Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 71


Part 71

Following 2 days were bliss for geet, maan took geet to roam London Street, and they did visit quite beautiful places which geet only gaped in awe. Maan took her to see London Eye, Tower of London, and few Museums but the most beautiful thing caught her eyes were Buckingham Palace which maan took her yesterday. She was amazed to find it empty. She thought many ppl are dying to see it frm so close but later she found out Maan had pulled some strings to make the visit exclusive just for them. Geet knew he is powerful but day by day his power seems like growing with time. She was in awe seeing the interior and Garden. They spent a lot amount of time but not alone, Rehan and Rihana was with them. Geet had laughed the way rehan had made maan’s life hell. He wouldn’t stop spilling his saliva on maan’s shirt but sometime he would cry to go in maan’s arm and later wet his shirt.

Geet had never thought she will see so much happiness after what they had seen in the relation but again maan gave his everything to make her happy. She is truly happy in her life, with her husband, her kids and her friends. Everything seems like a dream that she sometime feels afraid that maybe somewhere there will be conspiracy and soon her happiness will snatch away frm her. But there was her husband blocking every ounce of sadness from her.

In this Morning ray Geet lay beside her husband feeling his warmth through their naked self. She recalled the last night wild love making. Maan didn’t leave her for a sec. they had put the babies in their room next door and kept on the monitor which was really rare but as the day pass their passion seems to grow each min. maybe the lost passion came back. So maan thought it’s better to put them in the adjoining room and put a monitor over them so that their every moment can be monitored. Geet gazed at her sleeping babies and then her wild husband. She couldn’t suppress the smile frm her face looking at a sleepy maan. His messy hair and slight open mouth made him adorable. Though she got only a little sleep but still she can be awake eternity seeing her beautiful husband sleeping like a baby. She touched his chin and closed the mouth and then again maan did the same. Geet giggle softly but her giggle turned gasp when she found herself pressing on a hard manhood of maan. Her eyes widen feeling his hand on her bare back and next she found herself pinned on the bed while maan came above her and now the hardness was pressing her core. She gulp and let out a small moan but it was enough to jerk maan and he nearly groaned.

Geet: Maannnn

Maan dipped his face in her neck and started sucking her throat and shoulder. Unknowingly geet started moaning. Maan took her both wrist in one hand and pinned above her head then started kissing her chest.

Geet: Maan leave me, I want to touch u.

Maan: Nope. U got ur chance last night now my turn.. Geet giggles when he nuzzle her breast and punished her by nipping her hard bud. She let out a yelp but soon his smile made her forget everything. Maan captured her lips in a soul serene kiss but before he can deepen the kiss a wail broke the spell. Geet’s eyes snap towards the monitor where Rehan started crying on top of his lungs. Maan dropped his forehead on her chest.

Maan: he has a perfect timing and I m telling u he always does so that u will run to him and give him more importance than me..

Geet slapped his arm: shut up maan. Both pulled some dress and ran towards the room where an confuse rihana was sitting and looking at rehan. Geet immediately understood she is hungry. And of course Rehan is hungry for attention. Geet giggled seeing rehan cringing to maan’s messy hair. Maan let him do it because it made his cry stop and he started tickling Rehan’s stomach. He giggled and trying to held maan’s face but he again nuzzled Rehan’s tummy with his nose which made rehan giggle more, rihana made crying face as she can’t get her father.

Geet: ello, isse bhi papa chahiye. Maan tried to take her but it made rehan angry and he held him in a death grip by neck nearly making him choke. Geet again laughed seeing it and rihana made funny face like she is getting angry on rehan. But then her tummy was more fascinated with her feed so her hand started tugging geet’s chest. Maan’s gaze followed rihana’s hand then met geet’s shocked eyes. He couldn’t help but grin ear to ear which made Geet glare him. Geet shoved rihana’s hand which made her lips tremble n before Geet do something she broke into loud wail.Maan glared Geet n she made baby faces looking at him..

Geet: de rahi hu baba. 

Maan helped Geet to settle on the comfy couch beside the window. Rihana started sucking her feed. Geet flinch at first then relaxed and looked at rihana in admiration. Maan looked at her worried but Geet dismissed his concern with a smile. Rehan was sucking his thumb too, Maan tried to take out the hand but Rehan again put it in his little mouth. Maan made baby face looking at Geet who just laughed at him. Rehan then got his feed while Maan tucked rihana in her crib. He was looking at his sleeping angels when Geet hugged him from back  she had noticed the admiration and love in his eyes for their babies and every time it made her heart feel warm but today there is something else too. Maan wasn’t himself today. Though he tried but there is some invisible barrier between them. Maan was not himself today. He was on edge restless.

Geet:  day after tom we will leave for India. I will miss this place but I can’t say I m sad for that reason. But what happen to u Maan. U were more excited than me a few days back. What happen now?

Maan: Geet why u didn’t ask me about those months? Why I was so away from u n babies. Don’t u feel anger thinking how I treated u n angels.

Geet sighed  and hugged him: I won’t say I don’t want to know because every waking minute I have thought to ask u or rather torment myself thinking worse.

Maan’s grip tightening around her.while they made their way to the bathroom so that they can get the shower. He kissed her jaw and undress her slowly while Geet took his dress. Maan started the warm water and it relax their arching muscle.

Maan: tell me Geet. Were u angry?

Geet: I was sad, I was hurt, bitter, disappointed. I m ashamed but I thought worst.

Maan became stiff for a moment but Geet nipped his chest drinking the water and running her tongue on him. Maan grabed her ass and squeezed it towards him. His mouth found her kissing the soft lips hungrily. He left her mouth coming on her neck then chest and then took one peaked nipple. Geet moaned holding him so tight.

Geet: I was jealous. Because something or what my mind said someone was holding ur attention. I was scared, insecured.

Geet’s voice tremble with emotion but Maan caught her lips in his then in one swift entered her. It was hard and urgent but not harsh.

Geet whimpered: I m sorry.

Maan kissed her so passionately she forgot everything for a moment. Her heel dug on his hip and felt tremor ripping her. She shuddered and he pump harder. They came together and held each other calling each other’s name so passionately for a moment they forgot all the problem, insecurity, heartache. Maan dried them with a towel and carried Geet in their room. She stayed their like a doll but lost in thought. Eyes moist with pain. Maan placed her on the bed.

Maan: I m sorry jaan. I know all the insecurity was for my stupidity. I should have confront u, should have tell u the reason for my fear. But all I did was running away to make u safe so that I don’t hurt u. I just forgot my indifference will only hurt u. It was that day when I saw u looking from the balcony. My soul shivered thinking of the day I saw those numb eyes. I thought I was late when u walked away like that and first time in those month I was so scared Geet.

Maan buried his face in her chest while both laid side by side. Geet threaded his hair and listen everything with moist eyes.

Geet: I can’t walk away till u push me out Maan. Only u can make me leave and till then I will fight.

Maan: I only love u.

Geet: and I you.

Maan: I want to tell u something.

Geet held his face and kissed him on his temple giving him her silent permission to say what he wanted.

Maan sighed: Geet once I did a sin and I m repenting for that. I didn’t wanted to hide this but circumstances made me keep numb. So many things happened between us that I fear about any small thing. Like anything will apart us.

Geet tighten her hold and Maan rest his head between her bosom.

Maan: that day,,,,,,

Before he could complete his sentence the room telephone ring with a shriek breaking the soothing atmosphere. Maan sighed defeatedly and took the phn. Geet saw his face going pale. It made her concern but again Maan put a mask of steel.

Maan: get ready. We have guest.

Geet: but.

Maan: pls Geet.

Geet was taken aback seeing the expression n Maan. It again become a cold mask but somewhere those eyes held silent pain in it. But then she couldn’t take much of his expression as the doorbell begun to ring. Maan walked out the room after putting his pants a black shirt. Geet half heartedly got ready in a pair of jeans and tee shirt. Her mind was on Maan’s words. What can make him think so worst about himself?

When Geet walked down the living room her eyes met the sight. For a moment she was blank but then the burning sensation took place when she saw her husband in another woman’s embrace. Geet looked at Maan who was standing as stony as she is now. But then she saw the face. She relaxed for a few second seeing it’s Sia. Geet smiles at her but her eyes stuck on Maan who’s face was motionless. Or rather say something was there which she failed to read. Anxious ripped through her but Sia didn’t give time to ponder on it. She hugged Geet and squeal in delight.

Sia: how’s your London view?

Geet smiles meekly: it was good. I had some good places in my memory now.

Sia: but u went with Maan. Humne kya galti Ki thi? Why didn’t u let us go with u huh? Dar tha kya pati ko chura lenge tumse? Ya akele time spent karna tha so that hubby give all attention to u.

For the first time Geet didn’t like the interference of Sia in their life. She doesn’t want to be a bitchy wife but can’t help to feel a little insecurity on sia’s words. Does she behave like this? She knew Sia said it in joking manner but then why there is sarcasm in the tone? She shrugged the thought and went close to Maan.

Maan: it’s reverse Sia. I can’t stay away from my wife and needed quality time as much as I can take and of course I wanted her attention solely for me.

Though Geet knew he said it lightly but there was a steel point in his voice and the way Sia narrowed her eyes said a little to her imagination.

Sia: ok I get that. But here I came for an invitation. U both are leaving so soon so I and Raghav thought to give u a grand farewell party please don’t say no pls pls. Tonight we are throwing a party at ***** disc. U have to come.

Geet: but kids.

Sia: please Geet. U can leave them with their many Leah. Its just a few hour.

Geet: ok ok we will come. Geet felt Maan’s instance gaze on her anxiousness rippled through her as the expression on his face was not all happy or warm. Sia took her leave but at the door she turned around gave a small smile to Geet and she felt Maan’s possessive hold on her waist pulling her closer. It only made her confuse but Sia left with a smile.

Precap: Drunk Geet and Sia

sorry for so much late gals and thank u for waiting for this ff. I was and am a little held up with my personal life. So pls support me…

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013


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  1. great update!! oooh…i think it has something to do with Sia hope that there is no upcoming storm ahead!! update soon 🙂


  2. superb part


  3. great tich another brilliant one don’t let sia come between them and spoil their happiness waiting for next


  4. wonderful……..


  5. i thought u stop this ff but happy to read its update.pls now not want any misunderstanding or separation


  6. Posted by fou on October 3, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    plz giv lfu


  7. superb. maaneet moments r nice. so sia is main problem. when maan is saying truth sia came. i think geet knows truth drunk sia. update soon.


  8. Awsm update … What is the secret of maan??


  9. Posted by mayashrisawant72 on October 4, 2013 at 10:28 am

    nice update dear but i thought its time for geet reveling truth by maan kisi aur se kuch galt pata chala to kitni problm hogi na n i dont want that b/w maaneet any stiff now
    thanks for update dear


  10. Posted by mmradhu97 on October 4, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Awesome update… loved it so much…
    Loved maaneet moments… why i think that sia will create some misunderstanding between maaneet… geet suffered a lot and i don’t want to see her suffer anymore… please don’t make any misunderstanding and separation between maaneet… what sin is maan talking about??? why is he upset??? why maan was away from geet and kids those years??? precap is scaring me… eagerly waiting to know what sid do… continue soon
    Take care


  11. awesome update
    Maaneet spent quality time with each other
    Maan was going to tell hr something
    But sia came on wrong time


  12. Nice part . waiting too know what happened?


  13. Nice part . waiting too know what happened? Update soon.tc.


  14. Posted by ushankitvc on October 5, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    awesum part….loved the maneet moments…maan ws going to say sumthing and sia interrupted…..hope sia stays away frm maneet…continue sooon


  15. Awesome one,uff.. Yeh sia ka chakkar kya he,hope maan will tell it bfore it gets late,geet enjoying d party and d love in between maan and geet shows in deir every gestures.,waiting for nxt part


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