Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 73


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Part 73

For recap pls read previous part for a hint for this part.

Warning: Mature Content.

Maan kissed her lips hungrily biting and licking the sweet nectar. He shallowed her moans in his mouth hastily unzipping her jeans. His fingers met the wet channel and groans of appreciation left his throat. His lips travelled a path from lips to jaw and settle between her neck and shoulder joint. He bite her naked flesh while rubbing the sensitive nub of her hidden treasure. Cry of pleasure left her lips settling in his arching heart. Her hand clutched his shirt ripping few button while his lips nibbled her skin. She hastily pulled out all the button but not tearing and sank her fingers in his hot flesh. A moan of pleasure ripped through his throat and he increased the pressure on her clit. Geet bite her lips preventing a scream that was building in her chest. And pulled his face for a lip kiss.

The kiss was strong and Geet was in a desparate need of release but he stopped that or rather forced himself to stop. She let out a whimper of protest but Maan tugged the hem of her top pulling it above her head. Drowsiness covered her eyes as he did what she wanted. She knew the surroundings wasn’t known and it wasn’t the safe place but the need overpowered everything. Beside the thing she had missed their carefree love making for a long time, she also knew she is safe with Maan and can believe him with their privacy. Well if was not new, she had missed that pool side hot love making for a long time and now get another thing to call sexy adventure.

Maan didn’t let her dwell on other things than him. His perfect male member stood in front of her and it always makes her breath hitch. She wetted her lips as it was too dry. Maan groaned seeing the pink dart wetting those red luscious lips. With one hand he did the bra hook releasing the perfect curves and then hastily took out her jeans from one leg along with her thong. He again dipped his finger in her wetness making her moan louder.

Geet: ohh god.

He always feels perfect. His large member filled her and he forced her bare leg around his waist while he drove inside her slamming hard and fast. She barely gasp for air but he placed his mouth in one nipple other hand was palming her other breast. She couldn’t move but then she doesn’t need. His each stroke was so powerful that the tip touched her sweet spot making her quiver for more every time he withdrew. Her nail pierced his skin but he least care. He bite and sucked her nipples pushing her on the edge then bringing her down. She whimpered begged but he didn’t give her.

It was making her frustrated angry and at the same want for more. She dug her nails to punish him maybe. All he did hold both wrist in his hand and placed it above her head. She groaned and greeted her teeth but he withdrew stopping her coming.

Geet: Maan please I wasn’t it.

Maan: u won’t leave me like that Geet. Ever. Promise me.

His own voice was hoarse and it took every ounce of him to stay in control. She closed her eyes resting her head on the wall and he kissed her throat soothing yet raising her heartbeat.

Geet: I won’t. I can’t leave u. Not for this but for my own heart. I m empty without Maan. It kills me thinking one day u will be fed up with me and.

He slammed her on the wall thrusting deep. His hand left her wrist and she hugged him whimpering. Her tears mixed their kiss as he devour her mouth.

Maan: I love you. I will fight for us every time u think to do anything stupid.

Geet: only u can push me away Maan not the world.

Maan: I promise to try not to do that. Tell me u will fight for us. Promise me u will be mine.

Geet: always promise. Forever Maan.

Her voice broke as familiar tension build up and next second he shallows her cry in his mouth. She came apart while he followed groaning her name. Their sweaty body stayed limply. Thank God Maan’s huge body was pressing her on the wall or she would have collapse on the floor.

They stayed for few more minutes and then helped each other to get dress, then came out. Geet’s face flushed from the little sneak out and hot love making while Maan’s possessive hand was placed on the small of her back. Geet saw everyone looking at them worriedly. It was more than 40 mins they left the place and she can feel julie’s angry glare on her back. She turned and gave a sweet mocking smile. Everyone sighed a breath of relief. Especially Sia.

Sia: I m so sorry Geet I shouldn’t have invited her.

Geet: its ok. I know my husband is hot and he is all mine so no need to hear bitch barking. Geet winked and Sia chuckled and the boys groaned. Geet whispered something in Sia’s ear which made her eyes and smile widden. She agreed and grabbed her hand before Maan can protest they were already on the dance floor. Sia signalled Geet to see Julie who was right beside her.

Sia: Geet what take u so much time to come here huh? Maan did make u understand very well that he is ur.

Geet: yup he did a good job. She winked and high five. And beside it my husband is demanding so I have to have stamina u know. It take a little time rather than a quicky. And ppl say he gets bore in 2 days only where he don’t leave me a for a second.

Geet looked at Julie from the corner from her eyes. She was fuming and not only her, few other were also staring at them as they were quite loud because of the music. Julie left the place in anger where as Geet Sia both laughed whole heartily.

Sia: ye sab to thik tha but don’t u think he deserves some torture.

Geet: I missed my bitcy self.

They laughed and high five. Next Sia signal the DJ to change the music and then both the girls started dancing in the seductive number. Everyone around them specially boys started to look at them and the sexy moves. Few even tried to touch Geet or Sia but bouncer immediately threw them out. Geet looked at Sia confused who shook her head and looked at Maan who was red in anger. Geet eyes went down and she bite her lips to see his pants and the visible hardness. She can feel Maan’s growl. She threw her head back and laughed.

Geet saw Sia dancing with a guy closely. Her head snapped towards Raghav who was sipping his drink not looking at them or Sia but rage was clear from the sight of his white knuckles clenching the glass too tight. Concern spread her heart but she didn’t got time to react as someone grabbed her ass. First she thought it was Maan but soon she felt different and creepy so she jerked only to see a drunk guy trying to touch her waist. Though he didn’t get much as 2 tight fist fell on him from either side of her. Geet looked at Raghav then Maan. Both were fuming. She gulp hard to see Raghav’s angry gaze on Sia who narrowed her eyes, then pushing the guy off from her she left for the bar. Raghav left behind her and now Geet stood in front of her fuming husband. Her head hung low and she mutter a sorry which was barely audible.

Maan brought her closer to him: next time u want to do a show or to teach me any lesson do it in private without drawing attention.

His voice was low close to her ear but it was dangerously furious. She knew her little tease had made Maan mad. She only wanted him to join her like before but the idea failed miserably as his rage was very visible in his hold.

Geet: Maan I was just,,,

Maan: playing…. But remember Geet not everything is playing material. He said looking at her back and towards the guy who was dragged by the bouncer. Maan left the place and Geet left a small frustrating scream which was muffled by the loud song. She half heartedly joined Sia in the bar.

Sia: what happen to u now?

Geet ordered her drinks and looked at Sia: he went bomblastic seeing that guy close to me though I didn’t invited him.

Sia cocked her head and then laughed: u didn’t but ur dance did.. didn’t u know u or rather say ur dance was sexy. She winked but Geet crunch her nose then took the whole drink in one gulp.

Sia: uhh look ahead. Give a break man. She muttered and Geet looked at her back only to see Maan talking with a girl and another 3 girl was standing beside him. If she didn’t miss they all are trying to grab his attention, some by touching her own neck or some by adjusting her bosom.

Geet: disgusting.

Sia chuckle: u haven’t seen all this before.

Geet again ordered another drink: I think we were so busy in other problem that we didn’t dwell on other things. I knew he was casanova and tell u the truth Sia I don’t doubt him and his royalty, hell he loves me a lot but its the other girl which I don’t trust. I don’t want to be those clingy bitchy wife. Still now I can’t help it but feel anger whenever any girl comes close to him.

Sia muttered: sounds like a wife.

Geet smiles: I trust him Sia.

Sia: not when u will see his life some 10yrs back. Geet looked skeptical. Sia shook her head. Forget what I said.

Geet: Sia u said u were teenager frnds and went to same collage or school whatever I don’t remember much.

Sia: we went our high school together and he was one yr senior. He and sasha. Geet became stiff hearing sasha’s name but soon she controlled. Sia didn’t even noticed the flinch and she carried on. Sasha was just a friend Geet. Maybe she was the only one whom Maan didn’t screw. Geet choked on her drink and Sia laughed. Sorry. But yeah he was casanova. Then something happened and everything got changed. He changed, our relationship changed and I. She sighed I choose to go for medical while he was doing engineering. That’s it. I went to France to practice medicine and Maan went to India I guess.

Geet: something missing.

Sia: yeah ur husband leaning on another woman. Geet snapped her head and fumed to see he was kissing another girl’s cheek whom she never met neither had seen before. Maan’s eyes met Geet and saw she can say his angry eyes were now begging. What a hypocrite Geet thought when there wasn’t her any fault, well ok a little fault was her but still he was so angry and took it out on her and now he is kissing another girl’s cheek and expect her to understand him. She looked at him again and followed his gaze on her drinks. She had actually had 5 drinks. But she wasn’t finish. She took the large vodka glass and chucked it.

Raghav: woahh easy. U have plans to get drunk.

Geet: nopppe we are noootttt.

She was fuzzy and maybe drunk. She saw Maan coming towards her but with that girl who has a large grin plastered on her face. She hated it and looked away. Maan frowns, as soon as Geet tried to take another sip Maan stopped her drink glaring her but she looked at the girl beside him glaring her up and down and her hold on his arm. The hold loosen instant. Geet chuckle but it was empty.

Maan: Geet she is

Sia: Alex. Geet saw Sia narrowing her eyes and saw Alex gave a tight smile. Geet felt her head will burst in frustration.

Maan: she is a friend.

He glared Sia who looked away not before giving a shrug and concentrate on her drinks.

Alex: hey Geet.

Geet: hii. She gave a small smile then looked at Maan.

Maan: we were close friends.

Sia: yeah very close.

Sarcasm oozed out from her words and Raghav held her hand maybe warning her.

Geet muttered: not another.

Maan heard it and give a look of anger and frustration. Just then Sia held her drink.

Sia: hey Geet. Why don’t we play a game. Anyway it has become a get together rather than disc. And of course ur hubby get jealous of every person who dances with you but when u see him with his very close frnd he again gives u glare. So it might be more interesting to play another game than glaring.

Geet laughed and shook her head: yup u r right but which game? She started to tap her chin like thinking and then came up with an idea.

Geet: what about a bet?

Sia: bet.

Geet shouted to gather a little crowd above the screaming voice of the song.

Geet: hey everyone. Oops girls I have a game to play. Who are up? Some laughed some looked really interested in her. Ok girls the bet is whoever get the drink down her throat faster and survive the last, she will get a kiss from him, hot and handsome MSK. In short my husband. Anyway everyone will lay her life for him and I only get to see a little so if I clear his path it will be little gift for my hubby.

Everyone cheered so did Sia and Geet looked at Maan with sweet smile. But Maan was fuming looking at her.

Maan: stop this Geet right now.

Geet: kyunnnn? U wanted to kiss her. She showed her hand towards Alex. Then those bimboos wanted the same I just cleared ur path.

She smiled looking at him but Maan was frustrated. He ran his hand in his hair and tried to hold Geet but till then Sia called her and to his horror few girls also joined them. Sia also held a drink which made Geet confuse but she shoved other thing and the little competition started.

It was 7th teqeulla and few girls were already passed out. He thought how can she have so much stamina to take all the drinks and then looked at Sia who were drunk fully still took the last shot and then puked instantly.

Geet: he he he I won.

Maan glared her but Geet came close to him

Geet: r u upset I won that or u r disappointed u have to kiss me?

Maan: Geet. His voice was so much painful. She looked at him with tear stricken face and then shoved him away.

Geet: I m sorryyy. She pouted her lips. Pata Nahi mujhe kya horaha hain. She looked at Alex Then Maan abd smiles,, ahh I know. I remember. Aise kyun hai when I danced with someone u blast and when I see u kissing other u blast. Dono side se main phasti hu aise kyun?

She looked genuinely confused but he know the pain inside her was much worse. He looked at Alex who looked confuse as well because she did understand only half. Then his eyes went to Raghav who was holding Sia and she was mumbling something. He wasn’t worried for her but only for his wife.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: mujhe gar jana hain. Her tone was pleading and childish.

Maan: limo is waiting Geet. Lets go. They started walking towards the exit.

Geet: u don’t understand. I want to go home not that apartment. I hate it. It feels so alone. I want to be with my friends, meera, dadima. I miss Amy so much. Wo hota to ye sab nahi hota. Wo mujhe samjhata like every time. He would have made me feel special and he would have kicked ur ass.

She giggle but Maan can’t even smile. He scooped her on his lap as they sat in the limo. He hold her tight the entire trip their apartment. He had again messed up things. He kissed her head mumbling a sorry but she was mumbling something. He tried to hear her by bringing her mouth close to his ear.

Geet: h-how co-could u think, think. I’ll l-let u kiss kisssss those bitchhhh. Nonooonoo.

He closed his eyes as misery took over. She was breathing soft. She was asleep he concluded. He again n again kissed her soft lips but there wasn’t any response. He remember the perfect day, her tear eyes and then their love making in the disc. It was like they came back to past where they didn’t have worry with other thought. Them and the love they should through their bodies but again he messed up and hurt her. He doesn’t blame her for being insecure, he never gave a place to believe him or her own love. What had he done again. He kissed her cheek mumbling his love.

When they reached their apartment Leah welcome them. She looked horrified to see a drunk Geet sleeping in Maan’s arm but she immediately gave space. After reaching the room Maan tugged Geet in the bed not before taking out her jeans and top, he made her wear his shirt that she love so much then kissed her forehead then switched the light off. He went to the corner where Rehan and Rihana was sleeping. He kissed both one by one then mumbled a sorry. He changed in his track then went to bed, spooning Geet who instantly snuggled to him. He kissed her shoulder blade then went to sleep after a few moment of remembrances and regret.

Precap: Geet knowing about the black car which used to leave him infront of their apartment.

Sorry for all the mistakes…

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  1. after a long time i read its update.thoroughly enjoy it.umahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. Nice part . want to know abt that car secret eagerly. Post soon . hope ur exam went well. Take care……


  3. why is sia always instigating geet and geet letting her hope maan tells geet the real truth rather than geet getting hurt by discovering it her self tich u r too good


  4. awesome. maaneet moments r nice. update soon


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  9. Yaar yeh sia aakhir chahti kya hai..
    I hate her to the core…woh kahi na kahi Maan ke past se judi hui hai..
    & finally..Geet ko kuchh tih pata chalega..
    Waiting fr it di..


  10. missed your updates a lot…lovely update…soooooooooooo romantic and passionate too…loved maaneet’s passionate moments but what about this sia?what is there between her and maan in their past that maan again and again seeks assurance from geet that she will never leave him…why is he so scared of it…i just loved geet being so possessive of maan but the precap is a bit scary geet knowing about the the black car which used to leave maan infront of their apartment…please continue soon…


  11. Posted by angiezafar on December 29, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    the part was great but its been such a long time since u updated pl update the next part fast


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