Devil’s Darkest Possesdion Part 41


Actually next part Tom….

Part 41

Maan took the control of the kiss by entering his tongue between her parted lips and then to her sweet nectar filled mouth. Geet moaned in his mouth and he nearly tore her dress away. His lips came on her neck and he hastily took away the necklace nearly tearing the thread. It scrapped her soft skin, that made her whimper in pain. Maan placed his wet lips then tongue on it soothing softly. His hand undid the thread that was holding her blouse and it fell away. His lips descended down on her cleavage sucking and placing a trail of his saliva.

His hand tore the bra in two pieces then cupped her perfect globe. Growl left his throat as he took one nipple in his mouth sucking hard, it only made Geet wild as she tucked his hair pulling him closer to her. His mouth took the invitation of the second curve and gave same importance to it. Geet felt his hardness pressing her abdomen, her palm followed it then rubbed slowly. Both were on fire and wanted to finish what they started but then a loud bark broke their ecstasy. They looked at Gulgule who apparently glared them.

‘That’s why I don’t want them in my room.’

‘But they saved your plan.’

Maan looked at geet’s flushed face.

‘That’s why I didn’t wanted to stay in the room. You always make me lose myself Geet.’

Both were panting heavily. His words were a husky whisper..Maan took a beautiful yellow sleeveless churidhar and gave it to Geet.

‘I will wait for u in the car.’

‘But Maan where are we going?’

Maan smirk ‘Italy.’

Geet’s mouth hung open and Maan left the place still smirking smugly.

After taking a bath Geet got ready in that yellow churidar. She was confuse about why Maan choose this because clearly they are going Italy and she can wear any western dress which will suit the place. She shrugged the thought and met Maan in the car. Her eyes went to Gulgule and Monalisa who were fast asleep on back seat. She raised an eye brow at Maan.

‘Aaditya arranged some lady for their care and she fed them a few mins before.’

‘but why caretaker?’

‘so that they won’t disturb us.’

Geet didn’t ask further as she took her seat. Maan held her hand and again made her sit on his lap. His lips seems like can’t have enough of her taste. He took her fragrance. Then placed few soft kisses on her jaw.



‘Itna jaldi HM pe jaane ki kya jarurat thi? I mean we could have taken it a few days late. Aapki family.’

Maan looked at her face hard. Suddenly it was blank.

‘You don’t need to worry about my family Geet. It’s only me for whom u should worry. Nothing else.’

‘Maan main to bas’

‘aren’t u happy to go on a holiday Geet? Doesn’t u want to spent some good time away from all the ridiculous rituals or you liked families hovering you all the time cz I can’t give u those. I hate Family and so u have to.’

Hearing maan’s cold words made Geet nervous. She doesn’t understand why he is bothering with their HM. He will still get what he want,, doesn’t he know that? And why he doesn’t want her to like his family. About rituals she couldn’t thank him enough for saving her from those rasams. She hates it all.

Maan saw the thoughts crossing her face one by one and setting on some distaste. He was curious to know what she is thinking but wanted her to say all that like the wild cat she always did.

‘I hate rituals too so thank u for saving the time. But why bothering with HM in Italy. We could have get the same thing in your mansion.’

Maan looked at her flushed face. She didn’t talk about his family which he is grateful for. Then thought about her words. He smiles. A slow sensual killing smile.

‘OUR Bedroom in Our Mansion won’t runaway anywhere, we will use them rest of the life, every night. But now I want to Please you so anywhere near to heaven with your pleasing smile making love to you will be more interesting. And I will get u away from everything, everyone. Your day and night will be mine and so the love making.’

Geet thought she died and went to heaven. His every word makes her warm and his eyes gave a hint of what he must have planned. For a moment she forgot there was driver but only she and Maan. His each word send a sensation to her feminine part and she felt wet.’

Rest of the journey were in Geet couldn’t trust herself with the jittery feeling. When they settle in the jet Geet had notice the same air hostess that she met last time on the jet while going to Delhi now eyeing Maan with an evil smirk. But this time Geet isn’t the same Geet. She is Mrs Geet MSK. Geet held Maan’s hand, when he looked at her, those luscious lips straight landed on his perfect one. It wasn’t just a peck it was her possessing him with that simple touch. Maan was more than happy with it and he showed also. He unbuckled her belt and brought her on his lap kissing and devouring her like a hungry man sets on fire for his woman.

Geet moaned and pulled his nape pulling him closer to her lips. It was like she was hungry for him like ages.

‘I think u have accomplished your mission.’

Geet opens her drowsy eyes on his husky voice in confusion. Maan chuckled then looked at the air hostess’s long left place. Then everything drawn on her. Her jealousy took a better place and claimed him not only in front of that chick but Maan’s whole crew. She bite her lips looking at him,, he growls seeing her chewing the lips.

‘Don’t do that Geet or I will really forget where we are and where our first night suppose to be.’

Geet shook her head then sat beside him though he protested. He seems to like her place on his lap.

‘Why u keep saying it like we haven’t done it before.’

‘Because we didn’t had our first officially wedding night. It will be the first.’

Geet was touched with his word, though he didn’t said to please her intentionally. But some time unknown to the person we can do or say the smallest thing that will touch our love ones.

After some time Maan was busy in his work and Geet wanted to take a nap badly. Looking at Maan was futile as he way much busy in his laptop so she went on her own. Air hostess came to serve her a drink and she took it with her. Geet wanted to tell Maan that she was going to the cabin and is it ok with him but seeing him so much engrossed in work she left the place. She met one air hostess and asked them about the cabin. They informed her it’s ready for her. Feeling a little tired she agreed to go there but stopped as a voice approached her.

‘What do u think You can bind MSK with your charm. Give it one week and he will be bore with you.’

Hearing the bitchy voice made Geet turn her head towards the first air hostess. She was beautiful no doubt but she is bitchy no doubt again. Her dress showed much more to required. And the skirt was too short. Geet didn’t said a word and started walking towards the room. But again the voice stopped.

‘Did you know the cabin you are approaching for a relax nap apparently was the first place he took me. We did much more than sleeping you know and he enjoyed that more than sleeping with you. He will want me again on his bed when he gets bore with your little body. Then you will be his doormat and I will warm his bed. You can never give him everything he need.’

‘And that’s why he married me to keep me to himself.’

Her words were low but meaningful. Geet was angry but strangely not like a jealouse woman. She has a confident authority. It’s more like Mrs MSK. Hearing the words the air hostess paled. Apparently she didn’t knew about the marriage. Geet’s eyes went on the person standing right behind the air hostess growling in anger. Geet smirked looking at the air hostess.

‘You were his whore and I m his Wife. That is the diference between you and me not that I want to be compare with you cz I have much high standard for that.’

Saying that Geet left the place. She passed Maan and stopped on her step. Her eyes went on him for a moment. Though Geet didn’t showed any emotion infront of the staff but those word sting somewhere deep. She lowered her lashes and went on her seat. But her lips quirk upward a little when she hear maan’s shouting voice at the girl.

‘You are fire. And I will make sure you don’t get a job in this line for a life time.’

Geet closed her lashes as the single tear fell down. It’s not like that girl was entirely wrong on nothing. Whatever she said somewhere is true. Geet can’t hold the Devil’s interest for a life time. He will soon get bored and then she will stay in his home as Mrs MSK and he can take any beautiful girl with him, in his bed. Thinking it sting a lot.. A lot actually. Geet cursed herself. She got it so bad that it feared her. He will destroy her one day and she is waiting for that day. Is she a fool or as helpless as her mother was? Is she risking her heart for nothing? When Maan will leave her she will be devasted. Maybe then she will also leave the little hope to live happy or with dignity. He will tarnish her with everything she has.

Precap: Italy….. Oops SR

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg 2013.


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  1. fantastic why did the bitchy airhostess have to burst geets bubble of joy so sad for her but maan will convince her of his love i hope great work as usual tich


  2. after kkk its my fav .though i loved the update but hate u bco z i thought dis part would b SR.ok.but give next part asap


  3. Superb update,cont soon.
    Waiting 4 nxt.


  4. Fabulous dear after a long time it is updated that bitchy airhostess deserved more geet was hurt a lot but never showed and still worried about her future with maan waiting for SR part


  5. Posted by ushankitvc on February 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    awesum part…loved how geet replied to the airhostess… insecurity risen bcoz of the hostess words….continue sooon


  6. That air hostress was a bitch but geet showed her that what is ger postion kived geet as mrs msk eagerly waiting for next


  7. awsem update maan left gulgule with caretaker geet treatment to as fab she deserve more insult


  8. Awesome update….still feeling bad for geet…..


  9. just awesome….loved this update….but plz noe update fast…cant wait….this is one of my favourite ff….


  10. Maan is changing unknown to him.
    again Geet is hurt and gonna fear for her relationship.
    lovely update.
    waiting for next update.


  11. Posted by monikaseth on February 7, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    awesome love it maan so much ziddi off to hm wow waiting for his madness .


  12. Posted by Anusha Shanbag on February 8, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Super awesome. ….. d way d part was described was superb….. omg poor geet yaar… but loved geet’s reply to the air hostess. .. eager for d nxt part…. do update very soon . 😀 😀


  13. Posted by anamikasb on February 8, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Totally fabulous hope Maan gives her security I think Geet will show she is happy but within she will be sad


  14. Fabulous update
    That bitch spoiled geet mod
    Precap lovely


  15. Lovely…absolutely lovely…awsome


  16. superb update loved geet reply to airhostess &maans care 4 geet waiting 4 update


  17. It was a nice part. Love to what will happen next. Sad for geet. Bt hope maan will make her happy and love her forever…. Tc.


  18. Posted by rajshreebansode on February 9, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Hmm…Maaneet going to Italy fr their first night..
    Aghhhhh..tht b****…how dare she talk to Geet like tht..
    But loved the way Geet calmly replied to hee..


  19. Awesome one these maaneet are one among those who i really loves d most dey both are aggressive,bt d same time dey are so passionate towards each otr,hope deir trip will help them wipeout some of d bitter memories frm deir life,


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