Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 109



Part 109

Next day first thing Geet wanted was talking to Saanjh which Maan gladly obliged. He took Maahika with him and informed Shiv to come with him. Geet didn’t asked details about their boys-going-out-to-plan-something-mission. So when Saanjh peeked in her room she pounded on her happily.

Geet: what r u peeking for?

Saanjh entered the room with sheepish smile: I was afraid in what state I have to found u,, Ohh this is your honeymoon na.

Geet threw a cushion at her twin which Saanjh dodged laughing. Geet again n again threw cushion and soon it turned to be a cushion fight. Laughing they fell on the bed. It’s being more than 6yrs they laughed like this or behaved like teenager.

Saanjh: Are you happy Geet.

Geet: Happiest in my life Saanjh. Are you?

Saanjh: of course I m for u.

Geet: u know what I meant Saanjh.

Saanjh face her twin who was popping on one elbow. She smiles and nodded.

Saanjh: I think I love him more than ever and he loves me too.

Geet: Good. Or else he would be murdered from my hand.

Saanjh cracked hearing that: u can’t even kill a fly Geet.

Geet: Shiv is easier than fly.

Both laughed, then they did some gossip about their fav hero just like their teenage time. Maan not only gave her a time to know him and cherish their beautiful time in future but he had returned her childhood with her sister which she missed like hell.

Later they planned a girl’s day out which they had decided to spent in a spa pampering themselves then shopping as Bangkok is famous for being one of the best shopping place. Now they are just waiting for the boys to return. Saanjh told her Shiv didn’t said a word about the planning they seems to do frequently without telling them. Geet was ingested but also knew Maan wanted to surprise her so she didn’t pry much.

When Maan and Shiv didn’t returned for 3hours Geet had called Maan and he told her that they are returning in few mins. So Geet and Saanjh decided to wait for them in the restau-bar. Saanjh went to order their drinks when a guy approached Geet. Saanjh wasn’t there with her which made Geet nervous a little but the guy looked nice so she tried to compose her uneasiness.

Guy: do u mind if I join you. He gave a sweet seductive smile that maybe girl will die for but this is Geet.

Geet: umm actually that’s my sister’s seat. She smile apologetically. But that doesn’t offend the guy, in fact his smile broaden.

Guy: you are a nice girl my guess. you can’t even give a good excuse to refuse my offer.

Geet raised her eyebrow: was it an offer?

He grinned like she cracked a joke: nope. A request. Can I join u. I promise I won’t snatch ur sister’s seat.

Geet finally laughed looking at his childish grin. The guy took a seat infront of Geet and extended his hand.

Guy: hi I m Ian. Ian Ronald.

Hesitantly Geet took his hand: I m Geet Khurana.

Ian: Indian beauty. I got that. Geet smiles at his little but harmless flirting. So can I get any drink for you?

Geet: you didn’t look like a waiter here or the bartender.

Ian smiles at her insult as it was too cute for her to insult anyone so he carried it seriously.

Ian: no but I was thinking of doing a course on that u know career option seems like good. Tips n all. He winked at her and both cracked laughing.

Geet: so Ian what u do? I mean in seriously other than flirting with women.

Ian: beautiful woman u mean. Yup other than that I own this resort along with other hotels in Bangkok and few other country. Right now I m expanding business in India.

Geet’s mouth fell a little: wow that’s wonderful.

Ian smiles at her with triumph: you seriously thought I m a bartender.

Geet shook her head: no but didn’t realize u r the owner of this place I mean.

Ian: yeah yeah I understand and it’s also true u r not as impress as I thought u will.

Geet again smiles and shook her head: not as u think. Seriously u look like some seriously good in work and u know that. U r handsome rich has a charm to impress any girl.

Ian: ‘But’… I guess there is a but

Geet: but I m little diferent and I can’t offer what u want.

Ian looked at her in awe. Geet was smiling at him and for the first Ian thought a girl trully beautiful in her simplicity but Geet not only outer but inside is soft and beautiful.

Geet: I m not as nave as I look Ian. I know when a guy like u approaches a girl to sit beside or buy a drink. Look I m

Ian held his hand in surrendering grinning like a young boy not like his 28 or 30 age.

Ian: I m sorry Geet. I know my approaching wasn’t good. Now a days girls like u are hard to find. Sophistication and humidity with nave softness are hard to find. Any guy will fall for that.

Geet: Ian I m no special and u r a good guy. I don’t get comfortable talking to a stranger but I talked with u as u seems like a good guy. U can find a good girl but don’t follow any girl,, wait for the special one that’s all I can say.

Ian: first time I m so flatter hearing my praise but I also know it’s genuine as it is coming from u. Not to impress me but to making me realize I was right u are a great person and any guy who will have u will be one lucky bastard.

Maan: that I am.

Suddenly Geet felt a gaze on her with that she heard the voice. She looked above Ian’s head only to met a furious pair of eyes. Maan walked towards her with a sleeping maahi on his shoulder.

Geet stood up so did Ian. Maan walked towards her and slipped his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him and kissing her lips hungrily. Geet was flushed with the display of affection. Maan never did something like that not like she doesn’t like it. She love it when he claim her in front of the world but till now it was always a peak this time his jealousy side took it further and her face flushed with desire. Maan smiles at her warmly and Geet pouted cutely. Maan looked at her lips hungrily which made Geet pink.

Ian cleared his throat: Maan.

Maan: hello Ian.

Ian smiles meekly: hey heard u came last night with your wife.

Maan frowns at him: yeah but I think u met her. Maan looked at Geet who smiles apologetically. Then Ian understood everything. Her uncomfortableness and looking at him with apologetic smile. Now he know why not his charm worked on her. She is Mrs Geet Khurana which she tried saying once. Ian cursed himself for this situation.

Ian: I m really sorry Geet. I

Geet: It’s alright Ian not that it was anyway ur fault. U didn’t knew I m married and I didn’t help much. Did I.

Maan: what’s going on?

She heard maan’s hard voice. She smile at Ian before turning towards her hot and sexy yet angry husband.

Geet: we met here and did some friendly chat. He offered me some good drinks which I told him some awful thing.

Maan raise his one eyebrow: did u?

Ian laughed at that: not a chance.

Maan: Geet I know Ian for more than 5 yrs so I know what must have gone. And Ian,,, back off from my wife.

Though Maan didn’t sounded much angry but Ian knew Maan is serious. His hard eyes said it all and he trully respects Maan but right now he is a little jealouse of him. Then his eyes went on the baby Maan was carrying. His eyes widen seeing the cute angel opening her eyes slowly. She looked here and there unsteadily then fall on Ian. Ian held his breath for her cry as every baby cry their lungs out after waking up but maahi only smiled at him. Her toothless gummy smile.

Ian looked at her in awe: hey baby.

Geet: she is Maahika Singh Khurana. Our daughter.

Ian smiles in delight then extended his hand towards her. Maahi grabbed his one finger and then smiles. Ian smiled at her warmly but Maahika hide her face in her dadr’s neck shying away. Ian chuckled and Maan laughed at her antics.

Just then Saanjh walked towards them with 2tall glass of a orange and strawberry color drink.

Geet: there she is. What made u so late.

Saanjh:Ohh met with few girls and they promised to take us in the best spa and they said it will be best to get a Brazilian wax for u and,,,

Geet greeted her teeth as her sister can’t see the 2 man standing beside her.

Geet: Saanjh….

Saanjh: what??? Maan is your husband and u r doing it for him. She winked at Geet but her eyes signal something.g else. Saanjh’s eyes widen seeing the handsome man standing beside her.

Saanjh looked at Geet: oops sorry.

Ian was smiling smugly till he looked at her face. Geet heard a chuckle that came from her side means Maan. She shook her head and soon met with an another pair of angry eyes.

Precap: what are u wearing Geet?
Don’t u like it Maan?

Nice? He thought he have to kill someone today if he found anyone hovering on her legs. He growl and frowns.

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg. 2014


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  1. Superb and mind blowing thank you for awesome update


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  4. Awesome both saanjh and geet are getting comfortable in hotel room while boys day out is going on along with mahi! 😛 and that ian pt was also so cute!waiting for next!


  5. Posted by ushankitvc on February 7, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    awesum….loved it….continue sooon


  6. Awesome part geet had a great time with sanjh and Ian was harmless flirt but maan has show that it is his geet now waiting for next


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    both sis are happy.
    can’t wait for their day out and Maan’s reaction.


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  16. Awesome one,Uff maan is so possessive towards geet really she is going to have a hard time,bt enjoyed d ltl bit jealousy,saanj and geet spending time together,and boys hang out,waiting for nxt part


  17. Posted by rajshreebansode on February 9, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Awww ..Geet & Saanjh enjoying their girly talks after many years…
    Hehehe…Ian maroing line on Geet…
    But loved tht he respected Geet & got her clue of belonging to someone else..
    Uffff…our angry hubby Maan…totally Jealous..
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt part..


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  19. Posted by meenu10 on March 19, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    awesome one……


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