Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 30


Part 30

Maan stepped out from the car only to see a huge mansion standing in front of him. He missed a beat seeing the beautiful glowing mansion. It was already dark so whole mansion surrounded by lights was looking like stars shining in the dark sky. The gate open a round path to reach main entrance and in between there was large fountain again surrounded with lights. It looks like pink water flowing and little stars jumping from the water. Maan was mesmerized seeing the beauty but somewhere it seems cold. He felt a light tug on his hand and saw Geet struggling with his weight. He chuckle and instantly cursed as the rib hurt because of the brushes.

Geet glared: Good you deserves it. Aur haso mujh pe Mr.

Maan: who’s house is this? And why u brought me here?

Geet: kitna sawal karte ho tum ufff. This house is Mr & Mrs Khurana’s, they helped us and when I told them I don’t have a home to take u Mrs khurana said we have to stay with them till you become perfect and healthy.

Maan: but..

Geet: I know and I tried to tell them to give us the outhouse as it can cause them trouble but Mr Khurana didn’t hear anything. So I told them we will stay till our family does’t come for us. I still didn’t inform anyone in fear of,,,

Maan didn’t let her complete that bastard’s name. He cup her face..
Maan: its ok jaan. We can stay here n I will see other arrangements. Geet smiles sweetly. Just then Gauri opened the door with a big smile.

Maan stared at her for few sec not knowing who she is but still felt warmth like a mother. He missed priti a lot. But somewhere a far memory nagging in the corner of his brain which instantly caused him pain n he flinched. Geet held him close to her. Gauri too came close but Maan shrug her hand unknowingly. Geet looked at him feeling confuse and then her eyes went on Gauri who looked hurt. She thought it hit her ego but then a fraction of pain touched gauri’s eyes before it become blank. Then again she plastered a smile.

Gauri: andar aaiye aap dono.

Geet: I m really sorry aunty.

Gauri: ahh Geet stop it now and stop being so formal. Maan still feels buzz so he need to take rest. Maine inka room saaf kar diya hai. U can take him upstairs left 2nd room and the adjoining room is yours.

Geet: thank u aunty. You don’t know how much its means to have a home at this time.

Gauri: I m telling u for the last time stop being so formal. Aap dono hamare bacche jaise hain.

Maan was feeling tired and Geet felt that in his limping. He looked here and there to search something but what he is searching his brain refused to acknowledg. Geet saw the worry line on his face and declared he have to rest now. Maan couldn’t stand for long as his body was giving up but also his heart wasn’t in it. So he excused himself and Gauri apologies on her children’s behalf as her 3 children are busy n didn’t arrived home yet. Maan barely nodded his head where Geet smiled weekly..


Once maaneet entered the room Geet helped him to get on bed but Maan held her hand. Geet looked at him worried, Maan gave her a cheesy smile indicating a kiss on lip. Geet pouted in anger n playfully slapped his lips.

Geet: u shouldn’t have behave like that with Gauri aunty, she was just helping.

Instantly Maan’s mood shifted towards the petite woman. She was beautiful and kind no doubt and she didn’t faked her concern for sure then why he didn’t feel it’s right to let her help. Somewhere in deep in his heart he felt odd like her touch reminds him of something. Like he is betraying his mother.

Geet saw the flicker of emotions on his face. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking but it’s stressing him, she can see the pain on his face as he tried force something. Geet instantly placed her soft fingers on his forehead. Maan’s eyes snapped on her then it soften.

Geet: Itna hard sochoge to jaldi buddhe hojayoge. See so many wrinkles already on the process to stay here.

Maan held her wrist: Accha?

He said with mock anger, then pulled her closer to him which made Geet giggle.

Maan: You have no option other than be mine, old or not.

Geet suddenly stilled in his arms then stared at his eyes: I m already yours only yours.

Maan cupped her face in his hand then kissed her forehead. He nodded in acceptance. Geet is and will be always Maan’s only. She placed her face in his neck, both stayed like that for a moment. Maan was twirling her locks and other hand was on her waist playing with her dress. As his finger touched her skin Geet slapped his hand which made Maan jump.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: no badmashi Maan. Pehle thik to hojayo then,

Maan: then,,,

Geet: Maan.

Maan: Geet

Geet: Maan you are not as strong as u think.

Maan: Ohh yeah I can prove that.

Geet looked at him with a confuse face but soon her eyes widen as his lips landed on her. She forgot her protest with one stroke of his tongue on her lips. Geet moaned in his mouth and Maan lost his control. More than anything or any medicine he needs her. Geet didn’t pressed her weight on him as she was partly above him.. Maan’s hand played with her flesh in her kurti while they were lost in the kiss.

Geet’s soft curves pressed his hard muscle, growl of appreciation left his lips. The pressure in the kiss increase. It was like a chase of tongue. Both desparate to show their inner turmoil, their fear in that one simple kiss. Geet was first to break it breathing hard on his face. Her eyes met his which was dark with hunger.

Geet: Maan.

Maan: hmm

Geet: I missed you so much.

Maan heard the weight in her voice. She wasn’t an emotional girl but all the things happened only made her insecure. Maan kissed her nose then eyes.

Maan: I won’t leave you ever.

Geet: Promise?

Maan nodded then kisse her lips: promise.

They heard a knock and immediately Geet straighten up. Maan saw his Geet getting frustrated with the interference, he chuckled only to get glare from her. Geet opened the door with frown but it turned blank when a girl merely younger by 1 or 2 yrs or as same as her age entered the room.

Geet: yes? The girl stared at Maan with a open O then suddenly looking at her with a grin.

Girl: You must be Geet. And this is Maan. Well it have to be. Mom said you are staying here and where is Maan there is Geet. Awee you 2 are so cute together. Ohh main to bhul gayi. I m Mihika, apple of everyone’s eyes and daughter of this house.

Geet instantly liked this girl. She has a positive vibes around her that attracts others to her. On top of that the cute admiration and curious doe shape eyes made her look much younger than her age.

Maan also liked the girl. Something about the girl reminds him of Heer. He immediately stiffen remembering Heer his baby sister. Geet witnessed the look but she wasn’t the only one.

Mihika: Maan Bhaiya Do you need someone?

Maan’s eyes shot up hearing her addressing him as Bhaiya her brother. He just stared at her. Mihika looked unsure and guilty.

Mihika: I m sorry. Wo actually. You are elder and I couldn’t call you by name so I said whatever came to my mind. If u don’t like I won’t call bhaiya.

Maan: no no its ok. U can call me that.

Maan’s immediately reaction made Geet looked at him in surprise and Mihika to smile so big it hurt just to look.

Mihika: ok Maan Bhaiya. Mom was talking about dinner with Geet. she turned towards geet,,, It’s clear he can’t come down so I thought to ask u if u would like to have dinner with us after u feed your Maan.

Mihika’s teasing eyes landed on Geet as she talked with a cute smile, Maan chuckle seeing the dazed look in Geet’s eyes.
Maan: She will have dinner with your family.

Mihika: Ohh really. She squealed in delight and Geet narrowed her gaze on Maan.

Geet: Ohh really?

Maan nodded sweetly. mihika informed her that she will come with maan’s dinner here then she can join them. Geet just nodded still glaring Maan. After her departure from the room Geet blasted.

Geet: what the hell was that. I wanted to have dinner with you.

Maan smiles and brought her grumpy face closer to him.

Maan: you only said they helped us so much so it would have been rude declining their offer and Mihika was so excited.

Geet: but.

Maan: Geet I m already tired so it will be great if u take out your blubbering yet sexy ass outside of my room.

Geet’s mouth fell open and then she started wacking him lightly. After feeding maan his soup and some light dinner as per doctor’s instruction Geet went to join Khuranas. The surname disturb her some times but she shruggs it off every time.

©Tich Mg-All Copy Rights Reserved.2014.


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  1. Asum part,cont soon.


  2. Awesome part maan is at the khurana place everything and everyone remind him something waiting for next


  3. Posted by ushankitvc on February 7, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    awesum part….loved it


  4. good update now everything should solve


  5. maneet at khurana palace maneet romance care mihika bonding with maneet fab


  6. Posted by monikaseth on February 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    awesome love it maan remember something awesome


  7. Awsm part…..how cute is mihika..so adorable…


  8. lovely update loved maaneet their romance & cute mihika


  9. Awesome update
    Something bothering Maan
    Their lovely moment disturbed by mihika


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  11. Awesome one,so maan having uneasiness in khurana mansion,hope it will nt get on maaneet relationship


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