Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 40


Happy New Year friends…

Part 40

The moment Geet sat down beside him in front of the holy fire suddenly both recalled the day they met for the first time in HP in the rain. Maan remember the way she was dancing, twirling in the heavy rain. How her beauty and the innocent spark caught a moth to the fire. Their first kiss and Geet’s angry snarl. A ghost of smile appeared on maan’s lips as he looked at Geet. There was only a hint of her eyes from the veil which dance on the same emotion.

Geet recalled the first time Maan had walked towards her and scared the hell out of her but she kept her cool. The way he declared she will be his and the kiss. Her first kiss. She never said what was that because she couldn’t suppressed the fireworks and anger which worked together. It was bone melting and heart thundering but she kept that to herself and molded it to her anger because she didn’t wanted to feel anything for this devil but still their destiny met and made her his possession.

Geet saw the smirk playing on his face and unknowingly her stomach knotted and a little hint of blush spread on her neck. Maan lowered towards her.

‘wait a little more Jaan then I will watch how much more u can blush.’

Her heart shuddered and her teeth sunk on the rosy lips making Maan groan. Geet couldn’t help but smile. She looked at him again thinking is he really happy or it just for her but seeing his eyes plastered on her she felt somewhat relief. Maybe for her but he is happy. Be that the thought of her ownership or possessing her but he is the captor of her soul. She can just wish his arrogance and dark side wouldn’t demolish it.

When Maaneet took the 7 phera and took their vow Gulgule and Monalisa added themselves to Geet by holding her duppatta’s both end and started running round round. Some chuckle and some laughed seeing the cute antics but Geet held her breath to hear maan’s shouting or glaring at them. When nothing came she looked at Maan who was looking clearly amusing. He shook his head then started taking the phera. After 4th round when Geet came forward again Gulgule and Monalisa came between Maan and Geet which earn more laughter. Rano tried to take them but they wouldn’t budge their place.

When it came to put sindoor on her forehead pari came forward and helped maan holding Geet’s veil. Geet looked at pari and jay her 2 best friend who were always there for her and today also they couldn’t miss their Geet’s big day. Somewhere both understood geet’s feeling for Maan but that doesn’t mean they have to like him. Well feeling was mutual to Maan cz he couldn’t care about them. Geet looked at her parents shredding tears for her. Her father looked happy and relieved. Maybe like her he also had doubt. When pandit asked for kanyadan she looked at her father who was clearly surprised and emotional. He had kissed her forehead and in that moment she knew her father loved her always. Tears sprinkled her eyes but Maan held her hand stopping them. She never believe in marriages but when it came she couldn’t say the same. Maybe she tried but like every girl she also loved these ritual and the thought about becoming her love’s better half.

When the time came for Bidai Geet cried a lot. She never thought she will cry so much but when the thought finally entered her that she is leaving her 22yrs life back here some tears spilled out. She cried holding her father, her friends, her mumma and then specially her 2 cute pie. Geet was turning red for crying so long but not only Geet but the 2 cute started bowling when Rano tried to take them.

Maan scratched his nape in frustration. Then took both puppies in both hand. For a moment Geet was terrified seeing that and Monalisa Gulgule started making small sounds. Maan saw the look of fear, his eyes turned blank and he shoved the 2 puppies in his car. Geet’s eyes were wide.

‘They are coming with us??’

Maan simply shrugged in response and others only stared at him dumbfounded.

‘Can we leave now or u want to water plant more.’

Geet’s mouth fell to the ground and tears converted in anger.

‘You are insensitive.’

She greeted her teeth but Maan only shrugged away. Others smiled looking at them and Rano’s worry evaporate like that. For the last time Geet hugged her mother and wiped her tears then sat down in the car. Maan took his seat beside her and the driver took out the car in the drive way.

As soon Geet took her seat the 2 cuties came on her lap tackling each other to have a better place. Geet smiles at them then rubbed their ears. A smile adorned her lips. Her eyes travel towards Maan and her smile instantly vanished seeing the anger in his eyes. She recalled the few min and remembered the way she reacted when Maan had a hold on Monalisa and Gulgule. She placed the dogs on the backseat and leaned on Maan.

‘Maan I m sorry, I didn’t mean to,,,,’

Before she can say anything Maan held her waist and brought her on his lap. Geet’s hand gripped his shoulder as it was so sudden. Their face were inches apart, Geet looked at the driver cautiously but he wasn’t even hearing anything. She looked at Maan who’s eyes were on her only.


He brought her face closer so that his breath can fall on her lips. She tremble with the affect. Maan’s intense eyes caresses her every feature. He looked so hungry that Geet felt the warm sensation spreading in her body. His thumb rubbed her cheek slowly then it went on her full lips. She shivered with the touch. Her parted lips spread some fire through his vein. He wanted to taste those plump lips but he knew one simple touch can never satisfy his need not now.

Not finding maan’s lips on her she opened her eyes only to find him smirking on her. Geet cutely pouted seeing he is teasing her. She pushed him a little but he didn’t budge an inch.

‘I thought u were angry for my behavior but u were teasing me. Didn’t u?’

Maan’s eyes suddenly turned serious ‘Geet I want u to understand one thing, I won’t hurt u by hurting them. I know I have hurt u a lot in the past month but from now I don’t want to see u hurt or scared or unhappy. I want my jungli billi, my wild cat who can fight me anytime without thinking the consequence. U get that right?’

Geet only stared at him then nodded silently. Just then they heard a sound.

‘bow bow’

Maan groaned and Geet giggled. Gulgule looked at Geet with innocent puppy eyes.

‘awe mera baccha, hum jaldi pouch jayenge.’

Maan looked at Gulgule feeling irritated but looking like Gulgule liked being Geet’s first priority. He snuggled close to Geet, Maan shook his head in disbelieve.

‘wait till I kick u out of my SR room.’

Maan mumble enough audible for Geet who blushed furiously and Maan groan in dismay. Finally they arrived the Haveli. Geet looked a little nervous. First its her Grihaprabesh and it seems none is here as the place isn’t even decorated. Her face fell a little seeing none was waiting for them. Soon her eyes widen feeling Maan bending on her on the other side of the car and then scoops her in his arm. Her all worry just jumped out of the window and a sudden rush of heat spread on her neck and face. She heard maan’s groan.

‘Don’t tempt me sweetheart or else I have to take u right now.’

Geet hide her face in his neck and the 2cuties followed them in the huge palace. Maan carried her eternity effortlessly. Geet saw the room and instantly stiffen. It was’t even decorated for their first night. Still she didn’t said anything. As Maan placed her on the bed she gave him a weak smile then looked at Gulgule and Monalisa. She was little apprehensive to ask about what will he do with him. Will he really kick out them?

Maan had seen her glowing face falling and for a moment he panicked. He followed her eyes and then saw so many emotion flicking but she didn’t even ask any. He had noticed she didn’t asked anything about his family or those ridiculous post marriage ritual which should have been done by his family. Family!!! He smiles ironically. Then his gaze shifted on Geet who’s eyes were on her puppies.

‘I haven’t kick them cz,’

Geet looked at Maan with question and confusion.

‘cz I have something else to do.’

Instantly he saw her eyes falling in dismay. Her face showed hurt but she only nodded her head. She stood up and stared at the bathroom.

‘what u r doing Geet?’

Without thinking Geet blurted ‘I need to change from this heavy thing but I can’t see my suitcase.’

‘You can’t see them because they aren’t here. But you have something else to wear.’

He walked towards the closet then opened it. There was huge selection of Indian and Western outfit. Her eyes widen seeing the huge collection but then her eyes met him with confusion. Where is her own dresses and why he had done her closet like this. And course why he isn’t pounding on her. Geet gulp her seemingly to disappear the blush but Maan saw that. Now a days he can read her like open book.

He took slow measured steps like a predator. Geet’s heartbeat rose incredibly. He touched her blushing cheek with his finger then leaned on her lips.

‘I m trying damn hard to control but u aren’t helping any Geet.’

His voice was low, it gave her shiver. Without warning he captured her juicy lips in his and a groan left his throat. It was wild, as well as warming. His lips and tongue devour her, she can do only whimper in ecstasy. His hand found her soft back. Pulling rubbing squeezing he brought her closer while his lips nipped her lips. Her hands were shuffling his hair. he could care less. He kiss became furiously sensual. When Geet thought she couldn’t take anymore Maan suddenly pulled away. Coldness swept over her and she looked at him in frustration. Maan only smirked at her which was enough to make her angry. She tried to push him but he was way too heavy. After few futile attempt she stopped it and looked away. Maan kissed her neck then bite it.

‘I can never have enough of u but we have to stop. Or we will destroy my plans.’

Geet looked at him with confusion and Maan can only tugged her closer.

‘Your all cloths are in my jet. At least those which u need there. And few were purchased by personal shopper. Rest of ur cloths are in Delhi. your mom helped with the arrangements and your likes and dislikes.’

Geet’s mouth fell to the ground and Maan ran his tongue on her uper lips.

‘Stop doing that or we won’t make to the destinations for the first night or day or whatever.’

Geet giggled seeing his desperation.
‘Means you don’t have work.’

Maan looked at her in amusement.

‘who said I will work when I can be entertain with other things.’

He bite her neck while Geet laughed but then her eyes went on her puppies. Worry cross over her as she asked weakly.

‘what about them? What will Gulgule and Monalisa do without me?’

‘If u hurry up we can still take them with us.’

Geet looked at him shocked, Maan shrugged his shoulder as if it’s natural. Geet suddenly grinned and smacked her lips on him. Her teeth took the lower lips of his then sucked his upper lips. Maan groaned and tighten his grip on her.

Precap: can they make to the jet before doing something???? Tich wondering.

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg 2014.


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  1. after reading dis update can’t understand how can i wait for next?awesome update


  2. superb maneet married and maan irritated with gulgule but haven’t kick them


  3. Posted by anusha on January 1, 2014 at 4:12 am

    Hey di Wishing You & Your Family a Prosperous & Happy 2014 & May God Bless You with Abundance of Health & Wealth throughout the Year-2014! The update was awesome …… awwww dis maan is so cute. .. am totally fida on him ……. pls please update very soon. .. vl b waiting 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  4. Mind blastingggg update di..
    I don’t know wht to say abt this new Maan..he is sssooo sweet with Geet…hope he stays like this..
    He even took Gulgule & Monalisa with them..tht was a real shock…
    Hehehe..even i hv doubt will they reach the destination without doing anything before..
    Happy new year di..god bless u:-*:-*


  5. Posted by ushankitvc on January 1, 2014 at 11:13 am

    awesum…loved this maan he agreed to take the puppies along with them to HM….continue sooon


  6. maan seems behaving so nice to her, continue soon………………..


  7. Soooooooperbbb update:-):-) loved it….loved how maan has included little puppies in his life….just for geet…:-) Fabulous…..awaiting ur next update


  8. Nice update continue soon. Waiting….. Take care..


  9. Maan is changing. great.
    puppies also to honeymoon.
    superb update.


  10. Posted by sanghita0000 on January 2, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    brilliant update…finally maaneet married…sorry for commenting late…busy due to exams…


  11. Posted by angelickushi on January 3, 2014 at 11:34 am

    loved it
    finally they r married waiting to c how the story is going fwd wanna know abt maan and his past


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