Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 74


Part 74

A soft giggle woke Geet, her first thought went on to Rihana, she opened her one eyes which made the chubby baby giggle louder but then a groan left Geet’s lips which instantly shut Rihana. She looked at Rehan innocently plucking her lips. Her mother was angry only that thought made her deep chocolate brown eyes wet. Rehan instantly hugged his sister with his chubby hands somewhere between choking and comforting. Rehan was fast learner, before his 6 month age completion he could sit and crawl but Rihana can hardly sits with sometime difficulties, forget about crawling.

Geet’s head was splitting in two with headache from last night drinking. She cursed herself then leah for leaving the kids here where she was asleep like a dead. What if anything had happened to her babies. What would have she done? Then she remembered she need to feed them but as she turn another groan left her lips.

Rehan: lull huuuuuuhhhhhhee

Rehan was trying to sooth Rihana in their own language which genuinely earned a smile from Geet. She tried to shield her eyes then with difficulties she popped herself on one elbow,, after kissing their forehead and assuring their mumma loves them she turned to leave the bed only to see herself in the front mirror. She was in Maan’s shirt, how did she ended up like this she had no idea. Her face showed what she is feeling. Haggard. She made a disgusting face, before she could leave the place her eyes fell on the juice and some pills lying on the bed side table. There was also a note with them which she took first.

‘Geet, take the pill with juice, it will help your headache. Don’t worry about kids. I have fed them. I have to run towards office. Some emergency came up. Bye love u.

PS: We need to talk about last night.’

Geet nearly cried in frustration. Not on Maan but herself. She tried to remember everything and the pill with juice helped her. She recalled the way she humiliated herself and then Maan. Why can’t she trust him? It’s not like he gave her any reason. Did he?

The past few months danced in front of her and she tried to shove it away. Knowing very well it will worse the matter. She need to trust Maan. He can never betray her. He will never do that to his love, his Geet.


London weather was giving different worries to Geet. It’s being 4 hour Geet had read the note of Maan’s and from then mild drizzle started outside. Geet was worried for Maan as he hadn’t called her, on the top Sia and Raghav’s phone was also not reachable. The temperature was dropping so the heater was on full. Geet tried playing with kids then called India where Armaan told her that she should postpone their arrival because weather cast showed turbulence that means it can be risky to fly.

Last night played again and again in her mind. She knew what she said wasn’t in right mind, yes Maan was angry with the guy groping her and he blasted on her but that’s because he was always possessive, he did it before in their trip to ladak, so what’s new? It must be the insecurities in her and the way his past lifestyle was thrown on her face. But could she hold Maan responsible for that? That was his past and in their 1 nd half yr marriage Maan proved his love again and again. Then why she is becoming an insecure jealous bitch. She swore to apologise Maan and give him chance to explain.

Just then the doorbell rang and Geet shot up like a bullet running towards it. Her eagerness met a smiling Maan who envelop her in a shivering hug then placed his cold lips on her. Geet eagerly took it and gave her everything. They nibble sucked bite each other’s lips then rubbed their body. A light chuckle and throat clearing broke the spell, confusion spread her eyes as she tried to shake the desire full mind.

A young man with fine built, fair complexion and sandy brown hair came up with his hand extended.

‘U must be Geet, I m Brad, Maan’s long time friend.’

Geet took his hand politely then her eyes fell on the beautiful girl. She had seen her somewhere. Tanned olive skin, blonde curls loosely hanging on her shoulder, smiling light blue eyes fell on Geet with delight.

‘Hey Geet remember Alex? Hope the night went well.’

She said winking at Maan who gave a tight smile then held Geet waist more like assuring himself she won’t runaway. Geet remember last night when Maan had kissed her Cheeks, Geet waited for the jealousy to erupt but it never came. Maybe for the fact that Brad and Alex looks like drowning in love. The way he was looking at her, showed love, affection adoration. But a bigger part of her ask was it the only fact? Or the Man standing beside u is the real reason.

Geet looked at Maan who was looking only at her, Fear, uncertainty, love, possessiveness so many emotions reflected from him. She leaned towards him and gave a smile to the pair infront of her.

Geet: come in pls.

Geet doesn’t know it is the fact that she didn’t create a scene or the warm welcome in her voice that let Maan heave a sigh of relief and his body relaxed on her. His hand never left her and when he saw his kids playing on the floor with scattered toys the hardness in his posture melted like ice in water. He lifted Rihana and tickle her tummy with his nose that earn a heartfelt giggle then loud laugh. He dare not touch Rehan as he was frowning on him, he must be the first 6 month kid who growl at his father but Rehan eyed Maan then Rihana like in a silent warning. Hurt her and I will hurt you.

Geet shook with silent laughter and so did Brad. A tenderness surrounded Alex as she approached Rehan. Geet didn’t felt anxiety like she thought she will feel. Guess last night she was so drunk to judge good vibes and bad but now she can see why Maan was so good to Alex. She can’t be one of his shack, she must ne his true friend and so did Brad.

Brad: We are trying for kids, its being 6 months and my wife is desperate.

He smiles with affection and Geet froze in her track. Her eyes went to alex’s ring and regret washed over. Her eyes found Maan and saw the worry. She was ashamed by it but Maan shook his head, then a little smile gave a thousand emotions. They heard a giggle. Geet looked towards Rehan who was giggling in Alex’s arm. Her face was so soft. But there was some sadness molded with wants.

Geet: He likes you.

Alex: I guess he is. Rehan again laughed when Alex tickle his stomach.

Maan: but he doesn’t like everyone. Leah their nanny took 3 days before coming close to him and he still threatens me.

Alex laughed at his expression: then he is ur son. Rehan Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet looked at her curiously: was Maan same?

Brad: You don’t have any idea do u?

Geet shook her head and Maan warned them but brad plopped on the sofa.

Brad: He is an interesting character Geet. A book. If u love a book u want to explode and if u hate then also it will imprinted on ur soul. In this He is the one to decide what he wants to be to whom.

Geet looked at Maan remembering the first time she met him, how concern he was for an unknown kid. Then how he became Ridz’s frnd, her guarded frnd’s best frnd. How Armaan described Maan and became his frnd. Then the moment when she crushed his love in her blind rage. How he begged for her love and then how he became the devil for her for betraying him.

So many shades and still to unfold, she still don’t know what guilt’s shadow he carries and she know only bcz of her he never said anything. He is a book. A very interesting book which once u like u want to read again and again and if u hate then it will pull u to finish it. In both way you have to read..

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  1. awesome update akhir maan chupa kia raha hai sia k saath koi chakkar tho nahii tha na?


  2. nice update geet feel gilty her behaving with maan She recalled the way she humiliated herself and then Maan.


  3. alex brad maan’s good friends geet insecure because of past waiting for maan to reveal the truth he is hiding


  4. Loved the update


  5. Hmm…Geet regretting abt the things she said to Maan…
    Maan is confusing me a lottttt…
    Wauiting fr nxt..


  6. Omg after so long u give us update
    Realy missed it yar
    Nd plz ab gayab mat ho jana


  7. Posted by ushankitvc on May 23, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    awesum….regretting geet….continue sooon


  8. Posted by monikaseth on May 23, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Superb update geet feeling bad for telling maan those words wanna know that truth waiting


  9. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 24, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    amazing update…I loved it…The link of this part which u send is not working , so I am commenting in blog….


  10. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2014 at 4:24 am

    Loved the update


  11. Posted by cuteeagle65 on June 17, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    I have commented on IF


  12. Waiting dear update soon it so long time dear you have updated


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