Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 29


Part 29

It’s being 3 days and still Maan doesn’t come out of his unconscious state. Doctors had informed that maan’s kidney can fail because of the bullet which just went beside the place missing the direct contact with few inches. And frm then geet was praying for his safety. They had given 24 hours to calculate his safety and after it they had declared he is safe but the head injury and blood loss had cost him a lot. Though his kidney was safe but he can be in coma which geet is dreading. From 3 days she couldn’t even gotten out of hospital. Mr Abhinav Singh Khurana had helped her the most. It was a police case but because of his influence and as he was major trustee in the hospital it helped geet not to draw police in this. But in all this geet couldn’t have explain anything, she was just too much worried. Abhinav had tried to take her home but she refused on point blank. At last his wife came with some cloths and she helped geet with it. Hospital ppl were really helpful and made her eat something time to time though she refuse most of the time. they adore her love for maan but geet was oblivious to everything. She just sit infront of maan and stare at him with blank eyes. Everyone had notice her in concern but her love had touched their heart. Atlast her prayer fulfilled when one nurse call her frm the small mandir she was praying, to say Maan had gained conscious. Geet smiled for the first time, but there was no one she can share her happiness. The only person was in ICU and now conscious. So she runs to meet him.

The first person maan took name when he got his consciousness was geet. Geet smiles through tears hearing her name and went towards him. She held his hand and kissed his knuckle.

Geet: I m Here maan.

Maan looked at her with droopy eyes: Are,, you,, ok? He said in a breathless tone which only made geet worried.

Geet: I m fine but not without u. come back to me, I miss u so much. Maan smiles through his fuzzy gaze.

Maan: I, I m with, u. call sid. He said all words with difficulty, just then doc came to check him and geet gave him space but soon maan drifted to sleep again.

Doc: He is alright now, safe from danger Geet. but his injuries are too heavy so take care of him.

Geet: why he is unconscious?

Doc: he had injuries which need time to heal and he had lost quite amount of blood. But don’t worry he is fine now.

Geet: when he can be discharge doctor?

Doctor smiles: not now geet. he need to stay under our observation as the head injury was quite dangerous. We need to have all the test and then if the test come clear u can take him home.

Geet suddenly grimaced at the thought of home. Where is their home? Where she will take him? She doesn’t even have any money to rent something and she can’t call sid because either he will tell pari then brij and rounak will know it or sid will leave her papa which way he can come in danger. What will she do now? top of that she doesn’t even have any identification card or passport which would have helped them in many way. Now where will they go without any identification card? Who will help them? Who will trust them? She hadn’t said who is she to anyone.

Just then she found a soothing hand and looked at the person, Mrs Khurana, Abhinav Khurana’s wife has come with food and cloth for her, she can’t thank her enough for all the support they gave but now how will she say she doesn’t have money to pay the hospital bill. What will she do?

Gauri Khurana was smiling warmly at geet which made geet remember her about priti. She smiles a little and then saw Abhinav was talking with doctor. Geet was so worried about her house and money she didn’t concentrate on abhinav’s word. Just then Gauri tapped her shoulder a little.

Gauri: Kya huya beta? Kaha khoyi hui hain aap?

Geet shrug her head: I was thinking about calling my friend aunty for some money and arrangement to take him but I can’t. I don’t know what to do now? Geet was rubbing her neck constantly and just then she touched the diamond pendant. It was a very thin Platinum chain with adiamond teardrop but it was expensive. It was her mother’s and geet always wear that but now it’s time to detach from her only possession. She looked at gauri with hope.

Geet: aunty can u tell me is there any jewelry shop nearby?

Gauri looked at her with confuse face: why will u need jewelry shop beta?

Geet: aunty I don’t have money to pay the bill but the chain can make some and I can found some place to live for few days so I thought,,

Gauri: aise sochiyega bhi mat geet. u r like our child. U r same age as my daughter. U will stay with us. And don’t worry about bills, no one will charge naything Abhi sab sambhal lenge.

Geet: no aunty I can’t let u do more favors.

Gauri: geet, Abhi has a son of that guy’s age, he will do anything to protect him and u,, and the way u met him I mean whatever he said to me only indicates u both were in a bad condition. Till now u were so depress about him we couldn’t even ask anything about it but we know something realy bad had happen,, tum dono acche ghar ke bacche lagte ho.

Geet smiles a little: thank you for trusting us aunty and whatever u did for us.

Abhinav: No need of thank you, but u have to stay with us to compensate the favors. He said with a smile.

Gauri: abhiii.

Abhinav: what? Anyway, leave her geet, and listen to me. U will stay with us till he recover fully and u r going to tell me what had happen so I can take care of police and the person who had injured him.

Geet smiles at the couple. They are truly very good persons and if ppl say goodness iss lost from the world then they are utterly wrong. These ppls doesn’t even know her still helped her to an extent that they didn’t even ask anything. Geet had plenty of her own questions. The name is so similar. At first she also thought is he related to maan as the surname matched but then his wife came in the hospital and she thought she is thinking too much as if he was maan’s father he wouldn’t have been with his wife as priti is away frm him. So maybe it’s a coincident.


Maan constantly travel between consciousness and unconsciousness. Many time he would have opened his eyes and cried out for Geet. and then when he got her close he would have taken her hand then didn’t leave her hand in his sleep also. Till now whole Hospital knew about Maan and Geet. though Doctor tried to inform geet that she can see him in visiting hours but she went nearly hysteric about it saying she is the only family member near him and she can’ trust anyone else with him being safe which actually earned chuckled and laugh, a very few glare which she royally ignored. Geet was never accommodated being in hospital, it made her sick and the smell only make it worse though it’s the best and expensive nursing home. But the fact she never visited a hospital for long didn’t help an ounce for her but she didn’t step out maan’s ward in hours. She would only stares at him and remembers their fighting day and sometime when she feels alone she would have cuddle beside him and cried. Doctors had seen her but none had the guts to say anything to her and worse even in sleep maan would have hold her so tight it took nearly 5 ppl to break the hold once. But Geet would only smiled at maan’s every gesture.
CT Scan report came back as normal but Doctor had informed geet he could feel buzz, some time fuzzy and if he have nauseous problem or vision problem then immediately contact the hospital. Finally the day came when Maan came back to conscious fully. Geet smiled at him when he called her name.

Geet: I m here, see.. Can u see me maan? Can u hear me? She asked in desperate tone when maan opened his eyes slowly. He licked his dry lips and then took the surroundings. He saw geet sitting close to him and a lot of ppl standing right behind her. He heard her saying something.

Maan: Geet, I got shot and hit on head not in my eyes or ear. I can hear you. He said in a little crack voice with a smile. He heard other ppl chuckling and laughing, must be doctors and nurses but there are so many. Least he knew geet was shouting and waking the whole hospital informing her love came back to her.

Geet glared him but couldn’t do much as the tear blurred her eyes: After nearly killing me with the thought u will leave me, You still have the balls to say that huh Khurana. I see, U have forgotten my kick boxing and want to stay in these stinging Hospital more than this.

Maan smiles at her: I can stay in Hell with u Handa. Precious Little Chimpanzee need a ring master to guide.

Geet: haw u called me chimpanzee, Maan I will kill you. She felt his hand on her finger clutching more firmly.

Maan: You nearly killed yourself for me jaan.

Geet smiles through tears: your life is mine, u have to live and die with me. Got that straight in ur pea size brain.

Maan whispered: Yes mam. Aur kuch.

Geet: you have to love me all our life and u have to fulfill all my demand.

Maan: first let me heal properly, I will satisfy all ur demand. He winked and geet whined calling his name while others only laughed. Geet slowly hugged him and cried. Cried and cried her heart out. A princess who never had to look at anything for 2nd time and the thing will walk towards her has endured so much in only a few days. It feels like years she had smiled and felt relief like this. Maan hugged her and caresses her hair softly. Other left the lovebirds but then the assigned doctor came and cleared his throat.. geet wiped her cheek with her palm.

Geet: hey doc hotty.

Maan’s eyes popped out hearing her calling that and he glared at her if that possible in his weak self.

Doc: Hey sexy. Maan growled looking at the young doctor who paused for a second seeing his angry glare then grin ear to ear. You said right, once he come to conscious he will only glare at persons or object. Well I can’t complain also, he winked at her looking head to toe which made geet giggle and maan to groan.

Maan: Shut the f*** up u a*****

Doc’s grin went bigger and he laughed whole heartily.

Doc: chillax Man, She is only yours. That little piece I get to know seeing her with u 24*7 like she is ur glue. She even sleep beside u holding u, never leaving a sec. so I get the pretty idea how much she loves u and I don’t have a little f****** chance. By the way my name is Armaan Mallik. Though the initial name also didn’t hold her attention for more than a min.

Geet: Armaan, shut up now and tell me do he need any more scan or test?

Maan stared at his mishty. In less than a few day she had become so mature. He had always taunted her to be mature but now he is hating it. He hates himself because all he wanted his childish geet to be depend on him. This mature strong geet scares him and pains him but he is also relieved because still this geet loves him more than life.

Armaan: No geet, all reports are good. U can take him. I will sign the discharge paper in the afternoon. Stay a few hour more as Maan became conscious a little while, we will get a little more time to observe. He said last line with a wink and geet just shook her head while maan growl again and armaan only grinned. I will assign a Nurse for him, so that he wouldn’t feel difficult taking bath and for his dressing and all.

Geet: no need for nurse I will see his need. It will be good if u can come to see his dressing every 2nd day.

Armaan: geet you know I will come at ur one miss call. Just call me whenever u need me. Ok? Geet nodded.

Maan groans: She doesn’t need you. Armaan shook his head in disbelief while geet just narrowed her eyes. Maan glared her but armaan took his leave after cupping her face and patting her head. I will kill him if he touch u next time.

Geet: for that u need to be again that strong kharoos singh khurana. So c’mon MSK u better recover fast.

Her each word was only a whisper, as close as she come close to him her voice broke a little and her eyes roamed on his each brushes. Her fingers touched his forehead but Maan caught her hand then pulled her close to his face..

Maan: To protect you I don’t need to be stronger. Abb bhi MSK k andar itne jaan bachi hain ke wo apne misty ko safe rakh sake. And Trust me misthy I can still break that idiot’s hand into so many pieces he won’t be able to be a doctor anymore as he wouldn’t be able to join his hand.

Geet shook her head in amusement seeing his mischievous eyes. but then she looked at maan’s eyes which was on her face. Maan’s thumb pressed on her cheek then tracing it towards her lower lips, before she can protest Maan pull her on his face kissing her lips. It was sweet but full of insecurity and desperation. Maan felt the salty tears coming on their lips n only then he realize his misty was crying. Maan tried to say something but feet beat him.

Geet: You taste awful. she smiles at him but all it said pain.. but I missed it, I missed us. I was so scared Maan. I was alone, I feared. I miss you.

By the time she finished she was sobbing. Maan hugged her murmuring softly and kissing her hair and head.

Maan: I can leave you alone. I will be always with you. I love u mishty. You are not alone I will be always with you.

Precap: Geet whose Mansion is this? and who helped you in hospital with all all arrangements you still didn’t told me.

Finally i came back with Kurbaan nd bad news. My lappy broke down so i m typing updt through cell. My frnds will update n some time me also. but i can’t pm u all. so beeter keep eye on my FB wall n grp n Page…

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved.2013.


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  1. awsemmmmmmmmmmmmm maan unconscious geet worried there love overpowering all troubles


  2. superb part


  3. awesome now maan is alright & in Maan Singh Khurana mode..haayee sweet Armaan Malik..waiting for next!


  4. i thought its already end.but happy to read its update.


  5. Yipieeee…itne lambe intezaar ke baad we got Kurbaan….
    Awww…Geet has become so much matured..she took care of Maan every moment even when none was there to help her…
    Hmm…Abhinav Singh
    Thank god Maan is safe…
    Waiting fr nxt…
    Hehehe…Armaan ne toh koi chance nahi chhoda Maan ko jealous karne ka..


  6. Nice update


  7. Wow…after a looooong time kurbaan update:-):-):-) loving it


  8. Posted by chahhat4eva on September 16, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Awww after longggggg time… Outstanding update dear… Loved it soo muchhh… Geet take care of Maan like a matured girl… Hayyeeee Geet love Maan sooo much that everyone in the hospital know abt it…. Want to know who is this Abhinav Singh Khurana & is he Maan’s father… Thanx to almighty that Maan is totally good… Awww Armaan is sooo naughty yaar… He make Maan jealous & angry too much… Interesting precap… Desperately waiting for next chapter… Update soon plzzzzzzz


  9. Posted by ushankitvc on September 17, 2013 at 6:17 am

    awesum updt…loved it…maan gains conciousness….loved the naughty armaan and possessive maan…continue soooon


  10. Posted by nikita0109 on September 20, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    awesome update tichu……..finally maan ko hosh aa gaya…love maaneet part…oye hoye armaan malik b h yaha par….hmmm maan ko abhi nai pata k kisne unki help ki h…….yaaar ye ahinav singh khurana h kaun???????? kahi inka koi relation tho nai h na maan se


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