Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 37


Thanks a lot to everyone who commented and pressed the like buttons. I know u all are very much confuse. Next 2 part have a lot of things which will clarify all confusion..

Part 37

(Maan’s narration to Geet about the situation 19 yrs before)

Geet we were a very happy family or so I used to think, but now sometime I remember maybe the facade was there only bcz of maa. Maa never wanted me to disrespect my father, I still remember her words that he is my father and whatever happens I should always love him and respect him because he loves me the most in this world.. I was so wrong….

It was rare that he wanted to spend any time with us. We had our share of happiness, whatever the family does, picnic, outing, we did all those but I had never seen my father showing affection towards my mother. It was like he was doing a duty, towards me and her, and in that age I was happy getting all attention from everyone. A 6 and half yr old boy couldn’t ask for more.. Then all hell broke apart. Maa was crying hysterically and I saw my Father was holding my nanny’s hand. Do u know what is the irony? My maa brought that nanny because she needed a job which apparently was a setup from my Father to stay close to her.’

I can hear Geet’s gasp. I know she is in shock but it’s a huge part of my life that she should know, she has the right.

‘I remember Ved running behind me like a devoted toddler, I loved him like a brother. When Gauri aunty came to live with us as my nanny maa accepted her children Dev nd Ved to stay with us but Dev was with his grandmother. Gauri aunty needed a job to support her family and my mother gave it cz she wasn’t in a good health and my Father’s business association needed parties and all. But she never once neglected me. and,,, somewhere Gauri aunty also loved me or maybe that was an illusion.’

I know I m getting lost in thoughts and only Geet’s touch could hold me and so she did. I can feel her silent cry. it’s good that my tears had long forgotten or I can be complete mess over the things that happened 19yrs before.

Geet: ‘She loves u, I can feel that in her gesture.’

A snort came out from me before I can stop it. Love? Huh if she had any love for me how could she destroy my family.

‘She got pregnant, They had relation all the yrs she worked for my mother. 3 yrs under her nose they had betrayed her and u r saying she loved me.’

Geet’s horrified gasp echoed the silent room. Tears burned and fell from her lashes and I watched it. Cruelly crushing her innocence. I know how much she loves my maa.

‘I was very small to know all this but I was smart enough. I heard my parents argue over things. And he admitted of being in love with the other woman. He said he wished my mother never came to his life. Maa was a nurse before she married him, she used to take care of my dadima who was a widower. Maa was an orphan and loved dadima like her own mother. That’s why when dadima asked her to marry her only son, she couldn’t refuse, maybe she also loved him.’

Again the picture of maa’s crying came haunting me. I had seen her crying for so many years. After leaving him I thought maa will eventually forget him but till date she cries at night, alone and broken. How many times I had witnessed that and hated my father for doing this to her.

‘She left him Geet, She left him for his happiness, she wanted him to be happy. For all his doing she gifted him divorce papers and then left with me. But u know the funny thing, till day she put her sindoor on her forehead on karwachauth. She still believe in that occasion and did everything in her power to save him. She loved him so much Geet, why he has to cut her in so many pieces that her broken heart never mended in one piece… I tried God knows I tried but failed miserably and that made me protective. I was possessive of her happiness and hated everyone that made her cry for years. But somehow still her love made me a human. In all this she never forget to make me remember who I m and what goodness the Khurana family gave her, that’s why she never changed my surname. She said she had no right to snatch a child’s surname, the only virasat I have from my dadima. She felt remorse taking me away from my father. Isn’t it funny she still felt at fault because she took a child that was her only life.

I know she took me because of me and my father. She was afraid when my father marry his love, he will forget about me and what if I wasn’t treated good. I would have cursed her for doing that. She saved all of us the trouble. My father’s guilt, his 2nd wife’s misery and a future I would have detest. But she was remorseful taking me away from my dadima. She had no option. And she did all she could for me. She made me what I m today. I know she fears one day I will hold her responsible for parting me from my father. But u know Geet I feel bless. She only did good for me be that cutting herself to half but never once let my head lower. She can never make me detest of that fact that my maa loved me before anything and did whatever she could to make my life good. Whatever I m today because of her, only her.’


Geet’s own eyes were moist but she held her ground firmly partly because Maan was in her arm silently shaking with tears that he had bolted for so many years and partly because she knew Priti’s sacrifice doesn’t deserves tears of sadness. She deserves much more. Respect, love, devotion.

Just then a small old figure tugged her self inside.

Dadima: Your mother was wrong in one thing Maan. She stopped till she get his attention. She smiles sadly. She was wrong about one thing. My son did loved her,and still love her but never got to know his feeling till it was too late. He was scared that he has fallen in love with Priti and that pushed him on the edge.

Maan looked away in disgust.. Dadima took a seat feeling suddenly so weak.

Dadima: It was al my fault. Everything. My son was in love with Gauri but I thought she wasn’t a good person like he mr father who was a fraud so I loathed the alliance. He gave in bcz of my persuasion or so I thought. When I met Priti I fell in love with her honesty and devotion. She was like a daughter I never had. And I told Abhi to marry her or leave the family business. He married Priti not in fear of losing the business but my health made him afraid. I had lost his father a few yrs back and he knew only he is the source I am relied on. He never wanted to take out my support. He loved me too much to leave me and did whatever I asked.

I thought I could never see him so much happy in this life time, I was right he was happy. After a few month of their marriage I saw changes, good changes in him. He was careful around Priti, her soft heart eventually melted him. Their 1st 2 yrs of marriage was beautiful. He smiled more than I had ever seen. He said he had stopped thinking about Gauri the moment he married your mother and he was right. He was a bad lair like u Maan. His eyes expressed everything but once he gaurded it none has the ability to know what’s going on his heart. That happened to ur mother…. She saw what Abhi showed and once he realized his mistake it was too late. Priti left the house with u…

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21 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by angelickushi on June 3, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Loved the update
    Well I think priti did the right thing by leaving them
    Once a person betrays that holds a position in ur heart and life that one cannot forget
    I know eventually they r going to be together but I wud prefer if maan makes his own identity


  2. Awesome one,may dadi is saying d truth bt dont kno why heart goes wit maan and his painful memories,so d past behind maan’s identity has revealed,waiting for nxt part


  3. good preeti left because its right how can a man love two woman a woman can share everything but not her husband


  4. Hmm..i feel only disgust thinking abt Maan’s father…he betrayed Preeti so cleverly…yet Preeti always taught Maan to respect his so called Khurana family…hats off to her…the way she brought up Maan & Heer without anyone’s help…tht’s great…


  5. I m so cofuse kuch samaj nai arahi
    Now y he is wid gaury now if he loved priti


  6. Posted by esabell on June 3, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    its very hard for a person like priti who sees the goodness in others to loath her husband .. n priti bring the dearest to geet could understand the pain she went through .. maan’s hatred towards his father is understandable n as the past is still incomplete n only daadima’s revelations would clear out everything ..
    waitng for the nxt update .. continue soon ..


  7. Posted by chmridula on June 3, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Awesome update.


  8. Awesome part what maan mother did was right thhough she love him the pain of his betrayal made her take such decision and she also made her children strong and gave all her love waiting for the past to reveal


  9. though feeling bad for preeti but hats off to her that without any help from mr.khurana she brought up her children nicely.maan is right in his point of view.waiting for next


  10. May be dadi saying truth but its strange how can he love 2 woman at same tym??


  11. Vry nice and emotional and gud updt der
    I Can feel the pain of maan by reading this updt
    Cont soon and dontfrgt to pm me


  12. Superb update…
    Loved it…
    I believe proto did the right thing by leaving cz even if Abi loved her he wudnt hv cheated her…
    As much as I want a happy end at the same time I don’t want priti n maan to live with the rest…want maan to makehis own identity..
    Another part plzzzzz…


  13. Posted by sanghita0000 on June 3, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    beautiful update….


  14. Posted by monikaseth on June 3, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Emotional update Poor maan faced this alkk in a small age ..but i admire maan mom she is strong and she made him strong too..Now waiting what will maan do ?


  15. soooo much pain ufff hate maans dad agar wo maan ki mom se pyar karta hotha tho uss ka intizaar bhi karsakta tha i dont believe dadis words


  16. Nice update dear but I think Mann should not go back to his father who left his mother I think he should not stay in that house also from we’re is mother has thrown out no women can tolerate another women in her husband life she did nice thing to take Mann along with her don’t fall in daddi Maas words she is a mother think about his son only don’t go back to your father


  17. Emotional update maan said to geet his past his father betrayed his mom Poor maan faced all this at small age dadimaa’s words ..now scared for maan’s reaction


  18. fantabulous update di…..
    i love pritti maa….
    beautiful characterisation,loved it….
    continue soon di….


  19. Posted by ushankitvc on June 4, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    awesum part…toooouching past….love priti…she jst did the right thing…continue sooon


  20. Posted by anamikasb on June 4, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Very touching story glad that he shared it with Geet 🙂


  21. Posted by cuteeagle65 on June 17, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    I have commented on IF


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