Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 34


Part 34

Seeing Maan’s panicked face Geet touched his arm.

Geet: Huya kya Maan? Why u r behaving like this?

Maan shrugged her touch still roaming his hand in his wild hair. If Geet wasn’t so worried about him she would have thought he looks sexy.

Maan murmured more to himself: I want to stay alone for some time.

He immediately left Geet standing there dumbfounded. She clutched her dress then with a heavy sigh she got dressed fully. Maan was behaving weird but she doesn’t have much time to ponder on it. She will handle Maan later. Looking at the bed she blushed then frowned, worried. God knows who’s room is this but she need to get out of here but not before making the bed.

Geet was silently locking the door when someone jerked her, it clasped her arm in an iron grip. then again she was slumped on the wall and a hard body pressed her nearly cutting out her oxygen. She heard the angry voice. Ved. she nearly cringed hearing the biting word and cursing herself for landing in the devil’s den.

Ved: what the hell do u think u are doing here? Who gave u permission to come here.

He was angry. Hell angry. Geet tried to push him from her but Ved took her both wrist then pinned her on the wall behind her head. Geet looked at him in fear for the 1st time and he lowered his face inches away from her.

Ved: I have asked u something. Tell me damit why are u here.

Geet looked here n there for Maan but he was nowhere. She gulped her fear and tried to recall her marshal act classes. She is good at it. But he was holding her too tight, she have to take old tonic. Before she prepare her knee to hit his groin Ved locked her legs with his. He was fully plastered on her.

Ved: Don’t even think about it. I can unarmed anyone in minute.

The smug smile on Ved’s face wiped away as a hard punch landed on his jaw. It was so forceful that it nearly shook him and landed him a few feet away from Geet still he was still on his feet partly cz he was taking defense classes at a very early age but till now none could take a punch like that on him. He looked at Geet who clinging then his eyes met the most furious eyes he had ever seen. He heard Geet’s whimper and the way she was hugging the man. But Ved couldn’t take away his eyes from the person who looked like his gaze alone can burn the world. He was draped around Geet and hiding her in his arm yet his eyes were on him.

Maan: don’t u fu***** s*** touch a strand of her hair or I will kill u fu***** right now.

It wasn’t an empty threat Ved knew but he couldn’t stop the hope arising in his chest.

Seeing Maan’ vein still ticking to burst on Ved Geet held him closer whimpering softly.

Geet: Maan.

Maan: We are not staying here or I will kill this ba****.

Geet: but

Maan: no…

Ved froze in his track, he didn’t knew who the person Geet came with here. Just catch the last name Khurana. He had barely knew the real story leave his name. For a week he had avoided coming in the house because of this girl who unknowingly stir so many emotion in him he had sworn never to feel. He knew she is the famous lover of the person who was nearly killed to save her though he doesn’t know the meaning of it but seeing him now froze Ved to death. Picture of Maan and Priti Maa that Dadima showed him and his siblings flashed. He still looks same. His heart said he is his Maan Bhai.

Maan was a ticking bomb, he wanted to kill this guy for touching his Geet. He was mad but realizing Geet wasn’t with him, he cursed himself and came back to take her when he heard her whimper and seeing the guy technically crashing her set his blood boiling. He had never seen this guy or heard anything. But he guessed he might be the twin Dev talked about.

Maan was prepare to kill that shit but seeing Geet’s pleading eyes he stopped. He can’t deny the fact a small part of him didn’t wanted that. He couldn’t do that, why? He doesn’t know the answer. He was turning back with Geet when he heard him and froze.

Ved: Maan bhai.

His voice was barely above a whisper but Maan heard it, Geet also maybe. Maan coudln’t take a step then turned to meet the person. He share his eyes, same color, same temper.

Something about him pulled Maan. Maybe the pain and adoration. Why is it here? What the person is to him that he couldn’t even give another punch to the person who touched his Geet.

Ved nearly whimpered: Maan bhai. He took a step then Geet stood between him and Maan stoping the danger to hit her love.

Geet: Stop VED.

The name popped Maan’s every nerve on attention.

Maan: Ved. He took the name so carefully that set Ved to push Geet away and hug Maan who stood dumbfounded. Geet looked at them with wide eyes.

Ved: bhai main Ved, chiku,, don’t u remember me?

His voice was so vulnerable. Like any moment he will break or lose the most precious thing.

Ved: I never let anyone touch your thing. Its still with me. He broke the embrace wiping the lone tear from his lashes. It’s still in the house, our place. Do u remember?

Maan: the Barn.

Maan was still looking at Ved with eyes that void realization but with every word from Ved came the memories. Those childhood days. A  4 yr toddler running behind a 7 yr Maan for his attention.

‘Ved won’t go without Maan bhai’

‘Chiku u know I can’t go to your school. And it your 2nd day baby.’

‘no baby. Ved not baby. Ved big boy.’

‘ then behave like a big boy Chiku. Go to school with dad.’

The toddler’s lips tremble ‘Ved not. Ved stay with Maan Bhai. But Bhai go, not love Ved.’

Maan sighed and wiped the fat tear from the chubby toddler’s cheek.

‘I swear I will be there when u come home. Maan loves you.’


‘promise baba’

Ved: you broke that promise. U left me.

Maan: Chiku I,,,

Emotions clogged maan’s throat as he watched his little brother in so much pain.

©All.Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich MG.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm….Ved & Maan r brothers…
    Maan is remembering all his past memories with his chiku aka ved…
    Loved the update di…
    Waiting fr the truth to get unfold…


  2. Posted by janvi2006 on May 24, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    gr8 part..


  3. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    brilliant update


  4. Superb update…
    Loved it…
    Ved is maans bro…maybe they r cousin…really confused…waiting to know how maan is related to these khuranas…


  5. awsemmm update ved cornering geet maan punching him and they are brother and remember it


  6. gr8 maan remembering past
    ved his bro conti soon


  7. love the update.
    great as always..


  8. Finally maan knew everything.so,ved is so possessive about his maan bhai.geet forgot carate bcoz of her romance with maan……lolz.can’t wait for next


  9. oh vid janta hai k maan uska hi bhai hai or maan ko yaad q nahi tha pir naam se usse yaqeen hogaya par maan apne hi family se juda kaise hogaya?


  10. Omg ved maan’s brother i think they all r related eagerly waiting for the whole past to unfold continue soon


  11. wow maan and ved r brothers…so they’re twins…lovely so now another protector came for geet! 😉


  12. Omg ved is maans brother


  13. Omg ved is maans brother omg omg they share good bonding


  14. Posted by monikaseth on May 25, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    wow amazing Ved Maan ka bahi awesome love it wanna know more


  15. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2014 at 4:36 am

    Loved the update
    So its maan’s family


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