Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 72


Part 72

They met in the disc with Raghav Sia and few of their friends. Maan was continuously on phn with Leah asking how’s the kids and what they are doing and Leah with patience explained when they are playing or messing themselves in various things. Lastly she said kids took their baby food and now soundly asleep. Maan heaved a sigh of relief. And then his eyes went to his nervous wife. He knew Geet was little conscious about her figure as after the birth of their kids she had put some weight in right places. Though she was in normal weight but the prominent curves were making her body looking delicious. Alas if he can make her believe that. In front of those skinny barely moving skeletons she felt so much conscious. Least she saw the looks on those bastard boys, from the moment they walked down the place every hungry eyes were on her. Her jeans which was hugging her perfect round hip draw attention immensely and the off shoulder black top was hugging her bosom like second skin. He wanted to smack everyone who were eyeing her with lust and his wife was oblivious to everything with so much self conscious. He hugged her waist closely and she gave him a little smile which was enough to make his heart leapt.

Geet: I m nervous.

Maan: why jaan? U r looking perfect infact more than perfect which is making my mouth water.

Maan whispered in her ear making her shudder and blush at the same time. She looked above looking at those bimboo standing beside Sia with an envy frown. Geet felt like laughing at their face but then there wasn’t a single woman who wasn’t looking at her perfect hubby who is only devoted to her ignoring her every fault and of coursethose beautiful bimbo’s body. He was bestowed for her only. She felt blessed to have him so close.

Sia: finally u guys make it. There is Raghav coming with some his doc frnds.

Maan: I thought doctor doesn’t get holiday.

Sia narrowed her eyes: so do we thought about business tycoon MSK.

Geet giggle seeing their climbing on each other with word. She felt a tap on her shoulder and meeting the person made her smile broader. Raghav gave a sweet smile to Geet and hugged her.

Raghav: so good to see u so happy Geet. U r looking beautiful and sexy.

Geet winked at him: so do u doc.

They laughed while Maan growled which made Raghav grin ear to ear.

Raghav: good to see u man.

Maan nodded and glared at Geet like he will eat her right now. She gave a sweet innocent smile. He gave a warning glare to which she just bite her lips drawing his attention there. His sharp intake wasn’t loud for others but despite of the loud music Geet hear his taking breath. She looked away to hide the blush only to met one of the party girl she hate the most. It seems like 3 month of her meeting with Julianna made the 2 hate each other.

Jullianna or rather say Julie’s hatred for Geet was understandable as she thought she can take Maan for a night or more, his being married was a mere challenge she thought she will win and when Maan straight ignored her it busted her ego. When Geet got to know about it from a few whispered she went out from the party with Maan. It was Maan’s client’s party he seems much bored there so he didn’t ask anything to her. Now seeing her in this party only made geet’s blood boil. She felt a light tug on her waist and looking at the chocolate brown eyes of her husband Geet forgot the unwanted wannabee for a moment. Till then creepy voice called her.

Julie: hey Geek, u come to the party?

Geet snapped her attention towards her: and I forgot your memory was so low that u trend to forget names and other thing as well.

Geet leaned Maan’s lap who chuckle and dipped his face in her neck and earlobe.

Maan whispers: jaan calm down. If u want we can leave. He kissed her neck and Geet took a deep breath. Julianna was fuming and Geet gave smile of triumph.

Geet: this party is on our honour so we won’t leave it till we enjoy this.

Sia: good… Julianna behave yourself before I throw u out.

Julie whine for some moment while Geet smirked. Maan took her hand and kissed the knuckle.

Maan: dance with me. Geet nodded smiling.

He took her on the dance floor but didn’t leave her instead smack her to his chest holding her tightly against him. They started moving on the music rhythmically.. The song was slow and there wasn’t any space between their bodies. Maan’s hands were all over Geet. She held him from shoulder to slipping her fingers in his hair then neck. He dipped his face in her neck and they moved on the floor. His hand went to the small of her back to her butt squeezing and pulling towards his hardness. They were making out on the dancefloor between so many ppl but that fact doesn’t affect as much as they need each other right now.

Song changed in a fast num and they danced on that feeling carefree and young. Geet smiled and Maan laughed like their teenage years. They had never spent their days like this. It was always fate plotting something for them that didn’t give any time to enjoy the carefree life together. The song ended but Geet wasn’t in a mood to leave the dance floor, just then Raghav walked towards them.

Raghav extended his hand: do u mind if I cut the dance here and claim my chance?

He sounded like flirting with her but Geet only laughed at him. Maan growled in frustration and pushed his hand.

Maan: yes I mind to give my wife away like that.

Geet whined: Maan.

Raghav: well too bad but I m claiming my dance. Go and get yourself a drink Mr Growling Man. Geet slapped raghav’s arm playfully. Then she saw Maan trully need something to drink so she also held Raghav’s hand making Maan’s brow twitch.

Geet: I m thirsty as well but I accept this dance. Geet kissed Maan’s lips softly and Raghav made a gagging noise earning glare from Geet. Maan smiles at her.

Maan: I will wait for u with a drink. He again kissed her lips but this time roughly indicating to show his claim on her to everyone present in the dancefloor. Take care of her. His warning was directed towards Raghav who nodded. Geet smiles at raghav and accepted his offer on dance.

Maan stayed at the bar with his drink watching Geet over his shoulder. He scanned the room for a sec then nodded his head towards his security chief who always follow them like a shadow. This nodding means he has his eyes over Geet. Maan relaxed a bit then took a sip from his glass.

He felt a gaze on his shoulder, turning the wheel of his bar stool he found Sia standing there with a smile. She sat down beside him.

Sia: enjoying youself without wife?

Maan: I m not alone. She is always with me. He said with a warm smile still eyes on Geet who was laughing with Raghav. Maan frown looking at a blushing Raghav but then shook his head like erasing some image specially like Raghav’s smashed face. Sia saw the way he was looking. She looked at Raghav and Geet then Maan.

Sia: Raghav said so much about Geet. He loved her for so long.

Maan: and u? You love him.

Sia looked away not meeting his gaze and ordered a hard drink for her. Maan didn’t question her, he just stated the fact.

Maan: tell me Sia are you jealous of Geet.

Sia laughed loudly but the harsh laugh didn’t suppress the pain from her eyes.

Sia: why will I be jealous. I have a good life, a steady and committed boyfriend. A wedding to look forward. Why will I be jealous? Yeah though my life has nothing in it to be call good and my boyfriend I think still loves his crush. Oops correction his 1st love. And the only person I love and gave everything never returned it or give the same and gave much more to Geet who is his life and wife now. She has 2 wonderful kids which was my dream and which I,,,,,,

Maan: Sia.

Sia abruptly stopped and looked down to see 3 large glass of vodka was finished till she get down the words she was holding for so long. She looked away and her eyes met a concern Raghav. She shrugged and gulped her 4th drink.

Geet walked towards them with Raghav closely. Maan changed his grave expression for her and offered a smile. Geet leaned on him and took his smell. He kissed the top of her head.

Maan: need a break?

Geet: no, a drink. Maan laughed and asked for Geet which drink she wanted. Taking the cool drink and feeling burn in her throat gave her warmth. Geet naturaly doesn’t take alcohol much but today was special. And maybe for a while she take it to celebrate. Ahead in life she want to devote her all life to her kids and husband. So she take all she can.

Geet doesn’t need much drink to get drunk and his seductive husband was no less than alcohol. Once u get a habit of him u can’t leave him. Geet placed her head on maan’s chest who was threading her messy hair, removing the messy curl from her sweaty temple.

Geet: I m enjoying it so much Maan.

Maan: I m glad jaan. He slipped his hand on her waist supporting her full weight on him. She was sitting on his lap enjoying his soft kisses on her neck, some time head and few time on her knuckles like he can’t get enough of touching her. She giggle and laughed on occasional jokes of raghav’s friends.

Raghav: by the way what u guys were talking about. I saw Sia was upset on something. Are u ok darling?

He asked Maan first and last line with so much love towards Sia who shrugged her shoulder. Geet looked at Maan with raised eyebrow. Maan pulled her closer.

Maan: nothing important. Just about past years and I told Sia I don’t dwell on past anymore. Whatever I have its my earning and I m gratefull to fate for giving me another chance with my love. Geet is my life and that because she fought a lot for it.

The love in Maan’s eyes and confident in his voice was enough to dismiss any kind if doubt which Geet can feel any day.

Sia: anyone can fight for this love if chances were given.

Raghav looked at Sia but didn’t comment while Geet frown hearing Maan.

Maan: sonething are not meant for everyone. It’s for someone special. Today I know who is she and she had fought for it. If it was in my hand I had once ruined her, again her love brought happiness for me. I guess love is all about that. One person’s devotional love can make a monster human again. But for that she needs to sacrifice a lot. Geet did that for me. And this life is her only.

There was silence for some moment. Geet and ia both were tipsy. Just then they heard a voice. Geet groaned hearing the person. The accent is clear like crystal for Geet to forget.

Julie: uh-huh telling about love loverboy. U are seriously changed Maan. 1st denied me your best girlfriend and now writing poetry.

Geet snapped her head on the word.

Sia: oops my mistake I didn’t warn u. This bitch practically begged me to come here and doing this.

Geet glared Maan but talked with Sia: u should have think once a bitch stays a bitch. Or rather say once a slut stays a slut.

Julie: shut up u bitch. I was Maan’s fav gf.

Raghav muttered: or fav toy.

Maan groaned in frustration: you were nothing to me Julie.

Julie: what was that then Maan. U were with me 2 nights.

Maan instantly glared Sia who looked apologetic towards Geet. On the other hand Geet was shaking with anger and hurt. She looked at Maan with pure rage.

Maan: I can explain, it was in high school Geet. We were 17.

But Geet didn’t stopped to hear. She swing on her heel and starting walking away. Maan looked at Julie who was smiling.

Maan: I will kill u if I ever see u near me or my wife and that 2 night was nothing as u were nothing more than a slut.

Geet hastily wiped her cheek which wet due to the tear she doesn’t know from when it’s floating. She was pushing away the crowd to go towards the exit but a strong hand clasped her wrist and force her to come in a dark alone corner. Geet let out a shriek of pure horror and fear but then the similar scent hit her nostril as the person slammed her on a wall then trapped her between the cold wall and his hot chest. Geet shouted but weirdly it  doesn’t get any attention.

Geet: let me go Maan. I don’t want to see ur face right now,, neither ur touch.

Maan lowered himself on her ear: too bad u don’t have choice jaan.

Geet: don’t call me that. I hate it and u.

Geet knew she is overreacting but she was tipsy,drunk a little insecure already and knowing her husband’s f*** buddy was here glorifying this moments was enough to push her limits. She was struggling to get free from the hold but he only increased it. Her struggle grew but he didn’t leave her. Eventually her body gave up and she give up in crying. 

Maan whispered: I m sorry jaan.

Geet: I hate to see those girls who were close to u once.

Maan: they were not. I don’t love them or anyone apart from u. Trust me only u are the person who awakened feeling in me. Before u I didn’t even felt remorse for anything but u give me everything. Those time were nothing but a fascinating time. I was 17 and thought I can win the world, though the attitude worked for rest but not love. U taught me what is love and feelings. Whatever I did in past was sex but whatever  we have is making love. Don’t doubt that Geet.

Geet stare at him for a moment then a sob broke through her: I didn’t but this insecurity and everything happened between us made me feel unworthy and what if u get bored of me.

Maan sighed and rest his forehead on her: I know I have let this happen, this self doubt seed is imprinted because of me but u have to trust me. U can never be unworthy for me. U r everything I have or wanted. U r so beautiful that I don’t like to leave u for a sec in fear other will see it and I can’t stop touching u like its my breath that I need to live the life.

By the time Geet realized his intention his hand was already in her flesh under her top and lips was touching her bare shoulder. His words already left her warm and this sensation made her quiver. She opened her eyes in daze. Looking at the surrounding she tried to stop him but Maan silenced her with a kiss.

Maan: we are safe. None will come here jaan. And he unzipped her jeans.

The place was a cubicle in an alone corner which was sound proof and other doesn’t have permission to come here. Apart from that Maan’s  security men were outside of the place guarding it from others.

Precap: trouble and drunk gals.

Guys again i m telling u I m through cell updating everywhere so please support me. Its all because of my lovely frnds sumi tanu and abi who are helping me with update and pm. Sumi n Tanu r doing FB n IF update through my account and Abi is doing pm.

I m grateful to have u gals.

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013


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    Have no words, love how Maan loves Geet! Giving a slap in the face to sia and Julie! Haha ..


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