu khush thi, mere bhi liye.    

By Nishu @9n9i9s9h9u9

Life without geet can be so hollow maan had never realize until he spend the days away from her in an alone place, away from everything. The occasional hello from geet and her curses can be some time successful to feel alive and bring a smile on his face but after the end of call again it pushed him towards the darkness. After coming back from Shimla Maan had gone Paris for some urgent meeting but all his attention was on geet. he was craving to see her smiling face, those pink flushed cheeks and the mirror of her soul those hazels twinkling like the 1st ray of sun. But all he got was emptiness. Whenever he returned to his hotel suite, the emptiness of the room mocked him about his life. He agreed without geet his life is like this hollow. Before meeting her maan had never consider his life to be empty. He had never given importance to the hollowness of life; he was always alone from his childhood then why this time it’s eating him so much? He doesn’t feel he is living but the breath is the only prove he is not dead.

Every waking moment it brings memories back like a flashback of geet. Whenever, wherever he went just one glimpse at anything and he can feel her in all those things. Her smile, her blushing, her cute anger and those pouty lips, anything was enough to make him smile. He had never smiled or felt happy like this but he had never felt so much empty in his life after going away from something which wasn’t his any day. These days were hell for him, he had worked all day and night to take out his frustration but still he couldn’t say he felt good after that. At night he can’t sleep and at day he can’t put his attention on work. Geet had taken a part with her existence or rather say he had taken a part of her.

For geet it was same, sun-rising and sun-setting but the emptiness in her life remains same. Seeing her gloomy face none asked about that day anymore but that doesn’t stop them being worried for her. Her wound was healing and after a week they went to cut the stitches but what made them shocked was geet doesn’t react. She wasn’t feeling frighten thinking about hospital like she always felt but as they went to doctor’s office she started shivering. It was both relieving and painful for geet’s family. Just then Yash came to the hospital and geet literally begged him to take her out but yash stayed with her and gave her strength to face her fear. Brij and Mohindar Handa got out from the room but yash stayed. It was awkward for rano to let yash stay while the doctor was taking out the stitches but she was more than happy when she saw geet was depending on him. For her it was 1st sign of love and life together but for geet and yash it was nothing more than friendship. Geet was feeling lonely amidst of everyone and yash was great support who doesn’t prey for her talking about what happen but silently support her always.

‘mujhe dar laga raha hain Yash’

‘ohh Geet I didn’t knew u r so scared, u know u r more scared than a kitten.’

Geet glared yash with her cute angry eyes and then looked away ‘I m no scared. Main kabhi scared nahi hoti.’

‘ohh really that’s why u are shivering and looking like any time u will run like u got fire in ur tail.’

Geet’s mouth hung open with his insult and glared him with more fuming eyes. Yash gave her cheeky smile. She pointed her finger towards him warning but then felt a little pain on her back before she can say anything yash held her finger.

‘see geet kitten are way better than u, they atleast know how to attack, and u can only cry. Just a small cut and u will start crying and wailing for veer ji. Tumhe to har ek kaam ke liye brij veer ji ko bulana padhta hain. Chot lagi back pe tum chal nahi nahi paayi, veer ji ko godh me utha ke lejana padha.’

‘tum jayada bol rahe ho yash. I will tell veerji.’


‘See again Veer ji.’

They heard a voice and both turned towards the smiling doctor ‘It’s done. Thank u Mr Yash.’


Geet looked at doc then at yash ‘Wait, Done? It’s done? Stitches nikal gaye? Itni jaldi?’

Yash tipped her head lightly ‘yes mam. And see u didn’t feel pain also.’

‘but I thought u were fighting with me, and calling me names.’ Geet pouted angrily but yash chuckled. Doc left them to chat for few min and rano also left them alone, she felt happy to see how yash took care of geet. None had ever handle geet with so much ease. Maybe because her father grandfather and brother is too much protective. Geet need a friend more than a bodyguard. Yash is perfect for that in Rano’s eyes.


It was after the day in hospital when geet was sitting in her garden feeding her rabbits when yash came. He had noticed the sadness in her eyes and it tore his heart. She has an amazing quality to attract anyone towards her. Everyone want to talk to her, maybe her sweetness is the key. She talks with everyone sweetly, never disrespect anyone and the questions she ask sometime make yash feel fear for her naivety. How can be a 22 yr girl be so much naïve. Once to make her mood good aniee had planned a small trip for youngstars in the 2 family. Nikhil Roshni, yash geet aniee all went to see the picture in nearby theater without knowing what problem they had entered in their life. And it was then they got to know when the picture had some steamy scenes, Geet literally shouts and ran away from the cinema hall making a big issue in other viewer and made a laughing stock of the situation. Nikhil and Roshni had teased her later but when yash had seen her eyes going moist by their teasing he nearly smashed Nikhil for it. He had shouted on them which was very rare for him and aniee was worried because their family would have killed her if they got to know what made geet upset and top of that she was worried for brij because if he get to know they took her to see picture which has some X rated scene he will blast on them specially on aniee. But Geet saved them when she said she got headache seeing the pathetic movie and she went out.

Later Yash again came to meet her and then geet was hell angry with him but later when yash played guitar for her then only she smiled. She was coming closer to yash and yash also feeling she can be the one who will finally hold him in life. He is happy, he knew he can’t have sanjana but somewhere geet was so much like her. But more naïve and sweet than her he agreed whole heartedly. Day by Day yash’s protectiveness was increasing over geet and she didn’t even realize. Both families had noticed the change in Yash and geet’s relation. They are closer, whatever geet don’t want to share with her family she always shared it with yash. Maan was like fading away from everyone’s life. They didn’t hear a word about him, though aniee had tried to call him but his private number was never reachable and the other numbers always taken by his assistance.

Geet was slowly coming out from her sadness because of yash but still at night she somehow manage to get lost in maan’s thoughts. She had cried maximum night without knowing why she was feeling so. She was feeling lonely, the emotion she never felt in her life she felt that time. Still she was nave to know why her heart is tormenting thinking about maan. Maan never called her, not even to ask how she is. She was mad at him, but more than that she was hurt. Day by day she was going in depression and the one time she felt happy when yash came to meet her. He had even played with her rabbits which is why she felt deep connection with him. He didn’t say she is silly to play at this age, but she felt happy when he helped her catching her Rosy and nursing her when she got injury.

Though Yash had become a part of her life but still she couldn’t forget maan, she wanted to be mad at him but she can’t. She should be angry the way he left her but she couldn’t think of anger when her heart just want single glimpse to satisfy her arching heart. She remember the way he behaved with her in that alone corner but then the rudeness converted his husky caressed above her body and she felt her body was on fire. She sat up from her bed touching the placing maan had touched once. She remember the movie aniee had taken her, she was shy seeing them kissing and doing all that stuff. She bites her lips and covered her face by her palm. And then she remembers the way Maan had touched her in the park. His kisses today felt something more. She never pondered about the feeling but today the emptiness and the need in her body was awakening some weird feeling. But in that picture it was between hero and heroine. Is that mean maan is the hero os her life? And then came the realization. In morning they had some puja where she and yash sat together and her mother explained it’s because of their ritual to take out all evil eyes from the pair who is going to be married in less than 13 days. She had seen her family doing all preparation. Card will be send after 2 days. It’s on so short notice but her family and khurana’s are doing best to make it special for her. And then reality stuck her. She is going to marry Yash, her friend not her hero Maan.

Reality was harsher than life which crushed her heart and tears gathered in her eyes. In her stupidity she actually forgot the relation of married couple. Though she still don’t know properly but she know yash is her going to be husband not maan, and her closeness with maan can hurt yash as supposed to be. She closed her mouth to stop the gasp of her agony. Eyes clouded with tears her mother’s every word about a husband and wife relation, and it’s not good to feel for other person than her husband and deep down now she know she felt those emotions for maan not yash.

She had never felt the emotions but heard about the way a girl feels for his hero, her husband, her lover. But she doesn’t feel for Yash more than friendship and Maan? What she feel for maan, how can she express? Is that the same feeling other girls has for their lover? Is maan her lover? She never knew about the definition about Love, she had just read some stories and had seen pictures but never felt, or she felt for Maan? She remember maan’s every word. The desperation to know what place he has in her life, his anger towards yash’s closeness towards her. what does that mean? Is that mean maan feel something for her. Is it love? Does she love him? But it’s wrong, so wrong. Their relation is wrong or the feelings?


Next day when Yash entered the Handa haveli his attention straightly went on Daarji who was sitting rigid. His face was tensed and the tension he can see through the other family member was enough to tell him it’s because of geet. Rano saw him and her face instant changed when she came towards him.

‘yash beta, how r u?’


‘aunty I m fine, I just came here to meet geet. she wanted some chocolate. So I just got some for her.’


‘ye ladki bhi na’ rano shook her head in disappointment.


‘relax aunty I m more than happy to fulfill her wishes, at least she only ask for so small things. She is so different than any city girl which is good. She doesn’t demand expensive jewelry but she get her happiness in soft toys.’

Rano smiles a little ‘But she can be stubborn.’

‘ahh I know, and I m happy to be the target for her wonders.’

He laughed and so did rano. Brij relaxed a little but Darji was still tensed, he was still worried about his encounter with geet in the early morning when he caught her in garden. She hadn’t slept well he can see that in her red swollen eyes. And then her question when he sat beside her baffled him to the core. He remember the confusion on her innocent face and he is afraid to see her hurt like that again.

 ‘Daarji Pyar kya hota hain?’

Daarji was shocked hearing her about love. They were friends from geet’s childhood and she had shared everything with him so when she asked about it, daarji didn’t felt awkward but he was worried because she had never asked that question any time.

‘Beta ji Pyar bohot khubsurat cheese hain. I fell in love when I saw ur daadima 1st time she came in my house. She was 14 and I was 16. When we feel love, it’s like heaven. We just want to be with the person we love. One smile of your love is everything; u can do anything to see that smile that calls love. Pyar aapne aap me hi pyara hain.’


‘aap ne kabhi dadima ke ilawa aur kisi se pyar kiya?’

Daarji was surprised to see geet so boldly asking him about his experience but he didn’t discourage her, she need to know if she want to be happy in her married life. Yash of course loves her a lot but he is mature, she need to be mature to return his love.

‘beta hamare khandan me, shaadi se pehle pyar paap hota hain. And your dadima was really sweet, she loved me a lot and you also know how much I loved her. There was no place for any other person then her’


‘lekin daarji that doesn’t mean, everyone feel same for their husband or wife. What if they fell for some other person while their family wants to marry them with another. Tab usse kya karna chahiye?’

‘if the person loves his or her family, then she will agree to them. Family comes first. And think about the person who is marrying her or him. How broken they feel if their spouse doesn’t love them back. It’s not right geet. There is nothing more valuable than the reputation of family. Wo khandan jeete ji mar jata hain agar uski beti unka naak kaat de.’

‘lekin uss insane ka kya jisse wo pyar karti ho? Jo usse unti hi mohabbat karta ho?’

‘GEET’ Daarji’s stern voice trembled geet and she came out from her revere. She looked at daarji with fearful face. He sighed in a tired breath. ‘Geet puttar, hum tujhse bohot pyar karte hain. Lekin sach bata, tu apne liye to nahi puch rahi na? Beta yash is a very good person. He will love u and cherish u like we did. But if u think about any other person what will we answer the Khuranas? Humari izzat mitti me mil jayegi beta.’


Geet felt her eyes burned with pool of tears. She hugged daarji who suddenly seems so much old and tired. She knew he loves her so much. Never in life he had refused her for anything then how can she make him bow down in front of anyone?

‘daarji, I was just asking, wo actually I had seen some movie so I was asking. That’s it, ye main apne liye nahi pooch rahi thi. I will marry yash only.’

‘jeeti rahe, khush rahe. Accha sun tu chahti thi na Amritsar Golden temple mattha tekne jaaye? Hum sab to nahi jasakte, lekin shaadi se pehle teri ye khwaish puri karna chahte the, so Brij said he will take u with Yash Aniee and their cousin. Tu jayegi na?’

Geet smiles and nodded in acceptance ‘daarji, I m feeling sleepy. Can I take a nap for some hour?’

He nodded and geet kissed his cheek. She went away holding her bunny close to her chest, in that moment daarji felt something odd in geet. Like suddenly she became so mature, she didn’t show any emotion which was rare for her but he can feel something has changed.

Apparently when geet felt the break in her heart she tried to suppress all her emotion inside her. She didn’t cried. And why she will cry, it’s not like she love maan? Does she? But bigger question is does maan love her? Can he love her amidst his all anger and frustration about her childishness? She seems uncertain now. She heard her daarji’s definition of love but still something is amiss, she is feeling empty inside. And the pain, where she will take out the pain. She cuddle in her soft bed, hugging her bunny and hide her face in its soft fur then stared at the scenario outside then when she felt asleep she herself wasn’t sure.

Precap: Amritsar and Maan….

I can’t tell u guys how much I feel happy to see those long comments, and I know This Maan is special for me as well as for my readers. So don’t worry I will reveal the one little secret I had kept about him but at least wait for some more updates. And keep sending those beautiful comments it motivates me a lot… and i m really sorry guys for not replying separately. believe me i want to thanks each one of u for supporting me. but as u know about my hell of a lot busy scheduled, i couldn’t take time to reply instead i try to type next update… so i hope u will accept my apology.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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  1. Pls. Pls geet should be with maan nt yash get someone else for her


  2. tich it was amazing. geet and maan both are missing each other. yash is trying to make geet comfortable. he is also coming close to geet. some where maneet knows their importance for each other but not able to accept. geet is so naive. how would she go against her family. waiting for maneet’s meeting.


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    I hate this yash…samajh kyu nahi leta woh Maaneet ke bich me aa raha hai..
    Awwww…ma Maan is ssooo much in pain…Geet is also missing Maan…but lagta hai woh dheere dheere apni feelings samajh rahi hai…
    Yaar yeh daarji bhi na…chaahe kitne bhi achhe kyu na ho inke khaandaan
    ki izzat haesha bich me aa jaati hai
    When will Maaeet meet di???


  4. Beautiful update. I hope geet understand her feelings soon n tell yash whom she consider as her friend.
    I hope maan comes to Amritsar n take geet with him forever


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  6. The first half of the update,explaining Maan’s loneliness and emptiness is heart wrenching.Though we know that he’s always been alone,but whenever I read d line that ‘he’s been alone fm childhood’, there’s a sharp pain d heart.

    And Geet she is so naive that she doesnt even understand her heart.That why is she sad.And then there is Yash to replace Maan.There’s Darji to teach her about family honour.

    I dont think she’ll be able to do anything in thing in this situation.

    Interesting part.



  7. Posted by khwaishfan on September 5, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    emotional update! Geet depressed ! Missin Maan! Sees YAsh as a friend only! Feelin 4 Maan! Darji preaching abt family honour! YAsh thinks she is perfect 4 him! Geet realisng her feelings 4 Maan bt is confused! Nt happy nt will marry Yash! Nobody bothered abt Maan except Annie! Sad update! Pls dnt separate Maaneet! update soon! 🙂 Well written


  8. Posted by impoojaverma on September 5, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    can u please give back to back updates of this one
    i just can’t resist myself reading it again n again
    geet & yash r more close n their family is taken it as love coz they r going to be married & d thing which hurts me d most is they don’t even care where maan is….
    thiugh with yash she ia always happy but whenever she is alone her mind is full of maan & somewhere she is realizing her love him.
    But still she doesn’t have any idea about maan
    plzzz update it soon


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  11. Posted by blossomsunshine on September 5, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Geet is understanding her feelings towards Maan but The family First notion of daarji is hurting and confusing her. Why is Maan’s family so insensitive towards him.


  12. awsome update…geet had realized her feelings..thats really good…bt why darjii asked her to ignor her feelings nd go for her family’s so called reputation..mr darji agar beti hi nehi rahegi toh reputation ka kya karenge aap??..i hate this custom..its really sicks..bt yashh is such a sweet heart..he supports her in evry possible way..bt he is devoloping a feelings towards geet which is not good as it will cause him one more heart break…:(…shaadiii in 13 days!!!!!!!!! what the hell!!!! i think geet should tell yash about her feelings towards maan..im sure he will support her…and i think this trip will chng smthng in their life…maan where r u??u sweetheart needs u..


  13. awesome update
    Yash and geet getting closer
    Maan feeling empty without geet
    Geet also missing maan
    She is confuse about her feeling
    And was asking darji about love
    Waiting for next


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    Awesome update… loved it
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    Both r hurt…n both r in love…


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  18. Posted by ushankitvc on September 7, 2013 at 3:42 am

    awesum…maneet missing each other…yash is nothing but a frnd…hope yash realise sooon that geet loves maan and maan too loves hr and get them married…hope this miracle happens….eagerly waiting fr nxt part…updt sooon


  19. Posted by angelickushi on September 7, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    loved it
    geet is so naive and now she is actually trying to find wat she feels maan and yash
    pl update soon


  20. amazing update. i feel bad for maan and just hope yash can realise that geet has feelings for maan…hopefully they can do a swap on the wedding day!!!


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    Cont sooooooon…


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