Love For You Part 82


Wish you all a beautiful and Happy New Year.

Part 82

It’s being 1 week maan came to Boston, in this week he learnt so many things about his children, like Mannat is a junk foodie and Tamanna doesn’t like cheese. Mannat likes guiter, in fact she is obsessed with it where Tamanna likes Piano. She can almost play everything and every difficult notes which made Maan amuse. Then the fact that they are the naughtiest kid in school yet bright in study. He met their school friends who looked at him in awe. Tammy and Mann showed him to everyone with a proud face.

Suddenly Maan had become center of their attraction. Every day he will know their one favorite dishes, then try to make that with some help. Some time they like it some time not but what caught maan’s attention was they say it on the face still with so much honey cuteness that can’t stay mad on them. Guess they adapted his blunt behaviour and Geet’s sweet sugar coating words.

In all this his kids knew the balance. They still shower their love on Rudra. They still play songs and teased him with the photo of page 3 which consist his New woman every day not that he sleeps with everyone but Rudra had to attend a lot of parties and gathering and whenever he went with a girl as expected or he spend some time talking with anyone paparazzi chased him there. Maan knew it’s not only the reason the security had doubled. Nation’s one of the best Rockstar and then World’s one of the Best businessman stayed in one place then security has to be strong or god knows what will happen. Sometime Maan wondered how had Geet taken all this for so many years still not a single photo being published about her link up with Rudra and none of kids photo caught press’s eyes.

Rudra:What held you frowing so much?

Rudra said in disgust, Maan followed his gaze and saw the mess he had created in the kitchen just to make some perfect Macaroni Pizza for Mannat. Maan sighed and left the work undone and saw the look on their maid Larissa’s face who clearly look on the verge of crying. Maan saw the smirk on Rudra’s face then slapped the dirty cloth on his face which he ducked laughing.

Rudra: you were the one jumping on a chance to please your angels. Rudra smirked teasingly, Maan groaned on his smile. You know Geet call them devil. Though they are the cutest devil but if u give them chance they will prove again again.

Maan: shutup Rudra. By the way How did you and Geet always put up with press? And how about not a single pic of Mannat and Tamanna was released in newspaper?

Rudra looked a little apprehensive, Maan only waited for his response which seems forever. Lastly Rudra sighed as he took a seat on the breakfast bar stool.

Rudra: Actually it was released in one paper. Long time when kids were 3 yrs. Some paper said rubbish to destroy my image. They linked up me and Geet being not only friend but we are in living relationship. God knows from where they caught a pic of our balcony where I was sitting with Geet,,, Close to her. We were discussing something and then kids came out popping on my lap.

Rudra waited for Maan to say something or ask anything but he never did just waited for him to finish. So Rudra continued.

Rudra: that particular picture was published saying we are in living relationship and has kids but just to be famous I stayed as single, so that records n shows sell. I was not as much disturb about my image as I was worried for Tammy and Mann’s safety. Most of the time Geet travel with me and Kids stayed with security. Geet was my manager everyone know so speculation were always there though none said a thing on face but this was about children. So that happened which I was afraid. Geet blasted.

Maan’s eyes were stilled. He was curious to know about this Geet who seems so tough. He never doubted Rudra’s love for the kids so it wasn’t even shock him to find Geet staying with Rudra but it surprised him to know Geet handled everything not Rudra.
Rudra smiles, maybe remembering the day.

Rudra: Geet was furious. Very few people know about her being GR the co-owner of T & M music company. So she did what was expected. She pulled her string and sued the newspaper. And you know what,,, she won it.

Maan’s wide eyes showed how much surprised he was. Of course it isn’t easy to sue when the other party is right partly. Rudra chuckled visibly.

Rudra: she made me parade with every girl she can hold on every day just to prove we are not exclusive. Then our PR arranged some pic of Geet’s diference house and her going with the children to some random place. We stayed away for more than 2 month. It was such a difficult phase and I had to show I m happy which was harder. Then it came where we arranged a press conference but Geet said no pic of her or her children to be published. We cleared the air about us that she just gave a visit as a Frnd and she is committed.

Rudra stopped to see Maan who clearly imagining those difficult phase of her life.

Rudra: she fabricated a story of being committed though I knew it wasn’t false. She was always committed to you and your love. Anyway the public supported us and Geet made sure to destroy the publication. It wasn’t that famous just a rising company which went in the drain.

Maan didn’t hear much as he pondered on the word she was committed to him and his love. Was he worth it, worth all her pain. She may be hate him to the bits but she also loved him more than anything in the world and he did just to break her love. Is it worth to fight when he knew the pieces of her broken heart hard to find.

Maan heard loud squeal, he snapped out from his thought only to met 2 over delighted angels laughing and running towards them. They launched themselves at Rudra and Maan who caught them in air. Their giggle filled the room, Maan saw the servant also looking at them with love in their eyes. The kids are the life of this house.

Mann: Buddy my Science teacher want to go with you on a date so I told her if she give me A+ you will go with her.

Maan: What??? She said that?

Tammy: she said to another teacher. We heard it…

Rudra whined like a baby: Noooo, not her. Maan raise his brow so Rudra loved his voice. She always get the idea of slipping her hand in my pants. Maan chuckled seeing his whine.

Tammy: I heard that. But why will she slip her hand in your pants?

Mann: because they are going on a date.

Tammy looked confuse: duh so?

Mann: Anessa said when ppl go on date they do so, her mom did with Robin uncle she saw it when they were doing breakfast so she thought after their date they do that.

Maan and Rudra groans in dismay and Maan look ready to kill Rudra. His eyes were spitting fire. Rudra gulp hard seeing the anger.

Rudra: what???? What did I do???

Maan: I m gonna shoot your ass you A******..


Geet sipped her coffee enjoying her time with Naman. He showed her some math problem, Geet helped him with it. Her heart quivered remembering her own kids. Rudra will take care of them she knew, it’s Maan she is worried about. She can’t trust him though Tammy told her he was fulfilling their every demand and took them go park. He even went to their school. Geet knew she didn’t have any reason to worry but as a mother she fear what if unintentionally he hurt them, she couldn’t take that. Once she had taken everything on her silently but if he hurt her kids She can never forgive him not that she did anyway.

Brij: There is nothing about Maan’s company or anything you have wanted. It shouldn’t take so much time.

Geet: it will. Bhaisa he didn’t announced anything yet so it will take time to come out and I m sure Aadi did a good job to hide everything. Abhi tak to sab pata chal gaya hoga.

Brij: Then why Maan is still in Boston?

Geet: wo to hum bhi soch rahe hain.

Kunal: Apne dushman to kamzor nahi samajhna chahiye, aur dushman MSK ho to aur bhi mushkil hain apka rasta. Wo bacche nahi hain. Best businessman aise hi nahi ban jate.

Kunal was the sarpranch in the state. Till now the village ppl comes to him for any problem. He is like man with law himself. Whatever he said always agreed by the villagers. His command they always accepted with respect. Every morning Kunal went to a place where he resolves problem of the villagers and any kind of concern he has to look that.

Geet: Bade Bhaisa if Maan knew about it he would have started running towards India.

Brij: Do u want me to do some work?

Geet: not now. Just wait for sometime, wait for MSK to blast.

Geet smirks remembering the day she went to office after Maan going to Boston. She was furious when entered the office but hearing Aadi talking about some confidential thing made her at least calm to listen to him. He was talking with Yash. Maan’s left hand and C.O.O of the company who arranged every thing for her to arrive at the farm house. But what caught her attention was the word “Maan Sir’s Dream.”

Precap: Talk about Dream..

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  1. Nice part. Waiting to
    Know about dream. Update soon. Take care….


  2. Superbbb update di..
    Just love this confident & arrogant Geet..
    The way she handled everything related to her & Rudra’s so called relationship..mind blowinggg it was..
    Hmm..Maan fulfilling every wish of his angels..
    Maan’s dream??wht has Geet decided to do now??


  3. simply the best awesome maaneet well matched in every sense waiting for your next love it


  4. awsem update maan rudra discuss about past security isses geet planning on attacking maan dream good


  5. awesome update
    love rudra & maan part
    love the kids….they really shetan.


  6. Posted by ushankitvc on January 2, 2014 at 5:47 am

    awesum…loving this maan-rudra bonding…loved their convo….continue sooon


  7. Posted by neha74 on January 2, 2014 at 7:26 am

    happy new year to you too 🙂 lovely update but please don’t let geet destroy maan’s dream because it will be geet who will be in pain more than maan if she does this… waiting for more 🙂


  8. Posted by life19 on January 2, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    superb update

    the way rudra was telling maan i can say tat maan was feeling pain

    but wats geet is upto wat is maan’s dreams.. and looks like if this dream is destroyed tat sure her maan too will be destroyed and somewhere geet is just doing tat


  9. from last 3parts i could not find interesting bcoz of separate maaneet.pls keep them closse then do whatever with maaneet


  10. Posted by angelickushi on January 3, 2014 at 11:03 am

    omg wats she planning


  11. awesome update


  12. Though i loves dis strong and arrogant geet.,bt mind and heart will always support maan to win back his love in his life,waiting for nxt part


  13. superb one dear………maan with angels and maan is trying to know them better……….on the other side geet is planning sumthing very big to shock maan…….


  14. Hey its awesum ya…tamy n mann r so cute..dey love deir daddy ..I am waitin for wat geet is plannin…


  15. waiting for more……


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