Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 18


Part 18

Geet noticed the expensive suit that Maan made her wear, then at her own state, Only then she knew why Maan was furious. Her yellow anarkali was dripping wet, it was hugging her body like 2nd skin and it did nothing to hide her curves that prominently stood pointedly. On instinct Geet tried to cover herself but Maan tighten the coat around her then brought her closer to him. She looked everywhere to see anyone saw her like that but none paid much attention to them. She tried hiding behind Maan and unknowingly held his hand. Maan again felt the flip in his chest then it dropped in his stomach. He was confuse cz he never felt like this for anyone ever. Then he felt the stir in his groin. He cursed under his breath realizing his own desire for Geet but he did only clenched her hand in his and brought her closer. He heard Geet murmuring to herself and couldn’t help the smile that spread lips.

‘Jhalli kya soch rahi thi tu? Why ur pea size brain work before knowing anything. Kya zarurat thi waha jaane ki and pray karna ki. Dekha kya hogaya. Abb Brij veerji dekhenge to kya kahungi main?’

She looked down at her wet dress and curse herself in her mind. She was so busy in her cursing program that she didn’t knew exactly when they reached the place they weren’t supposed to go,, Geet saw she wasn’t infront of her friends, rather it was maan’s car. Geet looked at Maan with confuse face.

‘Get in the car Geet,’

‘Where are we going?’



Maan rolled his eyes before roaming his eyes on her wet dress. Geet again became concious shifting one foot to another. Maan left a impatient sigh.

‘Get fast. I m not letting you go there like this.’

Geet opened her mouth to say something but shut it immediately. It happen for few times more. As they sat in the car Geet said only one word.


Maan thought something then looked at her. Her eyes were pleading but he didn’t tried anything to say. Lastly he took out his cell and dial one number that will help him.

‘Aniee I m taking Geet to the Hotel. Inform everyone to meet her there.’

‘What? But Bhai when did u find Geet? And why u are taking her? What happen?

Maan closed his eyes feeling frustrated but its his baby sister that he can’t snap at.

‘Aniee Geet’s dress is wet, she was in that pond. Meet us in the Hotel. Ok?’

Aniee understood everything now so she just agreed. When Maaneet reached the Hotel every eyes turned towards them. Some eyed Geet’s dress and the receptionist only stared at Maan in confusion and then his arm. Some were confused with him being all well but apparently they were thinking him as Yash. Maan did nothing to dismiss their pondering thoughts but took Geet in her room after knowing her room number.

Maan sat on the sofa facing the window while Geet quickly went to change her dress. When she comes out from the bathroom with her wet hair and his dress coat clutched to her chest it did amazing things to maan’s imagination. Geet’s eyes met him and hold them captive innocently. World vanished around them as Geet walked towards him.

Their eyes stuck on each other, roaming everywhere hungrily. Both felt desire for each other but he knew his passion can scare her innocence. On top of that he has lots of work to do and the first thing was to know about her feelings for him. His eyes fell on her luscious lips that was trembling and the arch in his groin tighten. He coughed to take control over his own desire and it broke the spell. Geet came to her conscious.

‘your suit is ruined. I m sorry, I’

‘I will take care of that Geet.’

‘Why you went the Golden Temple Maan?’

She asked the one thing that was troubling her thought for so long and them immediately shut it. Maan stared at her for few seconds and Geet didn’t break that.

‘What do you think I was there for?’

Geet shrug her shoulder ‘I don’t know but do u believe in Babaji that u went to there?’

‘I was there for you Geet.’

His admittance made the room silent, they stared at each other for god knows how much time, it may be seconds or hours but neither wanted to break the moment. Geet’s breath was burning her chest, that’s when she realized she wasn’t breathing.

Cursing under his breath Maan held a swaying body of Geet.


His one husky word made her gulp the large share of oxygen that came in her way, eyes hold his gaze then travel down on his sensual lips, again came upto his eyes. His eyes were smiling so was his lips, a little quiver all it take to make her heartbeat run fast like a horse.


She heard herself asking him why her? Why he came for her and then cursed herself mentally. He came for apology of course. Nothing less nothing much. But suddenly it made her sad. She doesn’t need or want his apology, his anger was her, as weird as it seems to Maan’s anger shows his soul to her but then she was angry because he left her in hospital never to look back. Then why now? Why concern for her now?

Maan saw the myriad of emotion passing on her face, confusion to sadness then anger. Whatever going on her little but innocent cute head will of course leave him twist in his guts. So he didn’t waste his time.

‘I came for you, because I need you Geet. I need you like a man need breath. I can’t stay away from you.’

Though his words, his desperation made her heart arch still she couldn’t forget those night she spent crying and those unknown waiting staring at her balcony door waiting for him. She didn’t knew why She waited for him or rather say stared at the balcony door but she did. She was so lost in him once she thought she will die not seeing him but she survived.

‘why now? What change your mind? Why always you needing me? What about me? Why didn’t u thought about me when were u leaving me? U didn’t came to see me for once, not even asking am I alive or dead.’


His face was so dangerously close, her breath came in frantic and so was his. Fury spill from every pour as He dig hole in her eyes. Suddenly Geet was breathing so hard that if she move any more her lips will touch his. He was so close to her that their chest collide. Rage was last thing Maan wanted to feel at the moment but her words made him furious like a caged animal. Right at the moment all he wanted to drag her with him, lock her and show how much he missed her, how much he care for her, her life was the one thing giving him breath now. If anything happen or touch a hair of her he will burn this world with his bare hand.

Her eyes expressed so much, yet lips were sealed. Warmth of her body snuggling close to him made him hard and the passion only increased. But he fear, his anger his passion will destroy her if he wouldn’t control it. But how? How can he control his desire when she look at him like her breath depend on him. He brought his face so close that she stopped breathing. Again.

‘Your life is mine. Don’t ever say that again.’

His word only made her shiver. He felt it, his hand went on her waist bringing her closer to his body desperate to feel her every inch closer to him.

‘ I knew you were alive, I knew you were seeing this world with perfect health. I knew you were breathing, living there in other part of the world because somewhere I was breathing. I knew jab tak Maan Ki saans chal rahi hain, Geet zinda hain. Usse har haal mein hona hi hain.’


Her lips cried, again the same arch, pain. It want him to do something, her hands held him desperatly. He placed a wet kiss on her earlobe and heard her intake of breath from her. Feeling courageous he placed few more kisses on her jaw. Sighing he roamed his hand on her back.

‘Don’t ever say that, don’t ever think I do not care. I never left you Geet. I never left because my heart was with you. My dead heart that finally felt alive with your warm touch.’


‘I needed that. I wanted to let you free. I had to. I can’t destroy you Geet.’

‘but you said you are my friend.’

‘did I?’

Suddenly she pushed him. Her anger amused him but what tore his heart was the tear that left her eyes. It is the only reason he felt the need to distance himself. He can only make her cry. That’s what he did till now but wasn’t that should be her decision?

‘What do u think of yourself? Jab chaha dost mana, jab chaha dur kar diya, jab chaha paas bula liya. You said we can be friends, you said u will never leave me. I just asked for your friendship. But,, but dost aise nahi hote, dost ko Kabhi chodke nahi jate. You left me, you decided what I need instead of asking me what I want. You thought to come back in my life, accuse Yash and me for god know what and then again came to meet me and behaved nothing has happened. Isme meri galti kya hain agar aapko Har baar aise hi chale jana hain bina mujhse puche. I can only wait for you to disappear Maan. How can I trust you again if u run away every time you feel I am not a proper girl or isn’t worthy for your friendship?’

Maan’s heart stopped at her last word. Her every word,, doubt was right but does she think herself unworthy because he left her. He knew he is selfish but with his own reason, he did that to protect himself and her but he can see how wrong he was because he delution only broke her, made her doubt on herself.

Precap: Mujhse Dosti Karoge???

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  1. good one love geets answers to maan waiting to see how he manages geet now


  2. awsemmm update both maneet falling for each other but fear crept in them


  3. after long days,read it.btw,what an awesome update.finally read what i wanted for maaneet.really geet is only made for maan,not any yash


  4. oye hoye.. U r back .. I was waiting for ur ud. Hope u will ud k3 nd ddp too. Amazing nd cute ud 🙂


  5. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 21, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    awesome update dear…


  6. Posted by monikaseth on May 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Awesome update thank you geet only for maan not for yash … both have feelings but not able to see and accept


  7. awesome update maaneet felling for each other maan want to said his felling to geet
    Maan fears tat he will hurt her due to his desire and passion while she feels she is not worth him waiting for next update


  8. Hhhhaaayyyeeee…wht an update di…
    Ma Maaneet…both hv badly fallen fr each other…but both r scared Maan thinks tht his passion will destroy Geet while Geet thinks she is nt worthy to become Maan’ s frnd..
    Awww…both souls r dying to vanish their restlessness fr each other…
    Yaar yeh yash ko jaldi se Maaneet ke bich me se nikaal do di plzzz…i can’t see my Maaneet suffering lile this..


  9. lovely update…
    finally maaneet are together and they are solving their problems by taking.
    love to know more what happen next…
    she thinks herself unworthy? how maan will solve it and make her understand….
    please update soon….
    waiting eagerly….


  10. Posted by priyasree on May 22, 2014 at 6:28 am

    awesome update


  11. Nice one dear


  12. Maan almost confessed.
    But innocent Geet is not understanding.
    Maan left her to make her safe and happy. But that created unnecessary mu in Geet mind.
    Nice update.


  13. Posted by CMif on June 10, 2014 at 6:41 am

    update next soon


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