Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 44


Part 44

Opening the bathroom door what welcome her was Maan’s sexy as hell back facing her, her mouth watered seeing the water descending on his taut shoulder to his narrow hip. His shoulder was broad and muscle after muscle rippled through it, bronze skin made him dark and intense and the narrow waist, she licked her lips seeing him leaning on the wall with his hands either side placing on the wall, water dripped from his hair going down his spine in a line. Arrey of water surrounded the cubical, hot water made the glass wall fogged.

A blush crept on her body as she advanced towards him, her lips wanted to taste those water that touched his skin and her hand betrayed to stay on her body.

Maan’s body stiffen for a second before relaxing. Her soft body pressed tightly on his back made him unbelievably hard in record time, he felt her scent at same moment when she set her feet in the bathroom but never in his wild imagination he thought he will get such a precious gift. The way her body moved and rubbed against his back made his gut twist. The heat from her body was hotter than her gaze on him. Yes he felt her gaze when she entered the space, and he can’t deny it made him hard as rock knowing she was feeling same desire for him that he always felt looking at her.

Geet’s lips met the skin between his shoulder blade, hands slides down on his front touching the hard muscle. She knew it was effecting Maan as much as it was doing her. Her tongue darted and tasted his skin with fervor. Geet was so lost in his taste that she couldn’t stop herself nipping his skin lightly and then a full blown bite leaving her mark on him which was his undoing.

Maan turned and pinned Geet on the tiled walled so fast that her breath left and returned with a ‘whoosh’.


A moan worked from her lips as he slammed his hard body on her.

‘Do u know how thin was my control when u walked in the room and then pressed that sweet naked body against mine. I wanted to crush u Geet and f*** u so hard.’

His words were making her heat more slick. Geet wriggle and tried to be free but Maan’s hand pinned her both hand above her head.

‘I was so close to pin u but I waited. Do u know why? Cz I wanted to see ur desire for me.’

Geet blinked few times then realized what he wanted to hear. From the beginning Maan did everything to show his desire for her but she always took it wrong way, today her own desire gave him a reason to show the darkness of his desire and strangely she doesn’t fear it.

‘I do have desire for u Maan.’

Her words pushed him on the edge, all it happened so fast Geet only gasp as Maan held her hip lifting by her buttock and slammed his erection inside her in one sudden thrust. Geet cried out so loud she swear people outside this cottage can hear. Maan stopped to look at her, and in that moment she knew he won’t hurt her. Ever?

He thrust again and Geet grabbed his shoulder for support. She arched her back and with every thrust quiver for the pending release. Maan closed his lips around her bud sucking hard and slamming inside stimulately. Geet gasp for air as he twitch the nub down then like a thunder she explode screaming her lungs out, Maan’s groan followed as he emptied himself inside her. Thank god she took shot for pregnancy protection. Or they would never stop for condom.

Geet was spent but satisfied, smile never left her lips as Maan cleaned her body then hair and rubbed her with a soft fluffy towel. He scooped her in his arms, then walked in the room. Nowadays she felt she weight feather, the way he lifted her so effortlessly made her swoon. He placed her on the bed and Geet greedily looked at him getting dress, first in his jeans and she licked her lips looking at the abs which earned a scowl from Maan.

‘If u continue ur eating-me-with-eyes session like this we won’t be able to go outside or have lunch in the lounge Geet. As tasty as lunch sounds I would much prefer ordering the food and before that I will have u again.’

Her grin was so warm and naughty.

‘Who is stopping u Maan, I think I have quite established I like the bathroom f*** as well as the bed,it’s comfy.’

With a groan Maan advanced towards Geet but she ran away laughing.

‘Geet u can’t run after talking like that.’

‘on the second thought I need my energy so lets have lunch first and I want to go out not the lounge bar.’

Maan held her hand bringing her closer then smashed his lips on her kissing and eating her lips hungrily. Geet moaned in his mouth which made his hardness twitch.

‘Yeah u need strength. U r too thin and lightweight to cope up with me.’

Her mouth fell open and she looked at her self which earned a chuckle from Maan. He ran his tongue on her lips.

‘Get ready I will tell the driver and I have some work so I will be waiting for u in the lounge.’

Maan took his shirt from the cupboard then slipped in it. Just then Geet remember her luggage wasn’t in the view. She looked at Maan who was combing and looking at her through the huge mirror.

‘Maan my bag?’

‘they are in the cupboard but I think u should look at ur side first.’

Geet was confuse; and Maan left the room knowing she was confuse. Geet had noticed the smirk on his face and hurriedly went to the cupboard. Her eyes widen seeing the huge collection of dresses, from jeans to skirt and mini skirt, cocktail dresses to gown. Decent lengthy dress to casual cutoff jeans shorts in various color adorned the space, she frantically went to the shoe rack side. There was sitting numerous pair of sandals to flipflop and high heels SHOES At first Geet was so angry, who kept ladies wears in his room? Her mind wheeled thinking what if it’s his mistress. Does he really think she will wear other woman’s stuff. She can feel the stream coming from the ears and it took everything of her not to rip all the things with her bare hand..

Something caught her eyes and her hand went to the floral dress, pink floral mid thigh lengthy dress which automatically draw her attention so much so that she fell in love with it. But what caught her eyes was the price tag. Suddenly her eyes went to other dresses. All had the price tags which indicate one thing.

‘They aren’t worn but new.’

A new sensation warmed in her, was is it for. Was it the reason Maan asked her not to pack much in fact she just changed in that churidar and took a change of cloth in a duffel bag. But how did he manage all this? He was with her all the time then how,,, her thought halted when her eyes went on a page shuffling from the wind. She took the paper from the coffee table near the balcony.

‘Don’t torment yourself with the thought who’s dresses are in that cupboard. My personal stylist did all the shopping with the help of ur mother and pari. They told her your size and taste in clothing just like India. And sweetheart MK doesn’t do all this for everyone. You are special.’

The magnificent handwriting was Maan’s no doubt and it smelled like him only. Geet kissed the note numerous time then ran towards the dress she so liked. Geet kept her makeup subtle just a hint of kohl and liner, and her eyelashes were enough long not to dip it with mascara so she left it like that, peace colour lipgloss touched her plump lips, Geet smacked it together soundly. Her hair was down, shiny and wavy and she completed the look with flat shoe. Both Maan and Geet doesn’t go deep in ritual so Geet took out her chuda and she wore the watch which she found with other jewelry. Her face heated remembering the lingeries she got to see when she was searching for other things. She was embarrassed thinking what if Maan had seen them but she turned deep red when found a note with his handwriting just on top of a white bikini.

‘Your personal things are mine then how can I let others see this. I have brought this for u and hope u will like it.’

She loved it actually and taken out the matching lace bra and panties half thinking when he will see her in these what thought will run in his devil mind.

When Geet came down the lounge bar every eyes were on her, the glow, happiness was shining like bright star. His eyes met her and noticed the single line of black beads that she couldn’t take out. It somewhere satisfied Maan and he gave a genuine warm smile which made others gaped at him in shock.

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    awesome ,hot passionate .romantic update


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    Oye hoye…Maan bought all tht stuff fr Geet…m just loving this Maan…
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt update di…update soon…


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    there romance was on full swing now…


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    Geet wears her mangalsutr which Maan likes.
    Maan is making everything spl for Geet.


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  12. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2014 at 4:55 am

    Loved the update
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  14. Posted by anamikasb on May 30, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    :blush: passionate update
    Maan brought dresses for Geet awaiting their going out


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    Deepa (spvd)


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    Aah maan is unknowingly already madly in love with Geet.
    Very passionate.
    HM started. I guess lot more to come 😉


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    Missing your updates 😥 Tich


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