Love for You Part 81


Part 81

Maan: what happen Tammy?

Tammy: mommy

Seeing the panic on tamanna’s face tore Maan apart. His heart squeezed in fear, what if Geet came here? What if she decided not to share their kids? What if she pulled a restraining order over him. He stopped his track right there. He has to cool down before forming anything in his mind. He is MSK, he has a brain to pull a company over a night, he can deal with Geet for it. But then this is Geet and his children. Suddenly he felt the fear of losing everything came back and he kneeled down infront of his babies. He looked at the 2 cute angels of his life. The innocent look they gave him somewhere strengthen the father n a lover’s instinct stronger. He took a deep breath.

Maan: ok Tammy so tell me where is ur mommy?

Tammy looked confuse then looked at the cell in her hand then with other hand pointed the phn.

Mann: mommy phn me hain? But how can be she fit in that tiny phn?
Mannat looked genuinely concern and confuse and Maan has the sudden urge to laugh so loud. Tamanna rolled her eyes on Mann.

Tammy: duh Mann, mommy isn’t in the phn. She called bodyguard uncle and he brought this to me.

Maan looked at the man, Rudra’s Chief security officer. He stood there unapologically. Maan asking question to the man will be futile as his loyalty lays only for Geet. So he just nodded his head and Maan looked away arrogantly.

Maan: ok Tammy so what have mumma told u? Did she scold you?

Tammy looked even confuse: why she will scold me? she just behaved weird. She told me she will be here soon. And,,, and she asked me if u said anything wrong or behaved rudely? Daddy why mommy feels that about you? You are not rude and she know it na

The uncertainty in her voice nearly tore him away. He felt someone suddenly squeezed the air away his lungs.

Mann: papa you love us na?

Maan suddenly held the 2 princesses close to his heart: yes baby papa loves u. Loves u a lot.

Tammy: then why mommy,,

Maan: mommy is angry with me. She doesn’t want u to get hurt by me.

Mann: did u hurt her?

How can he lie to that innocent angel. The hope in her eyes that he will deny the fact he can ever hurt their mommy hit him so hard. He felt the pain but couldn’t lie seeing their innocence.

Maan: yes.

His voice was dry n broken. He felt two cute chubby hand wiping the tears from his cheeks that’s when he realized he has been crying. The pain was nothing infront of the pain in his angel’s eyes.

Mann: I m sure u didn’t hurt her intentionally. Maybe you did wrong but u can make up for that.

Maan: I have hurt ur mommy a lot and I don’t think she can ever forgive me baby.

Tammy: she will. She couldn’t stay mad for long. Buddy always manage her to forgive him for our prank.

Maan smiles sadly: your buddy has the charm and she loves him.

Tammy slapped her forehead like Geet always did in past: uffo she loves u too. Kiss her and patch up.

Maan: Accha? And how do u know she loves me?

Mann: she loves us that mean she loves you.

Tammy: you are our dad that means she loves u.

Mann: if she hates u how can she love ur children. Think smartly na

Suddenly the blur of the years cleared so smoothly. His angels innocently cleared all the fog around his mind. Geet loves him n his parts that’s why after everything she couldn’t think about abortion or leaving their babies. Her love was always stronger than her hate. And if she loves his part, his children she has to love their dad also. A new zeal of confident and excitement ran through him.

Tammy: I think she wants to come here but when I said that she told me she has some work.

Maan smiles smugly knowing if she comes then he can take them with her to India but knowing she is smart enough not to do that. She must have planned something for him. That’s why she is still in India. He looked at the 2 innocent kids of his. They are so naive, so forgiving and so loving. His heart hurt painfully but somewhere be that rather selfishness but he was happy and relieved his angels love him so much. When he had decided to come here he had dreaded the moment he will meet his kids, he was afraid of their reaction. He was worried they will hate him for leaving them but here his children made the situation so helpful.

The moment Maan arrived the house he came to face Rudra’s restless pacing and cursing. Mannat n Tamanna went to him straight and chucked him by launching at him. Rudra smiles and took their appearance fully like assuring himself about theirected safety. Maan tried to ask him something but he signaled the kids.

Rudra: Tammy Mann go to your room nd finish the home work.

Mann: but buddy.

Rudra: angel, daddy and buddy need to talk on something so will u give us sometime?

Mann: ok.

Tammy and Mann agreed half heartedly and left the place.

Maan: what’s the matter?

Rudra: I think she has arranged the 250 cr.

Maan looked at him blankly then realization drawn upon him.

Maan: how?

Rudra: I don’t know. She just called to inform we don’t need to worry much. You will be back in 24 hour. I don’t know what that’s mean.

Maan leaned in his couch smiling: she will plan something I know the moment I left Delhi but whatever she do won’t be enough to make me leave my kids. Not this time Rudra. And she is dealing with MSK not Maan, she doesn’t know me so well.

Rudra leaned on the coffee table looking straight in his eyes.

Rudra: And you don’t know her Maan. She is not the Geet you left, she is not even my Mishty, she is mother and a cruel business woman. You don’t have a clue what can she do to u. You think just because you r the father of her children she won’t do anything drastic, mark my word she can destroy anyone who try to snatch her children.

Maan: still she didn’t do it. Maybe she will destroy me but not the father of her children.

Rudra smiles rather mockingly: just wait and watch what she will do to u and see the destruction with ur own eyes.


Brij: you really think it will bring Maan India?

Geet smiles smugly: if I had said I want to break the contract by giving him money he wouldn’t have come here, rather aaditya would have handled the project as C.E.O
But now whatever I have found it will destroy him.

Brij: don’t you think it will effect you also.

Geet: c’mon bhai sa I m already breaking the merger so how will it affect me?

Brij: you know I m not talking about the company. I m talking about your personal issues Mishty.

This is first time after 6n half years she is feeling happy n content to hear her name. Maybe because she had waited much longer and this time she can’t be angry on her brother for something he didn’t do at all. When her friends call her Mishty she always associated it with Maan but when her brother call her she can only remember her childhood, the happiness and love of her parents.

Geet: this is what will break the contract. He will be furious and it will be easy.

Brij: you know what I mean.

Suddenly Geet turned serious. She looked so hard and distance.

Geet: it can’t be them bhai sa. He didn’t knew about them that time.

Suddenly she heard her older brother: it was you. It was his dream then.

Geet looked at her handsome brother. Tall dark handsome and a true king of the state Kunal Singh Rathode stood there head held high. He has an aura to make anyone shiver and his love ones to feel protected.

Geet: He destroyed Geet now Geet will destroy his dream.

Kunal stood in front of Geet towering her: you were not like this. I never thought the person called me 3 days back will turn to be so cold. You were my choti, Mishty what happen to you.

Geet smiles bitterly: Kisi ne jeene ka nazariya badal diya. Hamara ashiyana hi tod diya.

Brij sighed feeling defeated but Kunal didn’t changed his stare.

Kunal: Usne apka nazariya badal diya kyun k apne Usse wo haq diya, wo taqat di lekin humne kya kiya tha Mishty Jo humse itna ruth gayi?

Geet: you know its not like that.

Kunal: I know but was this state or our reputation bigger than u, our sister. Ek baar kaha hota hum sab kuch chod dete. Tamanna and Mannat wouldn’t have stayed without their family. They had everything and nothing. 6 saal pehle kaha hota to hum Maan ko bhi manwa lete. Jarurat padhti to uske pao pakad lete.

Geet: thats what I didn’t wanted ever. If I had said a word u both would have did that aur Hamare samman kaha jata. You both are my pride and I know how much you love me but your responsibility towards the state and Babasa was more important to me. I know I did great mistakes in life but sadly I regret very little if I had said anything to you n Brij bhai I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. I did wrong in one thing. I should have talked to u in these 6 years and my kids deserved to know their uncle and so did Naman. My nephew needed to know his aunt..

Geet looked at the 7yr toddler Naman, Kunal and Juhi’s son running towards her.

It was strange for Geet to tell everything from starts to end specially when her one brother is hot headed Brij who instantly wanted to kill Maan and other was Kunal who looked sad and defeated. She knew her brother will help her without asking anything. When she had called Kunal she just said she needs money and he asked how much. She told the amount and Kunal started collecting the money. Then she took a flight and landed Rajasthan. She got grand welcome from both proud brothers and her sister in law who can’t be more happier to see her. Her nephew actually ran to her which was unexpected but then when she reached the palace she saw how Naman knew her. Her grand picture hung on every wall along with naina’s. After so many years she had cried holding Kunal hiding her face in his chest like a baby and both didn’t knew how many hours. Finally she told about Maan n her and then about Tamanna and Mannat. Kunal looked pained knowing she didn’t had her family with her when the 2 princesses came to this world but then he looked proud and the 5 of the family member rejoice and celebrated the news but Brij made sure none other than family knows the news not even the servants.

After knowing that Maan went to Boston to meet the kids Geet was somewhere frighten. Frighten of his rejection, feared that he will hurt her angels. She couldn’t belief he can actually belief the fact that they are his children but when she heard Rudra saying what he had seen Geet started fearing more. What if he want to take the custody. If the case came to Indian court no doubt he will win but she was fearing more for her children. She doesn’t want them to get hurt so in between she needed to make plan and rest happened for the good she thinks.


Precap: how do u know I m your father?

For more than 2 month I was busy with my exam so I had disappeared. And for that I m sorry and when I came my net ditched me. I m so frustrated with it. Anyway thanks a lotttttttt for waiting for me and loving my fictions

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013


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  1. love it but just want maaneet face to face they wont be able to resist eavh other cant wait for next


  2. Wonderful update. Like to read more soon. Post next part soon. Waiting……
    Take care….


  3. geet planning for maan and man and tammy consoling maan geet with brothers


  4. Awesome update


  5. Posted by angelickushi on December 27, 2013 at 9:07 am

    loved it
    omg geet arranged th money but wat has she planned for maan


  6. Posted by life19 on December 27, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Wat is geet upto now

    which dream is she going to destroy of maan’s

    maan has suffered enough but still he did not say a word about wat he went through as he knows his sins are not forgivable but now wat is geet doing to destroy him


  7. though love the update,but can’t accept separate maaneet any more.hope for the best


  8. Tammy n manat r so smart the r really msk daughters but ab let the family be toghether soon


  9. Awwww…tam & mann are ssooo cute & understanding..
    They indeed r angels..
    Gosh Geet has changed so much..
    Waiting to see wht will she do to destroy Maan..


  10. Awesome one,bt now wat maan will do geet has collected d needed money,hope maan will bcome d MSK and stop geet frm doing dis,waiting for nxt part


  11. awesome update…very emotional too..what is geet planning now to destroy maan? please don’t let anything happen to maan as he has already suffered a lot more than he deserved and eventually it will be geet who will be in pain instead of maan for hurting him…eagerly waiting for more…


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