Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 16


Part 16

Journey to Amritsar was fun for others, Nikhil Roshni Annie Brij Yash and Geet went together in a car. Annie was literally flowing to spend the time siting beside Brij which wasn’t reciprocated. Though Brij often stole some glances at her without anyone’s knowledge. But there was one person who observed everything. Geet’s eyes widen when she caught her brother’s eyes looking at aniee who was pouting not getting any attention from him. She wanted to say something but then thought it won’t be appropriate right there.

Yash tried his best to distract her and somewhere succeeded in it when they reached Amritsar. It was already night so they can’t enter the temple and Aniee Roshni were hell tired so everyone decided to take the room they had booked and take some rest but again Geet’s eyes fell drastically.

‘Mujhe Abhi jana hain Golden temple dekhne. It looks so beautiful at night. Please veerji let’s go now’

Brij himself looked tired after the drive and then his eyes went on aniee who look like can sleep standing. He shook his head at Geet.

‘I don’t think it’s a good idea. Everyone is tired gudiya. We are going tomorrow na. And you also need rest.’

‘I don’t need rest. I want to go now. Please veerji chaliye na.’

‘Geet Kal hum Sab sath me Ja rahe hain na.. Can’t you wait just one night please. We all are tired.’

This time it was Annie who said it in a tired voice. Geet was suddenly loosing her mind. She just wanted to visit it now as she felt it will give her peace. The moment they entered Amritsar an unknown feeling started creating havoc in her. Ek pehchani halchal mano usko chu gayi ho jaise. Kuch anjani kashmakash ne dastak di ho jaise.

‘Veerji sabko lejane ki kya jarurat? Sirf hum dono chaste hain na.’

‘Ohh God Geet you don’t wanted us to come with u. If that was the matter you should have said first. We wouldn’t have taken so much effort and pain to come with you.’

Roshni’s frustrated words did nothing but irritate Geet. She looked at Brij who’s eyes trained on aniee’s who looked a litter different.

‘You should have said that Geet.’

There was so much pain and hurt in aniee’s voice that whipped Geet’s head towards her. She didn’t meant it like that. Geet can never say or feel so selfish ever. She felt guilty for behaving like that. Before Geet can say a word she heard Brij’s harsh words.

‘Geet I told u we will go tom. What had got into you? You are not like this, why u are behaving like a selfish brat? I have never taught u this? Where is your manners?’

Geet looked at Brij then at Annie who’s eyes are now wide in horror. She looked at others. Roshni and Nikhil were smirking teasingly while yash looked genuinely sympathisiesed. Geet couldn’t see more as the tears stung the back of her eyes. She turned to Yash pulling the scraps she felt in her throat before uttering any word.

‘C-can I take a separate room.’

She heard Brij’s meek voice.

‘Gudiya no, please listen to me.’

Geet didn’t turned but only looked at Yash silently. Her eyes were slowly welling up. Finally Yash handed her his keys speaking softly

‘You can have my room. I will stay with Nikhil.’

Geet nodded and said very weakly with a small teary smile.

‘Thank you.’

She slowly went into the room with her small bag without uttering a word to anyone. Brij tried to stop her but Yash stopped him.

‘Let her stay alone.’

‘Yash u know we could have booked separate rooms for girls but I thought about the security so if 3 of them stayed together it would be safe and Geet doesn’t like to stay alone.’

There was a desparation in Brij’s voice which Yash recognized. He gave Brij a hard look.

‘Right now I think she want to stay alone and about safety, this is the top hotel and my security is in 2 room away. She will be fine, let her be alone now and don’t talk to her for sometime. Anyway u already did the damage.’

Brij looked at Yash angrily. He wanted to disagree with him and go to the room where his Gudiya might be upset but he knew he is the reason for it. His anger was the protectiveness about his sister made him harsh. He didn’t wanted ppl talking about Geet and think she is selfish or stubborn. He knew his sister can never be that so before other say anything he said the harsh word he said ever but he can’t deny seeing the hurt look in aniee’s look somewhere pushed him too. He silently went to his room so the others.

Geet didn’t took her dinner and stayed in the room locked, she denied talking to anyone. Her eyes were glued on the sky which looks fresh and the freezing air flew her hair shuddering her a little. She liked this feeling but not when her tears stuck to her cheeks.

Then she heard a small knock. She didn’t response which made the person persistent. She ignored first few knock but then again it came. She opened the door.

‘Yash go away.’

Yash chuckled as he came in to the room. Their relationship has increased tremendously close. Geet knew his most of the moves so well now. So she knew he won’t leave her until he talk to her. She childishly wiped her face doesn’t wanted to show her tears as he will think her as some weak dumbo.

‘crying session over or u have more?’

Geet looked at him angrily. He always managed to distract her, she would forget why crying was so essential for the moment and when Geet think she can cry in peace after he went away,, actually she will forget the reason she was crying for. So now she doesn’t wanted to forget the reason so she didn’t answer him. Yash bite back his smile seeing her angry pout.

‘Ohh I forgot cry baby ka quota abhi pura thodi na hoga. Ok rolo aur thoda till then I take a nap.’

Yash stretched on her bed then took her heart shape pillow snuggling close to it. Geet walked towards him then poked his arm. Yash waved a hand dismissing her. Geet’s mouth fell open as a O.

‘sone do Geet. Wake me when you are done with your fountain’

‘hawwwwww. How mean friend you are. Ek to main roh rahi hu and instead of asking me how I m feeling u are sleeping. Yash uttho, uthhooo.’

She started slapping his hand over her pillow then his arm. Yash laughed and finally left it. He sat on the bed holding her hand.

‘Abb thik ho Geet?’

Yash asked sincerely. Geet nodded still not looking at him.

‘Geet you know he didn’t mean it. He didn’t like other saying so many thing so he said instead and Brij always worry about your safety. It isn’t good to go out at night.’

‘ Mujhe kya hota waha Yash. Anyway he would have been there and I know veerji would not let anything happen to me.’

Yash sighed and murmured ‘ you are so naive Geet.’

‘Kuch kaha tumne?’

Yash nodded in no. So Geet continued.

‘Pata hain Yash dusro ki baaton ka bura nahi laga Itna jitni taqleef apno ki berukhi se hota hain.’

Yash smiles ‘then why you always felt bad about maan’s behaviour Geet? Why you got upset knowing Maan didn’t came to meet you? Kyun tumhari chehre pe wo khusi nahi dikhti mujhe jo Maan ke rehna ke waqt hoti thi? Wo tumhara kon hain Geet? Wo to apna nahi hain? Who is he Geet? Apna ya Begana?’

Geet stayed silent. She didn’t know what to say him. She doesn’t herself know it. And whatever she think she feel for Maan she can’t say it. The familiar arch came back with a force. Maan’s face flashed in front of her eyes. The first time she saw him, the way he was looking at her, their meeting in gym and his looking at her so intensely. Their little conversation in the garden of her backward and then their hideout in the picnic all flashed one by one making her restless.

Yash saw the torment expressions on her.

‘Yash I m feeling tired. I want to sleep.’

‘but dinner.’

‘Please Yash.’

Yash sighed and left the room hesitantly.


Yash looked at Nikhil who were clearly not going to sleep as the loud music he kept increasing was making his sleep disturb. Finally he gave up his sleep and went to the balcony. His thoughts were only on Geet and her expression. He had noticed for some days Geet isn’t the same only bubbly Geet anymore. She tried to be happy he can clearly see she isn’t. Is it because the marriage is coming closer or the fact she is going away from Maan. He shook his head to clear the thought. If Geet felt anything for Maan she would have said to him, he is her friend now, a close friend that she share everything. Isn’t it? Then why she never talk about Maan anymore instead she became gloomy and lost in thoughts.

Just like tonight he thought. The mere mention about Maan made her lost somewhere and what about those expressions? What she was thinking that showed a rainbow of emotions on her face.

Yash sighed sadly. It’s becoming difficult. Not that he started loving Geet but as a friend he is worried for her and it had became so hard to read her nowadays. Yash took a step back to return to his room when a petite figure caught his attention. He looked attentively towards it only to recognise it to be Geet.


Yash took his sweater, then slipping in it he ran towards the exit but before that he contacted his bodyguards who had no clue about Geet sneaking out. Then one guard confirm it in a CCTV footage and Yash only cursed his fate. At night for a girl like Geet going outside will be dangerous. But she wouldn’t know that. She hardly knows her beauty and innocence.


Geet finally reached the place. It was already 2:30 at night. Not that She can enter the place but can only admire the beauty from far. The glowing Golden Temple’s one sight made Geet relax.


The lights flicker through the darkness and Geet sat on the grass feeling tired. Still her eyes showed the happiness. Her face was glowing in the white dupatta she wore on her white anarkali suit. She stayed there for sometime looking at the temple and remembered her time with Maan. Her heart suddenly shuddered.

Cool breeze touched her face as she looked everywhere. It was dark and she was alone. Suddenly the place didn’t seem to be safe. But her car was a little away so she have to walk a little. The car she came was arranged by aniee. When everyone fell asleep Aniee came in her room to apologise though she was never at fault. Geet never let her dwell on the guilt but asked a favor to arrange a car which aniee agreed after a lot of persuasion from Geet. But she took promise from Geet that She will return in one hour which Geet accepted.

Now looking at the place Geet’s heart did a flip. One part doesn’t want to go but another part fear about the darkness and about aniee. What if veerji get to know about her sneaking. Geet looked at the temple for the last time and closed her eyes remembering Maan’s face. A smile touched her lips then a giggle. It was same angry hot MSK. Geet bite her lips and first time in so many days she smiles from heart.

Suddenly she felt she wasn’t alone. Looking back she felt a gaze on her and then a touch. She jerk back the touch in fear and came to face 5 people staring at her. She gulp hard seeing the ugly looking men. The grip on her wrist tighten to the point of paining her. She cried and tried to lose but it was futile. He jerk her close to him, Geet nearly gagged with the awful smell of whisky.

‘Aaj to party karenge. Mast item mili hain.’

Geet heard someone saying close to ear and more laughing voice but all she felt was panic. She tried to shout but her lips were seal and throat was dry. Tears fell silently as she struggle to get free.

‘Please chodo Mujhe.’

‘chod denge itni jaldi kya hain.’

Then they heard another voice.

‘leave her hand.’

Geet’s heart flipped as she heard him. Turning her head she left a sigh of relief as Yash held the other man’s hand nearly twisting n breaking his bone.

They warn him to go away but Yash replied by slapping the guy. Soon Yash tackle 2 more guys kicking in his stomach and another’s leg,,, they were five and well built. Yash couldn’t take all of them. Soon someone smacked his leg with a hockey stick and Yash fell on the ground hissing. Geet shrieked and tried to reach Yash but another person held her forearm. She struggle her best which didn’t budge the laughing man.

Another person smack the stick on Yash forehead which earn the skin split and blood came gushing out. Till then Geet was crying hysterical. She called for help but none came. Yash didn’t even came with his bodyguard so now nothing seems like can help them until they heard a crack sound but it wasn’t Yash or Geet.

Geet felt the man holding her forearm touching her neck, pulling her veil. She closed her eyes crying and feeling disgusted but never her dupatta left her side but the painful grip loosening. Then a Crack sound. Opening her eyes she came to face the most Intense yet furious pair of eyes looking at her. Her heart shivered like the same she felt looking at the glowing Golden Temple.


Her lips quivered. She heard the man beside her yelped as more bones cracked in his hand. Before the tear drop on her cheek from her lashes the man was on the ground crying. Not once Maan looked away from her all the time.

Precap: Maan’s Anger

I know nothing about Golden Temple at night visiting hour but I m sure it won’t be open at 2:30 as according to my friend Tanu. Seeing pic and all I tried to give a touch as I haven’t ever went there but hope someday I will. Finger crossed….

Well did anyone thought about this entry? Yeah I planned it from so many days but didn’t get time to pen it down..

Updates are from cell so a lot of mistakes are there. Sorry for them.

This part was entirely for Geet and Yash’s friendship and Geet’s feeling.

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg. 2014


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  1. so happy bcoz of lots of update.go to hell with dis yash,want maaneet together


  2. hope geet can manofy maan love it cant wait for next


  3. geet confused soul yash no chance and brij annie awsem


  4. No Maan in this update..
    But finally kya entry maari hai Maan ne..totally heroic..faadu…
    Grrrr…chahe yeh yash kuchh bhi kare but i hate him to the core…
    Now desperately waiting to see wht will Maan do in his anger..


  5. Posted by sohni111 on January 1, 2014 at 10:27 am

    really missed this ff! one of my fav….finally maan will meet geet! plz bring back sanjana into yash’s life as i feel she left him unwillingly!!!

    great update!



  6. Posted by ushankitvc on January 1, 2014 at 11:06 am

    awesum…maneet met after such a long time….continue sooon


  7. Love it . waiting for next update soon. Take care…..


  8. hey Maan entered at right time.
    wonder wat would be Maan and Geet reaction now.
    poor Yash knows something is wrong but can’t trace anything properly.


  9. Posted by neha74 on January 2, 2014 at 7:42 am

    awesome update…geet is still confused about her feelings for maan and remembers him all the time…yash is getting suspicious and confused with her behavior and finally maan returned and what a timing 🙂 but the angry bird will again be angry on poor soul geet…eagerly waiting for more…


  10. Posted by angelickushi on January 3, 2014 at 11:23 am

    gudiya ko rula diya brij ne
    cant wait for maan to be back


  11. awesome update


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