Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 107

Part 107

The journey from KM to the airport was full of excitement and cheering for geet and saanjh while maan shiv and little maahika founded it to be amusing only. Maan watched her face which was glowing due to happiness to convert shrill and next her eyes widen to see the aircraft. He noticed her hand was shivering while her eyes took every corner of the jet. Noticing the panic he held her closely with one arm still carrying maahi with other one.

Maan: what happen? Why r u shivering?

Geet looked at him wide eyed: Is this really yours Maan?

Shiv chuckled hearing while his own eyes followed Saanjh like a love sick puppy. But soon it died in his throat hearing Geet.

Geet: we always saw this kind of luxurious private jet in movies or read in novel. Kabhi aise sachi me dekha nahi aur sachi kahu to I know Maan is rich infact one of the richest man in the world but seeing it now it feels weird.

Shiv looked at Geet curiously wanted to know further but Saanjh completed geet’s word.

Saanjh: Maan never behaved like a billionaire well except the part he tried to bribe Geet not to marry him.

Maan looked all but happy. He stood there stiffen while Geet glared Saanjh but she smiles showing she is teasing.

Saanjh: well I never thought u will be so duffer I mean c’mon u gave her a company but u still didn’t know Geet will never see the billionaire MSK. She never got a chance to see it n frankly I know she will be happy if u were a beggar also.

Maan looked at Geet somewhere realizing he never actually showed the extent of his power. Well actually infront of her the shrewd MSK looks like failed every time while the the hubby who loves his wife stood up always with head high and suddenly he felt proud for the 1st time in himself for Geet his soulmate his wife in life.

Suddenly the thick air tore with a sharp cry. Maahi cried grabbing everyone’s attention.

Geet: she is hungry. Now?

Maan smiles: it’s already in the air so u can take out the seatbelt and walk with her in the cabin. Geet looked at his dumbfounded. Shiv shook his head in amusement and chuckle vibrated his chest making Saanjh glare him and shifting uncomfortably in her seat. It hit him like a bullet neither Saanjh has ever felt the luxury n somewhere its making her and Geet uncomfortable. They had always seen the sweet soft side of their love not the World’s richest businessmen.

Shiv n Maan was communicating through their eyes and Shiv only glared Maan. Somewhere Maan also understood what he was saying. He never took Geet out with him. They never had the time to know all of this about each other. They knew all serious and sincere things but still somewhere not everything.

Geet looked at the room incredulously and it tore maan’s heart to see the uncertainity. Geet took a deep breath smiling apologetically.

Geet: sorry Maan. All of this umm a little too much to digest to pls give me some time. I mean I have been in KM n I should have been more prepared but all those wealthy treatment in the terminal n all of this,,,, she gesture her hand towards the room n and the furnish.,,, is a little overwhelming..

Maan: I m sorry Jaan. I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought it will impress u but

Geet: what??? U were impressing ur own wife.

Maan has the gut to look sheepish: well I thought u will be flatter.

Geet gulp a little then whisper: I m 

Maan looked sceptical: really?

Geet: Maan I m not just accommodated with all of this but that doesn’t mean it’s not flattering. Of course I love it n beside it help maahi to get her feed.

They both looked at sleeping maahi who looked exhausted. Maan gesture Geet to put maahi in the cradle beside the bed which again surprised her. The peace color cute cradle was complimenting the room which was covered in peace and white color. The bed has satin sheet in peace color and there was curtain in white color hiding the windows and 2 white lather sofas in between a coffee table with orchids flowers.

Maan saw her looking at everything trying to soak every little thing. He hold her close and she laid her head on his chest. Both laid on the bed and Maan was caressing the smooth skin of her back. Geet nuzle her face in his neck.

Maan: Geet we should have known each other better. I should have taken u on HM last year and I behaved like a jerk.

Geet: aur HM pe jaake kya krte gilli  danda khelte?? Maan did u forget our circumstances never allowed us still we know more than any old age couple know about each other so we pretty much did a good job. Now stop sulking hubby and show me what I m getting on my HM. I never tried love-making-in-the-air u know.
Maan shook his head in disbelief and amusement: I feel like u r drunk way to much.
Geet pinned him with a heated gaze: well I needed it as my hubby is extra wild when it comes to love making.

Maan: Ohh really should I show u.

Geet: hmm I was thinking the same but no biting. Maan pouted like a child and Geet shook her head. Saanjh will kill me by teasing n then she will call nt bhabhi n aniee aur hrishita bhi to hain.

Maan: well Jaan keep practicing cover up cz I m planning to leave a lot of things in these months and don’t worry about ur sweet sexy moaning, this room is soundproof but I accept our daughter isn’t, so don’t wake her.

Geet whacked him on the biceps but soon he smashed his lips like a hungry lion…


Shiv: well I just hope they didn’t started. Saanjh looked at him confuse and he smiled at her sheepishly.. I mean u know the reason of the trip. Madhumash… Honeymoon….

He gave her a wicked naughty glance and suddenly she spits the juice she just took a sip. Shiv burst out laughing and a little corner of her mouth quirk up.

Shiv whispered bending over her a little: Saanjh

Saanjh: hmm? She answered unconsciously.

Shiv: don’t look at me like that. Saanjh looked at him feeling confuse and he again bent over her one ear. Like u want to do all stuff they are doing in the close cabin. I can take u to the another room if u wish and that’s soundproof.

For a moment Saanjh was confuse then realization drawn upon her and her cheeks heated in the color of fiecre red. She threw a napkin on his face and click out the belt while Shiv jumps back on his seat laughing hysterically seeing her red face.

Saanjh: u r still a jerk u know that right rat?

Shiv only laughed louder making her irritated: only for you chuiya (mouse)

Rest of the journey went not so interestingly for Saanjh and maahi but Maan made sure to wore out Geet while Shiv made sure the red color didn’t leave saanjh’s face by staring at her sometime or commenting something which made her blush. And as for Maahika,, she was either sleeping or crying for food n her mumma, Geet suspected maahi doesn’t like flight and it makes her sick. Maan juggle between the 2 princesses of his life….

Atleast in last hour Geet joined Saanjh who only glared her for leaving but Geet gave that sheepish smile which always melts everyone.

Shiv: thank u so much Geet for giving so much privacy.

He winked at Geet which she returned with a mischievous smile.

Geet: I hope u have utilized it. She winked at him and heard a growl. Both turned to see Saanjh glaring at them n Maan was shooting dagger at Shiv.

Maan growl: stop flirting with my woman.

Geet and Shiv looked at each other in amusement. Shiv’s eyes were big in surprise but mischievousness was dripping out and as for Geet she was looking at Maan dumbfounded. Maan saw the look in Geet’s eyes and just shrugged like he couldn’t help it. Geet shook her head in disbelief.

Saanjh: ok now will u say where are we going? U haven’t even disclose the name only that we wll stay for a week.

Geet looked at Maan hopefully: ha Maan hum Kaha jarahe hain? Aur next week Kaha jayenge?

Shiv smiled mischievously: one at a time only. Geet pouted and Maan bent down close to her.

Maan: don’t tempt me again Mishty. I haven’t forget or had enough of your flavor. Geet’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink and Shiv coughed to get their attention where maahi was looking at her parents with doe shape eyes. If she wasn’t so small Shiv could have said she looked so angry.

Saanjh: gross guys give it a break till u reach ur hotel room. We have a baby here and jeez she is my sister that u r talking dirty n she is turning red giving a clear clue what u must have told.

Maan looked smug: that’s the point. She is my lawfully wedded wife n hell I can do anything right now. Geet blushed furiously and Shiv laughed louder. Saanjh looked incredulously at Maan who was grinning. Maahika made a sharp cry and instantly Maan took her in his hand. Last few mins went with dada n princess catching up left over.

Geet: Shiv Atleast u say something. Kaha hai hum?

Shiv: u will know less than in an hour. Geet sighed and emerged herself in Maan n Maahi who were talking something animatedly.

They checked security for the final time and come out from the airport and Geet finally looked reveal. Next her eyes felt on the large holder few ppl were carrying and she read the place excitedly “Welcome to Bangkok”….

Geet’s eyes went wide to see the black limousine waiting for them with a sign of Khurana & Kapoor.

Saanjh: it’s yours?  Her voice was mixed of shock and awe. Shiv slides his hand in her waist pulling her close.

Shiv: yes baby ours.

Geet looked at Maan with same awe but happy expression. Maan kissed her lips in a hungry growl without giving a look to anyone.

Maan: Welcome on Honeymoon wifey.


If the place n limo awed Geet the resort and the luxury awed her even more. She looked excited and ran here to there. Seeing the happiness actually made maan’s heart hurt a little. He should have given this happiness way before but atleast now they can enjoy,, he can enjoy her happiness. His revere broke with Geet touching his shoulder n tapping lightly.

Geet: Maan Maahika to kab ki  sogayi u r still cradling her. Where r u lost?

Maan place her on the small cot placed in the far corner of the room. Then stood behind Geet who was looking out from the window to the beautiful sea.

Maan: are u happy.

Geet smiles and angle her neck to see him while leaned on his muscular chest.

Geet: more than happy.

Maan nuzle her neck giving light feather kisses: are u tired?

Her breath was already heavy due to his hot breath hitting her skin n making her shiver. She moan n barely nodded in no then giving full access to his exploring mouth.

He growl: good I need to taste u now. He turned her and smashed her lips with his in an urgent scorching kiss and his hand tore away the kurti she was wearing.

Geet whine: Maan my fav kurti.

Maan left her lips to come on neck close to her ear: I will give dozen don’t stop me now n I m not planning to fully dress u in a while. Geet smacked his shoulder but stopped the protest when his lips touched her collarbone sucking n nipping the soft skin, his hand unzipped her jeans n pushed it down in record time. Kneeling in front of her his tongue tasted her naval and groan left both the voice.

Warning Mature Content

His fingers took out the thin material of her panty and traces her each curves with his thumb. He slowly traces a path from her inner calf to her inner thigh then in her folds. A low growl left his throat seeing the juicy wetness and Geet threw her head back on the wall. Moans left her lips as Maan dipped a finger deeper in her channel. Her hand fisted his shirt nearly breaking the material with his skin but he didn’t care either. He left her fold and she left a protested cry. Maan chuckled hearing her protest which made Geet pouty. He urgently kissed her lips assuring the love and lust.

Maan: I don’t want to hurry it so soon Jaan.

He took out his shirt and pants with boxer. Her eyes widen to see the erect member while hot flashes her cheek.

Maan bite her left cheek: I n my all parts are yours. He grins and Geet bites her lips stopping the blush go further. But he kissed it again. I love when ur cheeks shows the passion of our love. Suddenly she felt the last thread of her body going to the floor. She was as much naked as he was. He scooped her in his arms and started heading to the bathroom. Geet looked confuse as he didn’t went to the decorated bed but to the one sided bathroom partly hidden from the bedroom,, her tongue got tied when she saw the arrangements of the bathroom. Every corner was decorated with scented candles. A large red heart shape jacuzzi and rose petals everywhere. She loved it and appreciate it thoroughly. It proved by her kiss which fumble Maan. He slides her in the water then joined her from behind.


She placed her head on his shoulder and he kneaded her shoulder slowly, he cupped some water in his palm then dropped on her shoulder before placing his lips on her shoulder. His tongue traces the milky white skin. He placed soft feathery kisses on her neck. Soon the soft kisses turned fierce and urgent. His hands founds the treasure points. His one hand went straight towards her c*** n starting rubbing slow n delicate strokes and his other hand kneaded her hard ni*****. Geet cried in pleasure as his lips showered fierce kisses on her neck. The fingers created magic n she felt herself hot n wet for him.

Geet suddenly turned to face him and he found her flushed glorified body. He traces the hard ni***** then lowered his mouth on one sucking slow n sensuously. His hand clasped on her thighs making her sit on his hardness by her legs either side of him. Both moans n groans feeling the flesh rubbing. His tongue teased her mercilessly till she couldn’t take anymore.

Geet: I want u now Maan. Her voice was raspy n sexy. Maan urged her to come on him. She looked unsure with the position but he didn’t gave her choice. Get slowly lowered her opening on his hardness. Maan kissed her lips with so much passion she felt she will explore now. He helped her pace with holding her waist and thrusting deeper each time she lowered. They kept their pace slow but after few mins both couldn’t stop to feel closer to each other more n more and soon they find the pleasure heaven. As Geet collapse on Maan he held her closer placing small kisses on her neck soothingly. His breath was hard as her, then his eyes went towards the small screen which showed maahi’s asleep face. He sighed in relief then washed both of them. Geet was feeling sleepy n tired so Maan scooped her again. After drying her hair he joined her in bed, whole time Geet was asleep. He kissed her forehead and continue check his mails then called KM to inform them. After few chitchat and giving excuses of geet’s tiredness he finally joined the sleep.

Precap: HMM tour. Surprises for Geet from Maan and???

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg. 2013


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