Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 31


Part 31

Geet tried not to look as a nagging bitch but she couldn’t help as her glances fell over the mansion and it’s every corner with a cynical eye. she was born in money, with money, so the wealth wasn’t as flattering to her as it should have been for any girl on her place. In fact she was glancing towards the pillar and the paintings with a cynical interest. For what its worth. But till now it doesn’t interested her at all. It’s look as it should had with all it’s glory, warm, homely, happiness but instead she found it cold and hollow. Shrugging her shoulder she went down to meet the family.

Geet tried to show her gratitude for welcoming her and Maan over the mansion and hoped the best she could pull without being noisy and judgy the way she always felt with new people. But they are all so warm least she can pretend she is happy, though this time she only wished to be with Maan.

Before Geet can say a word of greeting to the Khuranas she felt a light push followed by groan and sighs. Geet looked at the person infront of her with annoyance but then saw the arrogant twitch of his brow turning an over confident smile. Geet gritted her teeth looking at the person from head to toe. A snort came out from her without preparing then she coughed to cover it. A hard laugh broke the tension in the air, Geet looked at a laughing Mihika. Geet hide her own smile then looked at the person who’s face was crouched up in frustration and anger but Geet care less for him. He can think whatever he want but hw can compete her Maan in day broad light. Huh? She rolled her eyes with the prospect only.

Gauri: Ved so u got time for your family, we thought this will be yet again a party time for u as it’s only 9:30.

Geet realized she wasn’t alone at all, her eyes flickered on Gauri’s annoyed face. Was she watching their little exchange and became furious as she snorted on her boy? Of course she is or what made her so angry then? Her eyes sent a silent apology towards Abhinav who was smiling at her warmly. He shrugged her worry and gave the best fathery comforting smile. Geet sighed in relief then her eyes went on a smiling face.

The owner of the smiling face was sweet and gave her the impression of his charming and friendly nature. Geet didn’t felt the over confidence in him like the way she felt for the other person few second ago. This guy was sweet and smiling with a great looks and great body she was sure for. Then her eyes went on the other one who was exact opposite of this one, he was rude arrogant yet handsome, devastingly handsome. Geet wasn’t blind and she surely appreciate beauty which that snob has above the head and he knew it yet it rub Geet on the wrong side, not a good way she grimly notice. It was always Maan for her to rub her wrong side yet it was right cz she always felt tingle with his mere anger and here she felt creepy like the way that guy looked at her .. What was his name? VED.

Ved: I thought u wanted me to have family dinner so I canceled my plans but surely it isn’t a family gathering when there is stranger present.

Ved’s rough yet manly voice tugged Geet. He hates her as much as she did Geet acknowledg, her eyes went on Gauri who clearly looked flushed.

Geet: aunty I think it will be good if I take my dinner upstairs in my room and it’s you family matter, I m sorry if I,

Abhinav: its not ur fault Geet.

Gauri: I m sorry beta, it was my fault I couldn’t give him the upbringing that a son of Khurana have in their blood.

Geet saw the disappointment in Gauri’s eyes that was looking at her son, Geet recognized the pain too well. Only that she had seen it way long before,, her father felt the same for her when she behaved just like Ved. So that’s why She felt rubbed like that. Ved is like her some way, arrogant, rude and knew what he has. Geet just shrugged.

Geet: you don’t need to be sorry. I know too well about this, only the circumstances teach a person to value what he had.

Geet said in irony. Till now she always took granted for whatever she had. And trully she had everything and never acknowledged that till she lost those things. Her father, her friends, her priti maa and Maan everyone placed her above themselves and protected her thoroughly. But she learnt her lesson hard way. Now she know and value what is family. Time taught her to value relation maybe someday this guy will learnt that.

Geet glanced at Ved nonchalantly only to find him glaring at her with furious eyes. For only a fleeting moment she saw maan’s persona in him. Same rage same eyes, she shrugged and looked away immediately, then took her seat beside the other guy only to hear him smiling with an introduction.

Guy: hii I m Dev. Ved’s twin but younger one by 10 min.

Geet gaped at him in awe. Their name’s initial was reverse and with that their nature also. Geet felt it easy to smile at Dev and communicate with him. She felt a gaze on her constant but for the rest of the time she ignored it, enjoying her time with Dev and Khurana family.


It’s being 3 days for Maan and Geet staying at Khurana Mansion. Maan was recovering fast, 1st thing in the morning he tried to contact Heer and Priti but both were unreachable. Helpless as Maan’s situation made him frustrated with fury,,, next day went same but at evening he finally talked with Heer but only because of Geet. None had mobile to reach each other but with a little effort Geet suggested they can contact only one person, Prem which made Maan frustrated and he snapped at her. It had hurt Geet but knowing how he is feeling about his condition she tried not to show an ounce of sadness or anger but later when she called Prem not informing Maan about it ofcourse,,, Prem informed her Heer was with him in Delhi. Geet 1st thing did narrate him everything about their situation. And Prem promised to contact her if he hear anything and he will keep Heer safe with his family.

When Geet told Maan all about it he was relieved but soon he regretted his words that he said to Geet few hours before. He tried to apologies but Geet didn’t let him instead she left the place. His words were ringing in her head for so many hour and he still it arched same.

Maan: It wasn’t your mother or sister who is missing Geet, it’s God damn my Family that you are talking about. If it happened to u maybe then you wouldn’t have talked rubbish.. An outsider can not help me to find my family.

Geet knew he wasn’t saying her an outsider, it was Prem still it was like a slap of reality and that’s why she hates to take down her guard. Those words of Maan had hit a cord somewhere. On top of that Ved didn’t left a second to taunt her about her and Maan collision which he heard when he was coming through the corridors. He haven’t met Maan yet but Dev and Mihika met him and surprisingly that meeting went so well that now both are fond of Maan.

Maan had regretted his every word that he said to Geet, he was angry with himself but one look from Geet made him loath himself more. He was frustrated by his condition but till now Geet went through worse, still she managed to smile and made him relax. Now that smile was gone and ghost of past spread it’s wing. Geet didn’t talk with anyone but she was lost in her world. Maan couldn’t do anything except looking at her dull face. She tried to smile so that Mihika and Dev doesn’t know about their quarrel but she failed miserably when Armaan came to check Maan.

Armaan instantly recognised the sadness in her eyes and gave a stern look to Maan who just greeted his teeth.

Armaan: I can’t believe you did that to her.

Maan looked away: how did u know it’s because of me?

Armaan: cz nothing can cause her that heartbreak which shows the pain in her eyes. I don’t know her well but I do know no one but you have the power to destroyed her, she hadn’t given that strength to anyone but you.

Maan avoided looking at his eyes but didn’t utter a word. So Armaan continued.

Armaan: I have seen her all those days when u were unconscious. Nothing can blow her determination, or effect her because that’s not her own. You are her Maan. She thinks u her close one so naturally its you that had hurt her. Gosh I have seen ppl commenting on her madness, even when Doctors shouted on her as she wasn’t leaving your side, it felt like it was falling on deaf ear. So now you tell me what made u hurt the only person who you also know loves you madly.

Till Armaan finished his rant Maan was looking at Geet who was smiling at Mihika’s stupid joke. He knew it’s not her real smile but still she is trying her best to conceal the pain from Mihika. For an instant Maan got to see a mature Geet and he realized he doesn’t like this shade of her. He doesn’t like this Geet, realisation drawn upon him, he miss the old childish Geet who tried to look independent but inside vulnerable and needed his protection. He hated the situation and he hated himself.

Armaan patted his shoulder: saccha pyar pana mushkil hain lekin usse khona utnahi asan. Bas ek kadam ki duri aur sab khatam hojata hain.

Maan saw the pain in his eyes, Armaan was looking at Geet but his mind was away from the place. He was dealing with his own demons. Suddenly he came out of it when Geet looked at them, her smile died and replaced by concern. But one smile from Armaan made her relax. Jealousy burn him, a slap from Armaan brought him to reality.

Armaan: don’t look at her like that. U don’t need to feel that nasty feeling. Her eyes have only you. And if u hurt her again let me warn u there are a lot of people who are dying to have an angel like that in their life.

Maybe that healthy tip he needed the most cz it shook him to the core. When Geet talked with Dev smiling and happy it made him insecure but that only made him love her more. Geet didn’t even look at him. It was the next when his patience broke apart when Geet finally gave him the last happiness he can crave. She made him talk to Priti who first thing did scold him to the bit because apparently she sensed her precise daughter’s sadness. It only made Maan smile like an idiot.

Precap: ved cornering geet.

©All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg. 2014


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  1. I have a feeling that Maan belongs to this Khurana family nd Dev, Ved, Mihika r his own siblings…well just a wild guess.
    hope everything gets sort out between Maaneet nd yes read about ur cold in ur fb profile…hope u get well soon ..


  2. Maan shouldn’t hurt her like that..yup he needed that dose of gyan which armaan gave happily… Awsm update…


  3. amazing love it maan need to think before say something


  4. lovely update
    armaan take class of maan gud
    maan should realize wat he did
    precap interesting
    only make maan J


  5. awsem update dev ved twing but nature totally different maan hurting geet but armaan making him realise his mistake heer safe good


  6. awesome update……love it
    great work


  7. awesome update


  8. can’t tell me how many time i wan thank u for giving lots of update.awesome update.first take care of urself then us………….love u dear for giving us lots of ff together


  9. i hv already comented on if, but still wnna say its fab..


  10. Posted by rajshreebansode on February 9, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Maan has hurt Geet badly..
    Definitely he deserves tgisvkind of behaviour frm Geet…
    Just loved thw way Armaan tried to make him realize how much Geet is precious fr him to lose..


  11. awesome update I think khuranas maans family hope everything sort out btw maan & geet


  12. Posted by ushankitvc on February 9, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    awesum part…..loved it


  13. Posted by anamikasb on March 21, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Loved it .Please update dear 🙂


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