Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 42


Part 42

When Maan approached Geet on her seat she was fast asleep. He had heard every bickering word said by that bitch. Maan wanted to come there but when he saw geet’s calm face he just stood there for her reaction. When she handled the situation so gracefully he had enjoyed the pale face of that girl but that didn’t changed his growling anger for the girl. Before he can say anything he heard Geet’s word. The way she said she wasn’t for comparison with her Maan felt something. At last when Geet stop before passing him he had actually noticed the sadness. He wish he could have interfere between them. And then he fired the girl, not only empty threat he will make sure her career is finish.

Now seeing Geet’s sleepy face he realized how much tired she was. When he couldn’t saw Geet on her seat he was furious with her for not telling him before going on her own. His staff had informed that she wanted to get to the cabin. Now he knew how much she needed the sleep but now she is in that uncomfortable place. Her place is in his bed be that cabin or his bedroom’s comfy one.

He bend over her and tugged away few locks then caresses her cheek with his thumb. As he tried to scoop her in his arm she opened her eyes.

‘Go back to sleep, I will take u to the cabin Geet.’

But Geet stopped him ‘ I don’t want to go there Maan.’

Her voice was cold and distanced.

‘Geet we still have a lot time to reach Rome. You need the sleep.’

‘Maan I can sleep here.’

‘The bed is comfortable and’

‘That bed will creep me Maan. Right now I want to scrap my skin for sleeping in that bed once and now I don’t want to go anywhere near that place where u took your whore and slept with her.’

Suddenly Geet felt her words getting choked and eyes becoming misty. She angrily greeted her teeth for blurting so many things. She gulp hard and took some deep breath still not looking at Maan.. Her eyes were close and head rolled on the seat. She made the seat lie a little more.

‘Look Maan I m fine here. I shouldn’t have said all that but please I don’t want to go there so pls get back to your work and leave me alone.’

She didn’t open her eyes. Not hearing any word from Maan should have given some relief but it didn’t. Finally she open her eyes and unknowingly the tears spilled out from her eyes. She looked at Maan who looked desparate. He leaned on her face and wiped the tears.

‘I told you Past will not matter.’

‘Maan if some guy come to u and say I was a great f*** and I enjoyed it much more then’

Maan didn’t let her complete and held her nape pulling her closer to him. Fury was clearly written on his face. But then seeing the calm expression on her face he controlled his rage.

‘I know u were a virgin. So it won’t happen.’

‘and I know u have a history with women. U change women like a person can change his shirt.’

‘You don’t come to that category. I don’t make them my wife damit.’

‘The question is till when I will be your wife.’

‘For the life u have Geet. Till I can breath.’

Geet didn’t said a word she just laid her head on the seat.

‘I wish I can trust you completely.’

‘you will. You are mine.’

Geet smiles. Ironically she fears only that. She is his but can he be only her?


A little sunshine fell on Geet’s face awakening her from her deep sleep. The first thing she felt was the hard muscle and exotic scent of Maan. She took a good look of her surrounding and felt heat spreading cheeks. She looked at the perfect eyes which can jerk her soul away. Gosh will she be always so hopeless? Will she always miss a beat looking at those eyes which stares at her with everything. Will he always look at her like that? She stared at him holding her heart. Does this man any time look without being perfect. Looks like without sleeping also he can look more handsome than God.

Maan’s worried eyes stares at her perfect morning beauty. She was asleep straight 7 hours in their 8 hour journey. That gives him the facts that how much tired she was. He looked at her sleepy beauty and if he thought she was beautiful now he thinks she is angelic. Her lips played a sensual smile.

‘Good morning.’

Maan’s lips moved without giving a second thought. He kissed her lips greeting her.

‘Morning. We are landing now.’

Suddenly she sat up in her seat.

‘what? Why didn’t you woken me up. Were u planning to carry me sleeping.’

‘Yup. That way you would have been in my arm all the time.’

Geet laughed and slapped him jokingly… It made Maan relax. Seems like she had forgotten or trying to forget last night and he definitely doesn’t want to talk about that either.

Geet went to washroom to freshen up fast bcz they are landing in less than 30 mins. She was coming back only then she notice the cabin, it made her andshock to her core. The lavish cabin was scraped to bit. It has nothing she remember from last time.. No bed, no sofa even flat screen is missing. She numbly stared at the empty room, after few seconds of numbness she felt a warm hard body pressing her back. She knew the smell, her body leaned on the hard muscular chest. Strong arms wrapped around her waist and he buried his face in her neck. Few small sensual kisses all it take for Geet to moan and hold his hand tighter. But clearing every fog she turned to face him.

‘Maan,, this,’

He place his index finger on her lips ‘ Sshhh,, I know I am a heartless bastard but You have to put with this Devil rest of your life, I know I have a history but it never matter. You are the one that matters, I am trying, I know I am a insensitive Devil but I can learn. And I promise you will never share me or my past ever.’

Geet tried to clear the sour feeling from her throat, the tightening and the misty feel from her eyes before uttering anything but she failed miserably to utter one word so she did one thing that came to her mind. She sealed her lips with his. Groan left him as she sucked and swipe her tongue with his.

‘You are not Insensitive, else you wouldn’t have done this.’

She wanted to say this to him openly but somewhere it settled only in her heart and she believed it’s safe there.

When they exit the airport Geet noticed the first thing that bounced infront of her eyes was Gulgule’s excited tail waging. Monalisa on the other hand sequeled in delight. But what caught Geet off guard that Aaditya was handling both of them personally which was somewhere comical and heart touching. Monalisa and Gulgule was all over him but he was only smiling, seems like he also like them.

‘Thank u Aadi.’

Geet’s sweet smile only made Aaditya feel compassion for her like a sibling. Geet was little shock to even find Aaditya there that too before them and then Maan cleared her confusion by whispering words in her ear and informing Aaditya came in another jet to handle some business.

Geet was already feeling a little intimidated seeing the wealth in the jet then about Aaditya being in another jet that belongs to Maan and then came the sweetest shock. There standing with all it’s glory a black limousine waiting for them. Geet swoon a little but then heard maan’s chuckle. She tried to get free from his clutch but he pressed firm hold on her waist so finally Geet left her protesting.

Entering the limo Geet noticed Aaditya wasn’t coming with them, he was in his own car but the dogs were coming with her which made Geet more than happy. They entered the car first, when Maan got his turn his eyes turned blank then he looked away feeling frustrated and amusing at the same time. There sitting the puppies on either side and between them the queen Geet happily petting them. All 3 turned to look at Maan but then the dogs snuggled closer to Geet. Geet couldn’t help but laugh throwing her head. Maan cursed something under his breath but that only made her laughed even louder. Finally her laughed stopped when Maan pulled her on his lap on the other side and Gulgule growl. Yes he literally growled at Maan who didn’t give a damn about the puppies anymore. His lips landed on her and then started the sensual game.

Precap: Rome Romance..

Β©All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg -2014.


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  2. Posted by druhi on February 8, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    He is trying…nice..


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  15. Posted by rajshreebansode on February 9, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Superbbbn update di..
    After hearing tht air hostess’s words..Geet feels tht Maan will get bored of her also in some days..
    But Maan trying hard to make her trust him tht he won’t leave her..


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  17. Posted by neha74 on February 9, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Just read both the parts and they were simply awesome πŸ˜€ I loved maaneet moments a lot πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ the devil is surely changing for good. πŸ™‚ and the best part was Gulgule growling at maan πŸ˜€ so cute…waiting for more πŸ™‚


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    i havent ever commented on this blog although i have read ur every work ……….. but seeing u writing like this i cannot hold myself back . i want to thank u from my heart for giving us stories like this
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