Love For You Part 83


Part 83

Typed from phone so expect the error, spelling mistakes, grm mistakes and ofcourse double words and misplace line… I know my readers are putting with lots of difficulty and I owe u big time.. Thanks for being with me and waiting for my stories.

Geet was entering the office just for anything to get a hold on Maan, she needed something that will lead her someway but her expectations only met emptiness. It was then when she was going towards Aaditya’s office when she heard him talking to Yash, Maan’s left hand apparently and a very important person for this company. Geet was feral that morning, like an animal who had been tried to held in a cage but was unsuccessful. She was so angry that she could have bowled everything but it was Aaditya’s word that stopped her.

Aadi: Yash you don’t know Maan sir that well like I have known him.

Yash: Ohh yeah only a year longer.

Aadi: but you still don’t know the meaning of the dream project of his.

Yash: yeah!!! But hey are you sure it’s some dream project. Seeing our angry young boss it doesn’t suits his persona to engraved a dream project like that you told.

Aadi: Yash if it wasn’t so important Maan sir wouldn’t have taken the file with him in Boston. He was always so obsessed with the file. You know its being 5 yrs but still why that isn’t in the market yet?

Yash: umm, I was also curious about that. only few people know about it, that is you, me and only some handful invester who didn’t liked to take the risk.

Aadi: When first Maan sir told me about the music I was curious to know about it but he wasn’t ready to disclose it, not to me, not even to any investor. That’s why none crack the deal. Apparently Maan sir only wanted to open the lyrics but that would be when investor sign the deal and you know It’s not easy to blindly sign a contract knowing its worth millions not only in India as Maan sir wanted to span it in overseas.

Yash: you mean to have bands and tour.

Aadi: something like that. And keep your tone down, if anyone hear it and it got in news we will be trouble. It’s being 5 yrs but he didn’t gave up the project. I heard one time him calling it his dream “2 Angel”

Yash: why this name?

Aadi: I don’t know. The one time I heard it was in his room and he was drunk heavily, he was standing infront of a portrait of 2 angels with wings and was talking to it, he called that 2 angel then the lyrics same.

Yash: but Aadi if that is only one file that contents the lyrics then boss shouldn’t have taken it with him.

Aadi laughed in his nervous: apparently it’s not only one file but he has a copy in his personal computer that is in his study.

Geet didn’t heard more after that and hurried towards the farm house. But it wasn’t easy. 1 long day it had taken Geet to decode it and she still remembered the shock of the passwords of maan’s computer, thankfully he has 2. One maybe only for the project rather say full of music, song after song and his lyrics. She read only one and closed it instantly not trusting herself to do this. But she had to do, to protect her kids, her family. For that she can destroy him or his dream. But that wasn’t the thing that gave her restless sleep, it was the painting on the wall of 2 angels that made her stop dead.


In the next 2 days Maan and Rudra had made a subtle friendship, that friendship they or rather say Maan forgot once. Their love-hate relationship still walk along specially when the 2 angel run around them. Maan and Rudra’s playful bickering was entertainment for Mannat and Tamanna, they loved it when the 2 adult behaved so childish.

From making breakfast or dinner, even to choose the park Rudra and Maan will bicker at each other, though it was only playful and to made the children laugh. In these days Rudra showed Maan every trophy that they won, videos of their birthdays. Some time Maan will weep silently realizing how many years, months, days, hours, moments he has missed in his children’s life.

But in all this Maan never got the courage to see the disk Rudra gave him on the day of his arrival. If Rudra ever tried to talk about it he would just change the subject. He can never accept the fact, he fears,, his fear got the worst in him. He fears that once he saw his babies with his Geet, it will destroy him knowing he never knew he had the angels always with him. He feel like killing himself for ever calling them with names that never belongs them.

On the other side Maan was living every moment that he missed being with his children, he is pampering them, fulfilling every wishes of them be that the reason to give him pain in the head. They knew it. It amazed Maan that not a single question was asked by them as to know where was he all these years. They never tried to know anything other than how much he loves them. Yes they every hour or every second wanted to know does he love them. And every time it slits his heart to see the unassurance in their eyes. Some time it was so like Geet, unsure and hesitant. Wanted to assure themselves that their dad loves them.

It amazed Maan that though they never asked him about his family, they knew something at least. The way they talked about his life in India seems like they knew everything about him. He dare not ask how they got to know about him,, he refrained him from doing so in fear of hearing some thing that will tear him. But he was curious so he had decided he won’t hang it in his heart anymore.

Rudra noticed the anxious gesture in Maan. His brow twitched in curiosity which earned glare from Maan still Rudra couldn’t wipe the smug smile.

Rudra: what happen to u now? U r behaving like a mamma bear.

Maan: When r u planning to go on the tour ur band member was saying in the hall?

Rudra: in 3 days.

Maan: and u didnt even informed me.

Rudra: common Maan we haven’t planned it so sudden. It was scheduled after 10 days but our Album need to get out soon and for that the tour is necessary. Geet arranged the tour after 3 days, what can I do here?

Maan: and where the f*** u planned to leave my kids and with whom?

Rudra shifted his weight from one foot to another. Maan waited patiently but the twitch in his jaw said how much angry he is. Rudra’s band members came to meet him and kids. Maan was amazed to see the hard looking men can crack so soft side just looking at the angels.

Maan: Rudra.

Rudra: Geet said she will come once u leave Boston.

Maan: kindly tell me why the hell I will leave my kids?

Rudra only shrugged his shoulder just then Tamanna strolls towards them tugging Maan’s arm.

Tammy: are u leaving daddy?

Her voice was so sad that his gut clenched and Maan nearly killed Rudra who shifted clearly uncomfortable. At this moment he just wanted to take his baby in his arm. Safe and warm.

Maan: no baby I am not.

Tammy: then why buddy said mommy told him that u will leave Boston.

Maan glared Rudra who sighed: That’s your mommy to tell. She tend to have lots of idiotic dreams. I m here with u though, Am I not?

Tammy giggles and nodded, then started chewing on her burger smudging her dress. Maan immediately wiped the strain from her dress and started fussing with food. Rudra smiles seeing them, then he silently left them to have their own time.

A tendency touched Maan’s heart seeing his baby depending on him and showering so much love that he hardly deserves. He couldn’t control himself asking the one question that was nagging him from the beginning.

Maan: Tammy, How did u know I am your father and how did u know so many things about me?

Tammy looked up at him from sitting position at the counter… His heart swelled with love and pain. So much trust, so much love reflected in her eyes..

Tammy: Internet. U forgot it’s technical century. Google baba hain na.

Maan’s eyes popped out: u mean at the age of 6 u can access internet. U barely learn letters and words.

Tammy rolled her eyes: not me but Mann.

Maan: but how?

Tammy shrugged her shoulder: The way she cracked ur passward. your laptop’s pswrd was hard to crack but she took 1 hr. Damn her hardest one.

Maan: Whattt??

Ps: Take a fictional story as fiction. No reality.

©All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.


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  1. awesome update ….


  2. really awesome part…
    maan spending time with kids….
    geet saw the picture of 2 angels….
    maan cracked the password in age of 6 😉
    continue soon….
    take care…


  3. awsemmmm update geet planning something to hurt maan dream maan rudra spending time with kids man hacking maan laptop at 6 aage maneet ka kya hoga


  4. awesome ud
    mann cracked maan password
    maan not wanting to leave angels
    geet saw pic if angel


  5. woww ab geet kia karne waliu hai n loved da kids


  6. Both the angels r a way toooo smart cracked password in just 1 hr??
    omg is geet really going to destroy maan’s dream project just in her anger n revenge??


  7. Posted by Beena on May 25, 2014 at 9:03 am

    oh my goodness what is geet planning now!! aww i like the growing friendship between rudra n maan 🙂 Mann cracked maan password just like mommy 😉 loved it Tich.


  8. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 25, 2014 at 11:03 am

    awesome update…loved it…


  9. I was eagerly wai8ng 4 dis thanks 4 da update


  10. Posted by neetudd on May 25, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    awesome update


  11. Posted by life19 on May 25, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    So its something related to music.. but maan and music.. is it tat he has something to do with geet’s company.. and now geet will do anything to destroy tat dream of hers


  12. Posted by monikaseth on May 25, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Hope geet wont do any thing wrong and cry later…..angles so sweet and cute


  13. awesome update dear…. angels are really cute but they missed their fathers love… so to get the regular updates dear… 😦


  14. Superbbbb update di…
    Lived it…
    Baap re ..Man is so intelligent in such a small age..
    Waiting fr nxt part..


  15. i gave comment but can’t get here.don’t know y.btw,loved the update.maaneet kids r genious like their parents especially mann.pls don’t let geet do any harm to maan s dream project.hope rudra ll help maan to get geet again


  16. Loved it love how maan said he will not leave his angels just wish geet would come home now and they meet face to face but hope she doesn’t destroy maans dream project as he’s doing it for her and his angels and she won’t be able to forgive herself please update ASAP waiting love it


  17. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Loved the update
    Wats geet gonna do to his dream proj


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