Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 105


Part 105

The moment Maan saw Saanjh standing on the doorstep, his heart shudder for a moment before he took a step towards her saanjh step backward, horror was clearly written on the pale face.

Shiv: ohh shit.

Geet tried to run towards her but Saanjh gave a look of pure rage which was enough to halt her step. Geet knew she is furious but saanjh’s gaze was on maan.

Maan took few step towards saanjh in a hurry. Saanjh only stare at him with some kind of pain horror and rage which frightened geet and shiv. They tried to talk to her but all become numb as a sound broke. everyone in that room stared at saanjh in shock n fear as she slapped maan again n again. it was so much force that shiv was sure her hand will have brushes. Maan didn’t flinch as Saanjh slapped him for the 3rd time but saanjh broke down instantly. She had never thought her best friend can do this horrorful nightmare to her sister. Her baby sister who is so soft and sweet, she had never once hurt anyone then why he did that? how can he do with her for whom he can die also. And how can Geet love him so much after whatever he had done?

Maan tried again to talk but saanjh showed her palm gesturing to keep shut his mouth. She tried but fail miserably to hide her disgust and hatred. Saanjh looked at Shiv for the last time before turning away from the room. Sam was like invisible for her. Saanjh ran out the office then the building running and attracting a lot of ppl’s curious eyes.

Sam: uhhh i think shiv must go after her before she do something idiotic. Shiv glared her but samaira only shrug her shoulder.

Maan ran his hand in his hair and then looked at geet.

Maan: I need to find her.

Geet had barely noded her head before that Maan was running. When he came out the office all staff was looking at him curiously. But Maan glared them furiously.

Maan: If you guys don’t want to work then you all r free to leave and I will make sure to sign a permanent leave. Everyone gulped hard then flew away like nothing happened. Maan glowed in frustration then came out the building.

Asking the watchman only benefited the fact that Saanjh had taken a particular route which he knew by heart. She went in a cab just 10 min before means he have to rush before she reach there. Thinking about the place only brought bad memories for him. He fear she will again take that step which changed everyone’s life but somewhere he knew she must be angry with him but for that she won’t punish Shiv. Maan took out his cell rapidly punching the words and then left the place.

Shiv looked at his ringing phn n noticed a text from Maan. He was walking through the elevator with Geet when he found the text. His breath caught seeing the address Saanjh went and Maan behind her. Its good 40 min drive and Saanjh walked away some 15 min before he can only pray Maan catch her fast. He looked at a worried Geet then stopped beside his car.

Shiv: Geet I think u should go hone.

Geet: are u out of your mind Shiv, there my sister running madly somewhere n my husband is feeling hurt,,, I can’t sit alone in a luxury mansion rigid.

Shiv: ok I get it. Get in the car I will take u.

Geet: where is she? Where is Maan Shiv? Do u know?

Shiv took a deep breath: its a hill point from where she,,, his voice broke before saying it so Geet understood the meaning. She looked away feeling the tears burning the back of her eyes. After a few min Geet again looked at Shiv but he was only looking at the road, lost in somewhere. She can say he is terrified with the thought of Saanjh going there again. Shiv was holding the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles were turning white. Geet saw the tension behind the hard face and found herself worrying all the more.

Geet: usse kuch hoga nahi na?

Geet found herself whispering her worry in front of him. Shiv took Geet’s one hand and squeezed it. Geet saw the fear again but Shiv changed his expression so fast.

Shiv: kuch nahi hoga usse. Maan won’t let happen anything to her….

Geet found Shiv assuring himself more than her and she kept praying in her heart. But suddenly she remember something. She took out her cell phn and asked Shiv the address. He looked at her feeling confuse to see she was typing rapidly something in her iphone. Geet smiles a little.

Geet: hopefully it work.


Maan slammed the car door and ran behind Saanjh who reached the place just 5 min before. As he got to see her his heart hammered. Saanjh was standing on edge of the hill. Maan took deep breaths before calling Saanjh but not before going close to her place.

Maan: Saanjh.

Before Maan can touch her shoulder Saanjh yank his hand looking at him furiously.

Saanjh: Don’t you dare to touch me Maan.

Maan: just listen to me.

Saanjh: just leave me alone. Go away Maan.

Saanjh was aware of her voice which has gone to the point of shrieking. She knew she is hysteric and least she want to hurt him but the words the image of her sister’s hurt face came in view again and again.

Maan: Saanjh come away from the place pls, we can talk Saanjh.

Right then Saanjh noticed where is she standing. She froze on her step. In rage she actually forgot wht the place resemblance. But now she can’t take back her step and the worry in maan’s voice made it worse for her. Her own best friend had hurt her sister but why can’t she hate him then? Is it because he is her friend or because he loves Geet now. She doesn’t doubt his love for Geet. Or was it the fact he had gone to the extent to give a dreamy marriage for Geet. Now She understood why Maan gave the lavish yet private 2nd marriage to her sister. And Geet was trully happy but does that lessen the sin Maan committed once. How can Geet love him so much after what he did. But then she got the reason. Saanjh remember the way Maan always looked at Geet, the way he took care of Geet and then Maahika, how can she forget maahi who made them one but doesn’t Geet feel maahi as remembrances of that night?

Apparently not, how can anyone hate that baby especially a mother. Saanjh felt tired suddenly and before she can touch the ground Maan ran towards her scooping her swaying body in his arm then carried her in a safe place. Saanjh didn’t protest. She didn’t have much strength. But then she couldn’t stop herself.

Saanjh: why u did that Maan? U were never like that. She asked brokenly. Maan didn’t said anything but he looked pained.

After placing her on a rock he sat infront of her kneeling on the grass.

Maan: I m sorry Saanjh. Trust me I m more than sorry for whatever happened and I will give my life to make her happy, to makeup the pain I caused her.

Saanjh cried holding his collar: do u know for a girl her dignity is everything. Then how can you tarnished that Maan?

Maan closed his eyes: I was angry. I as hurt n drunk.

Saanjh: that doesn’t cover ur sin. U made her feel a trash Maan. I know how much she died inside. And I was helpless. She didn’t even said anything the entire time I came back to conscious but I know her. Dusro ko smile dete dete khud najane kitna royi hogi.

Maan whispers: I know. Trust me I’m not giving any excuse. But I want u to know everything.

Maan explained how he met Geet and what he felt for her. He was angry then for feeling something for other girl than Sam. And then how He blackmailed Geet to say no to this marriage but all reversed when dadima had heartattack and they had to marry right away. Maan feared to say the last thing but he managed saying how Sam left him, how much he was guilty for hurting Sam then and the drinks took over. Saanjh stopped him saying further as she knew what must have happened then. Saanjh looked at him in disgust while an alone tear fell from his eyes. Maan didn’t stopped and told Saanjh why Geet married him, about her heart operation. It nearly stopped Saanjh’s breathing, Maan squeezed her hand. Saanjh wanted to hate him but couldn’t and the warmth from maan’s hand helped her still she couldn’t stop herself from hurting him.

Saanjh: I thought whatever Shiv did to me was the height of cruelty but u gave a new dimension. God I can’t even say it was near because I was stupid to commit suicide but my Geet was so much stronger than me. She actually lived a life with u, her rapist.

Maan visibly flinch like she had punch him somewhere n it pained a lot. He took a deep breath but nothing lose the tug he felt in his stomach. Saanjh saw the struggle on his face. She can’t say she is happy hurting him but on impulsive she felt the need to hurt him. It kind of little payback her sister should have given but then Geet loves him how can a person loves another person who had hurt her so badly? Maan read the pain on her face.

Maan whispers: I love her. I.love her a lot…

He only mumble these words like it will take away the pain n guilt he felt.

Saanjh looked at his eyes which only showed his true feelings. She had seen the love days before his confession. She is angry but not heartless to accus him of not not loving Geet because if Maan loved anyone trully in life that was Geet.

Saanjh: I don’t know what to say Maan. I know u love her. She loves u same. Tum dono k ankho me wo dikhta hain Lekin main apne dil ko kaise manayu. It’s not easy to accept the person who somewhere made my sister suffer so much. Did u ever thought what if Geet had taken any drastic step like I did. Uske parents ko kya jawab dete? Tum aise to Nahi the. How can u became a monster Maan?

Maan closed him eyes feeling the same pain he felt months before. He wanted to cry thinking of that day, wanted to hurt himself remembering those days of Geet’s isolation, his cruelty and the hurt he caused her. When he had realized his love for Geet he even tried to punish himself but then the mere thought of looking Geet was enough for making him fear for a lifetime. He loves his Geet a lot and that’s why he stayed in front of her for her every punishment. Her each sad gaze only made him die thousand time but how can he make Saanjh understand that. It was no excuse and not even his remorse can justify a sister.

Saanjh: did u ever noticed the pain on her face Maan? I know my sister and her dignity was everything for her. Didn’t u even see the fear on her face.

Saanjh’s voice was barely a whisper like she was living the nightmare while Maan remember the time Geet felt repulsive of his touch. The way she use to tremble. Those hazel were full of fear for a long time. It was like piercing thousand needles to his soul thinking of those days.

Saanjh: the day raj tried to force himself on her u were so hysterical. Does he make u remember of yourself Maan?


They heard a strong voice. Maan cursed himself before walking towards a trembling Geet. He took long strides then held Geet close to him. Geet cried and cupped his face like satisfying herself he is fine. Her face was full of tears. Maan tried to touch her face but she hugged him.

Geet: aap thik hona Maan? Her voice broke while she hugged him like her life depends on him. Saanjh was amazed again to see geet’s painful face. She knew her sister is feeling the pain she caused Maan. But then Geet broke the hug and marched towards Saanjh..

Geet: How dare u say that to him.Saanjh? How could u compare him with raj? How could u call him a monster Saanjh? Did u know so little about him?

Saanjh: Geet.

Geet cried: he loves me Saanjh. He loves me and that’s what matter. Geet vigorously wiped her tears and marched towards Saanjh.. U said na how could he not notice my sadness, my fear but let me tell u he not only saw my sadness but took my all pain Saanjh… U called him a monster but monster doesn’t give their life to made the person’s life a living heaven. He made my life so beautiful that I forgot that night Saanjh. How can i hold him responsible for that one night when I get so many beautiful days n night where he spent his every moment to make me happy. No monster can do that. No person can love aother person like Maan loves his Geet. Tu wo ek raat k liye Maan ko gunhegar bana rahi hai lekin baki k ek saal Jo inhone apne har saans mere naam kar diya wo avoid kaise kar sakti.

Tujhe ye najar agaya what he did to me one night but u didn’t see that one night changed him so much. U saw the way he hurt me but u didn’t see the pain he endured seeing me hurt. Can u understand the pain of a person who has to see his love in pain and that because of him. Tujhe Maan ka diya huya har dard dikhayi di but u didn’t see how much happiness he gave me. Mere sapne pure karne ke liye Maan ne ek company khol diya, mere frnds k liye itna kuch kiya kyun k wo mujhe khusi dejhna chahte the. He even accepted sujal my ex boyfriend Saanjh, he accepted everything to make me happy. Tujhe pata hai Saanjh he even climb a tree because in a middle of a night I was craving for mangos. Billionaire MSK went on a tree in a middle of a night because his wife wanted him to do that. Can a monster loves a person so much Saanjh? My Maan isn’t a monster. He loves me, he will cut himself before hurting me. Don’t hurt him please i beg u.

Maan looked away not having the strength to look at the due while Saanjh sat there looking at the ground crying silently and Geet was sobbing. Just then they heard a whimper and everyone looked at Shiv who was holding Maahika and meera was standing beside him. Seeing Geet crying maahi also started crying and extended her hand for her mother. Geet wiped her eyes and took maahi then went towards Saanjh.

Geet: Saanjh dekh isse. Dekh Maahika ko. Do u feel she is,,,

Before Geet can a word Saanjh placed her palm on geet’s lips…

Saanjh: don’t say it Geet. Please.

Her voice was a whisper. She looked at Maan, then held his hand.

Saanjh whisper: I m so sorry.

Maan hugged her side way. Then hugged Geet with maahi on other arm. Saanjh caresses maahi’s face, kissing her chubby hand again n again….

Maahi looked at her brushed hand then at saanjh’s face…

Saanjh smiles: aapke papa kuch jayada strong hain. And i had hurt him.so much maahi still ur dada loves me. It was a little punishment. See ur rock hard dada didn’t even flinch but i guess i broke my hand…

Maan chuckled and maahi looked at her dada. Seeing him smiling she also giggled. Geet smiles also and shiv sighed a breath of relieve.

Precap: coming back home and party.

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved.2013


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