Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 17


Part 17

Maan’s eyes stared at Geet like baring her soul. Yash saw his brother standing all with his rough arrogant attitude, there eyes met, a little smile touched Yash’s face but soon he winced with pain as he tried to stand. Maan’s eyes followed the blood on his brother’s forehead and lips. His strong jaw trickled with anger, his clenched jaw only made him looks more ferocious.

Soon one person tried to touch Geet from another side. Without a word Maan held that wrist before it can touch her then again twisted it cracking the bones. His leg met that man’s stomach with one strong kick and he fell on the ground. Suddenly Geet shrieked, someone placed a sharp knife on her neck from behind and took a step back. Others also left Yash and stood behind Geet and the person. Geet only stared at Maan with teary eyes, then a whimper left her lips as the pressure on the knife dug her skin borrowing blood.

Geet whispered: Maan.

His face void any emotion, just stared at her as the goons took a step forcing her to accept. Maan nodded his head a little and a sharp noise explored. Geet nearly shouted but then felt herself pressed on maan’s body. She hide her face in his neck, Maan’s arms instantly wrapped around her securely, one hand on her waist and another on her head. She closed her eyes hugging his neck, one sob escaped, then another and with every painful whimper increased his grip on her. She was plastered on his body, he didn’t even tried to loosen it instead he just tighten his grip.

After some time hearing few voice Geet finally opens her eyes. The first thing she saw was the person’s dragging body by well built man. Maan’s bodyguard. Geet’s eyes widen seeing the blood leaking from the person’s arm. Panic and bile rose in her throat. She again dug her face in maan’s arm and felt a calm aroma engulfed her. They heard a grunt, Geet was the first to break their hug. Maan looked at her first then his eyes fell on Yash who was standing with a man, His face showed pain as he held his arm. When someone had hit him on the shoulder to make him fall on ground it apparently dislocated his shoulder.

Geet suddenly left maan’s arm to reach Yash. Maan only stared at Geet blankly, his eyes followed her concern face. How can someone’s one touch can make his restless heart at peace? How can her one breath makes him alive again. When he held her so close to him, he felt he got some lost treasure. So many day’s restlessness evaporate with her mere touch. Some day he had forgotten he has a heart also but today when he felt the flip just seeing her made him believe yes he possess the heart which maybe not belong to him anymore.

Then Geet left him, realization or say reality fell on him like a bucket of cold water. He was witnessing his Geet being concern for Yash, his brother. Again Yash. Another person of his life selected Yash over him. For never in life he felt so much insecure like today. All his happiness, relief seeing Geet vanished in the thin air. His face left any emotion he felt and anger took place which always helped him to make this life easy. His anger is his only friend which is why he is still alive cz when anger came it destroyed any other feeling.

Maan turn to leave the place when he heard Yash calling his name, he greeted his teeth to bite his anger but nothing work when his Geet is touching another man specially Yash.

‘Maan thanks, thanks for saving geet.’

He turned a sardonic glance at them, Geet’s worried eyes met him. It was sad and fearful, concern for Yash. Her would be husband.

‘If Romance was so important then you both should have taken the safety of your hotel room. This place and time doesn’t seems perfect for your little adventurous meeting. Isn’t it?’

‘you know it isn’t. Geet,,,’

Yash stopped to take a painful breath, then his eyes fell on Geet who stood there numb. He felt his protective guard came on, he squeezed her hand and her eyes left Maan to meet him. Too many emotion ran in them finally dropping at the ground. Yash felt like punching Maan for doing this. He turned his head towards Maan staring at him hard.

‘You know what, its none of your business.’

Yash left the place with Geet, only then Maan realized he didn’t even saw his brother. His eyes were train on one object Geet who looked miserable. He recalled his words and cursed himself. His all resolution of staying away from Geet went into drain as he remember her every stance. Her fear, her cry, her relief seeing him and something else, and then guilt. Why guilt? Is this guilt because she felt something for him where her fiance laid injured or? Was it pain because of his word. Was she hurt? But why? She was here with his brother, at this hour and clearly worried for yash more than him then why she felt hurt with his word.

Maan heard a painful grunt, his eyes fell on the goons lying on ground and some in custody of the police. He nodded his head towards the person incharge who just nodded meakly.

After 15 mins drive Maan arrived at his destination, the grounded place. As he entered the place he heard painful moan n grunt but that did nothing to sooth his burning rage. Everyone looked at him then nodded and left the place with Maan’s bodyguards.

‘Hum to inhe custody me lene hi wale the, Lekin yaha kyun laaye? Aur MSK ne sabko dismiss kyun kar diya?’

‘Tu Apna aankh kaan muh sab band karle aur samajhle hum ne un logo ko sidha custody main liye. MSK se insab ka koi wasta nahi, aur tune agar muh khola samjhle MSK tujhe kahi aur pouch dega.’

Officer and constable talked in themselves about MSK till he reached the place and every eyes turned blind, ears deaf and mouth dumb. Maan walked straight towards the only aim his eyes trained, the door. Everyone knew what they will hear but some were confuse as they were new. There wasn’t many of them, only one subinspector and 5 constable in which 2 is new.

Very few ppl knew maan’s power over ppl and his influence which runs deep, minister politicians his hands were everywhere which gives him immense power.

Maan walked through the line of those beaten down goons and signaled the one person standing keeping an eye on them to untie their rope, then left the place without uttering anything. Maan took a seat infront of them, his eyes were lethal. Those 5 goons were already in pain and looked at Maan with fear which Maan ignored. His silence was killing the atmosphere. He recalled the blood that was trailing on his brother’s forehead. His hand fist something and other person sitting infront of him shriek as the salt that Maan spread on his wound burned him.

Maan took a knife the very slowly slight his wrist which again earned another person’s shrill voice, then it broke as the salt touch him. Maan was slowly killing them and left it like that. He wasn’t satisfied. He took out his coat and loosen his sleeves. His eyes fell on the person moaning with his broken wrist. He was the one that touched Geet. His Geet.

Next everyone outside the place heard the shout and painful moan, they tried to be deaf but it was horrifying for everyone present there. Their life and career was on stake if MSK did anything to those goons still they kept they mouth shut. On the other side Maan took out his all pent up frustration anger on them. It was ugly but he didn’t showed any mercy. Their crying only made him remember Geet’s tears, her fearful hazel haunts him. Atlast after a few hour he stopped not because he was exhausted but their was no life in those men. If Maan wanted he could have taken easier way to punish them, even take their life but it was more painful and they only deserve the hardest pain.


Next morning everyone saw the brushes and plaster on Yash’s shoulder. Geet apologise with teary eyes but none said a word as Yash had warned them. Yash informed them what happen in details. Brij pondered only on one question, how did Geet get to go there. Aniee wanted to accept her doing but Geet stopped her, when aniee tried to say anything it made Geet only teary as she held herself responsible for the incident. First thing in the morning they did was fill the complaint against those goons bcz without that police won’t do their work least they know what punishment Maan already decided for them.

Journey towards Golden Temple was silent for Geet. Everyone tried to cheer her but she was lost somewhere. Nikhil tried to flirt with her which earned glare from Brij and Yash but Geet was still numb. When they reached the holy place Geet didn’t stopped for anyone. She just went in which only made Yash and Brij worried.

Only Geet knew what turmoil she is facing deep in her heart. Her innocent heart can’t take everything that is happening around her, and with that whatever her heart felt for Maan her mind was screaming that is wrong. Those words from her daarji came back to haunt her but her treacherous heart won’t let her live in peace. Only she knew what she felt seeing Maan after so many days. If she was living all these days then now she knew it was just breathing not feeling.

After so many days she felt alive, and it made her confuse, somewhere guilty. On top of that whatever Maan was thinking about her and Yash only made her feel worse. She is Yash’s fiance, she shouldn’t feel for Maan she knew it and it’s making her feel the worse.

Atlast she sat infront of her Babaji asking so many question through her innocent eyes yet her mouth was sealed. She wanted to cry, to hold someone and pour her all confusion and pain but she is alone here. Being with family did nothing to ease the arch. She closed her eyes while dipping her head in the holy water of the lake.

‘Kyun aise horaha hain Babaji? Why I m feeling this? Is love so painful? Is it even love that I am feeling. And for whom Maan? Then why I feel so concern for Yash? Those question in maan’s eyes wasn’t his fault. I know somewhere he is hurting. But why? He doesn’t love me then how?,,,’

Geet didn’t complete her thought but opened her eyes and then it stuck. The most intense pair of eyes was looking at her with so much passion. Geet shuddered as Maan came near her. Unknown to world she comes out from the water but before she can say a word maan’s eyes turned red in anger. All rational thought went out from the window of Geet’s brain and she pouted.

‘Abb Maine kya kiya Babaji?’

Her eyes widen, hand came on mouth realizing she said the words loud. Maan couldn’t help but shake his head in amusements. A little sound came out as his chuckle. Geet cutely pouted again.

‘Why u always get angry on me? Mera kasoor ho ya na ho daant mujhe hi kyun khani padhti hain?’

‘I didn’t said anything Geet.’

‘Aap ko bolne ki kuch zarurat hain? Apke ravan jaise ankhe sab bol deti hain’


Maan stern voice made her step back. Before she fall again in the water Maan held her without thinking about his expensive shirt that now soaked with Geet’t wet dress plaster on him.

‘who, main, main, apka, shirt.’

‘When I left you your best friend ‘stammering’ also left you, when I returned it returned with vengeance.’

And with that Geet remember how he left her without a word. On instinct she tried to shove him but Maan didn’t leave her. She tried hard and Maan noticed the pain to hold herself within, her struggle actually showed a mirror of her feelings. Maan never felt the urge of taking someone in his arm as he felt for Geet. He didn’t left her till he made her wear his jacket. She tried to refuse but maan’s stern look stopped her.

‘I left because I thought it was right not because I don’t feel for you. I had never explained my action to anyone neither I will do for you. Buy remember Geet I can feel your every breath because it’s breathing in my heart.’

Ironicaly he did explain the best he did ever that too for her and with that accepted the fact he do have a heart which belongs to her yet he always said to have a cold heart or be heartless.

Precap: Maaneet spending time in Golden Temple at night and?

I forgot did Yash and Geet had engagements or not. Ufff I m totally detach with my all stories. I m trying to complete them as my study is gearing up and trust me I m hating to leave it here.


First of all sorry if I had hurt any religion feelings by using Golden Temple’s some scene to make a plot. My intention wasn’t to hurt anyone I m clearing this. I should have placed a disclaimer in previous part.

In the previous part About time of the Place’s opening, someone told me it is open till 2am but maybe he was wrong as another Frnd of mine said its open from 2 to morning. So I m little confuse so leave it as I m taking Writer Liberty here.

About Golden Temple being safe, of course it is as it’s one of the exclusive n old place of our country. Here also I have taken some liberty and the place Geet sat and looked at the temple wasn’t in the premises but far away from it. That’s why showed the pic.

Lastly I know nothing about Golden Temple but thank u for Accepting the plot and Sorry if you feel I disrespected anything but it was unintentionally then. I can never hurt any person or religion knowingly.

Thanks Prabhjot for clearing about the time and the safety dear.

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved. 2014.


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