Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 35

Part 35

Maan was taking a step towards Ved when he felt a soft hand pressing his palm, he looked at a uncertain Geet. She was confuse and worried for him and with that he saw a reflection of priti on Geet. Immediately memory of his mother’s tear stricken face came down in front of him. Maan stiffened in his position then turned to leave the place but again he couldn’t,, he need to see this… With anger flowing in his vein Maan walked towards Abhi & and Gauri’s room… Geet ran behind him, all of this was leading to disaster. She can feel the rage in his vein.

Maan didn’t knock the door, he just barge the door. The door opened with slam, and with that Gauri jumped in fear. Looking up in his eyes she knew he got to know the truth which she feared till date. Man’s eyes searched something, she knew and hated herself for making him vulnerable. AGAIN…

Maan’s eyes landed on the big photograph of Mr Abhinav Khurana. His jaw was ticking with rage but he couldn’t say anything. His fist tighten in his fist making the knuckle nearly white. 19 yrs. It’s being 19yrs he had seen this man, 19 yrs of hating a person and then one day destiny brought him here. He never wanted this to be like this. He wanted to show the man what he had ditched for what. He wanted to show Mr Abhinav Khurana that they doesn’t need him that the child he so abandon without thinking can win the world with his mother’s blessing and love.. Priti. What will his mother think knowing he is with this man, in his house who so cruelly left them when priti needed him the most.

Gauri: Maan beta.

Maan showed his index finger to shut her up. Bringing his angry gaze from the father he never wanted to meet to Gauri, his father 2nd wife or say first and only love.

Leaving the room Maan walked towards his room, Geet followed him there. She didn’t witness Gauri’s frantical gesture to stop him, her cry of protest, her pain which weirdly bothered Maan. But he shoved everything and started packing.

Geet: Maan what is going on? What r u doing? Where are we going?

Maan: Pack ur stuff. We are leaving.

Geet: but how can we leave now?

Maan skidded his gaze on her and Geet gulped. He was angry, like she had never witnessed. Her gaze steadied on him as she hold his anger in them, but with that she saw something else. Pain, Hurt, Fear.

Shoving every other thought she harden her gaze.

Geet: But we never brought anything how can we leave with all of this which was brought by Gauri aunty.

Maan immediately left everything and held her hand, he didn’t said a word as he started walking towards the main entrance. Geet sighed but without protest held his hand firmly. She can’t leave Maan specially when he is so vulnerable.

They were at the living room when Ved held maan’s hand pleading not to leave. Geet saw the conflict emotions on maan’s face when he tighten his grip on her hand. Ved looked at his sibling who were looking on the verge of tears but stood there unmoved. Gauri whimpered but didn’t said anything.

Ved: u promised bhai u won’t leave me and u broke it, again u r breaking it for the 2nd time.

Maan looked at him then held Geet’s hand close to his heart. Ved looked at Geet with pleading eyes. The strong dark look of Ved replaced as a child who are scared to loose the only support in his life. Geet could have never imagined it even if she tried harder.

Just then the door opened and a tall large man entered the room, maan stood there rigid, the person has the personality that Maan had ever imagined. His 7yrs young mind had it’s own picture though it was young but as powerful as it is now. He is still good looking though a bit plump. Ok a lot plump but the mischievous eyes added the aura to his personality. Maan wanted to hate this man who gave so much pain to his family but somewhere after seeing him 19 yrs that makes a blur. And there stood the 7yrs old boy wanted his parents to hold him, his father to pamper him the way he used to do. Suddenly a tear strain priti’s image flashed against his eyes and he snapped. Hatred that he wanted, came in floods.

Abhinav tried to say something but Maan gesture him to stop. He turned so fast that he didn’t saw the table nearby which crashed against his abdomen wound. Maan cried out with the sudden hit and everyone rushed towards him though he jerked other’s concern touch but couldn’t wipe the fearful concern of Geet who was holding him upright.

Abhi: u can’t leave like this.

Maan greeted his teeth: u should have said that yrs before but u know what, ur opinion doesn’t matter now.

His each word was dripping with hatred as he looked at his father. But then a stren powerful voice caught him offgaurd.

‘His opinion may not matter but does ur dadi also lost her right on her grandson.’

Geet watched an elegant elder lady coming towards them, her eyes never left Maan who seems to forgot everything.

Maan’s eyes took his beloved dadima’s features. She is still so beautiful, his chest swell with the arch of her love, warmth. His mind played the flashes like it has happened yesterday. He recalled the way his dadima used to shower her love on him, how she fulfilled his every little to large demands. Unknowingly Maan left Geet and with difficulties went towards his grandmother who folded him in her arms. Both cried remembering the past the lose they endure all those years.

Dadima was one person who hated the fact her own son destroyed 2 innocent lives, she had cried all those yrs for her daughter in law whom she love more than her own son. Savirti Khurana loved Priti like her own child and after she was gone Savirti devil kicked Abhinav out of that house and he built a new house with his new family, though Savirti devi met her other grand children frequently and kept them uptown date with Maan and Priti’s place in their life by videos and picture but she never set Hr foot in this mansion or forgave Abhi for destroying Priti’s life. She never met her own son in 19yrs. She only came today because of her fav grandson whom she loves the most and waited nearly 2 full decade. And her Son brought her today, her heart was joyful and at the same time clenched with fear, pain, longing to meet her elder grandson which is why came here today…

©All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. OMG ye kiya tha waiting for nextttt


  2. nice update


  3. So abinaav maan father n Haiti his 2 nd wife bt why did maan say first…
    Poor maan feeling so much fr him…
    Waiting Fr nxt…


  4. awesome….love it


  5. Posted by sanghita0000 on May 25, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    brilliant update….


  6. Posted by chmridula on May 25, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Nice update.


  7. so mystry solvingg khuranas are his family poor maan


  8. Posted by esabell on May 26, 2014 at 5:46 am

    emotional one ….
    in all this the one person who is puzzled by everything is geet .. n nw with maan’s reaction she would have came to know who is abinav to maan ..

    waiting to read nxt update ..


  9. Great yaar….
    loved it….
    i dnt like tat abhinav khurana,i love pritti maa….
    continue soon….


  10. so maan’s father hv two wives…and maan is his father’s first wife’s son…what abt his twin ved?waiting for more uds to get to know maan’s past!


  11. Maan is Abhinav khurana’s son…& his father left his mother priti when she needed him the mostttt…
    Waiting to see how will Maan react after meeting with his daadi..


  12. So i was right abhinav is maan’s father who left his mother for someone else eagerly waiting for the whole past to unfold


  13. so this khurana is maan s father.want to know eagerly why he left maan s mom?i thought ved is maan s another twin brother.if so,how come ved was not with maan?hope in next part ill get all answers


  14. Nice update dear


  15. Posted by monikaseth on June 3, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    awesome update feeling sad for maan now all things going to come out


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