Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 108


Wish u and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year Friends…


Part 108

Geet woke up with a sharp cry of Maahika. Startled with the voice she sat up on the bed holding the sheet merely covering her breast. Her eyes turn to search Maan but he wasn’t in bed. Then her eyes went to Maahika’s crib and there standing Maan only in his track no shirt, arms holding maahi and trying to compose her cry. Geet looked at the clock and immediately gasp seeing its been 4 hour she was asleep. Of course maahi is hungry, she need to dress up fast before her darling daughter woke up the whole floor by her shriek. Geet search for her dress but that laid on the floor in tiny pieces. She glared at Maan but she can’t even stay angry seeing the worried look on his face. He is torn between his princessess. She shook her head then wrapped the sheet around her bosom.

She walked around and tapped his shoulder, when his eyes fell on Geet his eyes visibly relaxed. She extended her hand, only then he noticed her half nude body covered only in a white satin sheet. Her peace cream complexion was more visible and enchanted with the color of the sheet. His eyes roamed on her shoulder where he had left his mark on her, their passion. He felt himself hard instantly but then a whimper brought him back to the reality.

He looked at his daughter who look like hell angry. She is trying to go towards Geet but as his grip was firm she couldn’t break it. So as a result she was angry on Maan. He gave a sweet kiss on her forehead and passed her to Geet who just shook her head. Maan pouted seeing the look on her face. Geet smiles at maahi then settled on the bed. She untied her sheet and Maahika grabbed her nipple.

The way maahi was sucking her breast it looks like she was hungry for ages. Funny, Maahi always seems to be hungry like this. Maan looked at them in awe. Every time he saw maahi with Geet like this he find it amusing and heart warming. Geet raised her eye brows but Maan shook his head in no then again started drooling over the scene. Geet wanted to laugh but seeing the sincere admiration about God’s biggest creation, a baby,, she couldn’t make fun of his admiration.

Geet: I was sleeping for hours Maan.

Maan: u were tired. I worn you out.

He smiles teasingly and geet’s face flushed with his word. She tried to sober up but nothing help as Maan still looked at her with the intense passion that makes her warm and body tingle. The places Maan touched with his wild love makings are still sensitive and his desire filled eyes wouldn’t help. Maahika was full but far from sleep. Till now she was only sleeping so she kicked her hands and leg showing her wish to play. Maan groaned and Geet giggled.

Geet: Maan mere kapre?

Maan settle on the bed then took the receiver to order some food.

Maan: they are in our closet.

Geet looked at him shocked: but how? I didn’t do it.

Maan looked at her with guilty grin: our maid did.

Now Geet looked at him incredulously. She never saw maid doing her personal things. Its too much personal and Geet had never seen this side of maan’s wealth. Its flattering at the same time flushing. Maan understood her apprehensive and somewhere he is guilty for showing so much power and wealth together. In KM she was surrounded with family member and few servant whom she thinks as family. Suddenly she came to the ocean of MSK’s power which made her timid. Geet took her night dress and went to change without saying anything.. Maan completed his order for their dinner then cradle maahi on his chest. She kept giggling and slapping over his chest like she get excited with it. Maan’s gaze followed Geet as she came out from the bathroom.

Maan: are you angry with me?

Geet sighed and looked at him shaking her head negatively. Maan placed Maahika on bed with some stuffed toys which was bigger than her size.

Maan: tell me what is bothering you?

Geet: Maan nothing seriously.

Maan held her shoulder and brought her in his arm. Geet placed her head on his bare chest. Maan kissed her head.

Maan: I know it’s new for you Geet. But trust me I m the Maan u always knew and will be that only. It’s a little part of my life but the real one will be always who stayed in KM with his family. We never got the opportunity to know each other’s small things. Now when we get this time we can utilize it to know each other more well. Geet smiles and kissed the skin above his heart. Instantly groan left him.

Maan: yeah keep doing it and we will know each other in different ways. Geet laughed and tried to shove him but Maan grabbed her waist bringing her back in his arm. They started untying her robe.

Geet: Maan… She slapped his hand laughing but then Maahika’s voice caught them off Gauri. She giggle seeing her parents laughing.

Maan settle beside his angel then took her in his arm.

Maan: aaha angel is enjoying herself huh.

Geet: yeh ab sone wali nahi hain. She slept way too much. Abb sari raat apni beti ke sathe khelte rehna Mr MSK. I m too much tired and sleepy.

Maan glared her: try doing that and tom u won’t be walking around.

Geet’s eyes widen with the double meaning treat.

Maahika again giggle seeing Geet glaring Maan then her gaze shifted on maahi who hide her face in her dada’s neck. She peeked through one eye and seeing Geet pouting unhappily she again ducked her head giggling.

Geet tried hard not to smile. But then her tummy growl making Maan and maahi laughed louder.

Geet: jao mujhe aap dono se baat nahi karni. Ek to I m hungry and u both are making fun of me.

Maahika’s smile vanished seeing her mumma’s sad face. She looked at her with innocent eyes like she can understand her mother’s sadness. Then maahi looked at Maan with the same innocent sadneed, immediately Maahika started struggling to go to her mother. Geet smile was victorious as she took maahi who happily went to her. Maan was amazed seeing that. He shook his head muttering under his breath.

Maan: Nautanki hain dono Maa beti.

Geet: Kuch kaha apne?

Maan shook negatively: meri mazal main kuch bolu.

Their was a knock on the door so Maan took a shirt and went to grab the dinner.

Geet: Maan what about Shiv and Saanjh? We should have called them here.

Maan looked at her with something Geet can say mischivousness. Geet doubted it to be a plan of Shiv and him so she left it. Her sister is grown up so she can take care of Shiv.

In another room.

Saanjh: I can’t believe u actually booked only one suit for both of us. What the hell were u thinking Shiv. I told you I won’t share the room with you. You didn’t even said anything when I fell into sleep in the room. It was a shock to find u roaming in the lounge room half naked.

Shiv smirked: was it really a shock? Saanjh glared him her best and it made him laugh. Feeling irritated she tried to leave the place but he held her wrist stopping her then pulling her closer to his body. Saanjh’s eyes widen but his proximity didn’t helped either.

Shiv: you were so tired that when I tried to say something you were already fast asleep.

Saanjh knew he is right. She was little tired after the day’s hectic schedule and all Geet’s arrangement worn her without knowing. So when he took her to the suit which is exactly opposite of Maaneet’s, Saanjh just crashed the first bedroom she found. Later when she woke up it surprised her seeing the beauty and lavish of the suit till she found out she is sharing it with Shiv.

Saanjh: but u are enough rich to afford 2. Why u booked only one for us. I need my separate room.

Shiv: not happening. Other rooms are booked and u won’t find any other room or suit now.

Seeing the confident she knew he is right. Saanjh groaned in frustration. She looked at Shiv from the corner of her eyes. He placed the food infront of her. Though she is hungry but she is angry with him be that a little childish but she can’t trust herself with Shiv around. What if they!!! Saanjh tried to think anything else knowing her face is hot and flushed.

Shiv: what dirty thought is making you flush Saanjh. You know I can make it reality.

Saanjh: arrgghh Shiv.

Shiv: what?? Look Saanjh anyway I wasn’t going to leave u alone on your own. What is the problem with this arrangements. You and I both have separate room and this is enough big for both of us. We can stay with maahi together so Maan n Geet get alone time and I can spent time with you. I got this time to show you my love for you. I m not going to leave the chance.

His words were sincere she knew and frankly she doesn’t doubt his intention but the feeling, the need he develop in her scares the shit out of her. She loves him but at the same time she is afraid to give her 100% what if again she found herself lost.

Shiv saw those entire emotions on her face and somewhere he knew her insecurity is binding her but he wants to make her free from every inhibition. Shiv placed the food on the table and sat in front of her kneeling. He cupped her face.

Shiv: we need this time together Saanjh to get all the lost years. Please give that to me. I love u a lot and I want to show u that.

Saanjh held his hand which was on her cheek then nodded: ok.

They sat there silently finishing their food. Saanjh couldn’t stopped herself asking about Maaneet.

Saanjh: Did they knew it.

Shiv: not Geet.

Saanjh sighed: Maan helped you.

Shiv nodded: are you angry with us?

Saanjh smiles: no. I was too afraid with everything going so fast with us. But I want to spend the time with u.

Shiv smiles like childlike: so do I.

Precap: Many more Maaneet and Maahika moment.

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg 2014.


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  1. though i love shiv sanj also but love maaneet scene with mahika


  2. loving the romance between maaneet


  3. awsem update maneet with mahika sanjh scared to share room with shiv but agreed finally


  4. Superbbbb update di..
    Awww…cccuuttiiieee pieee Maahi.
    Loved Maaneet’s cute nok jhok..
    Happy new year di..love u:-*:-*


  5. Posted by ushankitvc on January 1, 2014 at 11:34 am

    awesum part


  6. Nice part.love both manneet and mahika sence as well as shiv and sanjh …. Update soon. Take care…..


  7. maahika is always cute. love the father daughter duo.
    lovely update.


  8. superb part


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