Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 32


Part 32

Warning: 18+.contents..

It wasn’t the toughest thing to pacify anger, it tears a person to see his love one’s indifference. Same happened to Maan when Geet was politely indifference. She doesn’t showed anger on him but answered everything with polite distance. It’s being a week that maan had seen her smiling at him, not that she is crying or angry just the opposite. She was smiling talking doing everything with others, specially Dev and Mihika, but when Maan came into the conversation she will withdraw herself. Maan was fedup with himself and the distance between them. He was ready to do anything to have his geet smiling again.

On the other hand Geet was going depressed day by day, she was restless and couldn’t find her anti-depression pill which was known by a very few to none. Maan had seen her struggle and knew what she wanted. It was the thing that once pushed him to be rude to her. When he got to know about her pills from sid he was devastated but knew very well how stubborn she is, so he delibaretly pushed her buttons and their bitter argument started taking place fluently just to keep her mind on him not the pills.

Seeing Geet restless he got to see how much he had pushed her and now he was determined to get his geet back without the shadow of sadness.

Geet was frustated, though she never needs the pill still she always made sure to have them because of her anxiety attacks. Somewhere she knew it’s maan who might have taken them but she needs it. She knew he is ashamed about his words to her but she is hurt, somewhere it’s her depression that was making her stubborn to forget those words. Forgiveness is easy to give but forgetness hard to achieve though maan knows his way, she is 100% sure about that.

Again after a futile attempt she left her room when a masculine hand grasped her elbow, pulled her in a shadowy walkway. Geet was ready to punch his gut when the sensual mouth fell on her neck and she was smashed between the hard wall and brick wall like chest. A moan escaped her lips.

Geet: Maan.

Maan: why u r avoiding me Geet? Why can’t u face me and say how much hurt u are? U never hesitated before. So why now. Talk to me. Hit me, curse me do anything just stop ignoring me.

Geet closed her eyes with his every breath that fell on her neck. His chest was pressing her back, heat surged through the filmsy material. No matter how much hurt she is, angry with him but her tratious body seems to gave in always. Maan lowered his lips and touched her nape. A shiver worked from her toe and settle between her thighs.

Maan: Mishty pls, forgive me. I know how much i have hurt u but trust me i m repenting those words, every moment i see those hazel loosing their shine. Come back to your Maan. I love u so much, I m sorry jaan.

Not knowing what to say a tear slide on his hand, he cursed and twisted her. She was holding tight, not wanting to give away, she never had showed her weakness and he knew how much have cost her to do it.

Maan: can’t u forget that?

His voice was soft and so with remorse. Geet stared at him for a moment. And with broken voice she opened her lips.

Geet: she is my maa too.

Her shaky voice tore his heart and he pulled her closer to him sealing her lips. He didn’t deepen the kiss just lingered to show his grattitude to show her how much she means to him. But Geet showed every anger, every hurt, every love in that kiss. Her teeth mercilessly bite his lips then his tongue. Her hand dissapeared in his hair pulling closer to her. With a groan he answered her all pain, all accusation. When he tore his lips his forehead rest on her forehead.

Maan: she is ur maa more than mine. Everything is yours, everything.

Geet: Never ever say those words again. I can’t,,,,

Her words caught in her throat when maan again stole her lips and pushed her on the wall harder. She felt the hardness pushing at her abdomen which tore a moan from deep in her chest. He groaned feeling her hand on his chest roaming towards his torso carefully avoiding his wounded places. His hand went on her thigh lifting her and cradling her like she weight none.

Geet was oblivious from everything when his tongue delve in her mouth and she nearly groaned feeling his hardness pressing her core. Soon she find herself entering a dark room; she was least interest who’s room it was. Her back met a soft mattress and on top was his hard musculer body.

She nearly tore his shirt and placed her lips on his colarbone earning a pleasurable hiss.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: not now.

Maan almost chuckle hearing her growl. She flipped him on his back and carefully came on top still pressing her weight on her elbow and knees. Her lips touched the hard yet soft skin, her tongue darted tasting him and licking cleaverly. Maan groaned and fisted her hair roughly pulling her on top of him. She pushed his hand which earn another growl.

Her teeth sank on his nipple as his hiss vibrated the bed and in seconds her top and bra was on the floor. Before she can say any word maan came on top of her and took her mouth carnally. His hand pinched her hard bud, then replaced it with his mouth sucking her roughly the way she like it. Her moans filled the room, her nail scratched his back which earned her more sucking and then his finger found her hidden place between her folds. She nearly came when he flicked and twitched her nub all the while sucking her hard. Her moans were heaven to him when he pushed two fingered in her. His each stroke made her clenched around him, he flicked her bud with his tongue. Then his mouth came crashing on her when he felt her thighs shaking uncontroublly and spams of climax hit with force. Her scream died in his mouth and afterward he held her to came back to earth. Her mind was numb from the earth shattering climax.

Her drowsy lust filled eyes fell on him, Maan’s fingers touched her jaw tentetively. Her eyes felt on his hardness and then gazed at him which Maan waved with a shake of his head, he was going to collect her dress when she suddenly flipped him on his back…

Precap: Another Part coming..

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  1. maan manofying geet by his romance maneet passion


  2. Finally you updated
    Hot part full of romance


  3. very passionate geet once is ot enough for her guess maan will have to work harder to win her over love it waiting for next hot update well done


  4. today i watched in st utsab,, maaneet 2nd sr scene.this update is totally like that part.enjoying so much.bring maaneet s family.


  5. awesome enjoyable ud after long gap


  6. Posted by ushankitvc on May 21, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    awesum….loved the way maan was manaofying geet….loved their passion….continue sooon


  7. Posted by monikaseth on May 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    passionate love and mission geet awesome lovely


  8. awesome update maan felling guilty to hurt geet geet angry to maan maan monoflying geet lovely maaneet romantic monent


  9. Super duper hhhaaawwwttttt update di…
    Hhhhaaayyyyeeee….Maan knows the way to manaofy Geet is their irresistible passion…
    But Geet is not satisfied yet…
    Waiting fr nxt…


  10. waiting waiting


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