Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 36


Part 36

Savirti devi is a strong minded and hugely stubborn person. Most her characterizing followed the next generation specially Maan who was as much stubborn as her. Then Ved. Apparently here she proved him wrong. She stopped him leaving the house with one stern glare then a few crocodile tears. Maan finally accepted defeat in front of her and cracked the 1st real smile while Geet gaped with an open mouth.

Maan dismissed Abhinav and Gauri’s every advance towards him, he didn’t even looked at their genuine happiness but Maan can feel Abhinav’s struggle, he somewhere doubted it’s bcz he wanted to know about Priti which again Surprised and irritated him at the same time. He just gave a curt ans that his mother isn’t his concern anymore.

Savirti devi informed Maan that she always used to say a lot of things about him to his other half siblings,, and Maan got to know that they all knew about him. From the moment Geet said Maan’s name and his surname Abhinav dig a lot of thing which resulted knowing he was indeed his son. He had confronted his children except Ved who are hotheaded and adored his Maan bhai. He remembered little about him but as Dadima told him about Maan, he started building his own image. Anyway Maan somehow look a lot similer to his childhood picture but the harshness of youth made him more handsome.

Geet: but how do u remember Ved but not others.

Ved: bcz I have spent my 1st 3yrs walking running following Maan bhai. Mihika wasn’t born yet and dev was with nanima who died when we were 6yrs.

Geet: but,,

Geet was much confuse with the relation and family chain,, she made a face and stopped herself asking anything to Maan in fear of pushing him on the edge. If it did anything to Maan that was smile, seeing his mishty’s confuse face. He assured her he will tell everything which Geet nodded happily..

Savirti devi was giving close attention to Geet, Maan saw the evil grin on his grandmother’s face which only amused him. On the other hand Geet just shrugged and held Savirti Devi’s gaze. Not everyone can do that she mused and sighed while Maan looked at her in adoration and pride.

Then came the inevitable question, that Maan dreaded and so was Geet.

Dadima: where is Priti Maan?

Her tired voice held so much pain worry and love. Maan could have avoided or gave stern response to his father but not his dadima. Priti didn’t brought him up like that, she wanted him to respect everyone that included his father and his wife. He closed his eyes remembering Gauri running behind him with a glass of milk. Her love can’t be made up. Or was it?

Savirti: unhe hamari yaad nahi aati? Priti used to call me maa then why never she tried to contact me? Doesn’t she know I love her more than my own son.

Maan: I don’t know why she didn’t contacted u. I used to bug her but

Geet: maybe that’s why she never did that. Priti maa could never destroy a relationship between a son and his mother. Maybe she knew u will support her going against ur own son and,,,

She abruptly stopped looking 5 pair of eyes looking at her and 2 more from the balcony, they heard her and it made her little nervous.

Geet: I m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. It’s your family matter.

She couldn’t say more as Maan held her hand slipping his fingers in her. Savirti devi saw it.

Savirti: do u love my grandson?

Every pair of eyes looked at her dumbfounded. She lift her chin and again asked with authority.

Savirti: do u love Maan?

Geet met her eyes and held it confidently: more than anything and anyone, I love Maan.

Suddenly Savirti devi smiled and everyone left a relief sigh. But Ved continued his staring at Geet.

Savirti: I like the girl, she has spine of steel. Atleast your choice is much better than ur father Maan.

Geet again felt confuse and looked at Maan who gave a forceful smile.


Maan: You did what?

Geet looked at him nervously, knowing how much control Maan can sustain. She tried to give an innocent smile but the ticking jaw of Maan vanished her all effort.

Geet: main main wo..

Maan: bakri ki tarha may may karna chodo Geet. Come to the point. U called my mother? How the hell I didn’t notice that?

Geet made a face: u were busy with Mihika hearing her trouble days and Priti maa was calling,

Maan: and u didn’t think it was necessary to call me?

Geet: er… Ummmm aisa hi Kuch.

Maan rolled his eyes in frustration: God help me before I try to kill u Geet u should have give me the phn.

Geet: maa would have dig u half in the ground before u kill me.

Maan: u know u r so irritating.

Geet mumbled half to herself: feeling mutual.

Maan: God Geet how could u tell maa about the situation? Why couldn’t u thinking before opening ur big mouth.

Geet greeted her teeth: Ravan Singh Khurana mind ur language, I m not the owner of a pea size brain like u.

Maan: what?

Geet sighed: see!!!!

Maan: Geet!!!!

Geet: u idiot why will I tell Priti maa when I know nothing? What will I say to her apart from saying where we are staying?

Maan: huh?

Geet nearly growl: u r so frustrating Maan. That’s what I was trying to say, I haven’t said anything to her apart from that Heer is safe in Delhi with Prem and we are staying here with some good persons who helped us, but then she heard dadima’s voice and she suspected something and I hurriedly ended the call. She knew we are in Mumbai and i think she doubted something.

Maan groaned: shit

Geet: but Maan what is this family chain? I m not getting anything apart that ur father married Gauri aunty but then how do u know Ved? Both of ur age diference is only 3-4yrs maybe.

Maan was silent for a moment. But in that silence Geet felt like intruding. So she tried to leave him alone but his strong grip held her firmly then brought her on his lap.

Maan: where do u think u r going?

Geet: I think I should not poke my nose in ur family matter.

She tried to show her small smile but it was so forceful that none need magnifying glass to see her sadness. Maan caresses her cheek then kissed it.

Maan: u r family.

Geet: am I?

Maan nodded: I don’t remember much bcz I was nearly 7yr old when maa left the house with me, Heer was in her womb. Dadi and my father doesn’t know about Heer. Though I doubt he have dug in my file but Heer wasn’t in there, I kept her life private partly because of him.

Geet’s wide eyes made Maan smile, a sad smile that can tore anyone’s heart.

@All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Uffff…Geet ke saath saath mai bhi bahot confused hu regarding this family chain..
    Waiting to know it wholely..


  2. confusion hi confusion hai maan father 2 wives is it legal preeti left him when heer was in her womb maan kep her secreat


  3. Mind blowing update….
    loved it….
    i love maneet’s bonding….
    eagerly waiting to read next update….
    continue soon…..


  4. nice update


  5. Posted by esabell on May 29, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    its so confusing .. but fabulous one ….
    y ved was staring at geet wen she declared she love maan .. ? i don’t want any problems for them anymore .. but who i’m to say dat .. the storyline has to go on .. whaterever u write i will read .. 😀 ..


  6. can’t say anything about this update.me confused.lots of people of maan side.but don’t know who is his step one or real one?but nice update.pls keep stay away that ved from geet.geet only for maan


  7. hayeee after dat update i cant wait any more yaar waiting for next


  8. Posted by chmridula on May 29, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    Nice part.


  9. Awesome update..
    Loved it…
    Want more of past..how n what happened??


  10. Posted by anamikasb on May 30, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Its Maan’s family and I wonder what’s the secret . Loved Maaneet moments 🙂
    Thank you for updating ❤


  11. part 36
    awesome dear………..
    liked the part………
    Maan is close to Daadima alone……..
    and Ved loves him so much………….
    Maan and Geet’s bickering was funny……….
    cont soon dear……………………..

    Deepa (spvd)


  12. Posted by monikaseth on June 3, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    Fantastic , amazing , mind blowing lovely maneet and their love bonding …..all things going to solve now


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