Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 43

Part 43

They journey to the hotel was full of passion and needs. Somewhere insecurity brought them closer as passion bloomed more powerful. If Geet was successful to avoid him in the flight then Maan showed his desperation for her in the small drive. At first she was conscious with the presence of the driver but soon Maan’s passion made her forget everything.

Geet cringed to him like her life depends on him as he kissed her neck with fervor. His hand roamed in her flesh under the dress. Her soft moans filled his senses as he assaulted her skin with sweet torture. Her fingers threaded and tugged his hair making it messy and sexy. Maan looked at her desire filled droopy eyes, his hardness was easy to feel through her flimsy material and she bite her lips. With a groan he attacked her lips, other side his hands were pulling her closer if that is possible.

They ignored the 2 puppies eying them curiously, then like a shying rocket Monalisa ran under the car seat, Gulgule looked at his owners who are so busy to even look at him. Then maybe he should look for his sweetheart and get busy. (stop those devil dirty thoughts girls)

When the limo stopped Geet caught a look of the place. Her breath hitch seeing the beautiful resort. Her eyes glued to the window, mouth open in awe and fingers touched the glass like trying to catch the scene. She felt her body being vibrating, her eyes narrowed on Maan hearing his deep chuckle. Her lips pouted and she tried to slide from his lap only for him to tighten the grip.

‘You look adorable with those fascinating hazel.’

‘I thought U can’t sweet talk.’

Her eyes were dancing with laughter but soon it evaporate replacing a deep need in her lower part. Maan’s scorching eyes looked at her hungrily.

‘I still can’t, but I can do a lot of think that will show what I feel. I wonder if Leo could hear us or not.’


‘So we need to move Geet.’

Shaking her head Geet came down only to be mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

‘Why Italy Maan?’

Maan looked at her first then the beautiful scenario ‘because u worth it.’

He didn’t gave her time to dwell on the thought, he just scooped her then headed towards the resort.

‘Maan Gulgule Monalisa.’

‘They have their caretaker Geet.’

Her mouth fell open ‘u brought their caretaker here because?’

‘you would not get the time to see them but as stubborn as u are you won’t come happily leaving them, so Aadi arranged it.’

He went inside without stopping on the reception.

‘Don’t u need to check in?’

Maan smirked and walked straight towards the corridor. Geet noticed none objected their little show rundown. But what amazed her the way ppl cleared their path and the way they stood like bowing in front of him. At first she thought it maybe Maan’s persona but then she noticed some ppl in suits stood there with awe expression, when Maan reached them still holding Geet in his arms, they tried to clear their expression but she caught their eyes on her. It was somewhat of admiration and awe.

‘Sir your cottage is ready. Harry will bring your luggage.’

Maan barely nodded, his face was stoic and for a moment Geet thought he will bring her on her feet but he didn’t. As soon they neared the cottage Geet’s mouth fell open. Maan smirked and brought her inside still lifting her effortlessly.

‘Maan…. It’s,,, It’s beautiful…. I,,’

‘Do u like it?’

Geet was on her feet without realizing. Her face was soft almost dreamy. A real smile played for the first time in the day. Her eyes were glued on the cottage infront of her,, Maan’s breath fell on her neck bringing her attention. She looked at his eyes, it was so hopeful she realized.

‘I love it,,, it’s just like a dream, a realistic beautiful dream.’

‘It’s yours.’

Geet for a few minutes didn’t catch him. She just stared at him, Maan made her face him, only then Geet realized he wasn’t joking. He was utterly serious.

‘What? How,, I mean.’

Geet took few deep breath, then looked at him with confuse eyes. Maan came close to her lips.

‘The resort is mine but now this cottage is on your name. It’s a private cottage and your wedding gift from me.’

His last word were so husky that gave goosebumps to her. Geet stayed there dumbfounded and Maan left her but not before kissing her lips hungrily.

‘Are you hungry? We can order or if u want can go to the resort’s restaurant.’

He was saying like nothing happen like he hadn’t gifted a million dollar worth cottage as a wedding gift. Geet shook her head trying to clear her thought.

‘I didn’t,, I couldn’t give u any gift, I mean it’s so much expensive, why u will give me this when I don’t have anything to give you.’

Maan tipped her chin looking straight in her eyes.

‘I got bid the bargain and I am a selfish businessman. My investment doesn’t backfire me Geet. Enjoy your gift and get freshen up.’

Again he closed her lips in a soundly smooch that made her toes curl and butterflies to dance in her stomach. Geet saw Maan leaving for the washroom but she couldn’t move an inch. Her eyes roamed on the interior. It was a huge log cabin type. The interior was made with expensive wooden marble and stones. The space must be 3000 sq ft. Her eyes went to the fire place then the wall full of paintings. It was a home, she concluded. Her dream home. How could always this Devil manages to make her question herself. One moment she was loathing herself for spending her time with him in the jet and now again he made her love this trip like never before.

Geet put her hand on her heart which was beating so hard. She wanted to cry, a sob broke on her lips, she wanted to smile, she wanted to hug Maan, to kiss him senseless, she is falling for Maan all over again and she don’t want to stop herself. It scared her but at the same she wanted more. Her eyes went on the washroom and her hand went to her cloths. Leaving every scrap of cloth on the floor Geet opened the bathroom that lead her to her Maan.

@All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.

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  1. wow nice update


  2. wowwww soooo romantic dear loved it too muuch


  3. lovely update


  4. Maan gifted her. Brought a caretaker also for the dogs.
    Geet is failing for him again and again.
    Superb update.


  5. Awesum update……


  6. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 25, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    awesome maaneet moments….


  7. geet falling for maan caring nature maan caring for her and her dogs


  8. awesome part…
    love the wedding gift he gave…
    love to know more…
    continue soon…


  9. Geet is deeply falling for him hope maan to feels the sane a beautiful wedding gift which left her speechlessn even bought caretakers for her puppies


  10. Posted by priyank85 on May 26, 2014 at 11:12 am

    wow lovely update


  11. Omg its so dreamy maan devil se angel


  12. its my most fav ff of u.geet falling love with maan but want to sure is maan really love geet?bcoz maan want her but never say about love.though just loved the whole part but yeh dil mange more.


  13. Lovelyyyyy update di…
    OMG Maan gifted Geet tht millions dolaar worth cottage..
    Oye hoyeee…Geet is just madly falling in love with him…
    Now desperately waiting fr nxt update..


  14. Nice update dear


  15. Posted by YASMEEN on May 27, 2014 at 10:11 am

    please add part 45 soon pleaSE


  16. Superb update…
    Maneet lost in passion…man gifted geet a cottage…waiting fr maneet moments..


  17. it was really very short……awesome and fantastic….update soon….waiting a long time….update fast fast


  18. Posted by anamikasb on May 30, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Maan is giving her gifts to her , glad Geet felt happy ❤


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