Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 110


Part 110

Geet saw the look Shiv possessed just seeing Saanjh with another man. It was same like Maan gave all the time whenever he find any man looking or talking to her. She tried her best not to laugh seeing the caveman style Shiv was approaching towards them but a light snort came out. Maan and Maahika instantly looked towards her, Geet’s hand was already on her mouth to stop the giggle. Seeing her mumma smiling Maahika broke into a large grin then giggle. She was literally jumping on his arms which drew Ian’s attention. His look only gave adoration for maahi. Geet couldn’t help but chuckle seeing the murderous hole Shiv was sending towards Ian’s head. Saanjh looked at her weird twin, she was till now enjoying Ian’s company. She loved the look on Ian’s confuse face, she cleared his confusion about them being twin in positive and only then she felt a gaze on her back. She saw the look Geet gave that means pure evil, then she turned only to find Shiv standing right behind them and his eyes were blazing with murderous fury. Now got to know why Geet was laughing. She shook her head feeling all of this alpha-male amusing.

Then it went beyond when Ian extended his hand to take Maahi and she willingly went to him. Saanjh held her breath and looked towards Shiv only to see the trickle in his jaw. Her eyes instantly went on Maan who was having the same expression and a fist on Geet’s waist just to stop himself. If Maahika wasn’t so important to her own, Saanjh would have laughed on these two jealouse alpha-male personalities. But she knew these two men love her more than life.

Ian’s face held the soft tendency that Geet had seen on Shiv many time. He generally like Maahika and feeling was mutual bcz apart from Shiv Maahika look so much happy only with her dada but here looks like Ian is making his own place. Here Maahi was holding Ian’s shirt wetting it with her saliva, she looked at him concerned but Ian laughed at it. He gave her his expensive mobile Phn which Maahika started chewing with her gum. Now a days she started putting everything in her mouth whatever come across to her hand. Not finding the Phn tasty maahi tried to smash it on the floor only to Geet snatch it. She looked at Maan who was having a smug smile all over his face. Geet gave a stern look to Maan then maahi which made maahi puff her lips, and looks like anytime she will burst in tears.

Geet: sorry Ian.

Ian: no need Geet, she is such a cute child, Maan is lucky to have both the beauties in his life, thank god Saanjh wasn’t in it. He winked at Saanjh who tried to stiffle her laugh seeing shiv’s anger reaching it’s peak.

Shiv: She isn’t Maan’s but that doesn’t mean she is single. Ian’s head turn to meet Shiv, his brows frowned then narrowed.

Ian: 2 Stud got the twins huh.

Geet didn’t missed the distaste and bickering vibes between them. If Ian was anything to Maan that was business and personal friendship on some level but Shiv and Ian couldn’t stand each other that was so clear. Saanjh and Geet looked at each other with worried eyes, Maan smirked seeing the quarrel then settled on a chair shoving some food in his mouth. Geet’s mouth fell open seeing it and Saanjh looked confuse. Maahika went on her dada’s arm feeling tired and hungry.

Maan: don’t worry they won’t kill each other but won’t kiss also. He laughed and Geet slapped him playfully.

Shiv put his face closer to Ian so that the girls couldn’t hear them.

Shiv: listen you as***** don’t come f****** near my girls ever be that Saanjh or Maahika.

Ian: they aren’t your f****** property b****** they can decide what they like.

Saanjh cleared her voice and the 2 men stepped out.

Saanjh: I think you boys spend the day here we are going to have some fun and take care of maahi and I mean care not quarrel.

Maan: yes mam.

Geet: umm Saanjh first let me feed Maahi, she must be hungry.

Geet was feeling her breast heavy and knew maahi also felt hungry but she won’t say it because she found more amusing things to busy herself.

Shiv: Geet we fed her just an hour before.

Geet: Shiv I told you I don’t like her taking baby food, she need only breast feeding for 6 month Atleast.

Shiv and Maan groaned hearing it and Ian looked at her in awe, Geet was confuse and Saanjh was shaking with silent laugh.

Geet: what?

Shiv: I don’t need to know that.

Ian: you breast feed her.

Maan: shut up a****** take away your eyes before I smash it.

Ian: can’t help it when she has amazing body.

Maan groans so loud that Geet jumped on the sound. Maan held her closer to him to mark her as his.

Ian held his hand in surrender: hey not every girl like to breast feed a baby in fearing of ruining her body but she is amazing.

That earned a sincere look from Shiv and loving gaze from Maan for Geet who was smiling looking at Maahika.

Geet: you are wrong Ian. Every mother place her child need above everything, maybe those girl weren’t ready for the news becoming a mother but eventually they did and loved being a mumma.

Maahika’s impatient hand started reaching Geet’s dress which earned chuckle from Ian and Shiv,, then groan from Maan.

Geet: I will be back. Saanjh come with me please.

Both the girls went in room with Maahika leaving 3 men looking at them in admiration.

Ian: You both are lucky b******, they deserves only best.

Maan: yeah they deserves the best.

Ian: I haven’t seen you this happy ever. she made you happy Maan.

Maan: yes she did and love happen to be a wonderful thing.

Ian: I had never thought I have to see you like this, love sick puppy.

Maan: if I get Geet I m ready to be anything till she has her eyes for me only.

Ian: she has heart for you only.

Shiv: how is Lara?

instantly Ian’s face turned hard. the one reason Ian can’t stand Shiv was Lara, his dear sister.

Ian: do not take her name with your filthy mouth, she doesn’t deserves this sh**.

Ian’s hand was pointed towards the way Saanjh went and Shiv knew he was talking about her not Lara. he regretted his life the moment Saanjh walked back in his life but not more than now. Though it wasn’t his fault that he had lived a life of being manwhore after the news of Saanjh’s death but it was only breathing and taking out his frustration, never he felt anything for anyone but now coming close to Saanjh and having her made him feel fear. what if Saanjh hate him after founding what he was doing all his life in capetown and all over world.

The tension in the air not only caught Shiv but Maan also. it was right he didn’t have history like Shiv because he was in committed relationship before Geet happened and that relationship doesn’t hold much as he never spent night with Sam but that doesn’t mean he was a virgin with Geet. nope he has his own share with women,, women that Sam didn’t knew. It was nothing that mattered to him then, he didn’t felt for them it was one night stand every now and then. yes he was committed to Sam emotionally but not physically. He could have gotten those thing from Sam but never felt it right, partly because she was his Frnd first and they grew up together. It was some kind of protecting instinct but never he felt guilty. He was a grown up man and in teenage also s** was a need for him and Shiv which they hooked and never thought much,, loneliness in their life got better of them.. But ironically he felt all those emotion now that he should have felt with Sam. That shows how less he thought about her in a love way. But everything was in past and this is his present with only one woman that he loves more than his life.


When Geet and Saanjh met the girls who promised to accompanied them on the trip, they were waiting at the beach. Saanjh went ahead as Geet went to Maan to hand him Maahika. Maan gave some cash to Geet which made her eyes widen. The bundle was enough for her and Saanjh to shop whole week but that wasn’t enough. Shiv also gave a bundle and sternly said to give it to Saanjh. Geet tried to say it was enough for both of them Shiv dismissed that with a wave of his hand. Then he said Saanjh won’t take anything from him directly so she needed to do something and give it to her, Geet only smiled sweetly and waved goodbye not before kissing Maahika’s forehead and on Maan’s persistence on his lips. He gave a heart warming smile to her that made everything flip in her stomach.

It was fun for the girls to have the day to themselves. Geet phoned Maan every now and then to ask about Maahika and Maan informed every little thing patiently.

When they came back from shopping and spa Geet was glowing. She showered her love on both father daughter. It was like she got some energy drink that was making her glow like never before. She happily chatted about things she had witnessed during the day and then about her New friend who’s wedding was coming near, only a weak. They met in the spa and hit it off instantly. Then suddenly Geet looked so guilty, it made Maan interested in her chatter patter.

Geet: woh Maan.

Maan held her waist and made her sit on his lap. Maahika was with Saanjh for the night only on her own persistence.

Maan: kya huya Jaan? What are you worrying for?

Geet: Maan I spent a lot of money today on the dress and all, I m sorry. Apne Itna trust kar ke diya aur maine ek din me,,,

She was nearly on the verge of crying, Maan instantly felt alert.

Maan: Do u need more money Jaan? Did anything happen to you? Did anyone,,,

He couldn’t complete the sentence as the burning rage stirred inside him, something made his Geet upset and he didn’t knew it.

Geet: Maan mujhse bohot paise spend hogaya.

Maan looked at her confuse: huh?

She gave the bundle of cash. It still have more than half of it, he felt like smacking his head. He gave all the money to spend in that hour not a life time. If any other girl was on her place would have spent everything happily then called him for more but here his sweet wife feeling sad because she spent a ‘large amount’ according to her. He couldn’t help but chuckle. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest making her shiver.

Maan tucked her loose strand of her hair behind the ear then kissed her pouted lips.

Maan: Geet,,, kya karu main tumhara. Jaan I earned that whole bundle money in mins. You can spend anything you want and still it won’t be shortage,, I told you I earn for you and maahi then who will spent them? my neighbor? I would have been happy if u had spent them all and called me asking more.

Geet: how could I spend them all in one day? It will take one week at least.

Maan chuckle hearing his innocent wife: I had seen many girl spending that amount in hours only.

Geet: but Maan.

Maan: ok next time whenever you spend that much amount I will take back the interest.

Geet gazed at him with confuse eyes but then the burning desire in his eyes made her blush.

Maan: some time seeing your innocence and then this blush I feel like eating you whole day and night Geet.

His husky voice made her hold him tighter and the shudder didn’t fail to make him hard and soon she was lost in his passion, his love…


what are u wearing Geet?
Don’t u like it Maan?

Nice? He thought he have to kill someone today if he found anyone hovering on her legs. He growl and frowns.

©All Copy Rights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg


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