Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 33


Part 33

Warning:18+ If u have prblm with
adult stuff pls ignore first few para.. Its being so long that I have written so much bold scene..

Maan: Geet no need,,,,

Geet almost growl: shut up Maan, I
want it for me.

Her lips touched his stomach, then came down on his lower abdomen, her frantical fingered helped to lose the pant, then the boxer.. Her breath nearly hitched seeing his
size, it sprang towards his abdomen. Hard thick long solid. Her hand was itching to touch him.

Maan: Geet.

His hoarse voice did only to increase her excitement. Her
eyes glowed like a child got her fav
candy. She licked her dry lips then
touch his hard yet soft shaft with her tender finger tips. Maan’s groan
echoed the room while his eyes was trained on her. She flicked a last glance at him nervously then without breaking the contact touched the tip. His hip jerked with the slight touch and Geet became bold. Her mouth clasp the mushroom head. Hot salty musky scent descend upon her and her stomach flipped quivering. His finger touched her jaw tentetively then held her nape. Her hand clasp the shaft pumping to make it harder. His groan was her undoing and she took him all the way to her throat. She held there fighting the uncomfortable feeling then adjusted him so she can take whatever she can get.

He showed her the pace and she took him all the way to her throat again. She played, licked sucked following her cheek and with everything he became more hard if that is possible. She rolled his balls in her soft hand, it wasn’t late that he held her hair in a light fist then with few pump he was close. His groan became frantic and Geet sucked him harder. Before his cum spill her mouth as she wanted, he pulled her harshly to meet his mouth and her hand pumped him to empty his cum with a forced that left him shattered and panting… She smiled and licked her lips satisfied, eyes gleaming like a cat that got large bowl of cream. When he was sure he can talk he opened his mouth.

Maan: next time remind me to set u off very often.

Geet chuckled and licked his jaw softly: not necessary. Cat doesn’t forget a taste of cream. Maan again growl with her words and Geet laughed with it.


Both didn’t realize when they fell asleep but it was geet who opened her eyes only to find herself draped against maan’s delicious naked body. Her lips curved in a smile, reminiscence of their togetherness. Then her eyes went on the large ceiling to floor window, it was dawn and came the realization they weren’t in their room, it someone else’s. Panic rose in her chest which awoke Maan with her.

Maan: Kya huya mishti?

Geet: Maan where are we. it isn’t our room.

Geet bolted up like a fire then frantically started collecting her dress.

Geet: Maan what the hell were u thinking? Taking me here, if anyone got to know,,, hayeee babaji….

Maan: stop being so over dramatic. He pulled his pants but no shirt. Geet was still struggling with her bra hook. A sexy smirk came on his lips seeing her struggling with the hook.

Geet greeted her teeth: stop giving that smirk and help me. Maan chuckled but obediently helped her. First pulling her on his lap then with his hand his perfect lips also touched her hook then her spine and lastly her nape. A moan worked from her but soon she realized what he was doing.

Geet: stop it, pata nahi kiska room hain and u,,,,

Before she can complete her words her eyes fell on the room. Sun’s first ray hit the room spreading the light in the whole room and Geet stood there mesmerized. It was beautiful, long curtain on the ceiling to floor window which give a view of sun rising,, then her fell on the muscular choice of colors. Black. The wall behind the headpost was black and same was the bed. Black satin sheet covered the bed. She was mesmerized to see the contrast. It looks like Maan belongs here, the room was made for his masculinity. Furniture were either black or white.

The space in the room indicate the owner’s freedom and authority but weirdly it was empty. Her face heated thinking about their foreplay last night. What if any member of this family’s room is this, what will he/she think? Geet knew it isn’t dev or mihika’s. She had seen their room and Abhi & Gauri couldn’t own this.. It’s not them and their choice. But then. VED. But it wasn’t either him her gut said.

Suddenly Geet felt cold, her left side was empty, it wasn’t until she realize Maan was getting dressed and he was stiff like a cardboard. Then it hit her, not only she, but Maan also noticed the similarity. The room was so like Maan. Brood Dark Intense.

Maan: Geet we have been here for 10 days now but I have never met Mr Khurana, I don’t even know his full name. You said he helped us on our bad time but why didn’t he met me for once after we came to his house.

Geet: Maan when u were unconscious he was there every waking minutes but as we came to this house he went to abroad for some meeting but gauri aunty said he asked about u.

Maan wasn’t so happy with the answer, he was getting a weird feeling from all of this. He just want to get out from this mansion which is suffocating him.

Geet murmured: it’s not like only Abhi uncle is missing that weirdo also isn’t in the mansion.

Maan froze in his track: what..do.. You..mean.

He greeted his every word. Geet didn’t saw the rage in those red eyes. She walked past him to peep outside of the room to see if the way is clear.

Maan: Geet

Geet: huh? Ohhh there is someone else, Abhi uncle’s Son Ved who is missing. I haven’t seen him but technically I don’t want to see him. He is so rude and,,

Geet couldn’t complete her word before Maan grabbed her arms pulling her closer to him harshly.

Maan: who?

Geet: ouch. Get off me Maan.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: Ved. Spoiled idiot brat. I hate him.

Maan shook his head: who is Abhi?

Geet: Abhi uncle. Actually I forgot his full name, gauri aunty calls him Abhi.

Maan left her hand shaking his head, he ran his hand in his hair. No it can’t be possible. Geet said this person shares his surname but that’s it right? Nothing more. It can’t be happening. There are people with same name and surname in the world. This Abhi uncle isn’t HIM…..

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Awseum
    So mann finally geting to know tht its his dad thnx sweety for updating


  2. awesome update maaneet romantic moment geet become bold & so naughty maan thinking about abhi name n surname


  3. Wow.its mean maan is not poor.geet knows about khurana s i mean maan s father?maan is confused.eagerly waiting for next


  4. tooo hottt soo this room is maan’s then oh wowwww whaqt a twist loved it


  5. awsemmm update maneet paassion geet teaseing maan in doubts about surname


  6. Start was damn hhhhaaawwtttt…
    Hmm…Maan & Geet both feel tht the room is same as Maan’s choice..Waiting eagerly to know wht happens nxt..


  7. Posted by monikaseth on May 23, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Awesome lovely loved it geet become bold.. Maan thinking about his surname wanna read more thank you


  8. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2014 at 4:18 am

    Loved the update
    Who is this abhi to maan


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