Love For You Part 80


Part 80

Next morning Maan’s eyes opened with a giggle and something small scrolling on him. His whole demeanour relaxed seeing the 2 amused angels sitting either side of him. He saw Mannat poking her little hand on his biceps and then Tamanna made her eyes wide as she counted his abb.

Tammy: 6 7 8. Mann 6 pack to suna tha but Yeh to 8 hain.

Mann looked at her confuse: you are mistaking in counting. Johny said his father had 6 pack. We had also seen him. Its can’t be 8. Count again.

Tammy shook her head again counting: 5 6 7 8. It’s 8. EIGHTTTT.

Mann: then he is hotter than Mr. James.

Till now the cute kids hadn’t noticed Maan’s amuse staring at them. He has a habit of sleeping in only a track no vest or shirt. And here his 2 naughty kids were counting his bare abs. He was more than shocked hearing them comparing hIs hotness with another father of a child who apparently is their playmate.

Tammy: Then mommy won’t marry Mr James. She will drool over dad.

Maan’s eyes popped out and he took the two in hIs arm at once sitting up on the bed.

Maan: what do mean? Did mommy drool over this James?

Mann giggled while Tammy made some faces.

Tammy: Not exactly but Mr James purposely showed his 6 packs to impress mommy maybe.

Mann: Johny our Frnd went on a picnic with us last time and there his father opened his shirt and

Maan: did ur mommy looked at him much?

Tammy: she made funny sound in her throat but before that buddy fought with James.

Maan murmured: Good. Atleast he did some good work.

Both the girls giggles. And Maan tickle them both so hard that they both fell on the mattress rolling and laughing. Maan laughed with them, they begged to stop but they are sensitive and very ticklish like Geet. Maan watched them laughing with a smile. He felt a sense of peace warming his heart. He hadn’t smile like this in years, he hadn’t laughed or felt so content in years. Today these two angel brought so many smile and happiness in his life. He felt blessed.

Just then he felt a gaze on his back. Looking at his back he found Rudra leaning on the door with a mug of  coffee apparently. A small smile was playing on his face and eyes were on the laughing and fighting kids. His gaze shifted on Maan and narrowed. Maan gave an arrogant smile while Rudra again narrowed his eyes… Maan noticed Rudra was dressed up in casual but not for staying at home. He was dressed up in a pair of jeans, tee and a lather jacket. Maan raised his brow in asking where he is going.

Rudra looked everywhere but him: I have recording and then promotional video shoot. If u want anything my chief security will show u around.

Maan: I have my security and they are best. Don’t tell me u don’t trust me.

Maan was giving teasing smile but Rudra was dead serious: I don’t trust anyone when it comes to them. They are my life and I won’t compromise that even if bring world’s best security. My team will come with u.

Maan didn’t argue anymore cz somewhere he get the feeling Rudra care and love them like a father, the fear of losing them will be equally like him. Just meeting them little more than six hours brought a little possessive side in Maan then how can he neglect the fact Rudra took care of them like a father for 6 yrs. Maan also understood why Rudra isn’t coming with them. He had seen him looking at the kid when they will talk nonstop and demand anything. A sense of loneliness and craving was in his eyes.

When they were having breakfast Maan had observed Rudra keenly. Like the way he was ready for anything for kids, like he was waiting for their demand but much to rudra’s disappointment kids were doing everything to catch their father’s attention. It only made Rudra disappointed. But he didn’t said anything. Much to Maan’s surprise he felt sorry for him. When he took decision to come here only anger was building in his heart for Rudra but when he saw those picture and got to see the love in his eyes his heart somewhere melt cz he know the pain of a father who knew his children can be snatch away any moment.

Maan for once asked him to join them but he saw only pain in rudra’s eyes which he hide instant and on that moment Maan knew again he snatched the most prized possession from Rudra’s life, he felt guilty. He knew Rudra can’t watch his children to give more priority to other person than himself. Maan didn’t pressurized anymore and Rudra bid his bye.

Maan went with the kids to a water park on their insistent. Mannat and Tamanna were really excited about their day out with their daddy. Both girl held each hand of him as they entered the place. At first Maan thought to book whole park but then it won’t be fun for them. So he went with the situation and its good not much ppl know him here. He can enjoy the place with his angels.

Tammy and Mann drag him through every ride they took and  Maan enjoyed the time like never before. Maan didn’t left either of them fr a sec. He kept touching or holding their hand, maybe bcz he still fear they will vanish like Geet in his dream. Till now he was alive with Geet in his dream but everyday when he woke up and couldn’t find Geet he felt like dying at the time. His life was worthless for him but after 7yrs he got true meaning and he is afraid to lose it.

at last Tammy begged for a hiking which apparently Mannat doesn’t like much. when Mann argued not to go on hiking Tammy showed her puppy doe eyes to Maan which was enough to melt Maan. Tammy showed her tongue to Mann who made angry faces at Maan. he felt helpless between the 2 but knew it wll be tough to manofy Mann as in anger they are quite like Geet. though he just met them for few hour but his heart knew the minor facts. maybe just the fatherly instinct. Maan asked Mannat to join them but she refused point blank and the 6 years toddler can be stubborn.

Maan left her with his top securities but Mannat didn’t looked at him at all. Maan saw the small stubborn Geet in that moment. her cute small figure with red angry face was complimented with the 2piece cute swim wear. Maan wanted to pull her cheek but doesn’t wanted to blast the lava pit so half heartedly he left with Tammy. he didn’t regret the time though, hiking is his fav hobby, with Tammy in that artificial hiking spot it was slow but worthy. He felt alive in that small time and got to know his princesses share same passion like him.

Maan: so Tamanna u come here with buddy?

Tammy: mommy and buddy. but only buddy came with me for hiking and mommy stays with Mann as she is scared of height like mommy. mommy doesn’t like it and every time she scold buddy for coming to hike. but I m glad this time you come with me, Atleast you won’t be scared of mommy like buddy.

Maan chuckled and Tammy giggled in her cute chiming  voice which Maan adores. he let her climb first which made her squirm in happiness and then his eyes went on Mann who was clearly fuming. he gulp a little seeing the little firepit.

Maan: umm Tammy you are braver than Mann. I m proud of you angel.

Tammy gave a big smile but then her face fell: well not really.

Maan raised his brow and try his best to control the smile forming on his lips. he knew one thing this twin sisters love each other crazy and will not take negative for other one in hell if they were angry at each other also.

Maan: Ohh really? but Mann is afraid of height and won’t come for hiking.

Tammy made a face: yes but she does scooba dive with mommy which I,,,,

she stopped and Maan completed: you are afraid of water depth.

Tammy nodded with sad face: now you will do diving with her.

Maan smiles: I came with u here. don’t you think Mann should get her desire.

Tammy: yeah I know. but I want to stay with you.

Maan: it will be an hour only sweetheart and if u want to meet some fish.

Tammy: Nonooonoo. I m fine. you go.

He laughed and took her in his arm after leaving the place. It’s so strange yet so understandable that his 2 angels had different passion yet both from him. He always liked hiking and diving and here not together but his mini creature loves his 2 passion separately.

Maan became stiff as he neared Mannat’s place and found her smiling and laughing with a person he doesn’t knew at all. He heard tammy’s whisper.

Tammy: James. Johny’s father.

Maan murmur: where is johny’s mother then.

Tammy: she left them.

There was sadness in her voice and Maan knew she must have thought he also had left them, abandon them. Though she is partially right but it tore his heart to realize he did abandon Geet brutally. He wish his angel never know that, they will hate him knowing this.

Maan lowered Tammy to her seat and tried to talk with Mann who looked away humping and crossing her hand over her chest. Maan sighed and looked at the person called James who was looking at him quite in amusement.

Tammy: hi Johny.

Maan looked at the toddler beside the man and looking at him intently. Maan saw the triumph smile on mannat’s face. He shook his head seeing the wide eyes of that little boy. Maybe it’s some kind of silent challenge between the kids about who’s father is hotter. Maan rolled his eyes in disbelief then looked at James greeting and shaking his hand.

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana.

James looked at him with wide eyes.

James: as in The MSK. Maan only smirk and James instantly grabbed his hand. James Anderson. Nice to meet you. I never knew Tammy n Mann are your children…

James didn’t noticed the slight pain in maan’s eyes and if he did he didn’t show it. They sat talking about business plans and the kids were having their own little pranks when the conversation went on personal.

Maan: How did you met Geet?

Maan asked casually not showing his lingering interest at all but he noticed the instant glow on james’s face. He is a handsome man with chocolate boy image that can drag any girl’s attention. He hate to think it might have draped Geet’s attention too but soon he shrugged it off.

James: we met at parents meeting at their school. I met the kids first and wanted to meet their parents but in all those years Geet came alone. Yes sometime Rudra Raizada came with her but I know he was not the father. I had seen the loneliness in geet’s eyes.

Maan: and u wanted to complete the loneliness.

James: excuse me?

Maan leaned over James so that kids can’t hear him: Stay away from Geet. Chuck out the feelings or I will Chuck out your existence.

His voice was so low but James didn’t missed the threat in that.

James greeted his teeth and looked straight in his eyes: till now She was alone and maybe still is, u can’t deny that MSK. U can buy thousand companies but not a heart specially when its a woman’s heart.

Maan: I don’t need to buy what is mine.

He looked at his daughters and smiles which they returned. Suddenly Mann remembered why she was angry and then made a grumpy face. Maan came close to her.

Maan: Ohh so princess is still mad at papa? Mann nodded her head. Maan smiles and winked at Tammy. Ok then I m sure she will not come to scooba dive with papa. Mannat’s eyes widen and shook her head urgently. Maan took his food in his mouth. But Mann was angry with papa.

Mann: but Mann ‘was’ not ‘is’.

Maan looked at her in amusement. but by then Mann was dancing on his head and dragging him for the diving. Tammy made a sound of disappointment but Mannat only showed her tongue to Tamanna and dragged Maan towards the diving place.

They did enjoy the swimming and  feeding the fish. Maan took extra care for Mann’s safety and the intruster helped them with equipment. Maan watched his little angel with fascinating smile. She played with the fish and swam like a fish. Mann touched some water plants and it tickle her palm. She tugged Maan and forced him to touch it. They played together and finally after ages come out from the water.

When Maan met his 2nd angel, he felt relax as James n his son wasn’t there but Tammy was a little restless.

Maan: what happen Tammy?

Tammy: mommy…..

Precap: Geet????? 

Sorrryyyyy for the late update. I can’t say much as it will be an excuse only… I wll try to update soon.

Kaajal once again I m sorry for late birthday gift….

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013.


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  1. awsum update
    luvd d cute baby talks


  2. I lov e the dadda angels tym but feel so so bad for rudra 😦 but happy for maan as he got his angels 🙂


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  6. Posted by life19 on October 20, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    nice update
    feeling bad for rudra.. he truly does not deserves this but he should know they are maan’s and he cant deny it


  7. Posted by sumsak on October 20, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    it was superb. but i missed geet in this update. maan is so happy with his children. i loved the way he was threatening james. so exited for next


  8. Lovely update di..
    The most painful part was the way u expressed Rudra’s loneliness after arrival of Maan in his angels ‘ lives..
    Poor Rudra..tht was really touchy..


  9. awesome one………..loved the little ones………they become the center of maan’s life just in few hours………..but still i feel bad for rudra……….he once again become lonly………and maan easily got all the attention of the babies………
    wonderful dear………


  10. awesome update
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    Rudra is sad seeing hs angels ignoring hm
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  14. Posted by mmradhu97 on October 21, 2013 at 2:47 am

    Awesome update… i’m loving it very much…
    Waiting curiously for next part…
    Continue soon
    Take care


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  16. Awesome Update
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  21. Posted by fou on October 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm

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